A Sissy and her Plushie

A Sissy and her PlushieCrinkle crinkle squish squish.

Art © takottah

Coren and above text by Coren

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30286717/

What a good kitten we have here :) Yes let your diaper handle your potty needs your have more imported thing to do now like giving your red panda plush a big and nice hug :)

It sure is allot important that your plush receive allot of hugs :)

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I work a twelve hour shift – Tom_Gungy

Kind of good that this diaper manage to keep this boy dry for a 12 hours work shift. Bet it going to feel kind of nice to change that squishy diaper now.

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Max crinkle! – ElliePadded

Looks like someone is playing around in here squishy Crinklz diaper :)

This diaper sure make a nice sound when she play around whit it :)

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I gave my baby boy some pats! – LittleLiam117

Giggle looks like someone is receiving some nice diaper pat and i sure think that his diaper get check at the same time ;)

From the look of it seems to still be good so i dont think that he is in need of a diaper change yet. So everything should be good to go :)

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I think it’s bath time – barkyaanarki

Yes it sure seems like it is time to change that soggy diaper. It sure seems to be pretty soggy and it is kind of amazing that the diaper don’t have started to leak yet.

But at least he have some cozy time wearing that super soggy diaper between his legs.

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Crinkle – yggiToryM

Someone sure have one squishy diaper here to play whit. It sure most be kind of awesome :) Wounder if the diaper still manage to handle everything or if it has starting to leak yet.

But one thing for sure it is always fun to be playing whit this kind of soggy wet diaper :)

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