Dante’S Infanzia Chapter 16: Better a man in Hell…

Written by: Personalias

Dante was alone in the darkness after the Saint walked out.  His legs lost their balance and strength and he collapsed to the floor, back on all fours.  Saint Jude had said that as long as they were speaking, Dante could stand as a man.  Clearly, the conversation was over.  Dante sat there, alone in the darkness, waiting for something to happen.

The darkness receded, and Dante’s senses were slowly barraged by a bevy of familiar of sights and sounds.  Bluish gray indoor/outdoor carpeting, the smell of baby powder and crying.  Lots and lots of crying.

Dante was in a playpen, he concluded as the world came into view around him.  He was all too familiar now with the mesh walls and padded floors.  He turned his head to the sound of the crying.  It was a girl, about his age, blonde, with her hair done up in a pink bow.

She wore a pink t-shirt that was puffed up and frilled around the sleeves.  Useless buttons ran down the front that made it resemble a blouse.  Stitched onto the left breast of the shirt was a cursive “L”  Her short cotton poodle skirt barely concealed the puffy disposable she was wearing.

“Lysa?”  Dante called out.  “Is that you?”   Lysa looked up.  Her face had been red and puffy from crying.  Her eyes were pink as if she had been stubbornly.

“Dante?”  Lysa asked.  “Is that you?  Is it really you!”  She lunged forward to hug him and fell on her face.  She started sobbing. “I….thought…I…had…lost…you…forever!” she managed to choke out between gasps for air and sobs.  Forever?  Dante couldn’t have been in the Newborn Room that long.

“Lysa, get a grip, girl.”  Dante said as he helped her up to her knees.  “It was scary for me too.  But I’m back now, so it’s going to be okay.”

“You were in there for nearly two weeks!” she blurted out.  “I visited Caroline twice and saw you on my way out the first time, and got an early visit back where I tried to wake you up.  You didn’t even notice me!”

“I’m so sorry, Lysa.”  Dante said.  He rubbed her arm for comfort.   “What’s going on, Lysa?  Why are you dressed like that?”

“Oh Dante,”  Lysa cried,  “things have changed here.  Badly.  When you stood up, you scared all of the Judy’s.  They’ve been cracking down, trying to break all of us into babies.  ’No more survivors, no more anchors,’ I heard one of them say.  This,” she sniffed, and gestured to her clothes, “is what I was wearing the night I got pregnant with Caroline.”  She hiccupped a little.  “Kinda.  They’re trying to humiliate me and shame me so I don’t wanna be who I was when I was alive.  And it’s wooooorkiiing!”  The poor girl broke down again into another round of sobs.

No survivors?  No anchors?  And what they were doing to Lysa was nothing short of a mind fuck.  Had Dante really caused all of this? Had the Judy’s come to the conclusion that every person holding onto their identity was a potential Orpheus?  A rebel in the making?  Dante had to know more.

“What about the others?”  Dante asked.

“Jamal’s already baby talking,” Lysa rambled, “Kevin is throwing tantrums all the time, and that BITCH Vivian is always sucking on a goddamn paci!”  She beat her fists against the padded floor.

“Easy Lysa,” Dante tried to calm her, “that’s not the real you talking.”

“Yes it is!” Lysa snapped back at him.  Dante jerked back a moment.  “That bitch has a paci….and I want one tooooooo!”  She whined like a two-year old.  “I want it worse than a cigarette, and I haven’t smoked in fifty-eight years!”

Instinctively, Dante moved in to hold her.  She rested her chin on his shoulder, and he began to rub her back.  Time for him to be the adult right now.  “Shhhhhhh,” he soothed her, “it’s okay, it’s okay.  We’re gonna make it through this.  We’re together again.  Nothing can stop us when we’re together.”  He closed his eyes and held her, and rocked back and forth to calm her.  Her bawling lessened.

A rubber nipple entered his mouth and he began robotically sucking down milk.  His eyes popped open in surprise.  He looked up and saw the Judy in the green dress smiling wickedly down at him.  A thousand curses popped into Dante’s mind and vanished just as quickly as the milk took hold of his brain.

His muscles relaxed as he saw the Judy in the green dress take a hold of Lysa’s shoulders and ease her down to her back.  Her legs lifted up and she bent her knees so that they were close to her stomach.   He felt another set of hands grab him and ease him away.  Dante looked up as he held his ba-ba-(Bottle…bottle…ba-ba) and saw his Judy in the nursery scrubs easing him away.  She still had earplugs in.

The two angels had snuck up on either side of them and simultaneously forced the bottles of angel milk into their mouths.  “Gotta keep our babies hydrated,” the Judy in the green dress snickered.  Dante tried to lean back but his Judy held him so he was still sitting up.

Lysa‘s tears were drying, her eyes glazing over.  She started grunting and lifted her legs a little higher to make room for what was about to happen.  He tried to turn his head, but found it being held in place by the Judy.  He felt the Judy’s fingers above his eyelids, ready to pry them open if he shut them.  He was being forced to watch Lysa poop herself.  “It’s okay, Dante,” green dress said, “Lysa doesn’t mind if you watch.  Do you sweetie?”  she tickled under Lysa’s chin as the girl finished her ba-ba.   Lysa giggled a little and blew a raspberry.  But something in her eyes reeked of desperation.

“Babies don’t care who’s watching them when they poopy in their diapers, cuz they don’t know any better.  Good thing you’re not a big girl, though, because this would be so embarrassing if you were.”  The Judy’s speech swayed in a sing-song manner, like a cobra about to strike.  Lysa stopped babbling and gasped.  She hadn’t actually realized she was shitting herself.

Lysa’s diaper puffed out and rude noises came from her backside as the mess pushed itself out.  “It’s a shame she finished her ba-ba so fast,” the other Judy said.  “It’s so cute when they’re pooping and drinking from their ba-ba’s at the same time.”  Lysa’s legs came down and she started bawling again.  The girl who had preached remaining calm had no control over her emotions as present.

The Judy in the scrubs released Dante and picked the crying girl up.  One hand supporting Lysa‘s messy bottom, the other patting her back.  Lysa burped loudly.  “Good baby!”, the Judy praised. “Just a couple more burps, and we’ll go change you.”

“I bet this brings back memories,“ the Judy said as she hiked up Lysa’s poodle skirt.  Dante didn’t have to guess what that meant.  These things weren’t angels.  They were monsters!  All along these things had known they weren’t dealing with children, and yet stubbornly refused to act otherwise.  Now that Dante had accidentally pushed the envelope, they were doing nothing short of conditioning and brainwashing everyone.

Dante needed to act, to do something instead of just sit there.  He opened his mouth so he could sing and start thinking straight, but a glance from the Judy in the green dress made him stop.  Instead he popped a thumb in his mouth and began sucking on it.  Admittedly, it felt pretty good, but it wasn’t want he had intended to do.  Green Dress smirked when Dante started sucking; Dante felt like he had been caught reaching into the cookie jar.  Cookies were yummy, he hoped Mama Judy would give him one la-stop it!

Dante kept shaking his head, trying to snap himself out of it and failing miserably.  He felt the green dress Judy’s hands grab him and lift him up by the arm pits.  He giggled unintentionally as she shifted him onto her hip.  “Baby swap!”  she announced.  “I’ll take the boys, and you take the girls.”

“That’ll work,” the Judy in the nursery scrubs called back, still changing Lysa.  “You want some ear plugs?”

“That won’t be necessary,”  the other angel replied.  “The Saint made it clear ahead of time that lil’ Dante here wouldn’t be allowed back in the nursery unless he promised not to do sing like a naughty boy again.  Isn’t that right, baby?”   she turned her head.  Dante gave a frightened nod, slightly sobered by fear.

“How long?” the first Judy asked as she finished taping up Lysa’s disposable.

“Oooooh, I dunno.  I think a week will be about enough.”  the other angel answered, bouncing Dante slightly on her hip.

“Suit yourself,” the familiar Judy said, pulling down Lysa’s poodle skirt, her chore now finished.  She picked Lysa up and grabbed her by the wrist.   “Buh bye, Dante!” she made Lysa wave.  “Buh bye!”

“Okie dokie!”  Dante’s present tormentor beamed.  “Be right back, Judy,” she called out as she turned around, re-entering the rats maze that was the nursery when all the cubicle walls were set up and sectioned off.  “We are gonna have so much fun Dante!” the Judy said.  “I’m going to teach you how to be a good baby, just like how I taught my kids.”

Half a minute later, Dante was in another play area, very similar to the one he just left. There was a playpen, a changing table, a trashcan, and a rocking chair. The walls had an alphabet border running along the top.

Instead of Lysa or even Midori though, were three fairly familiar faces in the pen.  The Judy in the green dress’s three wards, the one that Dante had witnessed breaking down day by day at mealtimes.  The boys were dressed in matching red rompers. The girl in a yellow sun dress. They smiled up at their captor, eyes blank and curious.  Babbling greeted Dante’s ears.

Having appeared out of thin air in just a diaper, Dante expected to be toted over to a changing table at some point and dressed.  Instead, he was taken into the playpen and sat down.  Without another word, the Judy went and picked up the girl in the yellow sundress.

“Adam, Andy,” the angel nanny said to the boys, “you play nice with Dante while I go drop Amy off.”  Dante whined from his position in the playpen, his thumb still in his mouth.  The Judy looked down at him, and Dante used his free hand to gesture to himself indicating his naked state.

“Oh, don’t be a silly baby.” she wagged her finger at Dante.  “You’ve got your diaper on. That’s enough for now.”   Before Dante had a chance to pull his thumb out of his mouth and reply, the Judy walked out of the playpen, shut the gate, and left with the girl in tow.  “Baby swap.”  Now he got it.

They were sequestering him away from Lysa, his last anchor.  They were trying to break him, break Lysa, break them all.  No more survivors, no more residents with their mental faculties intact.  This nursery in Limbo would be a complete and total mental wasteland once the Judy’s got their way.

Dante concentrated.  It was hard to talk right now, with the milk flowing through him.  He had to concentrate.  He looked at Adam and Andy, he wasn’t sure which one was which.  “Cam…yew…underthand…me?”  He said, focusing on each word.  Then he took his thumb out of his mouth and tried again.  “Can…you…understand…me?”

Their heads turned to the sound of Dante’s voice, but they didn’t react otherwise.   “Hi…” he waved to them.  Neither of them waved back.  One smiled and babbled a little, then fell over on his stomach. The other’s attention drifted and he crawled to the other end of the pen as if Dante hadn’t said anything.  Even Midori was more intelligent than these two.  They were placing him with the bottom of the barrel babies, no doubt.  Infancy would seem a blessing, a sweet release when compared to the loneliness of being with these two.

Dante crawled over to a corner of the playpen.  There he found a large teddy bear sitting in the corner.  It was a big one, like the kind you’d win for 10,000 tickets at a carnival. It’s right ear was stained darker than it’s left, more chewed up too.  Dante gave in to the urge to compare and contrast.

Yup, right ear was definitely better.  His saliva glands kicked into high gear, and Dante began working up a fine drool.  He held the body of the bear close to him for comfort.  It was good.  It was soooo good.  If only everything in life (after-life…whatever) could be this simple.  A little voice in the back of Dante’s mind told him it could be.  Dante jerked up a little at that thought.

Dante wanted to start humming Infant Sorrow’s “Furry Wall”, but decided against it.  Humming might be taking it too far for the Judy’s tastes, even if it was a song from a movie about a fictional rock-star.  He didn’t want to give the Judy’s any excuse to send him back to the Newborn Room.  Almost anything would be better than that.

Dante instead adapted by taking a more meditative mind-set.  His body was comfortable so he could allow his mind to fixate on other things.  The fact that it was comfortable doing something completely ridiculous was a moot point.  He breathed in slowly, and out quickly, focusing on each breath till he had control.  He began to be able to think clearly.

The Saint had lied to him.  Dante had been certain that he would at least be with Lysa, and not mind fucked.   Then again, the Saint never made any such guarantees, only that he would be returned to the main nursery.  The old prick also never guaranteed that the Judy’s would forgive and forget; only that he would be treated as he was from the beginning (like a crawler instead of a newborn) and that the Judy’s would pick up where they left off (but not forgive and forget.)  Dante had assumed- or been led to assume- that he still had a fighting chance in this place.

Dante felt angry. That bastard Jude had played him for a fool.  It would have been worth going back to the Newborn Room if it meant swinging on the bony butthead and breaking his nose.  It felt good to be angry.  Righteous even.  Dante might not have a fighting chance in this place anymore, but Jude wasn’t the only one who’d fight a losing battle to the bitter end.

His reverie was interrupted all too soon by a Judy’s obnoxious chirps and coos.  He opened his eyes.  It was green dress again.  “Looks like Dante’s found Teddy!”  Her again.  Whatever variation on a theme this Judy was, it was definitely annoying.  She came to the side.  “Come over here little guy, Mama Judy’s got something for you.”

Dante had to bide his time, to figure a way out of this.  Best not to rattle cages right now.  Grudgingly, he crawled towards her.  It took him longer than it should have because he was dragging the bear with him in his mouth.  The big clunky thing slowed him down.  “Awww how cute!  Some-one-thinks-he’s-a-puppy“, Judy sang. This gave Dante an excuse to growl, and he took it.

He was  being practical though.  He remembered the comment about “keeping hydrated”.  If he bit down on the bear, the bitch wouldn’t be able to shove a ba-ba in his mouth.  The bear was his insurance policy against surprise attacks.  That and it felt sooooo good to be chewing on its ear.

Green dress dropped something at Dante’s knees.  Dante took a closer look at it.  It was a toddler book, foam padded, thick with only a few distinguishable pages.  The kind that parents read to their kids and expected the kids to teeth on when they were done.   “It’s my favorite book,” the Judy said as Dante picked it up.  “I wrote it myself.  I give it to all my babies when I first get them, and you’re no different.”

Dante wearily turned it around in his hands, examining the front cover.  The front cover had a picture of a baby reading a book.  The book in the picture had the letters “A B C” written on it. The title of the book was “YOU CAN’T READ.”

Dante opened the first page as he chewed on his teddy‘s ear.  The first page was blank.  So was the second one.  So was the third, and fourth.  Dante closed the book and looked up at Judy, still smiling at him.  “Good baby!” she said. He looked back down at the cover and realized that the text had changed.

Instead of the words “YOU CAN’T READ” on the cover, Dante could only make out scribbled lines.  Even the ABC’s on the book had changed to nonsense scribble.  He looked up to the alphabet wall, only to find that the entire alphabet was replaced by meaningless symbols.  The letters hadn’t changed, Dante realized, he had lost the ability to read!

The Judy dangled another baby book in his face.  Dante got a full view of the book before he snapped his head around the other direction.  He couldn’t read the title, but the book had a picture of a large red circle next to a little blue circle.  Oh God!  What had he just lost?  Shapes? Colors?  Opposites?  WHAT?!

