We Potty Chapter 6

Story is written by Stacylove92

I nearly fainted at the thought of Marie seeing me in my current state. I texted her immediately and said I was up and not to come over until I said I was ready. I waited but got no reply. I pictured her knocking on the door any second, and Mom opening the door and inviting her in. I started feeling sick. I would have no chance with Marie than. Sure she knew about my accidents, but wearing diapers was much more babyish, contributing nothing to the manly image I wanted her to perceive. I was thinking of bolting up to my room when I received a message back saying “k”.

I went over to Mom and played Marie’s voicemail about Seven Banners to her. I knew she would feel too guilty not letting me go. After the voicemail finished Mom said, “Aww that was sweet of Mrs. Morris, wasn’t it?” Success, I wanted to high five myself. “Too bad you can’t go.”

I tried hard not to lose my temper, knowing this wouldn’t get me anywhere. “Please. Just for today and then I’ll start the program right after. It is my birthday.”
“Chris, it’s always the same story with you. We give you an inch and you somehow end up taking a mile. We are not backing down this time. We have let your wetting problem run our lives in this house for too long. We always backed out after every program didn’t work quickly enough for you. Me and your father have never really put our foot down about this, and look where that’s gotten us. We are not changing our minds about any of this, and if you don’t accept that, you will only make things harder for yourself. I will tell you what though honey. If you want I will take you and Marie today if Mrs. Morris already bought the tickets.”

Just an hour earlier and this would have been great news. With my painfully obvious diaper on, this did not sound like such a good plan. “But Marie’s gonna know I’m wearing a diaper.”

“Honey Marie’s known about your condition forever. I hardly think it would surprise her to find out that you were in a diaper. But I understand if you don’t want her knowing. Emily left us some new clothes for you though, for when you go out. She promised they would help hide your diapers.” I doubted it, not even the best magician could make these things disappear under clothes. “What do you say? Let’s try your clothes on and see how you feel after that.”

I tried arguing and Mom said she would take back her offer altogether if that was the route I wanted to go. As I tried making up my mind there was a knock at the door. ‘Shit, did Marie come over already’ She was always impatient about stuff. I instructed my Mom if it was Marie tell her she’d have to wait outside for now. I ran in the t.v. room and hid while listening.

I heard the door creak open. I heard my brat of a sister’s voice ring out “Hi!”

I listened as mom said “Hi Victoria, Hi Brittany. Victoria I thought I told you we needed you out of the house for the morning.”

I cringed, she brought her friend Brittany over. Sure mom could stop Victoria from telling the whole world about my secrets, but she was powerless over someone else’s kid.

“Yeah well we got bored and we wanted to play Wii, and besides it’s almost 12:00. Last time I checked that was afternoon. Duh.”

‘Dammit.’ I was in the room with our Wii in it and I did not have a way out without passing the front door. I waited for Mom to tell them to leave. Instead Mom told them to come in and I heard them walking towards the t.v. room. I yelled out, “Mom no please don’t let them come back here. Please don’t do this this!”

Mom yelled back to me, “Honey, we were going to tell Victoria when she got home anyway. There’s no point hiding it. And Brittany’s here all the time, she was going to find out sooner or later.”

With that the little twerp dashed into the room, “Hiding what? What’s he hiding?”

In a second Victoria was looking right and burst into laughter. She squealed out, “OH MY GOD! He’s wearing a diaper. He looks so silly! Brittany come look!” Brittany walked over and had a shocked look on her face. My face must’ve been redder than a lobster.

I grabbed a pillow from the couch and put it in front of my diaper. “MOM! Tell Victoria to stop and to go away!”

“It’s about time they put you back in diapers. What a cute wittle baby brudda I got.”

Mom said, “Victoria Ann! You know you’re not allowed to tease your brother about his condition. You wouldn’t like it if he teased you about your acne.”

“Yeah, but at least I have problems appropriate for my age, unlike some people in this room.” Victoria giggled.

“Knock it off right now young lady. Your brother is wearing diapers as a part of a program to treat his wetting problem. I will not tolerate any more teasing or you can go to your room and I’ll drive Brittany home.” I could tell she was ready to make another poke at me, but she stayed silent. “Now I expect you to treat your brother with respect about this, but I do not want this to be a punishment for you too, so I’m not going to stop you from having friends over just because your brother wears diapers. But Brittany, I also expect you to not go spreading word about this, okay?” Brittany silently nodded still seeming startled by the whole situation. “Alright then, you girls have fun. Me and your brother will give you some privacy.”

‘Oh gee how considerate of you to give them some privacy. I guess mine doesn’t matter.’ And I pondered what did she mean by a punishment for her too? Was this really a punishment? Well it definitely felt like one, but I thought it was intended to help me. As me and my mom walked into the other room I heard Victoria and Brittany laughing, I was sure it was about me.

Mom asked what my decision was in regards to Seven Banners. I figured I’d try one more time. “Please can’t I just go without wearing a diaper? This way Mrs. Morris can just drive and you don’t get stuck there all day being bored. Doesn’t that sound better?”

“Honey I made my offer and it is my only one. Take it or leave it. Besides after what happened a few weeks ago I don’t exactly trust Mrs. Morris’s supervision. I had to come pick you up because you and Marie got too drunk and high, and you two did that right under her nose. Don’t think I’m not still upset about you soaking the car on the ride home. An accident is an accident, but when it’s because you were too wasted, well that is not something I am going to tolerate young man. Me and your father are not happy about you getting high and drunk.”

‘Really? I thought she would’ve let that go by now. Besides I’m almost in college, is it really that big of a deal?’

“So what is it? We better get going soon if we’re going.”

I realized I was not getting my way, not yet at least. Mom would come round sooner or later. But rather than waste my birthday fighting I decided to try to make the best of it. I let out a drawn out, “Ugh, fine.” I said I would try the clothes on.

