Crash the bad boy

Crash the bad boy

New artwork from @zeerageman & story from @majesticduxk

With Mommy’s hand crashing down on his rapidly reddening behind, you’d think Crash’s thoughts would all be on his ass. And yeah, it hurt. But it it hurt in a way that made him feel… loved? How was that even possible? He was in trouble… wasn’t he?

Caught in his thoughts, he barely noticed Mommy’s hand stop its Reign of Fury on his upturned ass. It gentled, rubbing the tender flesh, until he sighed contentedly.

“Back with me, Baby?”

Crap! That was right! He was in trouble (although if push came to shove, he would deny to his dying breath that those cookies were begging for him to liberate them), and Mommy sort of had a rule about naughty boys paying attention when they were in trouble…

“No, Baby. Not in more trouble.” Crash snuggled deeper: Mommy wouldn’t lie.

“But I do want to know what you were thinking.”

Crash immediately ran over his thoughts: admit that spanking made him feel loved? How could he admit that? Face bright red, he buried his face in the couch pillows.

“Tell Mommy what’s going on in your gorgeous little head.” The words were accompanied by a light caress to the back of his neck.

“I… I like it when you spank me.”


More silence.

Fuck! He’d done the wrong thing! What sort of mommy wanted a little boy who-

Before his thoughts could go much further, Mommy had questions. “What sort of like? Does your bottom feel good?”

“What? No!” It hurt a lot! Mommy had a very hard hand.

“Then can you try and tell me what sort of good? Mommy wants to understand her little boy.”

Crash thought hard. Although the answer was easy enough. “I… I feel like you love me?”

“Oh, Crash!”

Without warning he was pulled up, Mommy’s arms coming round him soft, and warm and strong.

“My beautiful little boy.”

Swallowing, he had to ask, “That… That’s ok?”

Mommy smiled, that big beautiful smile. “Of course it’s ok. After all, I spank you because I love you, because I want you to be my best boy. Speaking of which…”

Crash jerked as he was flipped back over Mommy’s lap, and a hand came down – hard. “Let’s talk more about cookies.”

A huge thanks to @zeerageman for his wonderful art, it’s adorable and true to life… great job buddy! Along with a giant PantherHug for @majesticduxk who captured my feelings on spankings perfectly. I honestly don’t think I could have said it better. Thank you so much both of you ~ Crash


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Fox Exchange with friends – crashageplay


This is one super cute butt this boy have end up whit. But it seems like it is little small to end dont seems like it cover his butt completely. Maybe he should look for a bigger size on this diaper.

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Crash and Embie Water Enema

Crash and Embie Water Enema

“Kittens” a collab w/ Embie!

Daddy watched with an amused smirk as Crash and Embie fidgeted on the changing mat. Well spanked bottoms in the air, waiting for Daddy.
When he’d initially heard about the party he knew that he wanted to show his kittens off. He’d gotten them matching frocks and ears. He’d intended to leave them diapered, a token of modesty given for good behavior. But of course good behavior wasn’t something his babies specialized in. They’d kicked up such a helluva fuss about matching dresses, that he’d paddled them both and promised to make them further regret their disobedience.
Grinning to himself he ran a calloused hand down one bottom and up another.
“Please, Daddy…we’re very sorry.” Embie whimpered.
“We are! The sorriest! They’re very pretty dresses, Daddy.” Crash agreed, nodding vigorously.
Daddy clicked open the lube and chuckled as they both shivered at the sound.
“You aren’t sorry. But you will be.”
Daddy didn’t bother warming the lube, pressing a slick finger to Embie’s bottom. “you first little girl.” Daddy stretched her out briefly, enjoying the way she mewled and Crash whimpered beside her. He quickly plugged her, not giving her time to react. Attached to the plug was a softly furred tail that dangled prettily between her legs.
“Now you Crash.”
Crash huffed and moaned as daddy’s thick fingers filled him, massaging his prostate as an afterthought. Daddy slide his plug in just as quickly. They knelt, hip to hip.
“You two stay put while I get the diaper bag together.” Daddy said, giving both of their stinging bums a smack before heading to their room to pack.
“Embie! We have tails!” Crash whispered, giving his bum a shake.
Embie whimpered. “This is all your fault!”
“You’re the one who refused to put your ears on.”
“How can we wear a diaper with a tail on?” Embie huffed.
“I dunno.” Their mouths made perfect O’s as they realized Daddy’s plan.
The ride to the party was quiet. Daddy had given them both their binkies and a firm warning to leave them in place before buckling them into the car.
Daddy pretended not to notice the way they tried to tug their skirts down to cover their naked bottoms as they made their way into the loft the party was being held in.
He nudged them ahead of himself, a beatific grin on his face as every Top in the room came to admire his kittens. Hands slide up their skirts, pinching their sore cheeks and fiddling with their tails. Despite their muffled squeals of protest, he could see they were both secretly pleased by the attention.
Once the commotion had died down, Daddy pulled out the diaper bag.
“Come on kittens, if either of you piddle on the floor, you’ll both be on diaper punishment.” Daddy said casually, putting down the changing mat on the floor in the center of the room.
Crash and Embie gave him garbled protests at being changed in public, but several smacks later had them hip to hip in the diaper position for Daddy.
The other guests took renewed interest as Daddy methodically coated both of their diaper areas with powder. His large hand lingering, teasing.
He diapered Crash first. The little boy sighed happily around his pacifier, grateful to finally have the heavy plug taken out.
But his elation was short lived as Daddy slide his tail through a hole cut in the diaper.
“Gotta have room for kitten’s tail, don’t we?” Daddy asked rhetorically, taping on the diaper efficiently.
Daddy found Embie less cooperative, she wanted the tail out. A hairbrush appeared over Daddy’s shoulder like magic, and several swats later, he was able to diaper her without further fuss.
Two contrite kittens sat on Daddy’s lap, suckling bottles of milk. Daddy periodically fiddled with their tails, tugging and twisting them, enjoying how his kittens keened and squirmed into the touch.
Daddy really enjoyed showing off his kittens. embalmer56

