peekABU doodle

peekABU doodleDraw and everything by Charry

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Poor thing someone sure is kind of confused here. But he sure looks kind of cute in that PeekABU diaper that he is wearing :) It sure seems to be pretty thick between his legs :)

Well This Is Awkward

Well This Is Awkwardit looks as though Crunch caught Aziel in a very soggy diaper, but Crunch soon realized that the diaper they were wearing looked, and smelled exactly like his diaper from the previous night! looks like Azielwent through Crunch’s nursery and stole last nights diaper from his diaper pail and put it on! i’m sure if Aziel had asked Crunch for a diaper, he would’ve happily obliged and given them a clean diaper since all babies, both big and small need diapers!

Crunch and text by poochyena

Aziel © to killer654

Draw by xepher777

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Poor Aziel looks like Crunch have found out that she likes to wear diapers. But maybe next time she should stole some of Crunch clean diaper instead of the diapers he already have been using. It sure most be pretty stinky right now.

I sure love Crunch pose in this drawing :) He sure looks kind of curious and confuse.

Diaperfur Comic: Taki potty untraining calendar mix-up page 1

Diaperfur Comic: Taki potty untraining calendar mix-up page 1someone needs to fire the guys at the post office… all these strange packages going out to people…

This time, Taki gets a new calendar… but as is more often than not the case in these situations… something is not quite right on this delivery…

The confused skunk Taki

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Poor Taki it seems like it have been some mix up in the local post office. Or have it been something else that can have happen?

She sure have received a strange and weird package.


Lever of mystery

Lever of mysteryDraw and everything by chuckybb

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Poor furry looks like he is wetting and messing his diaper when he is puling that lever.

Maybe that lever is connected to his bladder and bowel ;)

How Not to Babysit

How Not to Babysitmore role reversal

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo

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Yes it sure seems like something is reversed here. But she sure is right it no way that he can get out of this plastic pants now when she have lock it.

He sure is not going to be happy when he find out what you st happen.

Sudden Regression

Sudden RegressionDon’t you hate it when one moment you’re just adulting then suddenly *Poof* You can’t even remember how you got on the ground or even why your surrounded by big clothing? Maybe you were playing dress up. X3

Draw and everything by BabyChrisTheFox

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Yes what ware you doing whit this boy cloths and way are you dont wearing your diaper? Good thing one of the adult found you so they could fix this.

It dont should be so match fun if you could found allot of wet spots on the floor all over the house lather.