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The Stinky Little Birthday Puppy

 The Stinky Little Birthday PuppyCrunch poochyena

Draw by Diegesis

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23445472/

Looks like Crunch have get his first two visitors :) The two flies that have been attracted to the stinky stuff inside Crunch diaper :)

He sure is one stinky birthday boy :)

The Big Crib Escape

The Big Crib Escapelate one night after Crunch and his big brother Billy were put to sleep, Billy woke up and wanted to play. Billy crawled out of his bed and toddled over to Crunch’s crib. while Crunch slept soundly in his very stinky diaper, Billy poked Crunch’s back and whispered softly to him:

“Crunchy, let’s keep playing”
Crunch rubbed his eyes and woke up quickly, “uh huhs! but how can I get out? it’s too high!”
“big bro will get you out, lil’ fumer!” Billy teased
Crunch blushed a little, but nodded as he stood up.

Billy grabbed a hold of Crunch’s paws and got him up to the top of the bars of his crib. as Billy held onto Crunch’s paws for dear life, Crunch got very nervous and soaked his diaper out of fear. even Billy managed to stink up his diaper as he strained to get Crunch out of his crib.

after about 5 minutes, Crunch was free. and he and Billy went back to playing with their toy cars until Mommy and Daddy heard them playing, and sent them back to bed.

well, it was fun while it lasted. ^^

The cubs in this drawing belongs to diegesis and poochyena

Text by poochyena

Draw by kay

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22838976/

Maybe they should change there stinky diapers before they put them back to bed :)

Now they get to sleep the whole night whit a messy stinky diaper. But i bet they are use to it so they dont care about it :)

Man The Life Boats!

Man The Life Boats!as Crunch piddled his diapers infront of Yure, Yure could no longer hold it in any longer and proceeded to drench his diaper. Crunch didn’t realize though that Yure had been holding it in for so long, that he ended up wetting for hours! cause a tsunami of urine! Crunch didn’t want to get soaked, so he sough refuge on a bench. it was there that he curled up on the bench in his soaked diaper and looked nervously at the piddle, hoping it would be over soon.

Crunch and text by poochyena

Yure and draw by yure16

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21243745/

This sure is a very big accident that Yure is having :)

This sure is one crazy story and it should be no fun to end up in something like this.

Deixe ir

Deixe irInstead, Yure tucked his tail between his legs and shook his head bravely, holding his paws on his diaper front.
– He looks determined to break the rules – said Marshall.
– Maybe it’s time to teach him to behave correctly – says Crunch.
Soon enough, Crunch and Marshall got a hold of Yure’s arms, pulling them from the dampening front. Marshall, then, tugged Yure’s tail and held it firm.
– Give him the mercy hit – says Marshall.
With that, Crunch began to tickle Yure’s belly. Laughing and struggling, the five-year-old wasn’t able to resist to the tickling assault and to hold his liquids in place. He was afraid of making a huge mess; he always floods his diapers! But this one, instead of leaking after the fourth minute peeing, was swelling, containing every ounce of warm yellow. The tickling went on and so did Yure’s weeing, causing the diaper to almost reach the floor. The tight leg bands remained in place, keeping the diaper from sagging. It ballooned pleasantly against Yure, but he was still scared that it would leak by the seventh minute of urination.
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With Crunch Poochyena and Marshall Fox.

Crunch Poochyena poochyena

Marshall Fox marshallfox.1971

Cat, text and draw by Yure16

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21088569/

Yes it is no chance that you can avoid wetting your diaper if you are around friend that can help you if you try to keep it dry.

They See Me Rolling

They See Me Rollingon a warm, summer day, Crunch was feeling extra cubbish, so Mommy decided to dress her pup up in his baby bonnet, thick diaper, and even decided to pull out his old baby walker he had when he ws just learning to walk! ^^

as soon as Crunch was plopped into his walker, he squeed with joy and began to play with all the doohickeys within his reach and crinkle wagged the entire time. as he nursed his pacifier, Crunch had forgotten how much he used to love playing with his baby walker. ^^

he spend the entire day rolling around the house, and getting into mischief. it’s a good thing he looks so adorable doing it though, otherwise I could only imagine the trouble he’d get himself into.
Crunch © to poochyena
Poochyena © to Pokémon

Draw by cyberpikachu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20457006/

Cute looks like Crunch have allot of fun in this old baby walker that his mother have save for him. Look what a big smile that he have.

Little Stinky “Newborn” Puppy

Little Stinky "Newborn" PuppyAfter waking up from a good night’s sleep, little Crunch was lifted out of his crib and was given a fresh diaper change from his Mommy. after a clean diaper and some good morning cuddles, Crunch met up with his big brother Billy, who loved treating the 3 year old puppy like a helpless, 3 month old baby; not that Crunch minded, he not so secretly loved being the newborn of the family. ^^

as the two puppies entered the kitchen, Crunch was placed in his highchair, and Billy was placed in his booster seat. after a breakfast fit for a newborn, and being fed like a helpless newborn, Billy carried Crunch off to the livingroom still wearing his bib from breakfast! Billy then took out Crunch’s green baby bonnet, botties, mittens, and tail ribbon, and proceeded to dress the Poochyena puppy to the nines in baby attire which made him blush furiously.

the two puppies snuggled on the couch for a good while watching cartoons, which Billy treated Crunch like the helpless newborn he was inside. after a bottle of puppy formula, Crunch felt the familiar feeling in his tummy and jumped onto the floor. after popping in his pacifier, he blushed deep red as he flagged his tail up and pushed out his breakfast into his waiting diaper and drenched it to the point of leaking! after he finished up, Crunch began to stinky wag softly as stink lines emerged from his diaper, attracting some unwanted attention!

all Billy could do was giggle as he scooped up the stinky puppy and cuddled him close. Crunch cooed softly as he soon fell asleep across his big brother’s chest. he knew he was in a safe place. ^^

matured for stinky diapers, and implied messing.

Crunch and text by poochyena
Billy and draw by diegesis

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20100874/

Looks like Crunch have ended up whit a big stinky diaper again.

What a cute story poochyena added to this drawing.