Comic: sparkypup beloved Teddy Ruxpin

sparkypup beloved Teddy RuxpinLittle sparkypup woke up in the middle of the night, alone in bed. Missing was his little friend, Teddy Ruxpin.

Wolf: sparkypup

Draw and text by: Yookey


aww this is super cute and sweet i should react the same way if i woke up and find out that my Pikachu plush was missing.

Babyfur Comic: CM Tsukai’s Machine

CM Tsukai's MachinePoor Tsukai stumbles across an abandoned room with some robot hands and a peculiar machine. Out of nowhere, the hands re-activate and grab the small filly and place her into the machine. She undergoes diapering and babying while being placed in a Wolf Link onesie. Following that, Tsukai is placed in a crib along with a Midna doll. The babied pony finds herself in a snug position, so she decides to go along with it with a good nap.

Tsukai © nekonekodiamata

Draw and text by: ArtieCanvas


aww it looks like Tsukai acept this at the end and decide that it is time for a nice nap after all. Sweet dreams.

I really love this type of comic.

Comic: Upset stomach

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Poor girl. It seems something was wrong whit the food see you st find so tasty. From the look on the face and the fart sounds see make it most hurt allot. When that happen it is always good to release the pressure that have built up inside you and those moments can it be good to be diaperd so you can release it quickly and continue to do so until your tummy all is good again . So in the end you will end up with a very messy diaper that you need to change before you have a messy leak.

I know how this things is whit a upset stomach and when dos moment happen it is good to wear diaper diaper and just stand there and relax.

Babyfur Comic: The magic bow

The magic bow
Stupid bow :(

Husky: Marksy

Draw by: ApplePup


Poor boy husky it is not always good to pick up something from the ground that you dont know anything about. It can happen that it is something that turn you from a big boy into a little girl in a second.

Wounder how this husky should find a way out from this mess?