Mom walked over to the second bin and opened it, “Hmm let’s see if they got the clothing order right.” She moved some items around as she looked through. “Yep it looks right.” She then pulled out a big looking light blue t-shirt with “WP” on the front in bubble letters. ‘Great. Now I’ll never forget I’m in We Potty.At least no one will know what it stands for.’ Then she pulled out a pair of beige shorts that were also bigger than my normal size. Last she pulled out a tank top that had an extra flap in the front at the bottom with buttons on it. It didn’t take me long to realize it was a onesie, just like babies wore, only much bigger.

“Um, I’m not wearing that, I’ll just try the t-shirt and jeans.”

“Honey when I spoke to Trudy on the phone she said they are important for making your diapers less noticeable when we go out. They hold everything closer to your body so you don’t look so puffy down there. Also if your diaper gets wet and heavy, it won’t droop and you won’t get a diaper butt. They also help keep you leak free. If we’re going out you wearing the onesie is not a discussion.”


Mom walked over to me with the onesie and said “arms up.” I told her I’d put it on myself. “Does this really need to be a fight every step of the way? Now arms up.” I put my arms up and the onesie was slipped over my body. Mom pulled on it and she brought the flap in the front towards the back and clicked three snaps into place. It really compressed my whole diaper against my body. It especially pulled up on all of the padding which made me feel like I was being crushed down there. I got my shorts and t-shirt on, and walked over to a mirror. I was actually surprised to find that the diaper was not that obvious. There were still some bulges, but they were minor enough for me to not worry too much. It wasn’t my choice of outfit for sure, but it would have to do I guess. I knew my other clothes would not fit. I texted Marie the change of plans and said we’d be over soon.

Mom went over and grabbed a pink pocketbook out of one of the bins. It was really big and ugly, and I wondered why that came with my supplies. With the teddy bears and blocks on the bag it became apparent it was a diaper bag. I watched as she filled it up with diapers and other items. “Mom you’re not really taking that are you? Marie will know exactly what it is.”

“Well you’re diapers are not going to fit in my other bags. Besides I wouldn’t want to have a wet diaper sitting in one of my nice bags. And it’s not even an option for not bringing a diaper bag. It’s going to be a long day and it’s a long car ride. If you need a change, I am not going to take my chances at a repeat of that last clean up.” Mom looked at me as she stuck baby powder into the bag. “Alright I think we’re all ready then. I’m going to let your Dad know what’s going on and then we’ll leave.” I couldn’t imagine Mom changing my diaper at Seven Banners with Marie around if it came to that. I questioned if I was making the right choice.

Story is written by Stacylove92

We Potty Chapter 5

Story is written by Stacylove92

I looked up from the puddle surrounding my feet to see if Emily had noticed what happened. The look of pity on her face told me she probably saw the whole entire thing. I was so humiliated. I couldn’t believe I’d just helplessly wet myself right in front of her.

Dad started yelling, “Son of a bitch! You really did it now boy!” I only started crying more hysterically.

Emily stood up from the couch. She was motioning downwards with both arms. “Alright, alright, let’s settle down everyone. It’s clear that there’s a lot of built up tension here. We’re going to get all of this worked out. Let’s first get the puddle cleaned up and then we can move on with the program.”

Dad was still seething, but at least he wasn’t yelling anymore. Emily told him to get himself a glass of water and to bring back paper towels when he was done

“I am so sorry.” Mom was still apologizing to Emily. “I am just so mortified that all of this happened in front of you.” Mom shot me a dirty look as if I felt any different.

‘Oh yeah, cause I’m so thrilled about how this all turned out. I’m sure this is how everyone envisions their eighteenth birthday.’

Emily waved her hand with a flick of her wrist. “Please. Don’t be silly. The kids who aren’t in diapers to begin with never react well when they find out they’re being placed back in them. The little temper tantrum is practically to be expected.” She then said with a sideways glance towards me, “No matter how old the child is.”

Dad came back into the room and shoved a large wad of paper towels into my hands. I crouched down and let the paper towels soak up my spilled urine. There was still more pee on the floor after the paper towels were saturated. I threw them out in the kitchen garbage and returned with more, and then headed upstairs to change.

About four steps up I heard mom nagging, “Where do you think you’re going? We’re not done down here.”

“Just upstairs to change” I called back to her. Where else would I be going? I really had no more patience for dumb questions today.

I then heard Emily’s sweet, angelic voice. “Chris, come back down please. I promise we’ll have you all cleaned up soon. We just need you back down here for now.”

I really just wanted to change out of my wet clothes. They felt wet and clammy against my skin. But after such humiliation there was not much fight left in me, not for today at least. I just did as she asked. Besides, how could I say no to such a beautiful woman?

I went downstairs, took my phone out of my dampened pocket and put it onto the living room table. I didn’t want it to get water damaged like my last phone had.

Looking across the room I could see Emily taking the lid off of the bin. I knew every bit that there were diapers inside of it. I also knew just as well who they were intended for. I started to feel lightheaded.

Emily began speaking. “Initially I intended to explain the program in it’s entirety before we got to this point, but in light of what just happened I think it’s best if we move on with diapering Chris right now. I started getting tunnel vision.

I thought, “Okay, this is the part where I wake up and realize this was only some crazy nightmare.”

I was granted no such relief. Emily crouched down and reached into the bin. I watched like a deer caught in headlights. She pulled out something that looked like a really large, thick folded towel. She stood back up and unfolded it. She was like a game show model as she let the enormously oversized towel hang from one end and displayed it to everyone in the room. I was confused. I was expecting to see something like those goodnites I used to wear for vacations or when we stayed at family’s house.

