Caretaker Tip: Pacifier and focus

Pacifier can sure helps allot of times to calm down or help the cub to feel relax and safer :)

Caretaker Tip: Accident during diaper change – DaddySnowKitty

Some sure know how to pooch the right buttons :)

Rules for cubs – DaddySnowKitty

It seems like it is no way for the cubs to avoid being in diapers for a pretty long time.

Pride over the right diaper change – DaddySnowKitty

Looks like someone sure is pride over to change the diaper the right way :) And i sure the one that receive the diaper change from this furry is very happy about that :)

Looking away when someone get a diaper change – DaddySnowKitty

Yes the most polite thing to do in this situation sure is to look away during the diaper change procedure. That sure is this behavior we could expected from a ABDL daddy :)

Caretaker Tip: Want to spank your cub but lack an excuse? – DaddySnowKitty

Wounder what sort of naughty stuff you can find out if you decide to do something like that?