Dante yelped and closed his eyes as he scooted back across the pen- leaving the teddy in the process.  He bumped into a tower of wooden blocks- presumably alphabet blocks, not that Dante could tell anymore- and burst out crying.

“Awww” the Judy taunted as he curled up in the fetal position, “wussamatta baby? Did da big bad book scahe you?”  At one point in time, Dante had thought that the three wards of this Judy were all weaker willed than him, that they were suicides who had given up on life before coming here to Limbo.  Maybe they weren’t.  This Judy was vicious.  She wasn’t any run of the mill, either.  It was like she was a specialist in breaking people down to their.  And now she was on consult and apparently giving tips to the others.

He was aware of her presence when he felt her footsteps in the pen.  He heard her declaring both of the regressed boys wet and felt her checking his own diaper.  “Wet”, she said.  “but you all can wait till after lunch for me to change you.”  Neither of the regressed seemed to mind the decree, or even notice their privacy being violated.

Had he really wet himself already without noticing?  That was phase one of reaching the threshold.  Then again, maybe she was lying.  He felt dry.  Maybe that’s why he wasn’t being changed.  Maybe the bitch was lying to him to shake his confidence and make it harder for him to tell the difference between wet and dry.  Make him fail before he actually had.

The Judy in the green dress loomed over him now, with a milky ba-ba in her hand.  He already had milk going into his system, why was she holding another one.   Was she trying to make him overdose?  Was it her intent to keep him constantly milked up so he couldn’t rebel?  Dante closed his lips tight and drew them in.  He found himself flipped over and his behind swatted, forcing him to go limp.  He was force fed the ba-ba as Mama Judy rubbed his tummy and tickled him and blew raspberries.

She was enjoying this.  So was he, (against his will, part of him screamed.)  He had never tried acid mixed with ecstasy, but Dante was pretty sure this is what it must feel like.  Before he knew it, the Judy had declared that it was lunchtime.

Dante soon found himself in a highchair on the far right of the kitchen feeding setup.  Clad only in his diaper, he waited as more babies were brought in for the meal to begin.  Finally, the blonde Judy in the nursery scrubs, his longtime captor came in with the three girls.  Amy; who he barely knew, Midori; a giant rugrat yes- but one he had grown to like, and Lysa; looking physically drained and exhausted.

She was placed in a highchair at the other end of the room, so that she and Dante were as separate as possible.  She too was wearing nothing but a diaper and her naked breasts were barely concealed by the bib that was tied around her neck.

“Sorry we’re late, guys,” scrubs Judy said.  The other Judy’s just nodded.  She was usually late for lunch, anyways.

“What happened to baby Lysa’s pretty clothes?”  green dress Judy asked, sounding way too scripted for it to be coincidence.

“Oh, I gave her a choice,” her cohort answered, also too scripted, “she could either wear the pretty outfit we had her in, or she could wear nothing but a diaper.  She likes this better, I think.  What about Dante?”

“Oh I haven’t even dressed him up yet- good baby” she said as she spooned mush into Dante’s mouth.  Dante swallowed uncomplainingly.  The milk was still affecting him and he was intent on listening to what they were saying for some kind of clue, a weakness, any valuable peace of information.  “Anyway,” she said “-good baby- I figured I’d just leave him like this for the rest of the day.  I’m feeling a little lazy, and he wasn’t complaining.”

Liar.  Dante had asked in his limited capacity for more clothes.  Then again he hadn‘t rebutted…don‘t defend them!.  All of this was just a show of power, anyways.  Dante puffed out his cheeks in frustration, holding his breath and counted to ten so he didn’t erupt.  (Thank whoever he could still count to ten.)

“Good baby!” the Judy feeding him praised. “You made poopies for Mama Judy!”  He had?!  Dante shifted around.   Sure enough, he could feel himself sitting in his own mess.  He had pooped himself and not even realized.  Maybe it was all of the angel milk, or maybe it was some kind of infant muscle memory, but Dante felt himself sliding unusually fast.  The first step towards the breaking point was using your diaper without noticing.  He had been free from the Newborn room for half-a-day, and he was already back at that point.
After a few more spoonfuls of baby-food,  Dante was fed a milky ba-ba refreshing the infantile feelings coursing through him.   Dante was taken back to the play area.  Mercifully, the Judy laid him down on a changing table and stuck a paci in his mouth.  He sucked contentedly while the Judy went to work.

“You know Dante,” she mused for a moment,  “if you were a big boy, you would have eaten all by yourself.  Instead, instead Mama Judy had to feed you in your highchair.”  Dante started to suck harder in exasperation.  He could see where this was going.

“If you were a big boy, you would have asked to go potty, instead of using your diaper,” she continued, untaping the diaper.   “In fact, even if you were a big boy stuck in diapers, you would have been very upset at making such a mess.  Instead you sat in a wet diaper most of the morning, and sat in a messy one halfway through lunch without even a sniffle.”

She lifted up Dante’s legs.  “If you were a big boy, after using the potty, you’d wipe yourself, and pull up your big boy pants.  But Mama Judy has to take your diaper off, clean you up with BABY wipes.  And sprinkle your cute little tushie with BABY powder so you don’t get all rashy.”  Dante grit his teeth onto the pacifier.  Talk about blaming the victim.  Dante couldn’t help any of this and she knew it.  “If you were a big boy,” she kept going, “you’d still be wearing the big boy pants you woke up in.  But Mama Judy has to put a new diaper on you cuz you made a big accident in the last one.  But that’s okay, you’re just a baby.”

She picked Dante up and toted him over to the crib, laid him down and tucked him in.  “You’re not a very good big boy, Dante,” she concluded.  “but you’re a wonderful baby.”  She kissed him on the forehead.  “Oh, and one more thing, baby.” she whispered in his ear.  “The last two milky ba-bas that I gave you, didn’t have any special milk in them.  Everything you did as soon as you got over to my little play area, was all you.  Good baby.”

Dante got no rest during naptime.

He was taken to a different play area with unfamiliar babies around him.  Still the layout was similar enough, and he could point out which ones were the survivors.  They were the ones who seemed to be the most distressed; the ones getting the most attention from Judy’s.  People who Dante didn’t even know were being cracked down on.  He made one mistake, not even on purpose, and now the entire nursery was suffering for it.  Praise the justice of the Divine.

Dante crawled up to a survivor, a young boy, younger than even Kevin who was swearing up a storm as a Judy patted him on the head and walked away.

“Hey, dude,” Dante said as he approached.  “What’s going on here.”

“The fascists have stepped it up another notch!  That’s what!” the boy spat.

“I’d kill for something to suck on right now, but they won’t let me have it.  Says I have to be a big boy!  They want me to say it!  They want me to tell them that I want to be a baby!  Goddamnit I can’t do it, but I’m losing my mind here.”

“I think that’s the point,” Dante said dryly.  Dante had long gotten over children speaking like middle aged sailors here.

“Heh, good one, buddy,” the kid said,  “Name’s Victor, what’s yours?”

“Dante”, he answered.

Victor’s eyes widened.  He scooted back. “You?!”  he pointed, “You’re the one’s all the Judy’s are talking about!  This your fault!  This is your fawt!  Stay away fwum mee!  Go ‘way!” he screamed till a Judy came and picked the boy up, depositing a pacifier in the kid’s mouth.   She smiled down at Dante and mouthed “Thank you” to him before walking away.

Dante had already been blacklisted.  No one would talk to him.  The Judy’s were making it clear that they were doing all of this because one boy had literally stood up to them.  Dante would only be able to find company with those who were too far gone to care. This company he refused on principle. Being surrounded by strangers didn’t help.  The isolation only made it worse.

Over the next few days, Dante knew he was slipping.  His emotions were getting harder to rein in, everything was either ecstasy or misery.   He chewed on the bear more often.  He might be spouting baby talk, but not even the Judy in the green dress could coax him to speak now.  Instead he hardened on the inside, building up a wall of anger to replace his previous desperation.

He did his best to zone out or sulk.  He’d only see Lysa at mealtimes, and each time she looked worse for wear; like she hadn’t been sleeping or had been crying a lot.  She never spoke either.  His sleep wasn‘t very restful either. He kept having a reoccurring nightmare that he had been taken to the Newborn Room only to see Lysa and her daughter, Caroline breast feeding side by side.  Each mealtime was a blessed reminder that that had only been a nightmare.

It must have been a week when Dante was returned to see Lysa.  It was right after breakfast, when he was traded back  and put in a playpen with her.  She looked better rested than he remembered, but her eyes were more sad.  She sucked her thumb, wearing nothing but a purple baby t-shirt and her diaper.  He was matching in a blue ensemble.

She stared at him, and then opened her mouth.  “Me so sowwy Dante,” she said.  “I wuv you.”  Lysa was already at the baby-talk stage.  Soon enough it would be echoing, then babbling, then gone.  A week without him and intense, purposeful, savage humiliation by the Judy’s had undone close to 60 years of willpower and resistance.   He loathed those THINGS more than he thought humanly possible.

“No be sowwy,” he said.  Damn.  It was happening to him too.  Figures.  “My fawt.  Not you.”
Lysa shook her head.  “No.  Not Dante fawt.  Mama Judy.…Judy fawt.”   Dante shook his head slowly.  It was his fault.  The Judy’s were doing all of this because of him.  If he hadn’t been a threat to them, they wouldn’t have taken things this far.  Now they’d obliterate his mind, and everyone else’s just to be sure.

Future generations of Limbo prisoners could expect the same fate if they were successful.  These tactics would be justified as a pre-emptive strike on future Orpheus’s.  All the better to enforce the will of the Lord and serve their Regent.  In a world without ethics, without humanity, this was the end result.  Limbo was becoming a place without humanity; because of his actions it was turning into a second kind of Hell.  Dante couldn’t think of a worse fate.

Then a thought entered his head.  What if he was gone?  What if he wasn’t around to justify the Judy‘s tyranny?  What if he escaped?  No, that wouldn’t work.  The Judy’s could easily chalk that up to as another win if he just ran away or miraculously snuck out the back.

He’d need to give the Judys’ a reason to be afraid.  Not just afraid of him, but afraid of the anger they invoked in him, of the anger that could come from anyone that was treated this way.  He’d need to send a message.  He couldn’t win, he had no illusions about that.  One kid, even one who could temporarily undo a spell that made him an infant, wouldn’t win against the Hosts of Heaven.  If he fought, he‘d lose and he‘d lose hard.  They’d spank him and send him to the Newborn Room; giving each other a pat on the back and a “told you we shouldn’t have given him a second chance”.  That would accomplish nothing

But, if he combined the two ideas….fought his way past the guard and leave Limbo of his own accord.  Bloody their nose and rob them of any kind of retaliation.  That MIGHT just be crazy enough to work.  The only problem was, Dante had a goal.  Not a plan.  Not even something resembling a plan.

Then he saw the Judy packing two diaper bags and readying a stroller.  It had been roughly a month since he had seen his grandparents.  Now he and Lysa were wearing matching outfits again, baby t-shirts and diapers.  It Communion day.  The wheels in Dante’s head began turning.

“Wysa,” he said, “I’m weeving.”

“Whu?”  Lysa said, panic in her voice.  “Dante no weeve!  No go to udda Judy!”

“No,” Dante furrowed his brow.  “Me weeving Wimbo.”

“How?”  Lysa, doe eyed, asked.

“You see.” Dante told her.

“Why?”  she sniffled?

“Mebbe I go.  Mebbe they stop pickin’ on you.” he said as solemnly as he could.

“Wheh you go?”  she whimpered.

“Wheh you think?”  he looked down.

“NO!” she screamed.  “Not theh!  Any wheh else!.”

“Don’t wuh-we.  Not goin t’day.”  He lied. It had to be today.  He wouldn’t make it another month at this rate. That calmed her down.

“I tawk you owt.  You see!”  She said as she hugged him.  They both quieted down as the Judy approached.  Lysa was picked up and strapped in the stroller.   She struggled and squirmed, so the Judy took a little longer than usual.

Midori crawled up, crying softly.  She knew.  Somehow she knew too.  She knew and she saw things too simply to believe the lie.  She sat on her heels and crying, opened her arms.  She signed, “D no go.  I love you.”

Dante hugged her and focused.  “Good-bye Dori,” he whispered clearly.   “I love you too.  I’ll miss you.”  He released her, and the Judy in the scrubs picked Dante up and buckled him in the stroller next to Lysa.  Dante was glad it was her.  He hated Green Dress now, but this bitch had it coming too.

He smiled as he was strapped into the stroller and it started moving into the twisting paths of Limbo. His adrenaline surged as the doors opened out onto the Narrow Path to Heaven.  The music in his head turned up to full blast, stronger than ever.   If he did this right, the Judy’s would be talking about this for eons.  Dante Willis was bringing war to Limbo.

“Wait till they get a load of me.”

Source: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=34668&st=80

Dante’S Infanzia Chapter15: The Orpheus and the Saint

Written by: Personalias

Dante dreamt of bright, brilliant colors.  They shimmered in his mind’s eye with the twinkling of a thousand diamond stars.  Hendrix couldn’t top this.  His dreams were a kaleidoscope ; mesmerizing, soothing.  There were no troubles here, no worries, no nightmares.  All was as it should be.  Perfect comfort, perfect warmth, perfect everything.

Dante opened his eyes and gave a yawn.  His tongue absent mindedly probed his toothless gums, the saliva running over onto his chin.  He couldn’t move, that was normal.  He couldn’t see very much. The walls of his cot rose up around him and kept him safe, blocking his view, and he couldn’t pick up his head.  His vision wasn’t focused anyways.  All of that was normal, too.  What was wrong then?  He had felt like there was something bugging him at the back of his mind.

Then it hit him:  He was hungry.  He was very hungry.  He was very, very, very, hungry.  There were no other words.  If he didn’t get fed, something bad would happen, he just knew it.  He hated being hungry.  He wanted Milk, and he wanted his Mommy, and he wanted them right now!

Dante began to whimper and mewl, calling for Mommy.  Somewhere deep in the back of his mind he thought he was doing something wrong.   There had to be a better way to communicate. Then he remembered.  LOUDER!  He cried out louder.  He cried out louder and louder until he couldn’t even remember why he started crying!  HUNGRY!  That was it!  MILK!

After forever, he saw Mommy.  She smiled at him, and made shushing noises.  Dante suddenly felt cold as Mommy unwrapped him.  He couldn’t pick up his head, but he felt his diaper become more slack as Mommy.  Then he felt the cold baby wipes washing him all over.

No Mommy!  He didn’t want a diaper change.  Even if he needed one, that wasn’t what had been bothering him.  Dante redoubled his crying, though no tears came forth!  He wanted Milk!  Milk, Mommy, Milk!  Dante was only vaguely aware as the new diaper was put on him.  He wanted Milk!

Mommy wrapped him back up and picked him up.  At least now she was holding him.  That was a step in the right direction.  Then Dante felt the nipple brush against his cheek.  He latched on and began greedily sucking down Mommy’s Milk!  Joy!  Rapture!  The Highest of Highs!  This is what it meant to be alive.

