Squishy diaper play – CrinkleWuskyCub

Looks like this little babyfur cub decided to have a little fun whit his soggy wet diaper. It sure is kind of nice to play around whit a soggy squishy diaper.

Cat In Male Chastity Cage

Poor cat looks like someone decide to put him in a chastity cage during the diaper change. Poor cat now he needs to ask daddy for permission when he wont to satisfy his big boys need :(

Squishing an used diaper can be little too addictive

Yes playing whit you use diaper can make you feel very special and relax :)

Such relief for Lokai

Yes he sure looks happy now when he have this out of his system. Now he only need to find someone that can change his messy diaper butt :)

Big boy diaper for big pup – Little Wusky

even big pup sometime need to wear diapers (ABU Cushies) when it comes to special things and from the look on this boys diaper this was one of time. His diaper is kind of soaked special in the front :)