Funppy Cookie Cutters

Paw Patrol Chase Cookie CutterIf you would like to decorate your cookies in a new new way this Etsy shop that i found could be something for you then.


You can find allot of nice and cute Cookie Cutters in this shop.

Pokemon Pikachu Cookie CutterThis is my favorite Cookie Cutter :)

It should be awesome to have allot of Pikachu cookies :)

I’m helping!

I'm helping!Well Mommy was making cookies and char being the good cub he is wanted to help and looks like he’s about to make a bigger mess that he’s going to have to help cleaning up. Maybe he’ll get it to the table before it falls on the floor making a big mess!

Char and story by The_Char_Char

Draw by Reva_the_Scarf

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Yes i hope that Char make it to the table before everything ends up on the floor. That should be really bad if that’s happen.

This is my cookie!! (Clean and Wet version)

This is my cookie!! (Clean version)This is my cookie!! (Wet version)

charmhusky is being greedy trying to take my cookie away!!

Cubs YuniWusky and charmhusky

Draw and text YuniWusky

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Aww this is one super cute fight we have here and it is a typical cub fight there both the cub wont to have the last cookie that is left in the cookie jar. Wounder which cub is going to get it or if an adult find out about it and put an end to the fight?

Bigger on the inside?

Bigger on the inside?
The cookie jar, resembling a TARDIS from his favorite TV series “Doctor Who”, was just sitting in front of him. Sitting there, filled to the brim with delicious chocolate chip cookies, tempting the little bearhybrid cub to just take one.
He knew he wasn’t supposed to, but with his parents still away on their grocery shopping, he finally gave into temptation.
He carefully climbed on a chair and took down the TARDIS jar to the ground and opened it.
“Pssssht Sammy … don’t tell anyone, okay? I’ll even get you the first cookie.”
As must as his long tailed lynx plushy companion was usually the voice the reason, said voice was very quickly silenced at the prospect of getting one of the crumbly treats.
“Here you go, Sammy..enjoy it”.
Handing the plushie the first cookie he dug into the jar himself. He took one, started to nibble on it, then dug into the jar a few more times, while still having the first one clenched between his teeth.
“And I think nobody will notice it.” Sascha mumbled around the cookie in his muzzle. “It’s bigger on the inside. They always say so in the series.”

Text and bear by Ghostbear2k

Draw by rainbow-boa

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Looks like this little bear have a fun time whit the cookie jar and he seems to be pretty good to resembling it to.

And all cubs like to eat cookies :)

Comic: Between brothers

Comic: Between brothers

One thing that Remi doesn’t tolerate is someone touching his stuff without permission!And this time his brother (Sammy) discovered the secret place where he (Remi) hid his chocolate chip cookies!

“What are you doing?Oh no!My cookies!How you dare to touch my stuff?How many did you eat? And how many are left?”shouted a cranky puppy!
Sammy:”All… no wait… there’s only one at the bottom of the bag!Just tell me if you want this last cookie! I’ll eat it too?”

Remi became more angry and shouted:”Drop your undies now and put your stinky bottom over the bed!I’ll teach you to respect my stuff!”

Meanwhile Remi was punishing his brother with a spanking, Sammy asked:”Hey Remi?That means that you don’t want this last cookie! Can I eat it!?”

When Remi heard that,he increased the slaps on his brother’s butt and said:”Yes brother!Bon appetite!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88

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Looks Sammy docent bother how match spanking he receive from Remi. But i bet he is going to have problem to sit on his butt for some time when Remi is finish whit it.

Comic: Betty’s Prank

Betty's PrankAlas, poor Sparks takes the blame with a harsh spanking from mother as Betty the Espeon eats all the cookies THIS TIME. This isn’t the first time Betty has gotten others in trouble.

Sparks: pichu90

Espeon: spanking649

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Aww poor Sparks Espeon get all the nice and tasty cookies and and Sparks get all the spanking and the red bottom. I hope he find out a way so he can get back at Espeon for putting him in this situation.

Sparks did dent deserve to get this spanking but it was hard for his mother to think about the he have note eat the cookies when she found him whit one in his mouth and a empty box beside him.