Danted started to calm down as he suckled and Milk slid down his throat.  Dante began to make soft little animal sounds as he nursed, and was rewarded with Mommy stroking the back of his head.  He couldn’t love Mommy more than he did right then at her breast.  He couldn’t love anyone more right then.  This was Heaven.

He mewled in protest again as Mommy switched him over to her other breast, but the absence of Milk was mercifully short lived.  This was all he needed.  Just this.  This perfect little moment reverberating throughout all eternity.

Finally, he was full and he stopped suckling.  Mommy was making happy noises; she liked it too.  “Guh deeter!” she told him.  “Susha guh deeter!”.  Dante didn’t know what those noises meant, but he liked the way they made him feel.

Mommy started gently patting Dante’s back, and a funny sound came out of his mouth.  He didn’t mean to make the sound, but it seemed to make Mommy happy.  He made them again and again, and when he finally ran out of funny sounds, Mommy rocked him in her arms and Dante drifted off to sleep.

Dante dreamed.

Dante dreamt of bright, brilliant colors.  They shimmered in his mind’s eye with the twinkling of a thousand diamond stars.  Hendrix couldn’t top this.  His dreams were a kaleidoscope ; mesmerizing, soothing.  There were no troubles here, no worries, no nightmares.  All was as it should be.  Perfect comfort, perfect warmth, perfect everything.

Dante opened his eyes and gave a yawn.  His tongue absent mindedly probed his toothless gums, the saliva running over onto his chin.  He couldn’t move, that was normal.  He couldn’t see very much. The walls of his cot rose up around him and kept him safe, blocking his view, and he couldn’t pick up his head.  His vision wasn’t focused anyways.  All of that was normal, too.  What was wrong then?  He had felt like there was something bugging him at the back of his mind.

Then it hit him:  He was hungry.  He was very hungry.  He was very, very, very, hungry.  There were no other words.  If he didn’t get fed, something bad would happen, he just knew it.  He hated being hungry.  He wanted Milk, and he wanted his Mommy, and he wanted them right now!

Dante began to whimper and mewl, calling for Mommy.  Somewhere deep in the back of his mind he thought he was doing something wrong.   There had to be a better way to communicate. Then he remembered.  LOUDER!  He cried out louder.  He cried out louder and louder until he couldn’t even remember why he started crying!  HUNGRY!  That was it!  MILK!

After forever, he saw Mommy.  She smiled at him, and made shushing noises.  Dante suddenly felt cold as Mommy unwrapped him.  He couldn’t pick up his head, but he felt his diaper become more slack as Mommy.  Then he felt the cold baby wipes washing him all over.

No Mommy!  He didn’t want a diaper change.  Even if he needed one, that wasn’t what had been bothering him.  Dante redoubled his crying, though no tears came forth!  He wanted Milk!  Milk, Mommy, Milk!  Dante was only vaguely aware as the new diaper was put on him.  He wanted Milk!

Mommy wrapped him back up and picked him up.  At least now she was holding him.  That was a step in the right direction.  Then Dante felt the nipple brush against his cheek.  He latched on and began greedily sucking down Mommy’s Milk!  Joy!  Rapture!  The Highest of Highs!  This is what it meant to be alive.

Danted started to calm down as he suckled and Milk slid down his throat.  Dante began to make soft little animal sounds as he nursed, and was rewarded with Mommy stroking the back of his head.  He couldn’t love Mommy more than he did right then at her breast.  He couldn’t love anyone more right then.  This was Heaven.

He mewled in protest again as Mommy switched him over to her other breast, but the absence of Milk was mercifully short lived.  This was all he needed.  Just this.  This perfect little moment reverberating throughout all eternity.

Finally, he was full and he stopped suckling.  Mommy was making happy noises; she liked it too.  “Guh deeter!” she told him.  “Susha guh deeter!”.  Dante didn’t know what those noises meant, but he liked the way they made him feel.

Mommy started gently patting Dante’s back, and a funny sound came out of his mouth.  He didn’t mean to make the sound, but it seemed to make Mommy happy.  He made them again and again, and when he finally ran out of funny sounds, Mommy rocked him in her arms and Dante started to drift off to sleep.   Dante heard a voice.  Screaming.



Then another voice.  It sounded a lot like Mommy’s voice.  But that was impossible.  Mommy was holding him.

“Bad Bay Bee!  Bad Bay Bee!  Maw Maw Joo Dee Spank!”

Then the loud noise stopped.  Good.  Dante drifted off to sleep.

Dante dreamed

Dante dreamt of bright, brilliant colors.  They shimmered in his mind’s eye with the twinkling of a thousand diamond stars.  Hendrix couldn’t top this.  His dreams were a kaleidoscope ; mesmerizing, soothing.  There were no troubles here, no worries, no nightmares.  All was as it should be.  Perfect comfort, perfect warmth, perfect everything.

Dante opened his eyes and gave a yawn.  His tongue absent mindedly probed his toothless gums, the saliva running over onto his chin.  He couldn’t move, that was normal.  He couldn’t see very much.  It was dark all around him, and he couldn’t pick up his head.  There were no lights anywhere.  His vision wasn’t focused anyways.  All of that was normal, too.  What was wrong then?  He had felt like there was something bugging him at the back of his mind.

Then it hit him:  He was hungry.  He was very hungry.  He was very, very, very, hungry.  There were no other words.  If he didn’t get fed, something bad would happen, he just knew it.  He hated being hungry.  He wanted Milk, and he wanted his Mommy, and he wanted them right now!

Dante began to whimper and mewl, calling for Mommy.  Somewhere deep in the back of his mind he thought he was doing something wrong.   There had to be a better way to communicate. Then he remembered.  LOUDER!  He cried out louder.  He cried out louder and louder until he couldn’t even remember why he started crying!  HUNGRY!  That was it!  MILK!

After forever, Dante felt something enter his mouth.  Mommy!  Milk!  Dante bit down, ready for Milk to squirt down his throat.  It wasn’t Mommy.  It wasn’t her nipple, either.  Dante bit down on something hard and cold.  Too hard.  It didn’t taste anything like milk either.  It didn’t have a taste.  It tasted like…Dante searched for the word…plastic.

Teeth ripped out of Dante’s gums, and Dante screamed.  He reflexively bit into the thing in his mouth.  It helped him feel better, but not much.  Finally the hurting in his mouth stopped and he spit it out.  It was still dark all around Dante.  No lights.  No nothing.  Dante was scared.  He wanted Mommy.

Something else forced it’s way into Dante’s gaping mouth.  The spoon withdrew and Dante swallowed the stuff.  Eugh!  Nasty!  It tasted like bitter applesauce mixed with overripe pomegranates.  Dante thrashed on the ground, unwrapping himself as his arms and legs regained strength and something resembling coordination.  His head itched as hair grew back in.   Soon he was free of his fleecy confines, but not finished yet.

Memories flooded back.  His mom and dad, the party, his death, Limbo, the Judy’s, the survivors, Jamal, anchors, and Lysa.  Lysa!   Dante looked around, and his eyes adjusted to the dark.  He was sitting on a baby blanket in a very large diaper- even for this place.  By his left leg, sat the teething ring that he had just bitten down on moments ago.   Where was he?  Where was Lysa?

“LYSA!”, Dante called out.

“The girl is not here.” A voice quietly answered back from the darkness.  “Do not worry.  She is well.  A bit fussy, perhaps, but well; and very much her worldly self.”  The voice was calm, almost friendly but very formal.  Old.  Definitely old.  There was a strength to it, though.  More like a quiet confidence.

A light shined down out of the darkness.  It wasn’t blinding, or even “Heavenly”, more like someone just turned a low hanging ceiling light on in a warehouse.  Even so, Dante winced and squinted as his eyes adjusted to the new  stimulus.

Standing in the middle of the light, was an old man wearing white robes.  His hair was white, with most of his face covered by a thick beard.  Not quite a Santa Claus look, but close.  His skin was tan and rough, like he had spent years in the sun.  It might have been leather.  A golden rope held his robe together, and his feet were adorned in leather sandals.

With a snap of his fingers, his clothes began to move.  They twisted and turned around his body, while he remained still.  They stretched in places and titled and others.  Their texture reshaped and their color darkened and shifted.  Before Dante knew it, the robes had reshaped themselves completely.   Now the geezer was dressed in a red turtleneck sweater, a pair of slacks, and a black leather belt with a gold buckle.  The sandals, for whatever reason, still remained.
The old man reached into the darkness and pulled a wicker chair from it, setting it down.   He groaned slightly as he sat down.  “I hope you don’t mind if I sit.” the old man said.  “I won’t object if you stand.”

Dante sat there, flabbergasted.  “Uh, I don’t think I can.”  he told the old man.

“Nonsense,” the old man waved his hand, and made a cross,  “in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, you may stand for as long as we are having this conversation.  Even Midori could stand if I allowed it, now.”

“No, I mean…eh,  I don’t think I CAN walk.”  Dante pointed down to the scaled up newborn diaper that hugged his hips.  His legs were spread so far apart by the bulk that crawling would be a challenge at this point.

“Ah, yes.”  The old man observed.  “I see what you mean.”  The old man stood up, reached into the darkness and had a relatively thinner diaper and tub of baby wipes in his hand when it next came into the light.  Not feeling at all in control of the situation, Dante just laid down as the old man went to work.

He wasn’t as skilled as the Judy’s; clearly he hadn’t had the millennia of practice they had, but he knew what he was doing.  Dante didn’t take the time to feel embarrassed.  For once he was genuinely grateful to be changed.  He never thought he’d be happy to be in the regular scale diapers, but he was.

He waited till the old man had retaken his seat, the baby wipes and used diaper being reclaimed by the darkness, and stood up on his two feet.  It was still awkward standing and talking to a fully clothed man while wearing nothing but a diaper.

“Can I have some clothes too?” Dante asked.

“It is not yet decided if you’ll need clothes anymore,” the geezer spoke.  It didn’t sound like a threat, merely a statement of fact.  That unnerved Dante more.  Dante waited till it became clear that the old man would not speak.

“Who are you?”  Dante asked after a brief silence.  The old man looked confused, then offended.  Then he leaned forward in his wicker chair; his chin resting in his hand.  It was as if he were sizing Dante up.  Finally, he exhaled slowly and spoke.

“Forgive my arrogance and impoliteness,” the elderly gentlemen spoke up, his voice raspy with age.  “I am Saint Jude, Regent of Limbo until the end of days.

That was a new one.  “Do you run this place?”  Dante asked.

“Of course, lad.” the priestly man replied.  “Why do you think the angels here are all named Judy?”  He laughed dryly.  “They took the names themselves, without any urging on my part, I assure you.”  A guy named Jude running a place just outside of Heaven; every angel named Judy.  Worse yet, wasn’t St. Jude the name of that children’s cancer hospital that always advertised in the movie theatres?  Dante wouldn’t have believed it if not for all that he had already been through.

“What are you the Saint of?”, Dante asked.  It came off as more of a “Oh yeah?!  Prove it!” than initially intended.  The Milk of Human Kindness must still be in his system, messing with his emotions.  The Saint didn’t seem to notice though.

“Lost causes, among other things,” Jude answered.  He folded his hands in his laps, waiting for further questions.  Dante didn’t not keep him waiting.

“Lost causes?”  Dante questioned.  “Like…?”  Dante let the question hand in the air.

“Fighting the good fight, even though you know you’ll lose.” Saint Jude lectured like an old professor who had given this lecture too many times to count.  “Crusades, martyrdom-”

“Treating dead kids like babies so they don’t go to Hell?”  Dante interrupted.  It was rude to interrupt, especially when this guy clearly held all the cards, but something about him got under Dante’s skin.  It figured that a Saint would have a “Holier than Thou” attitude about him.

There was a long pause.  Saint Jude didn’t even blink, didn’t even shift his weight.  Finally, he said  “Precisely.”

“Why?”  Dante wanted to know.

Jude nodded his head, as if Dante had asked the correct question.  “Because,” he said, “even though everyone deserves to go to Hell for their sins, no one should go there if it can at all be avoided.”

“So you built this place, instead.” Dante concluded.  Saint Jude looked genuinely tickled by this.

“Built it?”  the Saint laughed more hardily this time.  He slapped his knee and tapped his foot as though Dante had said the most amusingly ridiculous statement ever. “No, my dear boy.  No.  I am Limbo’s Regent, not its architect.”  The old man slumped his shoulders slightly.  He looked tired.  “I don’t even rule this place as much as I”, he let out a weary sigh, “manage it.  But yes, I am the one responsible for your current plight.”

Dante said nothing in response to this.  He just listened.  It was this stranger’s turn to talk for the moment.

“This place was originally nothingness.” Jude went on, his wizened arms spread wide to indicate the vastness of it all.  “A between spot that was a barrier between creation and the hereafter.  Then it became a haven for infant souls- innocent souls that had not had the original sin of Adam and Eve washed away.”  He leaned forward a little bit,  “It was intended to stay that way, for the poor innocent babes that fell through the cracks.”

“Sadly,” the old man said as he leaned back in his chair, “mankind has been plagued with a dearth of good judgment ever since the Garden.  Slowly, over the millennia, Mankind has sought to increase their childhood, and delay their responsibilities.  The descendants of Seth that spread to what you call America are particularly guilty of this.  It’s ironic that they still make up a decent majority of the faithful.”

Dante took this all in, but Saint Jude paid no mind.  The old man just went on, more talking to himself than to Dante at present.

“There was a time,” the old man continued, “when you were a boy as soon as you could coherently confess your sins, and a man as soon as your second set of hair started growing in.”  The old man’s face shriveled up in what might have been disgust.  It was hard to read his features.  “Now, you’re all practically infants till you’re eighteen- hardly accountability or responsibility at all!  Even after that, you’re still children!”  He let out something between an exasperated sigh and a growl.

“And that’s why you treat us like babies?” Dante asked, more curious than anything; though that element of resentment still lingered.

The Saint‘s features softened. “You are treated like infants,” he said, “because it was the one concession the Creator demanded of me when I proposed providing this service,”  he gestured around indicating Limbo itself.  “Besides that, it’s appropriate, don’t you think?”  Dante tiled his head in question.

“So many of you were ruled by your baser impulses before,”  Saint Jude started to list off on his fingers. “Food, drink, sexual pleasure, leisure, sloth, a sense of entitlement, and the personal fable running through your mind that told you your elders didn’t understand you despite your obvious brilliance.”  The old man bobbled his head in mock inspiration.  “It’s only fair that these things all become the elements of your cage.”

Dante felt his face getting hot.  How dare this old fucker lecture him!  Yeah he wasn’t perfect, and had made a lot of mistakes.  Hell, from an objective level Dante even agreed a little, but that didn’t mean the high and mighty snob could rub it in his face.

