My first big order of Comficares adult diapers

Today when i get home from work was it a package waiting for me by my front door. It was my order from Comficare that i had revived and like you can see on the photos below no one can figuration that is was diaper inside the package.

comficare 2comficare 1

And like you see the package looks good.

I most say that the design on the diaper package is weary good it dont look like other adult diaper package that is available. I love that they have add a photo of the diaper on the top of the package and on the side and whit some good information about the diaper like how it work and the size of the diaper. And they explain it in a completely new way that make the package more special then a regular diaper package like Tena or Abena and i like that.

Comficare 3Comficare 4

I am thinking about that this diaper maybe is going to be my new night time diaper special because they are especially designed for situations when it is long time between changes.

Have received my order of samples on ComfiCare M10

Finely i have receive my samples of the new ComfiCare M10 that i order the last week. The order arrived on Friday, but since I was not home i need to wait to Monday before i could have my diapers. I know that i should post about this earlier but it have bean allot of things to think about now when i have a new job. But now i have some time to post some photos on my order.


Like you can see of this photo of the package no one can find out what it is that you have order.


The front seems to be weary nice whit some nice blue colors on the place where you should putting the tape.


Little more how the diaper look like.

How thick the ComfiCare M10 is

Here can you see little closer how thick the ComfiCare M10 is and it seems to be a weary thick diaper.

I dont going to take any photos right now when the diaper is unfolded because i dont going to try it yet. That is something i wont to do when i have more time for it so i maybe get back on this whit some more photos of the ComfiCare M10 lather this year.

If you wont to try this diaper to you can bought them from the manufacturer or you can order the diaper from Save Express.

See you in the next post and remember to stay diaperd so match you can and wont.

ComfiCare M10 diaper

A friend on Skype told me about this ComfiCare M10 diaper yesterday so i decide that it should be something that i would like to share whit all my readers. So i thank him for bringing this diaper to my attention it was weary nice thing of him.

ComfiCare M10 diaper Package
ComfiCare M10 diaper Package.

Information about the ComfiCare M10 diaper.

Box of 36 ComfiCare M10 diapers for a waist of 70-110 cm. The ComfiCare M10’s cut is a bit on the small side so please compare the measurements provided in the graphic with a diaper that fits you well. The main product features are:

  • high absorbency (sufficient for 8-12 hours, even in challenging situations).
  • discreet, white PE outer cover.
  • refastanable tape tabs.
  • tapezone on the front for easy refastening.
  • discreet blue print on the tapezone.
  • ComfiStretch elastic waistband in the front and in the back.
  • discreet yellow wetness indicator.
  • elastic standing leg cuffs.
  • odor protection.
  • latex free.


The ComfiCare M10 offers a higher absorbency than most other available diapers and is suitable for heavy to very heavy forms of incontinence. It combines a number of comfort features. Since the M10 diaper was designed to ensure optimal leak prevention, it is not the most discreet. Please consider this when your main concern is discreetness.

Box dimensions: ca. 35,5 x 25 x 58,5 cm.

ComfiCare-M10-diaper-size.jpgComfiCare M10 diaper

You can order this diaper from ComfiCares shop. They only offer medium size diaper right now. I dont know when they going to offer smaller or larger size then medium.

It sounds like it is a weary special and a wary thick diaper this that can handle allot of pee like a good diaper should do. What do you think? Is this something that you thinking about to order so you can try it out?