Source: crashageplay

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Adventures in babysitting

Spanking Crash
“Crash, I said no.”
“Ahhhhh, come on Embie! You know how much naps suck!”
“Doesn’t matter. You still have to take one.”
“But Daddy’s not home!” Crash pouted, stomping his foot a little.
“Exactly. Daddy said I’m in charge.”
“I don’t know why he put you in charge, you’re just a diaper baby like me.”
“You’ll do as I say, or else.”
Crash hugged his rhino to his chest. “Or else what, diaper baby.”
“I’ll paddle you.”
“Will not!”
“Oh no?”
Crash seemed to consider for a moment, his cheek on his rhino. “Nope. I don’t have to listen to you.” Crash stuck his tongue out before making a break for the stairs. If he made it out the back door, he might be able to trap her in the backyard and be able to skip naptime.
He was so thrilled with his plan that he failed to notice she wasn’t chasing him. He skidded through the kitchen and out the back door, bounding off the deck. He turned to see he was alone. He stood in the middle of the yard panting, his rhino hanging against his thigh. It didn’t make any sense.
“Embie?” He called out tentatively. “Embie? You ok?” He tried again, a bit louder. He stepped cautiously back onto the deck, straining to hear any noise in the house. “Embie? This isn’t funny.” He peeked inside the back door, noticing nothing out of place. He stepped through the door, moving on tiptoes through the kitchen. “Embie!” He stage whispered.
Crash made a very manly squeak when a small firm hand appeared out of nowhere, pulling on his ear, hard.
Embie, who’d been hiding in the pantry, pulled him over to a kitchen chair and made short work of pulling him over her lap.
“No! Embie, wait! Wait! I’m so so so sorry, please!” He squeaked as she reached under him, untaping his diaper.
“Daddy plugged you this morning so you’d remember to behave for me, he’s gunna be so disappointed to hear it didn’t work.” Embie hummed as she picked up the rice paddle she’d left on the table.
“Nooooo! Embie! Please don’t tell daddy! He said he’d use the strap if I wasn’t good!” Crash pleaded, hugging his rhino tight.
“Oh, Crash. I’m not gunna tell him. You are.” Embie said, laying down a heavy round of swats with the bamboo cooking utensil. “And once daddy spanks you and puts you to bed,” Embie said over Crash’s wailing. “I’ll get treats.”
“Please! I’ll do your chores for a week! Ahhh! Two weeks! Please Embie!”
“Hmmmm, offer me anything I want.”
“Anything Embie! promise!”
“I wanted to spend the afternoon with an obedient respectful little boy. But since you can’t manage that on your own…” Embie moved the paddle to his thighs, smacking vigorously, “I’ll have to help you.”
Crash squealed and struggled to get away, but a firm hand between his shoulder blades kept him in place. A few “gentle” smacks against his plug made him writhe, his wee grinding against her thigh, but if she noticed she didn’t mention it. She helped him up and back into his diaper, studiously tucking away his leaky wee.
He obediently took her hand and follower her up the stairs, nodding emphatically when she asked if he’d like to make it up to her.
Daddy came home an hour later to find Crash nose deep in Embie’s panties. After he took the belt to both of them, he promises that next time it’s Crash’s turn to babysit. embalmer56

Soruce for the text and photo: crashageplay

Yes it really look like this boy dont know how to behave right.

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Bath Time Spanking

Bath Time SpankingSo yea a bath tub spanking is one of the worst, especially at the hands of a determined spanker like Daddy M. I pretty much always get bath time spankings if A. I make huge waves that overflow the tub and soak the floor. Or B. Splash or squirt a mommy or daddy and laugh about it. I’ll let you guys decide what happened here.

Text and art by crashageplay


Yes a spanking on the bath tub edge most be weary hard even if you have a little towel that make it little softer. But when you receive allot of hard spanking on your naked bottom whit the back of the brush i dont think it help so match.

I hope this boy learn to behave.

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