The Saint must have seen Dante‘s expression.  “It’s not as if you’re treated poorly, here,” he said.  “Limbo is no Heaven, mind you, but what would be the point of Heaven if it was?”

“No Heaven?” Dante spat, “I shit myself when I got here.”

The old man chuckled.  That caught Dante off guard.  “Everyone soils themselves after they die,” Saint Jude told Dante.  “The saved are bathed in heavenly oils, wrapped in silken robes, and a crown placed upon their heads.  You were cleaned and diapered, with the knowledge that you would continue to make a mess of things time and time again.” (A poop joke, ha-ha, very funny.)  “The damned, I imagine are just left to stew in it.”

Dante rolled his eyes.  What was the point of all this?  “Why are we even talking?”

“There’s the question I was waiting for!”  Saint Jude pointed at Dante, his eyes lighting up.  He rubbed his hands together.  “The true heart of the matter.  Why did the Judy’s attack you?  Why were you even able to stand when it is fact that no denizen of Limbo may do so?”

Uh oh.  The codger had suddenly gotten a little too excited for Dante’s liking. “Yeah…why?” Dante asked hesitantly.

“You child,” the geezer smiled, “are an Orpheus.”   He said this as if it were obvious and well known.  He might as well have said “You have brown hair,” or “You’re a male.”  Dante just stood there, trying to comprehend the words that had passed the old man‘s lips.  There was a long silence before the Saint deigned to explain.

“God made man in his own image,” Jude finally said.  “Do you think that means God has two arms, two legs, and a head?”  Dante shook his head.  Frankly, he had never really thought much about what God looked like,  but he knew what answer Jude was looking for.  Dante knew a straw man question when he heard it.

“No,” Saint Jude stated firmly, “but he did gift us each with a bit of the Divine Spark, free will.  Every human has the ability to make their will manifest, to create or destroy for no other reason than it is their desire to do so, much like God.

“Sadly,” he went on like a professor who had just turned the page in a dusty textbook, “they lack perspective.  Too often, man will favor their own will over anyone else’s-even the Creator’s.  They try to become gods unto themselves.”  He looked up at Dante.  “If you know even the basics of the Word, you know what happened to the first being that tried to be equal to God.”  He shook his head sadly and clicked his tongue,  “Poor self-righteous Devil.”  Wow, this guy must be a Saint.  He was actually showing sympathy for the Devil.

“What does that have to do with me?” Dante asked, missing the point.

“You’re an Orpheus,”  Jude restated. “You’re a human with enough will and passion to defy even God’s edicts, if only temporarily.”

Dante gasped.  He the chosen one?  He was Keanu Reeves? He was the Matr-

“Don’t look so cocky, boy.” the old man scowled, interrupting Dante’s train of thought. “Anyone can do it.  Most just don’t.  They never figure it out.”  He shrugged, more to himself than to Dante.  “It typically starts with an emotional conduit or form of expression.”

“Like singing.”  Dante stated this just as Jude had stated the Orpheus comment.  It wasn’t a question.  It was fact.

“Yes,” Jude conceded, “like the original Orpheus.  Man went into Hell and coerced the Infernal Triumvirate into giving him his wife back with the condition of proving his love and trust by not looking back before he left Hell.”

“He looked back”, Dante finished, remembering the old Greek Myth.

Jude nodded, his hands folded in his lap. “It’s what happens when man becomes a god unto himself.  He trusts only himself, and loves himself above all others.”  He cleared his throat as if he were uncomfortable about what he was to say next.  “What the story fails to mention anymore is that afterwards, the Orpheus decided women were too much trouble, and spent the rest of his life laying with boys.  Ruins the romanticism of the account, I know, but it’s the truth.  Humans are capable of great and petty things.”

“I bet you’ve had this talk with a lot of singers.”  Dante changed the subject and allowed himself a nervous chuckle.

“Not as many as you might think.”  the old Saint answered,  “It doesn’t have to be singing either.  Any creative form of expression will do”, the geezer started looping in a circle, showing an imaginary list that went on and on and on.

“Preaching, writing, painting, sculpting- even particularly barbed insults or clever lies will do.  You were not marked as an Orpheus because of your talent.  You were marked because you managed to defy God’s decree that the inhabitants of Limbo will be as infants in that they may not stand or walk.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” Dante said defensively.

“I’m aware.”  Jude replied.  “That is why we are having this talk and you’re not sleeping in a cradle till the end times…yet.”

“Yet?”  Dante did not like where this was going.

“You only have this second chance as a courtesy,”  Saint Jude summarized.  “Around here, ignorance is still just barely an excuse.  So I have seen fit to remove you from the Newborn Room.  From now until you prove otherwise,” he continued, “your treatment in Limbo shall be as it has always been.”

“BUT,” he added with emphasis, “if you are to be returned to the crèche, where your Lysa waits for you, then you must never sing again.”  the old man paused to let it sink in.  “If you break this arrangement, you shall be subdued and returned to the Newborn Room for all time.

Dante didn’t know how to feel.  He’d get to see Lysa again, but he was forbidden his music.  “But singing is one of the ways that I stay…well….me!” he pleaded.  “It’s how I came back to myself the first time.”

“I am aware.” the old man grunted.  “I am also certain that the Judy’s would prefer to pick up where they left off and make sure there’s not a second time that you come back to yourself.”  He drummed his fingers on the armrest of his chair.   “Some, I’ve heard, would even prefer that you not be given this second chance and be returned to the cots and swaddling clothes immediately.”  Dante opened his mouth to speak, but the old man waved him off with a gnarled hand.

“Don’t worry, that will not happen until you provoke it.”

“But what if,”  Dante paused, “without my singing, I regress again?

“Then you shall be innocent, loved, and cared for.” Saint Jude replied, starting to lose patience but remaining neutral in tone.  “All will be well.”

“But I don’t want that!”  Dante raised his voice and took a half-step forward, only now remembering that he was still diaper-clad.

Saint Jude did not react.  “Then I will pray that your connection with the girl is strong enough to sustain you; or that you develop a new connection that does not defy the Creator.”  He stood up from the wicker chair and pushed it back into the darkness.  He turned as if to leave.  Oh fuck this!  They weren’t done talking yet!

“This isn’t fair!” Dante yelled,  “You might as well sentence me to Hell!”  The old man stopped and turned around.  His sweater and slacks reshaped themselves into flowing white robes.  He marched up to Dante and stared the boy right in the eye.

“If you had even glimpsed the torments of the pit, you would not dare say that!” the Saint whispered.  “And as for fair?” his voice gained a little volume.  “You know what’s not fair?  Postponing your eternal reward earned from a lifetime of devotion and martyrdom so that spoiled children may evade the flames of the inferno!”  His voice was booming now.  “So long as I am Regent of this realm, I may not enter Paradise!”  The echo of this voice thundered in Dante’s ear.

“MEANWHILE!” he boomed,  “I MUST ENDURE LISTENING TO WHINING BRATS A FRACTION OF MY AGE AND THEIR PROTESTS- BECAUSE THEY ARE WELL CARED FOR BUT HAVE LOST THE PRIVELEGE TO WIPE THEMSELVES!”  Dante swore he saw a literal flash of lightning in the man’s eyes.  “THAT’S what’s not fair!”  Dante shrunk down, put in his place.

The wizened elder exhaled and stepped back.  His voiced lowered to a whisper again.  “But I am the Saint of Lost Causes.  It is my duty, so I will endure.”   That was all there was to it then.  Dante could either go back to the nursery and try to get along without his ace in the hole, or be sent back to the endless loop of consciousness that he had already experienced.

“I like you, boy.  I do.” Saint Jude said, nodding slightly.  “If you last long enough and manage to grow up a little more, perhaps we’ll talk again.  Until then.” he turned to leave once more.

“Wait!”  Dante called out, more a request this time than a demand.

“Yes?”  Jude turned his head back around.

One last thing was still nagging at Dante.  He knew he had seen the lightning in the man’s eye, heard the power in his voice. “You told me of divine sparks.  Of using my will and emotions to defy God.” Dante began.  “That’s why the Judy’s called me Orpheus.”

“And?”  the old man in the robes let the question hang in the air.

“What do they call people with all of that inside them who don’t defy God and look out for other people?”

“Saints,”   Jude winked.  “They call us Saints.”

Source: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=34668&pid=560333&st=60&#entry560333

Dante’S Infanzia Chapter 14: Sunshine

Written by: Personalias

Dante had been close, tantalizingly close to complete mental oblivion.  Having slept through his actual death, Dante found skirting the edge of his adult threshold very similar to what many people must have thought death was like.  As he had lain there in Lysa’s lap, he could feel himself losing things.  Memories, concepts, and words had been slipping right out of him.  Everything that he had was going the way of the dodo.

It was like every bit of knowledge he possessed had been a grain of sand, slipping through his fingers.  As he had looked up from Lysa’s lap, everything was leaving him.  Reading, math, science, history, art…everything.  Even little words escaped him.  He couldn’t remember words like “food” or even “potty”.  Words and concepts like “diaper”, “crib”, “highchair,”, “bottle”, and “baby” were leaving him just as fast, even though he had been barraged with those concepts since he first entered limbo.  He was becoming a blank slate with only curiosity and impulse to drive him.  Near the end, his own name lost meaning to him as he closed his eyes.

But just as he was about to lose himself something flowed into him.  A series of soft and pretty sounds: music.  Sounds that had meaning: Words…no…lyrics.

“It’s a Barnum and Bailey world
Just as phony as it can be.
But it wouldn’t be make-believe-”

Dante had reached out and grabbed at those words, like they were child about to fall over the edge of a cliff.  They had to be saved! Those words had meaning.  They came from a song about unrequited love; about how that love could turn a world of lies and illusion into something meaningful and real.  It was sung full of regret, and sadness.  It echoed of lost opportunities and dying hopes.  It was Lysa’s song.


He still remembered Lysa!  He latched onto that thought and refused to let it go.  Limbo would not take that from him.  It would not take his music from him, and it would not take his only friend in this place from him.  He refused.  They were all he had left that was worth saving.  Lysa’s voice and music leaked into his very being and wove a knot around him, refusing to let go or be cast aside.  With Herculean effort, he held fast to those concepts and began to reel in the rest, like a fisherman dragging up a net.

He remembered the adrenaline rush that singing a fast punk song would give him as he drove, or even just pretended to drive.   He took back the genuine look of confusion and gratitude that Lysa had given him when he first stood up to Jamal.  He recovered the pneumonic device that had helped him remember to “shake it once that’s fine, shake it twice that’s okay,” from “Another Loser Anthem.”   He remembered the time with his grandparents.

Then, much more quickly, he reeled in every other memory, concept and piece of knowledge back into his brain; for his thoughts were not really sand, but an ornate woven tapestry constantly building on itself.  He had gotten a grip with two strong hands and rewove himself into being.

The look on Lysa’s face when he opened his eyes and sang back to her had made it the best day since he died.  What followed after, the pure unbridled joy of victory and feelings he had grown for Lysa being honestly returned had made that day the best of his entire existence.  Welcome back, Dante.  Welcome back.

His decline had been similar to a drug addict going cold turkey.  First came the shakes, then the jonesing, then full withdrawal.  Without Lysa, and his music, something that he could understand better and more deeply than some squalling infant; he was lost.  Now his twin drugs coursed through his veins once again.  With them he was complete.   Now he was a true survivor.  Now he was invincible.

Dante was still glowing with pride and victory when he sat up in his crib, soaking wet as usual.  Even though he had passed the worst of it, Limbo still had sway over him.  He still couldn’t walk, still couldn’t dress himself, and he still didn’t have enough bladder or bowel control to make going potty anymore than a passing fantasy.  The good news was, he could once again remember what was required to use the potty; even if he couldn’t quite remember another more grown-up word for the device.  That put his potty training, he estimated, as a little less than a two-year old toddler, which was more than he could say for anyone else he had met in Limbo.

Dante noticed that his diaper was soaked, but still warm.  That was odd.  Dante had grown used to wetting in his sleep, but typically he was cold and clammy first thing in the morning.  He must have done multiple wettings, the most recent one just before he woke up, he reasoned.

Dante peered over at Lysa in the next crib over.  She was still asleep, snoring lightly as she breathed.  It almost sounded like a kitten purring.  Dante looked on at her. She was beautiful; hot too.  This could have gone on forever, this moment could be his eternity, and that would be fine by him.  Wow.  That was sappy. Was this what love felt like?

All around, the Judy’s started to do their morning chores, waking the infants and dressing them for the day.  The Judy in the nursery scrubs with the bleach blonde hair, their Judy, carried Midori and set her down on the blue-ish grey indoor/outdoor carpet by their trio of cribs.  Midori had just been changed and put into a yellow onesie .  Her babbling caused Lysa to stir a few moments before their Judy scooped her, purple pj’s and all, and toted her over to a nearby changing table.

Dante felt a certain stirring in his nether regions as he saw Lysa being undressed, and he licked his lips a little as the Judy undid the tapes to Lysa’s diaper- proving that he was in fact, sappy love or not, still a teenaged boy.  He scolded himself a little as he slammed his eyes shut and turned his back to the scene.  Damn it, he loved her.  Maybe later they could have a talk about it.

But how do you talk to a girl-one that you genuinely like as a person no less; one that you might even love- and tell them “I think you’re hot and it turns me on when I see you getting undressed.  Still don‘t mind if I watch?”  It was almost easier when Dante was so overwhelmed by thoughts of maintaining his sanity in this place that he didn’t have time to ask himself these questions.  It was, in fact, easier to be shallow.
A few minutes later, Lysa was toted back.  Her blonde hair done up in pigtails as usual, she was in what must have been the least revealing outfits in this place. She wore a purple shirt frilly sleeves,  and  denim shortalls with a sunshine on the chest.  Though she wore no shoes, her feet were covered with matching frilly ankle socks.

Still groggy, she yawned as she and Midori were deposited back into the same crib.  She experimentally tugged at her shirt, as though it were a little too tight.  She managed to look down the front of her shortalls and give a questioning look.

Dante didn’t see anymore as his Judy scooped him up and easily toted him over to the changing table.  Once again, the changing table’s paralysis properties were in full effect now that Dante had his grown mind back.  He could only lay there as the Judy stripped him, wiped him, powdered him, and pulled a fresh diaper up between his legs and fastened it.

A red onesie was pulled over his head and he was laid back down so the Judy could snap it shut.  Matching red socks found their way onto his feet.  But the dressing didn’t stop there.  The Judy pulled a pair of denim shortalls onto him and fastened them on too.  That was a little weird.  The Judy’s were usually super-efficient when it came to dressing the babies.  Yeah, there was nothing wrong with dressing him in a onesie and shortalls; both garments had crotch snaps for easy access, but the Judies typically never left more than a layer of clothing between them and a diaper.  Now, when being changed, any Judy would have to go through two layers of clothing and then a thick baby diaper before they could get to his….his….

