Miduhst and Shark

Miduhst and SharkAnyway this is Miduhst (Spanker) and Shark (spankee) Shark is basically a kitten Miduhst adopted, he also happens to be one of the teachers at their academy. Tis loving but very much the strict type~ I’ve always enjoyed these two.

Belongs to Cry

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=1033613

Yes it sure looks like Miduhst looks to be the strict type and like discipline.

Fussy babies are alway a big challenge

Fussy babies are alway a big challenge

Believe it or not y’all, my first experience as a bottom was with a Daddy. Before that and even a bit after, I was sooo sure I was a dom. I tried hard to ignore my subby desires. One day I couldn’t ignore them anymore. So I drove unexpected to Daddy M’s House. He happened to be the daddy of mine and when I poured my heart out to him, it goes without saying that he was shocked; delighted too, but still shocked. He put his hand around me and asked me about my limits, desires, and littleness. As he started to undress me that day, Daddy M told me he knew exactly how to handle Babyboys who are too big for their britches. ~Crash

Story by squeakpigsrevenge
Fussy babies are alway a challenge. The first time I played with Crash he fussed nearly the entire time. Back chat got him thoroughly spanked early in the day, which I’d hoped would calm his behavior. No such luck. He fussed and sassed and pouted until I’d had enough and decided a diaper change and a temperature check would hopefully push him into the good boy headspace he clearly wanted into. He blushed prettily but laid down willingly enough onto the changing mat, lying mostly still as I untaped his diaper and lifted his legs into the changing position. However the calm was short lived as he felt the slicked thermometer press at his most private part. He squawked and cried, trying to put his legs down and wiggle off the table. I kept him anchored with a firm grip on his little boy wee and began to spank (firm pats) his grapes, scolding him all the while. The naughty little thing squirted all over my hand and his own tummy. I continued to spank well past the afterglow, eliciting real tears.

Needless to say, I had a very well behaved boy after that.

Art by arkhamsdiaperpail

Source for everything: http://crashageplay.tumblr.com/post/99210836897/believe-it-or-not-yall-my-first-experience-as-a

Bad boys deserve to get there bare bottom spanked before the diaper gets on.

Don’t you find it cute?

Don't you find it cute?
Run for your lives, it’s the tails doll! ;w;

hdofu has a habit of sharing creepy and scary stuff with me. I’m easily creeped out so I thought it would be a funny premise for a picture. x3

Rex: ReXam-1

Hdofu: hdofu

Text and drawing by: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14148363/

aww poor Rex it look loke like Hdofu have show his friend Rex something scary again that make him run away and the same time use his diaper. I hope he is running to his mother or dad that can comfort him and say that everything is fin now. And when he have stop crying i think that they are going to change his diaper so he dont need to run around whit a wet and messy diaper any more that is bad for his skin and it can lead to some bad diaper rash. I bet he is going to feel more happy when he is back into a clean diaper instead of this wet and messy one that he is wearing now.

You need to wear your diapers

You need to wear your diapersYou are going to wear your diaper wether you like it or not!

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I think that the dadda makes the right calls here. This baby boy needs to learn that good little boys wear there diapers and if they do something bad like tacking it off they get spanked. So i hope that baby sherlock have learn his lesson and that he listen and obey his daddy now like a good boy should do.

But i think that his daddy needs to put him in thicker diapers. The one he is wearing now dont seems to be that thick.

The robot!

The robot!
The robot!

You may wonder what the hell happened here!Well, to make the story a little shorter, the boss had recently acquired a robot!And that day the teachers had brought their elementary school students on an excursion to visit the boss’s company!

As always, the warnings of the teachers began:
“Don’t touch!Touch with your eyes and see with your hands!Behave!”

But … something always has to happen …Remi and Foxy did mischief and by “accident”, they activated the boss’s robot!

One of the main functions of the robot was … everyone who activate him without the boss’s voice command and his permission , will be automatically spanked!

Foxy:”I want my mommy!”
The boss:” I can’t turn off the robot,boys! The instructions say,he will turn off when he finishes the spanking!”

Definitely…boys will be boys…and curious too!

Guest character invited Foxy (abdl86)

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

It look like Foxy is going to have a toasted but soon to.