Padded Show off

Padded Show offOnce Chris got changed into a nice, fresh, thick Crinklz diaper, he felt he needed to show off. X3 So he decided to grab his phone, and take a picture for everyone to see. X3

The text and Chris belongs to tripleccc

Draw by carnival-tricks


Looks like someone love to show off his new thick and fresh diaper butt :)

Hi sure has one cute diaper butt and i can understand way he wont to show it off :)

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Stinky boy doing stinky things – PrinceofPoof

Yes someone sure seems to have ended up whit a pretty heavy and well used diaper here. Good thing it seems to have been able to handle everything :)

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All nice and dry – lowstar

Yes is always nice to be back into a clean and dry diaper special if the old one was soggy and sagging from the heavy load. That sure means that you have use it pretty well and should be changed before it start leaking.

lowstar sure have posted some great and good photos here :)

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Crinklz Astronaut and Crinklz Aquanaut

Crinklz Astronaut

The Crinklz Astronaut and Crinklz Aquanaut can now be order from ABDLFactory and the price is €17.95. I sure love this two new designs it sure looks super cute and i really need to make my self an order when i have the money for it. But unfortunately i dont have it now.

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