Hahaha!  Holy crap!  The Judy hadn’t forgotten his and Lysa’s little “wrestling” match from yesterday.  In their overwhelming joy, they had started giggling and rolling around on the floor, coupled with a series of kisses.  Even babies could become sexually aroused on some level though, and so both had started thrusting their hips into each other in the heat of their passion.

Now the Judy was putting more layers of clothing to between them!  No doubt Lysa had noticed she was put in a onesie as well.  So between the thick diapers, onesies, and shortalls, there were a total of 6 layers of clothing separating their genitals.  As if either of them could remember how to dress themselves!  It was actually kind of funny the lengths that were being taken.

Dante was deposited back in the same crib with Lysa and Midori.  She chuckled and shook her head, looking down at the floor.  Evidently she had figured the wardrobe change out too.

“Okay babies,” Judy looked at them, “be good while Mama Judy goes and helps set up the breakfast area.  We’ll get you some num-nums in your tum-tums in no time.”  She gave a slight warning look as she walked away.  It wasn’t anything too horrible, about the same intensity that a doting mother would give to a mischievous child with a propensity for cookie stealing.

“Hey,”  Dante said to Lysa.  He smiled bashfully, his eyes darting from side to side.

“Hey,” she said back, just as awkwardly.  It was very awkward.  Still wonderful, though.

The morning after was always the problem.  After you’ve had the greatest day with someone in your existence, what do you do?  Duh!  You make today even better.  Dante made the first move and pecked Lysa on the lips before she could react.  Lysa lips disappeared instantly, embarrassed.  Then she reciprocated with a peck of her own.  Two pecks actually; one on the lips and a second one on the nose, like she was dotting an “i”.

They hugged each other and laughed, giggled really.  Both were still reeling in a giddy feeling of victory.  Their laughs became louder as Midori, feeling left out joined the group hug and squeezed tighter than either of them had; babbling nonsensically.

“Love you too Dori,” they both said in unison.
Breakfast and bottles came and went, though the two couldn’t take their eyes off of each other.  Dante’s eyes glazed over as he was burped and placed in the playpen with his friends.  They all rolled around on the floor together, taking turns.  Soon he’d wet and Mama Judy would change him when he got cold and icky.   It was so much fun.  Dante gurgled as he kicked his legs in the air and saw his red socks.  He wondered what the sock would taste like if he could only fit it in his mouth.


From his haze,  Dante’s rational mind poked forward.  Like a drunk who just realized how bad off he really was, Dante forced himself to wake up.  He was still under the affects of the milk of human kindness flowing through him, only now he consciously realized.  Having only too recently been stuck as this state, Dante wanted no part of it at present.

He looked up at the ceiling, he needed to focus on something long enough to come all the way back to his adult mind.  Purple haze came into his brain.  “Purple haze, something something right,” Dante mumbled.  “Don’t know if it’s day or night.” Come on! Power through it!  “I’m going crazy, and I don’t know why!  ‘Scuse me, while I kiss this guy, I mean the sky!”  It was working!  It was working!  Dante celebrated as he sucked on his thumb and goo-gooed in triumph.  Nope wait.  He was wrong.

Dante shook himself again.  He couldn’t let himself drift too much in this state.  Even now he was too afraid of regressing.  He had to gain control.  Then he saw Lysa, her chin down on the floor while her butt was in the air.  She swayed as if drunk. Too.

Lysa.  He focused on her.  Even if she didn’t realize it, she could be anything that she wanted: Bitch, mentor, friend, survivor, con-woman, savior…lover.  She had limitless potential and she didn’t even seem to know it.  New words sprang forth from Dante’s lips.

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
Man, you been a naughty boy you let your face grow long.”

Even abridged, he could feel himself rising to the surface above the milk again.

“I am the eggman”

“Ooooh!”  Midori cooed.

“They are the eggmen”

“Ooooh!”  Lysa echoed.

“I am the walrus!  Goo goo g’joob!”

There!  Dante was himself again.  With Lysa as his muse, and the songs in his brain as his conduit, Dante easily came out of his haze.  He was sober, again.  Check that.  He was just tripping on a better drug cocktail.  His mind cleared to the sounds of scattered claps coming from Lysa and Midori.

“Pwetty!” Lysa cheered while using her entire arms to clap, fine motor skills not being high on her priority list right then.

“Blagagag!”  Midori agreed.  Oh yeah.  Just because he wasn’t forced to act like a baby, right now, didn’t mean it had worn off on Lysa.  Oh well.  She’d come down soon enough.

Thirty minutes later, Lysa and Midori were stuck in the middle of a patty cake marathon, with neither one of them showing any signs of fatiguing.  God damn it!  Did the milk really normally last this long?  Dante had never noticed before.  Being the only sober one stuck in a room of boozehounds sucked.  Maybe next time he’d allow himself to come down from the milk more slowly, after all.  Maybe.  Probably not.

Suddenly Lysa stopped and grabbed at her stomach as she doubled over on her knees.  Her eyes sparked open, suddenly awake.  She grit her teeth and started grunting as she shifted her weight to all fours.  Dante didn’t even need to be told to turn around.

A minute or so later, a positively revolting smelling Lysa crawled up and tapped Dante on the shoulder.  Dante crinkled his nose instinctively, but hid it as best as he could.

“Man,” Lysa said, “I hate it when that happens.  I don’t know if it’s the pressure in my gut that snaps me out of it, or if my butt just revs it up into high gear right as I’m coming down…but it happens.”  She shifted her wait.  “Great.  I think I peed too.  Oh well,” she shrugged.  “If you’ll excuse me.”  Lysa then launched into her patented fake cry, guaranteed to make any Judy come running.

The Judy picked Lysa up and took her out of the playpen to change her.  It took a little longer than usual, due to the extra set of crotch snaps that had to be undone, but eventually they came back, Lysa smelling strongly of baby powder.

“Sorry about that.” Lysa said.

“It’s all good,” Dante told her.  He moved in to give her a hug but his path was blocked by the Judy.

“Let’s check you, Dante,“ she said as she pushed him down on his back unbuttoned the snaps on his shortalls.  Dante felt two fingers probing the front inside of his diaper.  “Hmm,” the Judy concluded, “dry.”  Did the Judy sound a little disappointed?  The angel, buttoned Dante back up and went over to check Midori and declared her in need of a change, too before toting her off.

Lysa’s gaze followed the Judy in the scrubs as she started to unbutton Midori’s snaps.  “You know,” Lysa said, “it’s times like this that I miss wearing cloth diapers.”

“I thought you said disposables were better.” Dante replied.

“Yeah, they are,” she answered, “but there used to be a certain satisfaction at the idea that the Judy’s had to wash them.”  They both had a good chuckle at that.  The thought of a Judy, a Stepford Mommy, having to lower herself to cleaning loads and loads of cloth diapers instead of just.  Then again, the Judy’s were perfect at their tasks.  They couldn’t even get dirty.  If Judy’s had ever had to wash poopy diapers, they probably looked glamorous while doing it.

Instead of bringing Midori back into the playpen.  The Judy came back in and brought Lysa and Dante out of it.  She sat them on the floor, and took her seat into her accustomed rocking chair.  “Okay, kiddos, it’s story time!” the Judy chirped.  The Judy reached behind her back and pulled out a book.  “Ooooh!  What do I have here?!”  she asked rhetorically.  “Oh I love this one!  Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Once upon a time,” she began.

Great, not even some good playtime now that Lysa was out of her high.  Worse yet, it was a baby story that he already knew by heart.  Dante groaned inwardly.  There had to be tons of baby books out there, new ones being written every year.  Couldn’t he at least have something stupid he hadn’t heard before forced on him?

Around the part about how the third bowl of porridge was “just right”, Dante became aware of a growing discomfort in his nether regions.  Any minute now his bladder would auto-release sending warm urine into his diaper encasing his loins.  Dante took a deep breath and closed his eyes, waiting for it to happen.  And waiting.  And waiting.
Could it be?  Dante needed to pee, that was for sure, but nothing was forcing him to release.  He could actually hold it in for a time.  He was still uncomfortable, but he was pretty certain he could decide to let go.  Then Dante got an idea.  Dante got an awful idea.  He had a wonderfully awful idea!

Dante’s lip began to tremble, his breathing hastened with distress.  Then he started crying out, “WAAAAAAH!  NOOOOOO!  NOT AGAIN!  WAAAAAH!”  Dante began to pat and poke at his crotch, still freaking out. The thing is, he was still dry, and he knew it.

“Ooops,” the Judy said, putting aside the story book, “looks like I checked you a little too soon, huh Dante?”  Dante waited until he felt Judy’s fingers poking around inside his diaper. Then he let loose.  The Judy “eeped” as Dante peed on her hand and yanked it out of his clothes.  Score one for personal space.

The Judy’s finger was still glistening with urine, when she pulled it out.  She quickly wiped it on her pants, trying to hide it.  “Gee you little stinker!” the Judy laughed uncomfortably. “You coulda warned me, little guy.”   Lysa’s eyes widened.  She had seen it too.  The Judy’s were Teflon, nothing stuck to them, least of all bodily excrements.  It hurt, (man it hurt), but Dante managed to stop his stream mid-pee.  He was still pretty soaked, but he had to save a little…just in case.

“All done, yet?”  the Judy asked, as she picked Dante up.  Dante nodded like an idiot.  Dante felt her hand feeling the front of his diaper, once bitten twice shy.  The Judy nodded, satisfied, and took him to the changing table.  Dante purposefully crossed one of his arms over his chest so that it wasn’t touching the changing table as he was laid down.

His bladder ached as soon as he felt the open air hit his crotch.  He wanted so badly to release and finish it.  But not yet.  He had to time this next part just right.  He might not ever get another chance like this again.  The Judy wiped him down before lifting his legs and sliding the wet diaper out from under him.  She balled it up and threw it into a trashcan.

Before she could even reach for a fresh diaper, Dante released and started peeing again, using his free hand so that it aimed right for the Judy.  Epic win!  The Judy was caught dead on in the chest.  Panic flashed in her eyes, followed by simmering anger as she used the unfolded diaper as a urine shield.  The angel nannies had had it too good for too long, and this one had gotten sloppy.  Everyone knew that when you changed a baby, especially a baby boy, you made sure to at least have the new diaper already unfolded before you threw the used one away.  The nursery worker had left herself open and paid the price.  True, Dante had deceived her into thinking he was empty, but that’s besides the point.  Best part was, for whatever reason, her clothes were soaked and she did-not-look-happy.

“Agggh!  Juuuuudy!”  the Judy screamed.  Her red-headed sister in the green dress came, a drooling baby teen in her arms.

“What’s up Judy?” the duplicate asked.

“Would you mind watching my babies for me for a few minutes?  Dante here got a little trigger happy, and…and…” she couldn’t even finish the sentence.  She just gestured to her pee-stained scrubs.

“Sure thing, hon, my other babies are in their pen” the Judy in the green dress replied. “You go get cleaned up, I’ll finish with this little rascal.”   she said as she tickled Dante’s tummy.  Dante couldn’t help but giggle.  Lysa was hysterical, rolling on the floor laughing.  The Judy in the nursery scrubs gave Dante a suspicious last look before turning the corner and vanishing into whatever kind of locker-room Limbo likely had.

The Judy in the green dress lowered her charge to the floor before standing up and taking over where Dante.  “Such a naughty little boy,” she teased, as she finished taping the new diaper on and began, reassembling the rest of his outfit.

“I can’t believe that just happened!”  Lysa said when Dante was placed back down on the floor and free to move again.  “That’s NEVER happened before, NEVER!  I’m sure of it.”

Soon enough, their Judy came back, in an outfit identical to her previous one.  So much for fashion sense.  Dante had given her the opportunity to pick a new outfit at least.

“You alright?” the Judy in the green dress asked her counterpart.  “Need some company?  I can go get the others and we can all do a little group activity.”  The blonde Judy shook her head.

“No, I’m okay.  I’ve got this.”, she said as she drug a large tarp behind her.  “You go ahead.”   The other Judy nodded, and picked up her babified prisoner and walked off.  Their Judy spread the tarp out on the floor.  Next, she grabbed Lysa, Dante, and Midori and dressed them in heavy plastic smocks.  They were closer to ponchos actually.   She moved them onto the tarp one by one and bid them stay put.  They obeyed.

Then the Judy reached into her pocket and pulled out a can of shaving cream.  Her eyes twinkled as she pointed the nozzle at Dante.  A wry smile crossed her lips.


Dante screamed and Lysa and Midori shrieked as a disproportionate amount of shaving cream shot forth from the can.  The Jonas brothers had nothing on this.  HOW DID IT ALL FIT IN THERE?  There had to be gallons of the stuff.  Soon they were covered in it and  were flailing all over the tarp.  They could barely crawl away as they slipped over themselves  It was messy!  It was slippery!  It was…fun actually.

The three of them stumbled all over while the Judy laughed at them.  “Got you now you little buggers!  Now we‘re even!”  She shouted with zest.  This was her revenge for being peed on?  Either she was a better sport than Dante had thought, didn’t think Dante did it on purpose, or heavenly beings sucked at getting even.

After about fifteen minutes of slipping and sliding in the stuff, their Judy declared it was time for them to get cleaned up again.  Both Dante and Lysa “awwwwwwwed” in protest, but having no choice in the matter, complied.

“Didn’t see that coming,” Dante told Lysa while his face was being wiped.

“Me neither,” Lysa agreed.  “Maybe you should pee on her more often.” they both had a laugh right in front of the angel.  For her part she didn’t seem to mind, anymore.  On impulse, Dante jerked forward and kissed Lysa again, on the cheek.  The Judy opened her mouth to protest, but then snickered as Dante spit shaving cream out of his mouth and wiped his tongue with his hands.  Dante made a mental note:  Do not kiss girl with shaving cream on her face.

Midori babbled, pointing to her shaving cream covered face.  Her face had become so lathered up that it looked like a soapy beard.  She pointed to herself and made a sign with her hands.

“Oh Midori! How cuuuuute!”, the Judy praised.  “But you’re not a boy sweetie, even if you do have a bubble beard.”  Was Midori’s sign vocabulary increasing?  Lysa and Dante shot each other quizzical looks before turning to face Midori and applauding.

The rest of the morning went by uneventfully.  They played with puzzles, which Midori seemed to struggle with, while Lysa and Dante were bored to tears.  They rolled a ball around in a circle, and were even allowed some quiet time back in the playpen before lunch.

Finally, lunch came, followed by nap time.  Dante already new what he wanted to do when free play time came around and he got the chance.  He smiled as he fell asleep.

Dante woke up satisfied and dry from his nap, but needing to pee.  Hot damn!  That last time wasn’t just a fluke!  This time he released the full reservoir from his bladder, and allowed himself to be changed without incident.   Just in case though, his Judy had made sure to unfold the clean diaper and place it under him before she even unfastened the wet one.  Good move Judy!  Good move!

