I am still sick 4-10-2014

It seems to be a very difficult infection that I have received in my throat I cough still quite a lot. Wondering directly when it will be well again in the throat. I was and visited the doctor on Wednesday because I thought I had gotten worse but that was not the case. But she still wrote a medical certificate so that I could be home for another week because I cough whenever I become strained.

But I do not direct to be home because I did not feel sick besides, but it’s still bad to go when you have so easy to cough as I have right now.

I hope it goes over at the beginning of the week so that I can go at the end of next week.

There is unfortunately not much I can do about it but to take it easy and hope the infection go away soon.

English: Diagram of the Human Throat for the T...
English: Diagram of the Human Throat for the Throat article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Home and sick

Today i went home from work after two hours i have end up whit some bad cough that sometime make me almost trow up. So on my way home i stop bye the doctors office so i could get some medication for that. I hope this is going to be over soon i dont wont to be away from work right now.

But in the meantime when i am waiting for to be all healthy again i can spend some  time whit some good tick diapers on and my plushy now when i am sick. That is the best medication when you dont feel so good and the only thing you wont to do is to spend time in bed and sleep or maybe watch movies.

Sick or something

sick cough
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I think i am sick or something i have some bad cough that make me close to throw up some time. I dont know relay whatever it may be. But i am almost sure that is some virus of some kind in may body that make this happen. Good that i am going to the doctor tomorrow maybe she can have a look at it to. Can be good to check it out so it not is any dangerous or something. But i dont think it is. But it can be good to check it out when i am there if it not have disappeared before that. But like i sad i dont think it is an thing to worry about.

But i think it can be time to put on some diapers and have a nice and calm day.

I woke up with this night to Tuesday.