“This is one of our 6-ply terry prefold cloth diapers. While Chris is wearing these I can guarantee there will be no more puddles to clean up. Emily looked over at me. “Chris do you see all of the stress and anxiety your accident just caused for you and your whole family?” I ignored her. “With that type of stress surrounding you, you’ll never learn to stay dry. I can assure you of that. Think how much easier that whole scene could have went if you were just wearing a diaper. There would have been no stress for anyone” Mom was fervently nodding her head.

Emily continued, “Cloth diapers have many advantages over disposables in regards to our program. Our primary concern is with keeping accidents inside the child’s diaper. This is the primary function of any diaper afterall. With cloth, the heavier a child wets, simply the more stuffers you add. Disposables are limited when it comes to this. And since I can see Chris is as heavy a wetter as you said, it looks like he will need a lot of stuffers.”

Emily pulled a mat from the bin and placed it on the floor. She then placed the cloth diaper down on it and flattened out any ridges. She slowly folded it a certain way while explaining it to Mom and Dad. She then reached into the bin and pulled out four smaller pieces of cloth that she laid on top of the diaper. I was guessing those were the “stuffers”. She asked me to come over to her. I just pretended like I didn’t hear her. This couldn’t really be happening anyway.

Emily started walking towards me. When she stopped in front of me her succulent lips were no more than mere inches from mine, even closer if you exclude her height advantage. She put her hand on my upper arm again and rubbed it up and down, in a consoling manner. I was absolutely frozen staring into those mesmerizing pools of icy, azure beauty. The whole room started getting brighter as if someone had turned up the lights.

As she started speaking to me my eyes stayed locked onto hers. “Come on. Let’s get you out of those icky, wet clothes. We’ll get you all cleaned up and in a nice, dry diaper. You’ll feel so much better after.” She paused and took her hand off of my arm. I broke eye contact. “There will always be things you don’t want to do in life, but sometimes you just gotta do them. So will you be a good boy for me Chris?” I still ignored her. She put her hand back on my arm and brought her face slightly closer to mine as she softly said, “Please.” I could feel her gentle, warm breath as it graced my face.

I knew she was just trying to work her feminine charm. But looking into those beautiful eyes, I somehow couldn’t resist. It was like I would be letting her down if I said no. Not really being sure what came over me, I decided I would just go along with this at least until she left. Dad did not like to be weak willed in front of others. Any more resistance in front of Emily would be a losing battle for me. I figured the most dignified thing I could do for myself at this point was go along with the charade until she left.

Emily gave me a bright, beaming smile. ‘I knew you were a good boy.” I blushed. It felt good to make Emily happy.

Emily cupped her hand around mine and we started walking across the room. I had never held hands with a girl before, except Marie once or twice. Okay, so this wasn’t exactly an ideal scenario, but still I was holding hands with an extremely attractive woman nonetheless. I hoped she couldn’t feel that my hand had gotten sweaty. She let go of my hand and I felt ashamed that I had just let her lead me across the room like a toddler.

Emily said, “Okay let’s get these wet, smelly pants off of you.” I was shocked when I felt her unclasp the button of my jeans. I looked down to see her hand on my wet crotch as she pulled down the zipper. Before I knew it my pants and boxers were down around my ankles in one fell swoop.

I was nearly completely naked in front of this beautiful woman and not to mention my parents as well. I immediately placed both hands over my genitals. Realizing my butt was exposed I placed my right hand over that to try to keep some dignity.

Emily patted the blanket on the ground, “Let’s go. Get your little bottom on your diaper.” She grabbed me by my left wrist removing my coverage. I saw her eyeing me down there and she smirked. I wondered how to interpret the smirk she made. After all she had called me handsome before.

Emily pulled me down by my wrist until I was lying on the diaper. I couldn’t believe how thick it felt, it was practically a pillow. It was actually pretty soft though at least. I tugged my shirt down to cover myself. I suddenly realized just how anxious and scared I was about her diapering me. There would be nothing modest about her diapering me. At least I’d have some pride left if I just did this myself. I’d talk to her and we’d get this worked out since we were both civil adults. “Look, Emily with all due respect, but you don’t need to do this for me. I can just go upstairs and do this myself. I won’t pull a fast one or anything like that. You have my word.”

Emily stuck out her bottom lip, “Aww I’m sorry. I know you’d be a good boy, but I gotta do this to show mommy and daddy the right way to put your diapers on you. All of your diaper changes are gonna be handled by your mommy, your daddy and me. This way you don’t gotta worry about that. You’ll already be working really hard on your potty training. And besides, pinning on cloth diapers is really hard. We don’t wanna overwhelm you.”

‘Gee, thanks for the consideration.’ Her comment about her doing my changes made me wonder when she would ever possibly be around again after today. Well it didn’t matter since I wouldn’t really be doing this anyway.

I watched as Emily pulled something out of the bin that looked sort of like a condom, except it had a hole in the front, and had two straps attached to it. She also took out a watch, which she then clicked closed onto my wrist.

She then held up the condom looking device. “This here is a sensor which detects fluid flows. This sensor will transmit a signal to the wireless alarm worn on Chris’s wrist every time he has an accident. When the alarm sounds he will then have to wait for one of you two to deactivate it. And don’t be fooled by its size, it is loud.”

As I was laying on the diaper I gasped and quivered as Emily grabbed me down there. My head was swimming. This was quickly interrupted with a pinching feeling as Emily slid the device onto me. I noticed it was rigid and felt tight. Emily then clipped the straps around to my back. This whole thing felt really uncomfortable and seemed like some medieval torture device.

“Now we can finish diapering Chris.”

I felt my dignity fly away as I looked up at the stunning beauty kneeling above me, knowing she was about to diaper me, like she had probably done to countless younger boys before me. My phone started ringing again. I sat up to answer the phone, but was pushed right down. “I need to answer my phone! It’s important!” Emily told me it could wait as she kept one hand pushed down on my chest.

