Little Gamer

Little GamerCodyOmega playing in his nursery!

The happy playing cub belongs to CodyOmega

Draw and text by Wen

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It sure seems like Cody have one fun playtime in the nursery playing around :)

Intense training

Intense trainingDraw and everything by Charry

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Awww poor thing looks like he have some hard thing here to handle and it even seems like he have ended up whit a spanking before that :( Poor thing he sure dont look so happy about this situation at all and i can sure understand that :)

It’s a bright new day!

It sure looks like this two had an amazing night sleeping together. But i sure hope that the male did dent end up whit a stinky diaper this night because the girl one sure seems to be pretty close tho is diaper butt.


Good Morning TommyBuizel

Good Morning TommyBuizelOrder by TommyBuizel

Draw by SugarMable

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Awww this sure is one cute baby Buizel and it seems like he have wake up from his sleep whit a clean dry diaper :)

Looks like this cute little baby Pokemon is on his way to being a big Pokemon :)

This sure is one amazing cute drawing :)


PunishmentsUsually mean being tied up in a crib and force fed, right?

The bunny and the text belongs to Domzybun

Draw by myoti

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This sure make you wounder what sort of bad thing this bunny have been up to deserve a punishment like this?

Wounder how long time he is going to be forced to spend it that crib? Hours, days months? We can guess at this point but i sure think its going to be a weal before they let him out.

Flammiekid goblin drum 4

Flammiekid goblin drum 4Looks like Flammiekid‘s gonna be feeling little for a long while yet to come…

The poor dragon belongs to Flammiekid

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Yes it sure seems like that and whit being little comes wearing thick and poofy diaper and other furrys expect you to be using it and change you when your diaper is to wet or if you ended up whit a messy accident. It sure seems like Flammiekid have allot of things to get use to.