Cuddlz have release a new website

I only wont to inform my readers that if you did dent know this already Cuddlz have release a new design on there website that i think you should look into it look weary nice and attractive. so i strongly recommend you to visit there new shop so you can have a look on it.

Click on the image below if you wont to visit there site

They have recently release something they call Waddle Onesies. That have zip at the back and with padding round the lower part to provide a fuller feeling between the legs. Maybe that can be something for you?

Or maybe you find something else that you like. Way not try the All over printed diaper that you see on the image above?

Dinosaur Print Plastic Pants Pull Up Pants

Dinosaur Print Plastic Pants Pull Up Pants
Dinosaur Print Plastic Pants Pull Up Pants

Product Description

Cuddlz Dinosaur Animal Print Plastic Pull Up Pants For Adults.

  • Crinkly Plastic PVC Super Soft Feel.
  • Wipeable – Hand Rinse Towel Dry.
  • Snug Fitting Comfortable Elasticated Legs and Waist.
  • Ideal Over Cuddlz Nappies / Diapers.

These are brand new fantastic real baby plastic pants made for adults.

Small – 24-32 Inches (61cm to 81cm)
Medium Waist 28-34 Inches (71cm to 86cm)
Large Waist 32-38 Inches (81cm to 96cm)
Extra Large 36-42 Inches (91 cm to 106cm)

Price: £8.99
You can order this product here:

I recently order this plastic pants should be nice to have this type of pants. I hope they are nice and cozy to wear. I thought it was time to order a new par of plastic pants because my old pants seams to have some miss fit after the last washing and this was the pants that i like the most.

The new All Over Printed diaper – Cuddlz

It seams that Cuddlz have release the new printed diaper now. The name of the new diaper is All Over Printed diaper. That is kind of special name for a diaper. do you dont think so?

All Over Printed Adult Nappy

At last – an amazing new design that we have working hard to bring you.

  • All over printed nappy in baby blue and baby pink colours.
  • One large fastening tape each side.
  • Clear frontal panel / landing area.
  • Highly Absorbent.
  • Super Soft feel.
  • Standing leg cuffs to help prevent leaks.

These are brand new fantastic real baby diapers made for adults.

Size info:

Size Medium Fit – 30 to 38 Inch Waist (76cm to 96.5cm)

Size Large Fit – 34 to 56 inches Waist (86cm to 142cm)

You can find the samples of the new diaper here:



I dont know what i should say about the new design. I dont like the design of the teddy bears that match. Looks kind of weird to me. And i dont know about this one large tape thing. When i have try that typ of diaper before i dont get it to fit good around my body. And i wont my diaper to be close to my body and have a nice snuggle fit. Like a diaper should have. I need to try it some time to relay know how the Cuddlz single tape diaper fit me compare to the AB Universe single tape diaper.

New Cuddlz Printed Adult Nappy

Cuddlz Printed Adult Nappy diaper

Now Increased in weight! At no extra cost we have increased the weight of the printed large nappies and they are now 23% heavier / thicker than our nappies sold in 2011!

  • Brand new fun colourful design in new baby pink and blue colours!
  • Designed for comfort and performance
  • Incredibly absorbent inner core – more than the leading adult nappy brands!
  • Fun printed Frontal Panel machine fitted with New designed Teddies, Bottles, Dummies & Stars all in baby blue and baby pink print
  • Super absorbent, all-day and overnight protection – even after multiple re-wettings!
  • All White plastic backing with NO wetness indicator
  • Super Soft Foam Stretch Waist band in the Front and Back ensures snug fit
  • Standing Leg Cuffs and extra-absorbent wings in the front and back of diaper ensure maximum containment
  • 4 newly designed – re-sealable sticky tabs (2 each side) ensure a snug fit. (Just keep the sticky bits clear of powder and oils) There is now an extra layer of sticky on each tab, just peel back to reveal another sticky layer

These are brand new fantastic real baby nappies for adults.

Cuddlz Printed Adult Nappy diaper frontYou can bought the diaper there:

The new print is only on the Large size for now.

Nice new design that the have on the new diaper. But i dont know if i like the size that the use on the diapers. It is so big on me and dont feel so good to wear. And the medium won is to small to wear. this is really something hard. I wish the could change it and mad some more size options of there diapers.

Cuddlz Waddle Onesie

Cuddlz Waddle Onesie

Professionally made Cuddlz Adult Waddle Onesie with short sleeves in a beautifully soft Fleece fabric In Baby Blue, Baby Pink or White with white collars and cuffs.

The start of a new range of products with added padding for a fuller feeling between your legs – creating a waddle!

This all in one onesie – fastens at the back with a chunky zip and has elasticated legs. With plenty of room for your nappy underneath, but also has the added bonus of a secret inside pouch filled with soft wadding that creates a fuller padded feeling between the legs and creates a waddle!

The padding can be removed for washing.

You can bought it here:

This sounds like something very wonderful. Wounder how the felling is to wear something like this? Maybe i going to know some day.

What kind of diapers do I have?

When i looked, what i had in my diaper stock i found this:

Abri form x-plus: 4,5 Packages
Abri let maxi: 5 Packages
Forma care x-plus: 4 Packages
Cuddlz: 2 Packages
Tena slip maxi: 9,5 Packages
Tena slip ultima: 1 Packages
Other diapers: 20 st

As you can see I have quite a lot of diaper types and volumes of some. This sheds well for the new diaper years.