CM- Ready for school!

CM- Ready for school!Pichu: pichuyang

Draw by CuddleHooves


Look like this cute little Pichu wont to visiting the school. But i dont think she is ready for that yet she is still to young for that sort of thing.

Babyfur Comic: The Babymaker – Page 5

Babyfur Comic: The Babymaker - Page 5Draw by BananaButt


Poor husky it seems like he is force back to infant stat bay this ghost. Wounder if he is going to stay like this forever.

He look kind of cute now special now when he have a diaper on :) have open up a web shop


It looks like have open up a web shop there you could pre order cloth diapers for adults.

They only have 10 different patterns now but they are planing to expand the business in the future.

You can read all about it and place you order here:

I wish the owner of the best of luck whit his business.

Locked in the Baby Chair (Sketch)

Locked in the Baby Chair (Sketch)Lucario asked me if I could lock him in the chair for a while, since he really wanted to know what it was like. I gave him his wish; I tied his legs to the chair legs and closed the cuffs around his wrists. Only after that did I tell him I had no idea where the key was. And since he was going to be locked up for quite a long time, I figured I’d have a little fun with him. ^^

I’ll look for the key… in a few days…

Draw by: Poke-anima


Poor Lucario that is being force to smell Buizel messy and stinky diapers.

I think that Buizel have hide the key inside his stinky messy diaper and thats way he dont can find it now.

SuperUndies Now Available At TeenAdultDiapers

Like the title to the post say SuperUndies is now available at

SuperUndies Daytime for Boys.

SuperUndies Daytime for Girls.

Product description

These undies come equipped with secret weapons, just like real super heroes! Features include a waterproof force field of brightly colored PUL, two layers of thirsty microfiber absorbency, stretchy side tabs of epic proportion, and a secret pocket used to beef up absorbency if you need it!

Youth XXL Size fits waists 24-28 inches.


Adult Sky SuperUndies
Adult Sky SuperUndies.

Product description

This adult cloth diaper is reusable and washable. It comes with 3 layers of microfiber absorbency built in, and an inner pocket to add more absorbency if need be. The side tabs are made of a stretchy lycra knit for a smooth huggable feel. This non-waterproof area sits only on the outside of the hips, making it a great sleek design for all day use.

They come in 3 sizes Medium (fits waists 28-32) Large (fits waists 36-40) X-Large (fits waists 40-44).

You can order the the pants here.

Trying Cloth Diapers

Trying Cloth DiapersSo, Lucario and I bought a pair of cloth diapers each, and they’re really comfy. I kept mine one for about 30 hours, and Lucario took his off after he wet it 3 times. Well, I don’t think he likes the way I smell right now, but he can deal with it, they’re waaaay to comfy to take off now. Funny thing is, he’ll have to change me when I decide I want out. You can tell he’s looking forward to it.

Draw and text by: Poke-anima


So this is what a soggy and well use cloth diaper look like. He really need to have that diaper change now i bet it is super stinky now.