Soggy Pup – Paddedshep

Wow it sure seems like this diaper boy know how to use his Crinklz diaper the right way. Looks how match he have made the diaper expanded.

I love when a diaper expanding

I sure love to watch when a diaper expanding like that when you use it and it sure seems like this diaper girl know how to put here Crinklz diaper to some good use.

One super soggy Crinklz

Wow this sure is one well used diaper. It is kind of amazing how it manage to Crinklz handle everything whiteout leaking. This sure is one soggy and swollen expended Crinklz diaper that he show us. It sure looks to be ready to be changed now.

Soggy morning for qttyboi1

Aww it looks like this adult baby boy have wake up whit one kind of soggy diaper this morning. Good thing his Crinklz is one thick diaper that can handle allot of flooding so the bed stays all dry and comfy instead of cold and wet from a leaking diaper.

Kittenplay I

Kittenplay ICoren wakes up on a Monday morning, three weeks shy of high school graduation, after a long weekend of tea partying, plushie cuddling, bottle drinking, pacifier sucking, and diaper wearing… a little different than the expected weekend activities of a girl her age, but her preferred way of life, nonetheless. It appears, however, that she may have had a little too much milk before bed, among other things, and now has to confront her daddy about her “little” accident. The school bus is coming in fifteen minutes, and she hasn’t even done her homework yet…

Coren and text by Coren

Draw by applepup


Poor Coren it looks like the Crinklz that she is wearing is not thick enough to handle here wetting. Maybe daddy should add some boosters to increase the diaper absorbency :)