Dante strut crawled around the open play room, looking for his target.  Jamal was at least partly to blame for his near baby experience, and deserved a taste of his own medicine.  The best part was, even with his singing all last night, Dante was sure that word hadn’t spread quickly enough yet.

Jamal was dressed today in nothing but a bright yellow baby t-shirt and his diaper was on full display.  Oh perfect!  Someone up there might not have liked Dante enough to grant him access into Heaven, but some kind of higher power must be watching over him this day.

“Follow my lead,”  Dante whispered out the side of his mouth as they approached Jamal.  Jamal, for his part, was all toothy smiles.

“Hello, Lysa!” Jamal said too cheerily.

“Jamal,” Lysa responded flatly.

“And how’s your little baby friend doing?” Jamal gestured to Dante.  Lysa fumed but didn’t open her mouth.   Good.  Let him take the bait.  “Is ickle Dante weddy to suck on his ba-ba and have fun wetting his dipees?” Jamal asked patronizingly, not expecting Dante to respond coherently.

“Oh. My. God.  Lysa!” Dante exclaimed in amazement.  “Jamal’s talking again!”  Dante grabbed Jamal in a rough embrace.  Jamal just sat on his knees, stunned.  “Jamal, buddy!  I was so worried you were past the threshold!  When you started babbling nonsense I thought you were a goner for sure!”  Jamal remained stationary.

“But… I didn’t…I thought…” Jamal stammered, shaking his head in disbelief.

Lysa sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose.  “Well, he’s not all the way back.  He’s still shitting himself without realizing it.”  She patted the back of Jamal’s diaper.  “But it’s a step in the right direction.”

“True that,” Dante agreed.  “Good job, buddy!”

“Wait a minute!” Jamal protested, finally breaking Dante’s embrace.  “I wasn’t the one going over the edge, you were!” he pointed an accusing finger at Dante.  “And I definitely don’t shit my britches on accident!”

“You sure about that, lil’ guy?”  Dante cocked his eyebrow.  “I’m pretty sure it was you, kid.”  Dante sniffed the air and grimaced.  “Uh, you wanna do me a favor and get THAT taken care of.” he indicated Jamal’s dirty diaper.

Jamal started wailing and kicking his feet till a Judy came over.

“What’s the matter, Jamal?” the Judy asked.  Jamal just kept crying, waiting for her to smell the mess he had made.  She picked him up and checked the front of his diaper.  “Still dry,” she declared before patting his rump.  She pulled back the waist band of his diaper and looked in.   “Not poopy, either.”  Jamal quieted down, and was set back down on the carpet.  “I’ll go get you a ba-ba.” she told him before leaving.

“See,” Jamal declared, “I told you guys I hadn’t messed myself.  No way I’m slipping!”

“If that’s the case,” Lysa asked, a smirk of superiority plastered across her face “how come you didn’t know for sure?  Why’d you need a Judy to check you?”
“Later!  Baby!”  Dante laughed as he and Lysa crawled away giving each other a high five.  Jamal was so furious that he didn’t notice the front of his diaper getting warmer and start to sag as he glared at their retreating forms across the nursery.

Next, they approached two of the other survivors, Kevin and Vivian.  “Oh, hi Lysa,”  Vivian acknowledged as they approached.  “Look, sorry about the last couple of days.  It’s just that it always squiks me out when I see someone approaching the point of no return; and with…your rate of success…you know…look I already feel horrible.  Let’s just let bygones be bygones.  You’re welcome to hang with us again if you want to.”  She finally looked at Dante.

“Hi Dante!”  Vivian cooed.  “Go on and play with the other babies, the big kids are just gonna do boring talky stuff for now.” She shooed for him to go away with her hands.

“Actually,”  Dante spoke up, “I wouldn’t mind a little boring conversation, myself, if no one objects.”

“Whoah,” Kevin gawked.  “Dante?  You back dude?”

“Naw!”  Dante rolled his eyes, “You’ve all just crossed over too and have learned the secret language of infants!  Next comes the secret of the universe. Course I’m back, dumbass!”  He smiled cockily

“But how?”  Vivian asked.  “I’ve never seen anyone come back from the copycat stage!  That‘s flippin‘ amazing!”

“Well, you see-” Lysa took a deep breath, looking at Dante.

“Lysa did it!”  Dante interrupted.  “Everything she taught me just kicked in right before the end, and she dragged me back.  She deserves all the credit.  She saved me.”  Lysa’s jaw dropped, and she got a little glassy eyed.

“Dante-” she said, unable to finish the sentiment.

“Dude,” Kevin remarked, “that’s awesome.  Congrats to both of you!”

“You did it you did it you did it you finally did it!”  Vivian squeed, bouncing up and down manically.  “I’m so happy for you!”  She hugged Lysa and kept bouncing.

“How’d it go down?”  Kevin asked after Vivians siren shriek died down.

So Lysa told them the story.   Dante’s break down, his babbling, her holding him in what would have been their last moments as people together.  Her singing to him to say goodbye.  Him finishing the song.  Them celebrating the rest of the day through song.

“That was you?”  Vivian asked in disbelief.  “I heard you yesterday.  I thought maybe they had gotten a guy Judy who sang really well.”

“That has got to be the most awkward compliment I’ve gotten.”  Dante said, rubbing the back of his head.

“No man,” Kevin added, “you were good.  Really good.  If they ever bring Star Search to Limbo, you’d be a shoe in!”

“They call it American Idol now,” Dante informed him.

“Whatever,” Vivian said, “not the point.  So music is your anchor, huh?”

“Well, that and someone else,” Dante answered looking over to a beet red Lysa.

“Sing for us, Dante, you gotta!” both of his fair weather friends begged.

“Well… I don’t kno-okay”  Dante said, his ego getting the best of him.  “But what do you want to hear?”

“Something happy,” Vivian chimed in.  “But actually happy, with meaning, not like a nursery rhyme or something.”

“Forget that!”  Kevin objected, “Sing something wild, something to rage against these angel bitches!  Give them the middle finger through song!  You-can-take-your-Limbo-and-shove-it!” Kevin sang in a bad southern accent.   A song trickled into Dante’s brain from his personal play list.  It was an oldie, and he’d have to tinker a little with the lyrics but it fit.

“I think I can do a little of both.” Dante smiled knowingly, nodding to himself.   Dante closed his eyes and thought of Lysa; how she must have resisted and defied the Judy‘s for decades all while seeming to play by their rules.  Just enough cooperation to keep her out of the New Born Room permanently, but still being defiant in her own way.

The volume in his mind cranked up.   Musically it was fast paced and happy, a song of celebration, but lyrically it was about defiance; a strong contrast This song was about both of them, now.

His muse empowering him, he wove the song like a spell inside him and readied to release it.  He could almost hear the acoustic guitar strumming quickly in the background.  He sang:

“Sunshine go away today,
I don’t feel much like daaaaancing.
Someone’s gone and tried to run my life.
I don’t know what she’s aaaaaskin’”

“Nice,” Kevin nodded his approval but kept listening.  Vivian was grinning from ear to ear.

“She tells me I better get in line,
Can’t hear what she’s saaaayin’.
When I grow up, I’m gonna make it mine,
These ain’t dues I been paaaayin’!”

Lysa, never having heard the song before, only bobbed her head and clapped in rhythm.  Laughing as she drew connections to the lyrics.  Dante glanced around the room.  As his voice carried, he realized, more people were looking at him, even the Judy’s seemed enrapt, their eyes glazing over and their mouth’s dropping slightly.  Dante grinned.  Time to bring it home!  He closed his eyes and belted out the chorus.

“How much does it cost?
I’ll buy it!
If time is all we’ve lost,
I’ll try it!
She can’t even run her own life,
I’ll be damned if she’ll run miiiiiiiiiiine!

He heard Lysa gasp, and Vivian’s scream caused him to open his eyes.  He couldn’t have been that bad, could he?  He looked down at Lysa’s trembling form, on the carpet.  He bent over to get a closer look. She looked horrified.

Looked down?  Bent over?

He was standing up!


Dante crashed to the floor like a puppet with its strings cut as a Judy spanked him.  Not just any Judy,  his Judy.  As he tumbled to the floor, he noticed that she had been wearing earplugs.  Why was she wearing ear plugs?  The Judy tackled Dante and pinned him to the floor despite him not being able to move.

“ORPHEUS!  ORPHEUS!” The Judy screamed at the top of her lungs.  In an instant, Judy’s were dog piling on top of Dante. One was even lifting his legs up and continually, manically, frantically spanking him!

Dante could hear Lysa’s screams as a Judy unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her breast.   She got on all fours and guided her breast to Dante’s face.  If only he could sing.  If only he could see Lysa.  If only-

The nipple brushed across his lips, and his lips instinctively latched on and he began sucking down breast milk.  It was delicious!  Dante did not want to let go.  He accidentally released a stream of pee-pee into his diaper. He didn’t care.  He felt a mess squeeze out the back of him and coat his backside.  Didn’t matter.   His vision blurred, and it got harder to see.  So what?  He could still taste.  His gums itched as his teeth retreated back into them.  Awesome!  That meant he could suck mommy’s titty harder and it wouldn’t hurt her.  Dante’s head felt chilly as a Judy brushed some hair off of his head, leaving him bald.

The other Judy’s got off of Dante.  They started undressing him, but Dante didn‘t care.  Clothes didn’t matter, only the Milk.  So he just lay there as his layers of clothing were stripped.

Dante was in pure heaven as the Milk continued flowing down.  He started to whine as mommy had him switch breasts, but soon enough he was suckling on her other tit.  The scary giants around him were all screaming and crying.  Too LOUD!  Too LOUD!  He needed quiet.  He needed warmth.  He needed Milk.

He felt hands touch his diaper, then withdraw. “We’ll change him when we get back to the Newborn Room,” he heard someone who sounded like mommy say.  Dante felt himself being wrapped up in a warm blanket.  He couldn’t move his arms or legs, but he didn’t care.  He was warm and mommy was holding him and feeding him Milk.  That’s all that mattered.

He heard a familiar voice start to yell something weird and scary.  It sounded like a lullaby, like pretty music to sing him to sleep.  Something about paper moo.  Maybe cows.  Cows made milk.  The girl sounded like she was crying a lot while singing it so it didn’t sound as pretty as it could have.  Then he heard a WAP, and the cow song stopped.

The last words Dante heard before his eyes rolled into the back of his head were “Contact the Saint.”

Source: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=34668&pid=560126&st=60&

The time capsule

The time capsuleDraw by: toddlergirl

Character: Azimuth

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8953554/

From big girl to a baby girl. I bet that was not something that she should end up to today. Or what do you think? But it was nice that she found the baby bottle that she could suck on to be relax and calm over the new situation.

Dante’S Infanzia Chapter 8

Written by: Personalias

Dante woke up an hour or two later,  feeling refreshed, sober, and wet.  His second diaper change went much easier than his first one, partially because he really was starting to accept this process as inevitable.  It didn’t hurt that he had wet in his sleep, either.  For some reason, it was easier to take knowing that he was unconscious when the inevitable happened.  Maybe bed wetting was slightly more grown up than wetting while conscious, and that’s why toddlers could wet the bed up to a certain age and it be no big deal.

He had been feeling very cold and clammy below the waist, so the change was a welcome one.  Dante did some rough estimation at that fact.  He must have wet soon after he fell asleep, his bladder further loosened by the fresh dose of angel milk.

Now dry, and rested, Dante found himself and his playmates plopped down in the middle of a cubicle room filled with toys, bocks, baby books, and other such diversions.  Their Judy set them each down, gave them a pat on the tushie and told them to go play.  Apparently, now was free play time in the nursery- or more accurately time to stretch their legs in the prison yard.

Within minutes, they were joined by other babies, their Judy’s carrying them in one at a time and setting them down.  A few Judy’s took position as activity supervisors, attempting to coax the baby-kids into some form of play or another- maybe offering to read a story.  Other Judy’s simply hung back at the perimeter of the cubicle and talked to each other while pointing at and making various side comments about their infant prisoners.

The Judy in the green dress was nowhere to be seen.  Likely her wards were too rebellious to be allowed to play nice with the others, so they had been sequestered for further conditioning.   Poor saps.  Dante felt a (perhaps) undeserved sense of pity and superiority over them.  If they kept struggling so openly, they‘d never get any freedom at all.   Even small freedoms presented opportunities; opportunities that could be taken advantage of when the time was right….

Nope, at this rate they’d be just as doomed as Midori in no time; their Judy watching them like a hawk, smothering them with conditioning and pre-programmed motherly affection. Quiet defiance was the way to go, as far as Dante was concerned.  If Dante was going to keep his sanity and even escape this place one day, (What, let a little threat like eternity as a newborn stop him completely? Naaaaaaaaah.)  he’d have to play it cool and lay low.  Right now, laying low meant getting with the program and getting some serious playtime on.

“Looks like we lucked out, today” Lysa said, surveying the population.  Their Judy had decided that she looked “too precious” in pigtails and so had done her hair back up after nap time.  “Not everyone here has been broken down yet.”

Dante spotted the girl who had done the wonderful finger-paint portrait, dressed in a pink onesie.  Wearing denim shortalls, (lucky punk) was the elementary kid who had made the play-doh man.  A few others who Dante hadn’t seen earlier the day also seemed to possess the spark of sentience in them.

“I was afraid I‘d be stuck with you all day,” she said, batting her eyes in a facetious attempt to look innocent.  She was back to playfully messing with him. Dante didn’t take the bait.

They started spreading out and crawling around, looking for activities to do and talking to each other; those that could talk anyways.  A few of the older kids occupied themselves by playing with and talking motherese to actual infants.  Dante supposed that fawning and cooing over a real baby allowed them to keep the sense that they were at least mentally mature.   All in all, there were probably about two dozen rugrats and eight rug watchers in this area.

“Is that a T.V. over there?” asked Dante, pointing to a big-screen at the far end of the play area.  A large quilted blanket  was spread out on the floor directly in front of it.  Some stuffed animals were scattered over it, though there were plenty more elsewhere.

“Oh…yeah.” Lysa answered,  “that?  You can go watch  T.V., if you want.  You go lay on the blanket, and they’ll turn it on for you.  I wouldn’t waste my time though.”

“Why?” asked Dante.  If this was another brain washing thing like the milk, Dante needed to know up front.  Then again, if it were, wouldn’t T.V. time be mandatory?

“Unless you’re interested in reviewing your ABC‘s and 123‘s”, Lysa told him, “again and again, and again, it won’t be very stimulating.  Even if you show you learned something, the Judy’s ignore it or don‘t believe it.”

“What do you mean?”  Dante arched an eyebrow.

“One time,” Lysa explained, “early on, I wrote an entire letter in crayon about why I should be treated like an adult.  I showed it to one of them.  The laughed and said it was the cutest thing they had ever seen.  They asked me who wrote this for me, and started passing it around to each other, trying to figure out who REALLY wrote it.   I was so pissed off I started bawling my eyes out.  All I got for my trouble was a bottle of milk. “  Though Dante couldn’t say he was at all surprised, he did feel a slight tinge of anger on Lysa’s behalf.  These Judy’s were either willfully ignorant or sadistically stupid.

