Fried Fox Flank and Blistered Bunny Buns

Fried Fox Flank and Blistered Bunny BunsOh my, seems Nick and Judy got themselves into quite the pickle this time! And with Judy unable to reach her radio, who knows how long their punishment will go on for?

Order and text by DastardlyCrane

Draw by LoulouVZ


From the look on there very red butts it seems like they have been spanked for quite some time.

It sure most hurt allot more now for every slap there poor toasted butts receive.

Sandy’s Red Cheeks

Sandy's Red CheeksOrder by DastardlyCrane

Art by LoulouVZ


Poor Squirrel it sure seems that she have been up to some very naughty things to deserve a toasted butt like this one.

TheDigiSpank R360

TheDigiSpank R360The words ‘DON’T TOUCH’ clearly mean nothing to a certain Vee!

Draw and everything by DastardlyCrane


Poor Veemon it sure looks like he should have read the sign before touching this devise. His butt is going to be even more red and toasted then it is now. Maybe he learn something from this experience.

Starter Pokemon Spanking

Starter Pokemon SpankingOrder by DastardlyCrane

Draw by Spanking649


Poor Pokemon it seems like they have been bad and naughty.

Bulbasaur really have a special and funny look on his face when he is spanking Chespin whit Vine Whip.