I watched as Emily sprinkled baby powder over my crotch and into my diaper. She deeply inhaled and sighed. “Ahh I love that smell.” She put down the powder and told me, “butt up.”

I hesitated wondering whether or not to comply with this. Before I could decide Emily was pushing my legs and butt into the air with one arm while readjusting the diaper beneath me with the other. I felt completely emasculated. She then spoke softly, “Now hold still sweetie, this way I don’t stick you with the pins by mistake.”

Being absolutely petrified of needles I froze up stiff as a board. I felt so vulnerable, laying there, trying not to move a single muscle as Emily narrated her process of diapering me. Only when she brought the massive wad of cotton up between my legs did I fully realize how insanely thick these diapers were. Emily pulled from different areas as she held a pin in her mouth and then stuck it into place. She put another pin in her mouth, made some more adjustments, and stuck the pin into place on the other side. I started feeling trapped as this mound of padding was tightened around me. I began to fidget and I felt something sting my thigh. “Ow! That hurt!” My hand jerked to where I was poked.

Emily slapped my hand out of the way. “Oh hush, it doesn’t hurt that bad.”

‘Easy for you to say when you’re the one going round stabbing people.’

Before I knew it she was done. I thought how awkward and humiliating this diaper was to wear and there couldn’t possibly be anything worse. I couldn’t believe I had just let a woman not far from my age diaper me like I was a baby.

Emily then walked over to the bin and pulled out a pair of comically oversized granny panties, except they looked like they were plastic and had a belt around the waist. I guess comical isn’t the right word, because realizing they were intended for me was nothing to laugh about. I was told to get up and step into them. This was really going too far. I stood up. “Come on you can’t be serious. Aren’t these stupid things I’m wearing enough already.”

Emily replied to me, “Well without your plastic panties your tinkles would still leak everywhere and that’s not any good, now is it? Once we get these on you, the only place your tinkles will go is in your diapers or hopefully even the potty.” Emily was smiling at me. I guess it was possible to be upbeat from the other side of this situation, but certainly not from my side.

I looked over at Mom and Dad. “Do I really have to?” Dad raised his eyebrows and it didn’t take long til I was stepping into the pants as Emily held them open for me. She then pulled them up over my diaper and I heard a click as she closed the belt. I wondered why the belt was necessary. With the way these things dug into my skin they seemed like they’d stay up just fine on their own.

Emily breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief. “That part is usually where the second temper tantrum comes. Putting that diaper on went a lot easier than I thought.” Mom chuckled.

I sort of felt ashamed I didn’t put up a fight about it. Being diapered by other adults was not how an eighteen year old should allow himself to be treated. Emily seemed smug about diapering me. I wanted to stick my tongue out at her and tell her that once she left, I’d just convince my Mom and Dad to let me take them off, and as a last resort I’d just take them off myself. But I knew it was best to just go along with this for now.

Emily instructed me to sit back down on the couch with her. “Okay I’ll be right there. I’m just going to get my sweat pants on.” I was questioning if my sweat pants would actually even fit over this thing. Emily told me again to sit down and said we would get around to that. I told her there was no point in me waiting to get my sweat pants on.

Emily’s calm, cheery demeanor momentarily began to fade. She spoke quickly, “Christopher, sit down now. From here on in when I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it. The same goes for your parents. It is one of our philosophies at We Potty that obedience is the cornerstone of successful potty training. Your lack of obedience which you have so clearly displayed to me, is absolutely connected with your lack of potty training which you have also so graciously displayed. Any future lack of obedience will be met with unfavorable consequences. Do I make myself clear?” I gulped. I nodded my head yes. Annoyingly cheery Emily was not starting to look so bad at this point.

The storm clouds dissipated and the blaring sun shone back through. Emily smiled, clapped her hands and said “Okay good now let’s sit down and I will explain everything.” I grudgingly walked over to the couch feeling like a toddler in just a diaper and t shirt. I noticed I had to adjust my gait as I headed over to the couch. I was waddling with all of this padding between my legs. Mom was smiling as she looked over at me, thankfully Dad was not paying attention. This was awkward. I sat next to Emily, with my actual butt several inches up off the couch cushion.

Emily looked over to Mom and Dad, “Now Sarah, did you explain our program to Jack yet, or will this be the first time he is hearing about it?”

Mom replied, “I told him all about it. But you know how men are, this might be the first time he actually hears it.” Mom chuckled and Dad rolled his eyes.

“Well either way, I’ll get on with explaining how our program works. So first off Chris, just because you are in diapers all the time now is no excuse to not use the potty. If anything, your diapers should make you try even harder to use the potty, because once you are completely dry and clean, you can say bye bye to your stinky diapers once and for all. So any time you think you have to go potty at all, your job is to get mommy, daddy or me if I’m babysitting you, as quickly as you can, and we will unlock your plastic panties.” She looked over to Mom and Dad, “Chris will not be able to remove his plastic panties until you have unlocked them from the We Potty app on your phones.”

I panicked and fiddled with the plastic panties seeing if I really couldn’t take them off. Unfortunately Emily was not lying. They would not budge.“This isn’t fair! Why do they have to lock?” I came up with a good point. “How am I supposed to make it to the bathroom in time if I can’t just go right away?”

“That is a good question. Well Chris, we found that most children can’t be trusted to willingly wear their diapers. When children are placed back in diapers it is natural for them to have the impulse to remove them. It has been engrained into them that diapers are bad and only for babies. But in reality diapers are for anyone who can’t control their bladders or bowels. Many children would rather remain ignorant to the fact that while they are still wetting and soiling themselves they need the protection diapers provide. It’s kind of silly if you ask me.” As far as I was aware no one was.

