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Twitter Commission 9

Twitter Commission 9Draw and everything by Colt3n

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25695112/

Looks like he is having a nice video gaming time and now when he is wearing some thick diapers he have nothing to worry about now more then completing the game. The diaper can he deal whit when he is finish whit the video game.


Burntout!trying to get over this burnt out feeling ive been having when it comes to art and creating it soo i drew this lazily.

Draw and everything by Charry

This sure is one sleepy furry and good thing he is already wearing his diaper. Then it will handle the accidents if he has any during his nap. Should not be fun to wake up in a wet and soggy couch. I think that piece of furniture can be hard to clean and get rid of the pee smell.

I hope that he is having some nice dreams :)

Couch Climber

Couch Climber
Chip using the couch as climbing frame and trampoline again. I don’t know if he should be, though.

Chip and text by TinyBabyHooves

Draw by Tato

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/18887036/

This cute little cheep look so cute when he is trying to climbing that couch and it seems like it is a very hard thing for him to do. But he look so cute when he trying to do it and his diaper butt look awesome.

Climbing the couch

Climbing the couchCute baby RocketWuffPup

Draw by Diapered-buns

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17431114/

Looks like we have a cute little cub here that trying to climb on to a couch. That is good that he have a thick diaper butt if he falls down it going to protect his butt from getting hurt :)

This is a super cute pose :)

Comfy cushy couch

Comfy cushy couch

Me sleeping on the couch after gaming all night.

German Shepherd Dog: ethan86

Draw by: PaddedRingtail

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12525130/

It look like ethan86 is a weary sleepy dog right now after stay up all night and play some game. Good thing that he fall asleep wearing some thick and comfy diapers. I love the cute blue diaper butt that he have right now. He look so cute and sweet right now when he is sleeping on the couch whit his cute diaper butt fully expose. I bet he can sleep weary deep right now and if he have an accident in his sleep his thick diaper can handle it weary well. Do you dont think so? It should be weary cute and weary embarrassing now if some one walk into the room and decide to give his cute diaper butt a pat. Wounder if he should wake up then?

I wish that he have a nice and calm sleep :)

Take a look, It’s in a book

Take a look, It's in a book
Take a look, It’s in a book

Racoon: notoriginal77

Draw by: Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10493302/

I can see that notoriginal77 have a very relaxing and nice  time whit his book and diaper and i can understand that. It is always nice and clam when you have your padding/diaper on. That make you very relaxing and it is nice that you dont need to go away to visit the potty to. You can relax and let it come in the diaper and change when you have the time for it or when you wont to change your diaper. That is one of the best thing to wear diaper/padding it is made to handle this type of things.

So the only thing you need to to is to relax now whit you book notoriginal77. The diaper is going to take care of any thing else. Like it is made to do. :) And remember that you can always be happy and relax in your diaper :)