“Some of the cartoons are so lousy, I swear the Judy’s actually made them right here in Limbo just to torture us.  Like, there’s this stupid show called ‘Dora the Explorer‘ ”, Lysa mimed gagging herself with her finger down her throat.  “It’s about this little Spanish girl that-”

“-I’ve heard about it,” Dante interrupted.  “It’s actually a real show among the living right now.  It’s very popular among babies and little kids.  Lysa paused and stared, completely silent.

“I am soooo glad I’m dead right now.” she said finally.  “Anyways, I’m going to hang out with some of the other non-droolers.  You comin’?”

Dante shook his head.  “Nah, I still need some time to adjust to this place.  I need something a little more quiet and low stress.  I think I’ll go try my luck and be a couch potato.”

“Don’t you mean a blanket bean?”  Lysa corrected.  “No couches here, see?”  Dante rolled his eyes but allowed himself a smile.  “Oh well, suit yourself, kid.  Come on Dori, let’s go play with the smart kids.”  Dori grinned and shook her head no.  She stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry at Lysa, as she crawled up beside Dante.

“Seriously?”  Lysa asked.  She shrugged her shoulders, “Oh well, whatever.  I’m going to be building block towers with the others.  Maybe we can play King Kong when we’re done and I’ll get to be  Fae Wrae.  You two can come hang out when you‘re done vegging.”  Lysa then crawled away in a bit of a harrumph.

“Seriously?”  Dante asked, looking at Midori.  Midori grinned again and gave a spastic head nod.  She must really like him.

Dante crawled towards the television, with Midori close behind.  The crinkling sound they made as they crawled made Dante think of unwrapping a hundred little butterscotches.  Clearly, Midori had some level of intelligence since she responded to verbal questions and commands.  Then again, Dante had read in his AP Psychology class that babies tended to learn to understand language first before expressing it.  So this could be all according to her programming.

Dante found himself acutely worried about Midori’s affections.  He was totally not down with flirting with someone who, for all intents and purposes, was the infant they were dressed up as.  The whole thing was just a giant turn off in that respect.

Midori for her part didn’t seem to notice Dante‘s reluctance or discomfort.  Maybe Dori just looked at him like some kind of a big brother, he hoped.  If Dante had to give the “let’s just be friends” talk to someone who was genuinely interested in munching on her own toes, his existence will have hit rock bottom.  Just considering the possibility that he might have to give that talk was bad enough.

They reached the large blanket in front of the T.V. and Dante stretched out to lay on his belly.  A Judy with black hair wearing nursery scrubs, like his Judy, came over and turned on the set for him.  Midori, more interested in Dante than the T.V. leaned forward and stared at Dante, forgetting that her butt was  sticking up in the air.

The screen filled with pastel colors.  Two cartoon babies, a boy and a girl in nothing but pink and blue t-shirts an diapers came on screen.  A real life woman walked on screen beside them.  Great, blues-clues rip off.  She looked at the cartoon babies, and started signing. “Come on Alex and Leah, it’s baby signing time.” she spoke as she signed.

Ah-hah!  Baby sign-language.  This place really did keep up with the times.  Teaching babies sign language before they could talk was a trend that was really gaining steam in America.  Proponents of it said that infants learned to communicate visually way before they learned to communicate verbally.  This resulted in far less tantrums since they could communicate their needs and much easier potty training.

Midori’s eyes instantly became glued to the screen.  She was obviously enthralled.  While not as hypnotized as Midori, Dante was genuinely interested.  If these angels kept up with the times and trends of child-rearing, then if he learned sign language, even at a basic baby level, the Judy’s would have to respond to his signals.  They’d respond as if a baby signed them, but they’d still respond.  This could be useful.

The woman- Rachel she called herself as she broke the fourth wall and talked to the audience- wore a bright yellow jacket and plain black pants.  More interestingly, she had a blue band around each thumb and forefinger, while her other three fingers one each hand had an orange band.  Clever.  This made it easier to see which fingers she was using for her signs.

What followed was basically what one might expect.  The woman talking to the camera, teaching basic signs that babies might need.  Every single example (without exception) was followed by cutaways of actual babies practicing the signs, and other children (likely 3 or 4 year olds) doing voice over work identifying what each sign meant.

For example: The word eat would flash on the screen, and the hostess would say “Eat.  It’s like you have food in your hand and you’re putting it in your mouth.   Can you sign eat?”  Then she would mime the sign for eat.  A babyish voice from off screen would echo “Eat.”  Then the camera would cut away to various infants and toddlers signing “Eat” while the same babyish voice would say “Eat” or “He’s signing eat”.  Then there’d be a thirty second song of the hostess singing about eating her favorite foods.

Repeat this basic process for “drink“, “crackers“, “water“, “cereal”, “milk“, “banana“, and “juice“, and you basically had the first ten minutes of the program.  Simple, easy to learn, and soooooo boring.  Dante only needed to see the example from the hostess and hear the pneumonic device, and he had it.  The rest of the sequence was just padding to him.  (Heh.  A baby show with padding.)

Midori, on the other hand, was practicing right along with the real babies onscreen.  Her mindset was clearly the target audience for the show, even if her body was in the wrong demographic.  Still, for the sake of his experiment, Dante was determined to watch this program and learn sign language.

Dante suddenly felt the urge to urinate and instantly let loose a stream into his diaper. Once you got over the whole “I’ve been discouraged from doing this for the vast majority of my life.” and looked past the thought of “that nice warm feeling on my crotch is my own urine,” this whole forgetting potty training thing wasn‘t that bad.

Actually, Dante remembered vaguely, using the potty involved stopping what you were doing and going to it to pee, and you probably weren’t allowed to play during that time or watch T.V. .  What a drag!  If he had still been potty trained, Dante would have had to get up, gone to find a potty, figured out how to use it, and then come back. During that time he would have missed learning the signs for “mom”, “grandma”, “dad”, and “grandpa”.  He would have wasted potential knowledge because he was expected to take care of his own bladder.   Instead, he had gotten to just let loose.  Instant satisfaction, delaying of consequences, the American way.

Still, as the padding and gels did their work, and the urine inside began to cool, the diaper would become cold and clammy.  Dante definitely did not like that feeling.   Then he’d have to get a diaper change, and as far as time constraints went, that was just as bad as going potty.  Dante could just deal with the coming discomfort until the end of the show, or…

“Judy!” Dante called out, “Mama Judy!”  The Judy who had turned on the television had stayed close by and monitored Dante and Midori’s behavior.  She bent over, her hands on her knees so that she could look at Dante.

“What’s wrong sweetie?!”  The Judy asked.  Her face didn’t show terrible concern, but then again, Dante’s face didn’t show terrible distress either.

“Drink!”  Dante said as he held an imaginary cup and tipped it to his lips.  “Drink!”

The Judy “awwwed” uncontrollably.  “Do you want a drink, honey?” she asked.  Dante nodded.   “Do you want a milky ba-ba?”  She squeezed the air, kind of like she was milking a cow.   Obviously she had been watching the program too.  Dante shook his head vigorously.  He purposefully giggled as he did so, copying Midori’s natural tendency so that the Judy might be disarmed.

“Water.” Dante said, making a “W” shape with his hand by holding up his middle three fingers and touching it to his chin.  “Drink water.”

“You want some water?”  Dante spazzed his head in an affirmative nod.   Finally, an adult figure that could understand him!    Even though he was the one in a wet diaper, Dante felt like he had just taught a chimp to communicate.  The Judy walked over to a nearby mini-fridge and pulled out a baby bottle filled with water.   “Here you go, kiddo,” she said as she handed him the bottle.

Dante repositioned himself so that he was laying down on his back.  He grabbed a near by teddy bear and requisitioned it as a pillow, and started sucking down the water as fast as he could, even though he wasn’t particularly thirsty.  Midori was so busy looking at the screen, if she noticed Dante’s change relative to her, she didn’t show it.

While Dante repositioned himself, a new segment came on.  It was titled “Diaper Dance”.  Basically it just showed a bunch of clips of babies dancing in nothing but their diapers; maybe a T-shirt or two.  In the middle of the song, Rachel the hostess came on screen and said “Diaper. Close two fingers and your thumb, right at your diaper.” She lowered her hands to her waist and started miming like she was playing two invisible castanets.   “Diaper,” she repeated.

Then, she took placed her thumb between her pointer and middle finger  and shook her whole hand like she was waving hello.  “This is the sign for potty.”, she indicated. “Potty.”  Then as predicted, the camera cut to clips of various babies and toddlers, signing “diaper” and “potty”.  Dante gave a yawn of contentment as he finished his bottle.  The next segment of the show taught him the sign for “more”, which he quickly used as he ordered the Judy to get him “more water”.  This order she quickly complied with and he chugged the water bottle and gave a loud burp in response.

As the ending credits to “Baby Signing Time” rolled, Dante’s diaper had already begun to cool and itch.  His nether regions were just starting to become uncomfortable when his brilliant plan sprang into action.  Dante let lose a second barrage of liquid gold into the thick and thirsty padding between his thighs.

The padding immediately encasing his penis was already saturated from his last wedding, so the pee bounced off and tickled his pubic area before soaking into the bottom area around his taint.  Dante let out a giggle and wore a satisfied smirk on his face.  If he could keep very hydrated, he could pee into his diaper often enough where it wouldn’t get cold.

Granted, he’d have to get changed eventually, as otherwise the diaper would leak or burst, but this was more on his terms.

“Yay!  Dante learned baby signs!” the Judy cheered.  “Dante learned baby signs!”  “Who’s a clever boy?  Who’s a clever boy?  You are!  Yes you are!”  Dante nodded.  He was indeed clever, he agreed; though perhaps not for the same reason as she was thinking.

The diaper continued to bulge and expand, pleasantly encasing Dante’s loins.  Dante wondered if he peed enough, would his diaper break free of the onesie he had on?  Now this feeling was good.  All warm, wet, and mushy in all the right places.  Dante wondered if this is what the inside of a woman felt like.  (Yeah, yeah, he had died a virgin, so what?)

Dante was interrupted by a gurgling noise coming from his gut.  Cramps soon followed. Uh oh!  Somehow, Dante had forgotten about the OTHER inevitability where total lack of potty training was concerned.  He really didn’t want to poop in his diaper.  It was something he just wasn’t ready for, and even his positive experience with wet diapers couldn’t convince him to try this willingly.

Dante was desperately wishing there was a potty nearby.  Even though he couldn’t remember how to use it, maybe he could figure out how to once he found one.  Or maybe the Judy’s could help him.  That’s it!  The Judy’s!  They acted like caretakers and mommies!  What mother wouldn’t help a small child go to the potty?  It just made sense.

“Judy,” Dante cried out as he sat back up, “Mama Judy!”  The same Judy who had watched “Baby Signing Time” with him came up and asked what was the matter.  Dante put his right thumb between his right forefinger and shook it.  “Potty!” he said, “I need to go potty!” He used his left hand to hold his poor stomach as the cramps got more intense.  Any second now.

“Potty?” she asked, then shook her head.  “Noooo, Dante, you wear diapers.  Diaper.”  She started playing invisible castanets around her waistband.  “Diaper.”  She bent over and patted the front of his diaper.  She felt it squish as soon as she touched it.

“Ooooh” the angel woman concluded, “You mean you went potty in your diaper?  Is that it?”

“No you dumb whore!” Dante, swore through gritted teeth while doing everything he could to clench his cheeks.  “I want you to take me to the potty!”  A rude noise escaped from between Dante’s clenched cheeks.

“Oooooh !,” the Judy said with some realization.  “Are you about to have a poopie diaper and you want to go potty?”  Danted nodded his head emphatically, both arms clenching his gut as the cramps went to new levels.   “Don’t worry about it, baby.” she smiled a little too sweetly,  “Just make poopies in your diaper and Mama Judy will change you when you’re aaaaall done.  But you gotta make the signs for it.”  She waved her hands in front of her face as if to say “no more, no more” and then played invisible castanets on her waste band.  “All Done!” she chirped. “Diaper.  All done!” she repeated.  “Diaper!”

This was madness.  What kind of caretaker would deliberately tell a child who was trying not to poop themselves to do just that?  The kind who‘s job it is to treat their child like their not competent enough.  The angel had to know that he wasn’t really a baby, she had to.  It’s the only option that made sense.

Finally overcome with pain, Dante rolled onto his back.  His legs lifted off the ground and scrunched up slightly as his body started to push the mess out.  Dante felt the warm mess leave him and enter the back of his diaper, pressing up against his bum.

He started grunting, deliberately trying to get the vile stuff out of him, so that he could get this over with. He wanted to gag at the smell.  The diaper’s perfume did a decent job of disguising the scent of stale urine, but it was no match for the brown bombs that he was dropping in his backseat.

Dante closed his eyes.  Even though he couldn’t see, it felt like everyone must be watching him.  He didn’t hear the sounds of playing elsewhere in the nursery. He couldn’t even hear the television.  He was in a black hole of sound.  The world had stopped.   Him dropping a deuce had become the main attraction of the afternoon.

Finally, the cramps subsided and Dante felt he couldn’t push out anymore.  He lowered his legs, and instantly felt the mess being moved around in his diaper.  The sounds of playtime had entered his ears again, but he still had the feeling he was being watched.  When he opened his eyes again, he saw all 8 of the Judy’s staring down at him, expectant smiles on their faces.

Defeated, exhausted, and still on his back, Dante waved his hands in front of him. “All done.” he said.  Then he placed his thumbs down on where the tapes to his diaper were around his waist and clapped his first two fingers against his thumbs.  “All done diaper.”

“See?  I told you he learned to sign.” The Judy who had turned on the television said to her cohorts.

“Who’s  a clever boy?!”  They all praised as he laid in his own mess.  “Who’s a clever boy?!”  Dante grimaced.

“More importantly,” one of them said, “who’s going to change him?”

Source: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=34668&st=20

Dante’S Infanzia – Chapter 7: Choosing battles.

Written by: Personalias

Dante stared at the toothless boy who was shamelessly breastfeeding from the wet nurse.  A lump formed in the back of Dante’s throat.  Now he knew why Lysa, despite close to 60 years being treated this way, had never tried to escape.  This place might not be Hell, but it was looking close enough the more Dante learned.   For all it pretended to be a daycare center, Limbo still couldn’t change the fact that it was a prison for lost souls.

“Thanks for showing me that,” Dante said to Lysa, as the stroller started moving again.  Midori had settled down after her brief, Lysa-trained tantrum.  “These guys don’t mess around,” he added.

“Don’t worry about it,”  Lysa responded, “I benefit just as much as you do.”  Dante’s eyebrow cocked.