Emily continued, “While we cannot make you willingly wear your diapers, we can get you to keep them on whether you like it or not. And as for making it to the potty on time, we can’t expect you to know this, but grown ups who are potty trained can hold it for a while before they actually have to get to the bathroom. An extra minute or two is not lots of time to wait. This will help you learn to give yourself more time to go. ” She turned to Mom and Dad, “This ultimately helps them learn to anticipate using the bathroom, rather than it being a last second scramble. Also the waiting period is beneficial to increasing bladder volumes.”

She continued, “So once your panties are unlocked, someone will undo your top pins and you can use the potty.” She turned to Mom and Dad. ‘It is important that you stay in the bathroom with him and lock the door behind you. I am going to install new door knobs on your bathroom that can only be locked or unlocked from the We Potty app. This way if someone gives a fuss about their diaper going back on, nobody is going anywhere until it goes back on. For the more strong willed ones there are other coercion factors.”

I questioned if there were really other “coercion factors”. Either way this was not going good. It was starting to look like me getting out of diapers was completely dependent on my ability to convince Mom or Dad to let me out of them.

“Now some programs reward for successful toiletings. However we do not see any point in rewarding an already expected behavior. We find that negative results for failing to display a behavior works much better. We exploit this in several ways. This is the reasoning for using the alarm. This will immediately alert the child to an accident they may not normally be so quickly aware of. The alarm is very loud and will be bothersome for the child, encouraging them to not set it off. Originally we used normal bedwetting alarms, but we encountered difficulty with children simply pulling them out of their diapers. This is why we designed a more secure model. The alarm sensor which I strapped on and the watch are both only unlocked through the app. However there is no reason to ever remove them throughout the program. Another benefit of the alarm is it doubles as one of our coercion factors. If Chris is ever non-compliant with getting his diaper back on either of you can trigger his alarm and leave it on until he is cooperative. While it will be unpleasant for everyone, it usually does not take long to get the trainer to submit.”

I was questioning what I had gotten myself into for stupidly going along with this.

She then looked at me, “Now I know you’ll try very hard to keep that noisy alarm from going off, but I know accidents are still going to happen. So when you set off your alarm, your job is to squeeze as tight as you can, and then run to the bathroom and wait for somebody to come and shut off your alarm.” She then turned to my parents, “Once Chris’s alarm goes off you will both receive an alert on your phones just in case you don’t hear it, which I really don’t think is possible.”

Mom elbowed Dad in the side, “With his hearing, the alerts are probably a good thing.” Dad rolled his eyes. I don’t know how Mom never caught on to the fact no one shared her sense of humor. Even Emily only acknowledged Mom’s jokes with a polite smile.

“Well however you are alerted to Chris’s accident, you will then proceed to the bathroom, and once you are there you will deactivate the alarm and unlock the panties, both from the app.”

I objected to her calling them panties. I had let it slide one too many times. Emily replied, “Oh hush, does it make a difference what I call them? They are what they are. Now as I was saying, at this point Chris will try to use the bathroom, even if he has already completely emptied his bladder.” She turn turned to me, “We don’t want to scare you off from using the potty like a big boy though, so every time you tinkle in the potty the alarm will stay quiet.” She then turned to my parents, “I will be installing a blocking device on the toilet, which will prevent the alarm from triggering. You two will also have the option to place the alarm in a non-responsive mode when you are out in public with Chris. We also understand there are times when the alarm is inconvenient, such as when someone in the house is sick, and it is best for everyone for the alarm to be silenced. This does not go against the philosophy of our program as we incorporate so many other motivating factors into being potty trained.”

I was starting to get really frustrated. ‘Motivating factors my ass’. I spoke up, “None of this makes any sense. I wish I didn’t have this problem. You don’t need to make me want to be dry, I already do!”

Without delay Emily was ever ready with a response. “All of the kids in our program say they want to be dry and clean, just like you. But once all medical problems have been completely ruled out, we find it is really just about trying hard enough. What else could it really be besides that? And you were sitting here when your Mom and I just discussed all of the tests you had that showed your body works fine. We have found time after time, once a trainer is approved a good fit for our program, strong motivation, along with other techniques will get them trained.” Emily’s logic was completely twisted, but I found it hard to argue with. She would make a good politician.

“Where was I? Oh yes, after Chris is done trying to use the potty, you will pin his wet diaper back into place. We strongly emphasize changes do not necessarily take place after accidents. If a child has to sit around in a wet diaper after they have an accident, they will try even harder next time to keep their diaper dry. This is especially true with cloth, as they do not provide any illusion of dryness like disposables do. This is one of the main reasons why we use cloth. However I will be leaving you with a small supply of disposables, only to be used if you determine them to be absolutely critical in a circumstance. Really do try your best to stick strictly to cloth.”

Mom shook her head, “It’s going to take some adjusting, we always used disposables, but me and Jack are completely devoted to your guidance.”

Emily smiled, “Aww I’m glad to hear that. Thank you.”

Mom replied, “No thank you”, to which I replied ‘Just shoot me now.’

“We also encourage you to do your best to maintain a schedule of only three changes a day. Once a change is complete, Chris will be responsible for placing his soiled diaper in the diaper pail. He will also be responsible for washing his diapers every other day.” She then turned to me, “Be a good boy and do your wash when you’re supposed to. If you forget to do your wash and you don’t have any clean diapers to change into, you’ll have to sit around in your icky, smelly diaper til you get the rest clean.” I shuddered at the thought.

“Now since Chris’s toileting and diapering is now beyond his authority, it is critical he always be under the supervision of one of you two, or myself. Usually we have to assign authorizations for a school nurse, but this won’t be necessary since he has graduated high school.”

