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matte20 diaper change



Awww it looks like this little diaper boy have ended up whit a wet Crinklz. Good thing he decided to change it before it started to leak.

Blushy Babyfurs and How to Tease Them

Blushy Babyfurs and How to Tease ThemOne week of home schooling ought to teach silly little Coren the consequences of failing a test due to trying to hold it in, rather than focusing on the questions asked. Studying is easier without bathroom breaks, anyway, even if lunch period gets a little… squishy.

Draw by wen

Coren and text by Coren

Miasma © orionthedirtyfox

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21847980/

Yes wearing a diaper during studying is a good thing. Then you can focus on your work 100% whiteout need of any bathroom breaks.

But it sure looks like Coren should be alow to have a diaper change before lunch. Looks how squishy and messy here Crinklz seems to be now. Good thing it dont have starting to leak yet.