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How a cub try to understand how big kids go potty – DaddySnowKitty

This sure is a way for the cub to understand how big kids go potty but we all know that cubs love to go potty in there diapers :) And have a caretaker change you when you are to soggy or messy.

Caretaker Tip: After disciplining a cub

Yes it is always good to explain for the cub way they wear in trouble and that the same thing or maybe worse thing will happen if they decide to do it again.

Caretaker Tip: Mix your cub’s grown up clothes with their baby stuff – Part 2

Yes this sure is another way to put it. Looks like someone is only going to be allow to waddling around and wear nothing else but diapers.

Wounder how the cub is going to react about that when she or he discover what daddy have been up to?

Some cute Telegram stickers

This sure is some nice and cute stickers that DaddySnowKitty have receive from this nice user ThayRustback :)

I sure like 1, 3, 4 and 5 :) That sure is some awesome stickers :)