I almost lost it at the prospect of losing such a basic priveledge. But I kept my cool and used it as another opening. I was starting college in the fall. I was going to major in civil engineering just like Dad, which I thought would make him proud. I knew this dumb program would not even go on until that point, but still, I had a valid point, “Dad, what about when I start school? We shouldn’t let this program interfere with me going to college.”

Before Dad could even say anything Mom butted in. “Sweetie it is not this program that is interfering with you starting school. It is your wetting problem that is interfering. I’d hate to tell you, but I don’t think your professors would be as patient or understanding about your accidents as your teachers were. And it’s not like you can just run down to the nurse’s office and be excused anymore. It just doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.”

Emily added onto this, “That’s awesome you wanna go to school, but you can think of it as another reason to get dry. Think of all the good stuff that will come once your potty trained. You can finally start college, you can finally be alone again without someone watching you, and you can get big boy undies again! How great is that!” I thought how these were all things I had until she showed up. Emily continued, “But until then you’ll just have to deal with the consequences of your accidents.” Emily finished her speech about the terms of my punishment and asked if anyone had any questions.

“Can I go get my pants on now?”
“Oh yeah, about that. We don’t allow our trainers to wear pants around the house. That would help hide the fact that you are working on potty training, which is something you need to remain aware of. And you know what they say, out of sight out of mind. So no you cannot go get your pants on.”

I solaced myself that Emily would soon be gone and I could then convince my parents how absurd this all was. It was not long before Emily went out and grabbed another bin from the van and brought it in. She then did some work on the bathroom. Dad offered to help her, but she said she didn’t need it. After about five minutes, Emily exchanged goodbyes with my parents and then walked back over to me still sitting on the couch.

Emily told me to stand up which I did, knowing the quicker I did the sooner she’d be gone. I momentarily made eye contact with her, before looking down and my diaper came into my field of vision. I looked to the side to avoid eye contact with both annoyances. Emily tousled my hair. “Now you be a good boy for me while I’m gone okay Chris? I don’t want to hear you’ve been naughty. Can you do that for me?” I blushed and nodded my head yes. “Good, I knew you were a good boy.” Emily patted the backside of my diaper a few times, “I look forward to seeing you again.” I blushed even harder, not sure whether to feel more embarrassed or thrilled at the positive attention from such a hot woman. With that she was gone.

I woke up this morning perched at the very crest between childhood and adulthood. I had been poised, ready to soar off into being a full fledged grown up.With a thick, fluffy diaper strapped around my hips, today felt like nothing more than a failure to launch.

I walked over to my phone and listened to a voicemail Marie left for me. “Hey birthday boy! You must be sleeping late cause you were supposed to be here by now. I wanted this to be a surprise, but my mom is taking us to seven banners today. If you get this get ready and text me! Either way I’m coming over soon to get your sleepy head up.

Story is written by Stacylove92

Jody’s New Job Chapter 6

Story written by neverdry.

Dr. Wells and Kim watched Jody on Susan’s iPhone.  The camera they had put in the far corner of the bedroom was working perfectly.  They both laughed when little Jody kicked the closest door. They watched the naked girl open all the drawers on the dresser and found them empty. They could see her peeking around looking at  them. She looked like a child that got sent to her room for being bad and was scared to come out.

Jody peeked around the doorway again.  Not really knowing what she was going to do, she slowly walked out into the hallway. Jody spotted her suitcases on the floor. ‘I’m leaving’ her mind was made. She walked towards her suitcases.

Susan turned off the video feed and waited for Jody. Jody slowly and quietly walked into the kitchen. Once Susan figured Jody was close she said, “Well I guess I should go see if I can find another employee.” Susan pushed her chair out and stood.

Jody heard her stopped in her tracks. She looked at Dr. Wells and without thinking she blurted out,  “No please. Dr. Wells i’m sorry.”

Susan turned and crossed her arms. “Excuse me. Did you say something?”

Jody standing naked on the kitchen floor,  lowered her head. “I said, I’m sorry.”

Susan did not move. She kept her arms crossed and tried to put on a angry face. “You’re sorry! Sorry for what? Maybe you should just get your things and leave.”

Jody picked her head up. She looked at her suitcases again. Where would she go back to the factory, she so wanted to get out of. She had went to night school for a reason. That reason was to get a better job.  “No please. I really want to work for you. I’m sorry for acting the way I did,”

“I don’t know,” Susan shook her head a few times.” I’m not sure what I should do.”

Kim spoke up. “Susan, give her another chance. I’m sure she will be better behaved now. Isn’t that right Jody?”

“Yes. I promise. Please, I don’t want to go.” Jody pleaded.

Susan looked at Kim. “Give her another chance? I don’t know.  She’s only been here 5 hours and as peed in her pants twice. I know 3 years old that don’t do that.”

Kim stood and walked over to Jody, placing her arm around her. “I’m sure that was just fluke. Right Jody?”

Jody looked up at Kim, then at Dr. Wells. “It was. It won’t happen again.” Jody felt smaller and smaller by the second. She felt like a little kid again.

Susan shook her head. “I don’t know. I’m not sure you can be trusted. If you start working for me on Monday, I’m I going to have to worry about you peeing in your pants in front of my patients? ”

“No. I promise. I won’t.”

“Let’s give her one more chance.” Kim said, pulling Jody closer.

Susan placed her hand on her chin, like she was thinking things over. She waited a few seconds. “Prove it then. Go sit on the potty. Prove to me that you can pee on the potty.”

Jody was not sure what to do. She turned at look down the hallway. That stupid potty. I hate it. “I…I..don’t like that thing. It’s too big.”

“Well then, I guess you should get your suitcases and leave. I will just find someone else that wants to work for $25.00 a hour.” Susan said, having a very hard time tying not to break a smile.

“$25.00 a hour. I thought it was $23.00.”

