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Crinklz Fanshop

Crinklz-FanshopIt have recently come to my attention that Crinklz have open a fanshop where you could order all kind of cool stuff whit your favorite Crinklz character on.

I found out about this thing today and i dont know how long it have been open but i am happy that they finely decide to open a store whit this kind of product.

Click on the link below if you wont to visit the store and order something awesome and cool to wear.


This is a good reason to buy bigger pants

This is a good reason to buy bigger pants
because terry’s enormous crinklebutt has trouble fitting into most pants. and most chairs come to think of it.

Draw, Text And Fox by emeritus_terciel

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17407213/

When you decide to where thick diaper during daytime it is good to go and shop for some new pants that have room for that big poofy diaper that you are wearing now.

This poofy diaper that this Fox is wearing is going to be easy to notes even whit some bigger pants.

Acepup forgotten function

Acepup forgotten functiona bi-product of an age regression… not knowing how clothes work…

oh well, he’s looked after anyways…

Dog: Acepup

Draw and text by: catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16110839/

Yes its really look like a bi-product of an age regression for Acepup. Good thing that he is a baby now that dont understand this sort of thing. Because if he did i bet it should be something weary blushing for him.

Package from incont.org and babykins.com

Today i received two package that i have been waiting for some time special the ones that include the Genuine Toddler Trainers from incont.org. When i talk to them and ask about where my pants where they relics that they had forgot to send me the pants. I know this can happen when it comes to pre-orders. Special if they received allot of order. But that imported thing is that i have the pants now and it should be nice to try them out and she how they fit and how comfy they are to.

The other packages come from babykins.com and it was two per of new plastic pants one KINS Animals on Blue Plastic Pant and the other one is KINS Vinyl Pants Lowriders like every time when you order something new you always hope you pick the right size if you dont know for sure. That is what i am hopping for that i did.

Here below is a photo off the three things i receive in the mail today.


Recived my first order from furmania.co.uk

Today did i receive the order that i placed on furmania.co.uk and like you can see on the photo below. Everything work out weary good and the t-shirt is weary soft and have a nice fit like they way i wont it to fit.

This is a photo of me and my friend rexam when we are cuddling white or favorite plushys.

And the print turn out great whit weary nice quality. But i have not try to wash it yet so i dont know how they going to look after the first washing but i dont think it going to make any different in the the quality of the print that is on the t-shirt.

I have also receive some  good help from the Sara Hickman that run the store. Se is a weary nice person and have answer all the question i had about the product.

So, I can highly recommend furmania.co.uk if you wont to order some costume print t-shirt.