Babyfur Comic: The Summer Job Page 1

Babyfur Comic: The Summer Job Page 1

Summer vacation has begun for these college kids and they’re out looking for work to make some cash. They answered an ad from this company that promises them an easy pay for a simple job.

Eva, the company’s liaison and her assistant, Harpo, greets their prospective employees with contracts for them to sign, agreeing that they will work for the company for some sweet benefits and pay.

Blinded by the sense of an golden opportunity they sign away at the contracts without reading the fine print. Even signing for each other that hesitated.

But they’re about to learn the hard way that if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is…and to always, always read the fine print!!!

Featuring: Harpo, Cezmera, Ronnie (Me), Deven, Acan, Vahn, Toya, WonderingWolf, Eva, Clovis and Daphne

Eva belongs to Lil-Ronnie and Cezmera
Clovis belongs to Cezmera
Daphne belongs to Rogey

Executive Producer: Cezmera

Artwork by Tato

Story by Lil-Ronnie


Poor things it is always good to read the fine print. But as they now is forced back to baby hood it sure is to late for them to read it now. I bet they are kind of surprised now and maybe regret there decision now to sign the contract whiteout reading it.