“It was $23.00, but Kim and I talked and thought that it should be $25.00”

Jody’s head was spinning. $25.00 a hour? Jody started doing the math in her head. 25×8=200, 200×5=1000. That’s $1000.00 a week. That’s twice as much as she was making in the factory. “Please, Dr. Wells I will do anything. I really want to work for you.”

“You will, will you. Then show me. Show me  that you’re  a big girl that can go pee pee on the potty.” Susan could not contain herself. She had to cover her mouth with her hand. Kim was almost in tears from holding back her laughter.

Jody again looked down the hallway. Kim had pulled her arm from Jody’s shoulders. Jody slowly started to walk towards the bathroom. She had to find a way to get up on that stupid big potty. Jody made it  to the doorway of the bathroom. She stopped when she saw the potty. Come on, you can do this. Find a way. Her feet would not move. Come on, just get up on that. Her hand reached out and grabbed the doorframe. Just walk up there and find a way to get up on that stupid thing. Jody heard something and turned. Dr. Wells and Kim stood behind her.

“Well. What are you waiting for?” Susan said sternly.

Jody looked back into the bathroom. The potty seemed to grow bigger. Jody lowered her head in defeat. “I…I..can’t”

“You can’t? Well isn’t this just great. My new employee can’t use the big bad scary potty. So  are you just going to pee in your pants like a little baby then?”

“Nooo. It’s just….” Jody had no words. She started to cry once again.

“Susan leave the little girl alone. Come here sweetie.” Kim said, bending down holding her arms out.

Jody took her hand off the doorframe and ran into Kim’s open arms. Jody cried a little harder   as Kim wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly.

“I can’t have someone working for me that cannot use the potty like a big girl.”

Kim picked up naked Jody and sat her on her hip. Jody placed her face in Kim shoulder. “Shhhh. Shhh. It’s okay Jody.” Kim said, bouncing little Jody on her hip. “Come on Jody, let’s find you some clothes.” Kim took Jody into her bedroom.

Susan finally got to  smile as she watched Kim take naked Jody back to her room. Good cop. Bad cop. That maybe just worked. Susan quickly walked back to the kitchen and opened the video feed on her iPhone.

Kim placed Jody on the bed. “Honey stop crying. Do you really wait to stay?”

Jody stood on the bed. She did want to stay, but Dr. Wells seemed so mad at her. “I do. I really do.” she managed to say between sobs.

“Okay. We are going to have to find away to prove to Dr. Wells that you want to stay. How can we do that?”

Jody thought for a few seconds, but didn’t know. “I don’t know.”

Kim held Jody by her arms. “Well for starters, you have to stop peeing in your pants?

“I know. It’s just that stupid big potty. I….I…can’t use it.”

“You’re scared of the big potty aren’t you baby?”

Jody’s 22 year old mind did not want to admit that she was scared, but the fact was, she really was scared. It was so big. “A little.”

Susan held back the smiles. “I think more then just a little scared. Right? It’s so big and scary it’s it.”

Jody nodded her head up and down. “Yes.”

“What if I got you a little potty to pee in. Do you think you could use that?”

Jody’s eyes opened wide. “A little one?”

“Yes baby. A little potty for you to go pee pee in. Do you think you could use that?”

Jody wiped some tears from her face and even smiled just a little. “I know I can.” Kim was being so nice. I can pee on the potty. Just not that stupid big one. “Where is it?”

“I will get it. First, sit down on your bum.” Jody quickly sat down. “Good girl. Let me get you some clothes to wear.” Kim let go of Jody and took a couple steps back.

When Jody sat down on the bed she  heard the plastic sheet crinkle. She waited for Kim to turn around and then Jody pushed her hand down into the bed. ‘Crinkle, crinkle.’ It sounded like there was a garbage bag underneath the sheets. Jody’s mind traveled back in time to when she was a child. She had been a bedwetter up until she turned 12. This plastic sheet,  made the same sound her’s had. A flurry of memories flood her brain.  Almost every morning her mother would strip her pjs and take the wet sheets to be laundered. Listening to the sheet crinkle was almost putting Jody mind returned to being 11. She could hear her mother’s voice in her head.  “Don’t worry baby. You will stop wetting your bed soon.”

Kim reached up and unlocked the closest doors. Kim knew exactly what she was going to be getting for Jody. She grabbed a pair of Superundies training pants they had purchased from Rearz and a pink night shirt. Kim closed the closest doors and locked them. Walking back over to Jody, she noticed Jody pushing on the bed. Kim could hear the plastic sheet beneath.

Kim placed the pink and white superundies on the bed. She held up the pink night shirt. “Arms up.”

Jody stopped making the plastic sheet crinkle and put her hands over her head. “Why is there a plastic sheet on this bed?” Jody asked.

Kim fed Jody’s arms into the shirt and then pulled it down over her head. Kim picked Jody up, lifted her over the railing and stood her on the floor. “That’s because Susan’s niece is a bedwetter and she comes to stay. Are you a bedwetter?” The truth was,  Susan’s niece was 16  and was never a bedwetter.

“NO.” Jody said proudly. “So is that why the bed is like it is?”

Kim smiled. “Of course. Did you think we just got this bed for you silly?”

It did not occur to Jody that this room was for someone else. With the money she was going to be making, she  was just staying here until she got her own place.  Jody blushed, “Uhmm. No.” Some how knowing that this bed was not really for her and the thought of getting her own place soon, calmed all the memories that had flooded mind. Jody was all more at ease.
Kim grabbed the superundies and held them out in front of Jody. “Right foot.” Kim placed the superundies over her right foot. “Left foot.” Kim fed the superundies over her left foot and then pulled them up over Jody’s waist. Perfect fit.

Once Kim pulled them up, Jody could tell right away, that they were not regular panties. Jody lifted up her pink night shirt and looked down at the superundies. They were pink in the middle and  white along the sides. They puffed out a lot. Jody pressed in the middle of her new panties.

