Night Tears

Night Tears
Not Everything is happy for Ellie, she remembs what she did in the past, and really missed do it again. But the times arenp´t the same…

She missed play with her old friends in the school, play some videogames, and more things when she was a kid.

Text, Ellie and draw by ConejoBlanco


Poor little Ellie it sounds like that was a wonderful time for this rabbit and i can understand way she is sad about it. Good thing that she have a plush that she could get some nice and good comfort from. That is always something.

Leaky Butt

Leaky ButtEllie and her Dissapointment for the old vintage diaper she have on

Draw and bunny by ConejoBlanco


Poor little Ellie it looks like she have end up in a leaking diaper and that is one of the worst thing that can happen when you are a diaper carrier.

Maybe she should decide to change the diaper before it starting to leak more. It is not any fun to stay in a leaking diaper.

Diapered Charizard

Diapered CharizardCharizard is all diapered up, and pissed off as well.

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Yes Charizard look all pissed off to be force back into diapers again. It look kind of strange to see him in diapers but it is kind of cute to.

Miz´s Smelly scent

Miz´s Smelly scentOrder: Mizrik

Draw by ConejoBlanco


Poor boy it look like he have notes the messy accident that the blushing girl had in his diaper and it seems to have end up pretty stinky to.

Helping Ellie

Helping EllieDavid is a big helper, but when the videogame is between us is a trouble do the changing business :P

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Yes i agree whit Ellie way should she change her own diaper when she have a good friend like David that can handle the diaper change for here instead.

Have a nice playing time Ellie.

An effective trap

An effective trapThis is Super effective, the Carrot died :P

Draw, text and rabbit by ConejoBlanco


Yes carrot it is a very good thing to use special if you wont to catch a rabbit