“What?” Lysa asked casually, as though Dante were asking a stupid question.  “You think I’m trying to help you just out of the kindness of my heart?  I’m a survivor, kid, not a savior.   Dori cracked and went full baby years ago.  Now she makes a good pet, but she’s a lousy conversationalist.  If I don’t have an intelligent conversation every once in a while,  I’ll go full baby too.”  Dante’s feelings should have been hurt by this confession, but they weren’t.  If anything, it made him like Lysa more.  Greed and self-preservation were emotions that a man could trust.  Ideals and sentimentality made someone unpredictable.

The ruthless, reptile part of Dante’s brain definitely liked Lysa.  She was aggressive and obnoxious, but knowledgeable, and ruthless in her own way as well.  She knew when to recognize emotions, and when to disregard them and go with logic.

It’s a shame she had ended up here, really.   If she had gone to college like she had intended, she could have had a very productive life.  Once Dante got the swing of things around here, this could turn into a beautiful and mutually beneficial friendship.  The fact that Lysa was being so brutally honest about her reasons only cemented the partnership in Dante’s eyes.

“The Judy’s are getting better and better at their jobs every year.” the girl went on as the Newborn Room doors whirred open and the big babies were wheeled back into the main nursery, “and because of that I’m getting fewer and fewer people to shoot the poop with every year.”

“So if you train my mind up,” Dante finished her thought, “we can keep close by and keep each other from ending up like Dori.”  Midori had heard her name and started babbling nonsensically from the Judy‘s back.  Dante called back, “Love you too, Dori!”  The babbling quieted.

“Exactly,” Lysa said, a small show of pride on her face.  “You know, Dante, you’re pretty smart….when you’re not crying like a wimp or throwing a complete temper tantrum.” she giggled.  She balled her hands into fists and placed them on her cheeks.  She started rotating her fists to make the classic “cry baby” pose “Wah wah. I’m dead.  Wah!  Why didn’t they draw on my face?”  Even Dante had to laugh at himself, remembering that performance earlier this morning.

“Oh yeah?” Dante said good naturedly, “You’re pretty good at getting sophisticated, and thoughtful, and deep….until you wet yourself.”

Lysa laughed, nodding her head.  “Yeah, that’s the problem with getting philosophical around here: the more you talk, the better chance you have of peeing your pants right in the middle of it, and ruining the whole mood.”

“Then it’s a good thing neither of us are wearing pants, isn’t it?” he grinned.  Lysa burst out into a full hysterical cackle.  If she hadn’t been buckled in so tightly, she would have definitely been doubled over in laughter.

“Good one,” she said once she had regained enough composure to talk.  She stuck her hand out for a high-five and Dante obliged her.

“So,” Dante asked.  “How’d you and your sister end up here, on the same day no less?”

“Huh?” Lysa said, caught off guard. “Oh right, that.  I figured you were gonna ask that.  I’d rather not talk about it right now.”  She looked away to avoid Dante’s gaze.

“Come on,” Dante gently nudged, “I’ll tell you my death, if you tell me yours.”

“You,” Lysa said pointedly, still not looking at Dante, “probably died acting like a party animal and a hot dog  after drinking too much.”  Damn.  She had him in there.  “Probably at some stupid early birthday party to celebrate your ‘man hood’”, she added.  Ouch. This was the problem of having emotional breakdowns and ranting in front of smart girls.  Against the better part of his valor, Dante still tingled with curiosity.  Time for another tactic.

“Oh come on, Lysa,” he persisted.  “It’s not like you murdered your little sister.”  Lysa’s head whipped around and looked him dead in the eye.

“Her name is Caroline,” she spat, “and I did not murder her.”

“Well, what else am I to think with you doing the whole silent and guilty thing?” Dante asked, trying to sound innocent and failing miserably.  “I mean, if you tell me the truth, there’s no way I’d think that you were responsible for Caroline’s death.”

“You want the truth?!” Lysa hissed.  “Fine.”  She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened them.

“My father wasn’t what you would call a good man,” she began.  “He drank and had a temper.  Even when he was sober he had a temper, but especially when he drank.  He used to beat my mother all the time.  I was lucky to get even one baby sister, from all the miscarriages he caused.  But the cops never looked into it.  Damn sons of bitches” she cursed.  Dante felt horrible and it must have shown.  Lysa’s face softened, as did her tone.

“It was a different time,” Lysa said in explanation.  As if that could explain it.  “Anyway, soon after Caroline was born, he came home VERY drunk one night.  More drunk than usual.  When I woke up, he was shouting at my mother.  Caroline was crying her head off. Something about the new baby ruining everything.

“Then,” she kept talking, “I heard my mother screaming; telling him to let the baby go.  To stop shaking the baby.”  The lump in Dante’s throat reformed.  He had a sinking feeling about what was coming next.  But he let her continue.  He had asked for this after all.

“My mom’s screaming only got louder when the baby stopped.  Dad decided to try and shut her up, so he started swinging on her too.  Then she got real quiet.”, Lysa whispered.  “I ran and took his hunting rifle from  the fireplace mantle.  Then I went and splattered his brains all over the silly clown wallpaper.” she shuddered.

“I had wanted to go to college, mostly so I could get out of that place.  But after that, I knew there was no going to college.  So I ran upstairs, took out his shaving razor,” Lysa took two fingers and  raked them across her wrist, “and ended it the only way I could bear.”  Through all this, Lysa didn’t even shed one single tear.  Only the slightest tremble in her voice gave hint at any emotion resembling sadness.  Poor girl had gone numb from the ages.

“Happy?”  Lysa asked.

“No.” Dante answered.

“Good.”, she said.

“Man, that’s fucked up,” Dante exclaimed.

“Yeah, it is.”  Lysa confirmed.  They rolled on through twists in turns in silence for a few moments. “Oh look,” she said, her tone brightening as the grayish blue carpet gave way to checkered linoleum.  “Lunchtime!”

They came upon what looked like a kitchen set-up.  A white refrigerator sat in the corner.  In the middle of the floor, about a dozen high chairs- most of them  already occupied with babies of various ages- sat in a semicircle.  Three more Judy’s: A ginger in a green dress, a tow-headed Judy in jeans and a white t-shirt with colorful handprints on it, and dark haired one in a cardigan sweater- had already begun spoon feeding their kids.

Dante hadn’t spotted this area yet either, but considering there were bottomless trashcans and magical supply cabinets, he supposed it was possible for the floors and play areas to change as they needed.  This might have been like a giant “Room of Requirement” geared specifically for big babies.

“Sorry, we’re late gang,” the Judy in the scrubs said. “We just got done with a visit to Caroline.”  The other Judy’s just nodded and said the equivalent of “don’t worry about it.” as their Judy walked over to three empty highchairs and began detaching the holding trays.  They were the modern style high chairs, the kind designed to cradle the occupant as they were being spoon fed.

Dante’s eye was drawn to a group of three high-school age kids, two guys and a girl.  This was partially because unlike the other children, they were locked into the old-fashioned style of highchairs, with a straight back and a hard seat.; their arms were all pinned to their sides.  Mostly though, this was because they were all stripped naked save for their diapers.  (What could he say?  Dante’s eye was drawn to a decent rack.) Not even bibs adorned their persons, and their torsos were covered with some kind of glop.  Baby food.  All the Judy’s had plastic bowls full of the stuff placed on the trays.

“I just got them yesterday,” the redhead Judy in the green dress said to her cohorts.  “They’re such fussy eaters that I don’t even bother to dress them for meal time.   I just strip them out of their little outfits and redress them when they’re done.”  The other Judy’s nodded their approval.

“Dante’s new too,” the blonde Judy in the scrubs said, “but he’s been a little angel all day.”  She unbuckled Dante from the stroller and hoisted him up into the highchair.  He could feel one of the boys staring at him.  He swore he heard the word “freak” muttered as the tray was clicked into place.  Fuck that guy.  He was on the fast track to complete babification at this rate.

The three topless prisoners struggled against their bonds to no avail, as one at a time their Judy tried to spoon feed them.  They twisted and turned their heads, resulting in most of the glop getting smeared on their cheeks instead of in their mouths.  The fire in their eyes looked less threatening once you took in their current state of dress. One of them, not realizing that the stain would disappear on contact, spat food right at the redheaded Judy.  The Judy did not even register it.  She just persisted in trying to spoon feed the young man.

Suddenly, the girl wailed out, “NOT AGAAAAAIIIIN!” as she stared down between her legs.  “Why can’t I go potty anymore?!  I just wanna go home!”  She broke down and started sobbing.  The Judy in the green dress assured her that if she was a good girl and finished all of her num-nums, then she’d get changed into a nice, dry diaper before nap time.  The girl nodded meekly and allowed herself to be fed.  The other baby teens either pretended not to notice these goings on, or were really too far gone themselves to care.

Dante’s Judy went over to the refrigerator and brought out three bowls of much.  It looked like it had the consistency and texture of applesauce, save that it was rainbow colored.  Dante was worried, but a quick glance at Lysa showed her to be unconcerned.  He thought about fighting it- he didn’t really want to be spoon fed, after all- but one look at the other three new arrivals made him think otherwise.  Besides, his stomach reminded him, he was hungry.  Other than the bottle of milk, he hadn’t eaten anything since he got here.

The Judy tied a bib around Dante and his two companion’s necks.  Midori’s read: “Spit Up Happens.”  Lysa’s had “Lunch is on ME!” written on hers.  He looked down at his own, and read it upside down.  His own bib said, “SIMH L Stuck In My Highchair.”  Great.  These were angel moms with a sense of humor.

The Judy took out a rubber tipped spoon and dipped it into the rainbow colored glop.  Dante opened her mouth and she spooned it right in.  Thank goodness she wasn’t doing the stupid “here comes the choo-choo train” routine.  He was feeling too hungry right now to want to wait on some stupid game.

The glop wasn’t bad at all.  It was chilled from the refrigerator, and actually tasted a little bit like an applesauce slushy.  What caught Dante off guard, though, was how the stuff expanded in his mouth a moment after touching his tongue.   His cheeks puffed out as his mouth became more crowded, and Dante swallowed the stuff down as fast as he could.  A little bit of the stuff burst from his unprepared lips and dribbled out onto his chin, sliding down onto the bib.

“Whoops!”  the Judy cried out, not actually sounding surprised, as she used the baby spoon to scrape some of the food off of Dante’s chin.  “Good thing we put that bib on you, huh Dante?”  Instantly Dante realized that this food was designed to make him need a bib and thus feel more dependent, more helpless, more babyish.  Rather than losing his cool, Dante just smiled, nodded, and pretended he was giving her the middle finger.

“Thassa good boy!” the Judy praised.  “Now give me just two more bites, and it‘ll be Lysa’s turn, then Midori‘s turn, then yours again.”  Dante accepted that he couldn’t do anything to make this situation better, and accepted the two spoonfuls, mouth exploding applesauce and all.

Then, their Judy went to Lysa and did a similar routine. Three spoonfuls, then switch. Then to Midori.  Then back to Dante.  This routine continued till the Judy was scraping the bottom of the bowl and Dante was feeling good and full.  The other babies were finishing up at about the same time.

“All gone,” Dante’s Judy proclaimed as she spooned in the last of the expanding glop past Dante’s lips.  There wasn’t even enough left to leak out of his mouth, so Dante just gulped the stuff down.  “Now, time for a milky ba-ba and a niiiiiice nap.” the Judy said as she collected the bowls, threw them down a bottomless trashcan, went to the fridge.
Dante shot Lysa a look.  “I thought you said…?” he began.

“I said they feed us the milk AT LEAST twice a day.” Lysa interrupted.  “Sometimes they do more.  I’m guessing it’s because of those three.” she said, indicating the three struggling prisoners in nothing but their diapers.  “They wouldn‘t calm down enough.”, she said.

The ginger Judy in the green dress had already managed to force the nipple of one bottle past the lips of one of the struggling boys, and his eyes had gone vacant.  The Judy let out his tray enough so he could move his arms and hold up the bottle himself. The broken girl in the wet diaper accepted hers without struggle and was just starting to smile from behind her bottle.

“When someone makes a lot of trouble here,” Lysa said, “they make it harder on all of us.  Just let it happen,” she sighed resignedly, “and it’ll be over with before you know it.”

Dante did his own sigh, as the Judy in the scrubs handed him a bottle filled with the milk of human kindness.  He accepted it and drank in the creamy liquid.

Instantly, his cares melted away as his thoughts became more infantile. He was engulfed in a sense of peace and serenity.  He was so lucky to be here, he reflected.  It was as if everything was going to be okay, no matter what.  Dante could literally do no wrong here.  He could play all day, or laze around, even pee himself, and no one would scold him.  No Mrs. Applegate to quiz him.  No parents to lecture him.  This ruled!

Even though in the back of his mind, he knew this was all a lie, honestly, it wasn’t that different from being drunk.  When you’re drunk you can rush to the bathroom, puke up the 5 rum and cokes you just power chugged, clean up a little bit, look in the mirror, and say “Damn, I look good.”  Then go back to the party for more rum and cokes.  You know you don’t really look that good, and you know it’s all a booze induced feeling of euphoria; but right then, you don’t really care because you’re euphoric.  This was even better though, because there was no hangover, guaranteed.  This milk got rid of hangovers.

Mama Judy took his empty ba-ba away, wiped his face with the bib, and unlocked the tray.  She had been so good to him today.  She checked his diaper and told him that he was dry (though he likely wouldn’t be for very long, not that it mattered.)

He could pee-pee in her arms right now, and she wouldn’t get mad.  If he was really lucky, maybe Mama Judy and her friend in the green dress would have another race using him and the topless girl.  That way he could  “accidentally” cop a feel on her while he was having his penis wiped and stroked by Mama Judy.  Dante’s padded crotch crinkled a little as his nether regions readjusted themselves at this thought.

Still dry, Dante made Mama Judy proud by giving two loud burps as she patted his back.  Then she carried him out of the kitchen area and around a corner into an area with extra-large cribs.  Mama Judy laid him down on his back in one of the cribs.

Looking up, Dante could see a mobile hanging over him.  Stars, the sun and the moon, and the a comet all hung over Dante‘s head.  Even better, they all had smiley faces painted on them.  They were all happy celestial bodies!  (Weird that Dante could remember the term “celestials,” but still couldn’t think of a synonym for potty.)  Still tripping, Dante reached up for the plastic bodies, not even thinking to sit up.  It was comfortable in this crib, and he didn’t want to sit up anyways.   His hand didn’t even come close to grasping them.

Mama Judy reached up and flicked a switch.  The mobile started turning, a soft mechanical whirring the only indication that it wasn’t magic.  Dante had never been to a Pink Floyd concert, but he assumed it must be a lot like this.  He was in awe.

“Sleep tight, little Dante,” Mama Judy cooed.  “See you after your nappy nap.”

Entranced by the mobile, and high as a kite from the milk, Dante didn’t even hear Mama Judy as she left to go get his friends.  Instead, he drifted off into a dreamless slumber just after popping his thumb into his mouth.

To Be Continued…

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