Crinkle – yggiToryM

Someone sure have one squishy diaper here to play whit. It sure most be kind of awesome :) Wounder if the diaper still manage to handle everything or if it has starting to leak yet.

But one thing for sure it is always fun to be playing whit this kind of soggy wet diaper :)

Soggy diaper waddling – yggiToryM

Giggle someone sure seems to have one heavy sagging diaper whit this two boosters that he added in this diaper.

It sure seems to be a fun diaper to be playing whit and squishy :)

It sure seems like it was a good move for him to be adding that two boosters :) I bet it help to keep the bed all nice and dry :)

One super poofy diaper – yggiToryM

Wow this sure is one soggy diaper this boy have between his legs :) It is kind of amazing that the diaper on the diaper is able to handle this heavy load

But it is always awesome to be wearing a thick squishy diaper like this.

Someone sure have a thick diaper – yggiToryM

Wow it sure is kind of amazing how thick this Crinklz diaper ended up to be whit this two diaper boosters that he decide to ad :)

Someone sure going to make allot of waddling now and that thick diaper sure going to keep his bed all dry and nice :)

All ready for a good night – babycarter00

Someone sure seems to be ready for a good night sleep here :)

This daddy sure wont to have his little boy wearing good and thick diapers :) I dont think they need to be worry about any diaper leaks this night :)

Padded Show off

Padded Show offOnce Chris got changed into a nice, fresh, thick Crinklz diaper, he felt he needed to show off. X3 So he decided to grab his phone, and take a picture for everyone to see. X3

The text and Chris belongs to tripleccc

Draw by carnival-tricks


Looks like someone love to show off his new thick and fresh diaper butt :)

Hi sure has one cute diaper butt and i can understand way he wont to show it off :)