“What are these?” Jody asked, still poking at them.

Kim could not believe how little Jody looked, holding up her shirt, showing off her new training pants. “Dr. Wells will really like them Jody. I think you should run out there and show her.”

Jody poked the training pants a few more times. “But…they feel weird.”

“Well they look absolutely great on you. I see many girls that wear panties almost exactly like these. These are going to show Dr. Wells that you really want to stay here. Now hurry, run out to the kitchen and show Dr. Wells.”

Dr. Wells had seem very upset with her. If she was going to work for her, she needs to find someway to please her. “You really think she will like these?”  Jody had never babysat before. She had wanted to when she was younger but every time she would get a call and go meet the parents, they would  see her and they would say things like. ‘Oh my daughter is bigger then you.’ or ‘I don’t think you can handle it just yet.’ So Jody had never seen anything like these training pants before.

“Jody, I promise she will. I bet she will even let you have the ice cream from earlier.”

Jody let her shirt go. Ice cream did sound good.  The pink shirt barely covered her training pants. Jody took a couple small steps. The panties felt a lot  different then anything she had worn before. They were thick between her legs and they made a little noise when she moved. Kim took Jody’s hand gently in her’s.

Susan was so excited watching Kim get Jody into the training pants. She really thought it would take at least a week before that would happen. Susan turned off the video feed on her iPhone. She looked up and watched as little Jody walked down the hallway, looking more like a 4 year old then ever.

Kim stopped Jody just before they entered the kitchen. She bent down and whispered in Jody’s ear. “You need to run up to Dr. Wells and apologize. Give her a big hug. Okay?” Kim let go of Jody’s hand. Jody hesitated for a second, then took off running towards  Susan.

“I,m sorry.” she said weakly.

Susan pushed her chair out and took Jody lightly by both arms. Jody’s night shirt rose up a little and Susan  could she the pink and white superundies. “I,m sorry also Jody. I know that it’s been a long week and big day for you.” Susan pulled Jody close and wrapped her arms around her. Susan and Jody  hugged.

Kim went to the freezer and took out the bowl of ice cream. She grabbed a spoon from the drawer.  “Dr. Wells. Do you think Jody could have her ice cream now?”

Susan stopped hugging Jody and placed her hands on her shoulders. “I think so. Do you want some ice cream?”

“Yes please.” Jody said.

Susan turned Jody around and pulled her up onto her lap. Kim set the bowl down in front of them and handed Susan the spoon. Susan dug the spoon  into the ice cream. She brought the spoon up,  full of ice cream. Jody leaned back into Susan. “I can do it.” Jody said. Jody was not happy when Dr. Wells sat her on her lap. She was really not pleased that Dr. Wells was gong to feed her.  “Can I sit in my own chair?”

Susan let out a big breath. “I don’t think so! You can’t manage to go pee on the big  potty. How can I trust that you will not have ice cream all over?”

The question stunned Jody. The thought of that stupid big potty, got Jody all flustered. “I…I.I… can pee in the potty.” Jody turned a little so she could see Kim. Pointing her hand at Kim she said, “She said she was going to get me a little potty.”

“A little potty. What’s this all about?” Susan said, pushing the spoon full of ice cream into Jody’s mouth. Jody was so consumed with the potty that when the spoon reached her mouth it opened.

Kim walked over from cleaning up the kitchen. “What’s this about a potty?”

Jody swallowed the ice cream. “You….You said you were going to get a little potty.”

Kim acted surprised, “I did? When did I say that?”

Susan put another spoonful of ice cream in Jody’s mouth. Jody had to wait and swallow. “In….In the bedroom.”

“The only thing I remember saying about the the potty was that you are very scared of the big potty.”

Susan had another spoonful of ice cream in Jody’s mouth. This time Jody  did not swallow all the ice cream before she started to say, “Buuu. Ooo saith I couth uoos a wittle pothy.” Ice cream ran down Jody’s chin and dripped on her night shirt.

As fast as Susan could,  she placed another spoonful in Jody’s mouth. Jody was getting upset. How could she not remember telling her about getting a little potty for her? Jody watched as Kim turned and walked away. “Hey, you said it. You said you were getting me a little potty.”

Kim returned with a wet cloth. “Susan, do we even have a little potty?” Kim took the wet cloth and wiped Jody’s chin. Jody tried to bat it away, but failed.

“Not that I know of Kim.” Susan said, placing another spoonful of ice cream in Jody’s mouth as soon as Kim took the cloth away from Jody’s face.

Jody placed her hands in her lap hard. “You did!” she said, just before more ice cream entered her mouth.

Susan set the spoon down and slid her chair out from the table. She pulled Jody’s legs around so that they were crossed her lap. Placing her arm around Jody’s back, Jody laid back into it. “Sweetie, stop worrying about the potty.” Susan slowly lifted Jody’s night shirt up, exposing her training pants. “This is why Kim put you in these new panties.”

Jody looked down at the puffed out panties that she had on. “What do you mean?”

Susan placed her hand on the front of the training pants. “These will help if you can’t use the potty.”

Jody finally realized what she was wearing. She was wearing something like a diaper. They were not diapers, but pants for people who wet themselves. Like pull-ups she has seen on TV.   She turned her head into Susan’s chest. “I don’t need these.” Jody said, before she started to cry.

Susan holding Jody, stood from her chair. She walked carrying her down the hallway. “If you don’t need them, then proof to me that you can use the potty.” Susan stood in the doorway of the bathroom. Jody slowly lifted her head and turned. When she saw the big potty she quickly buried her face back into Susan’s breast. “That’s what I thought.” Susan said, turning and taking Jody into her bedroom.

Susan pulled back the covers and place Jody on the bed. She pulled the covers up over Jody. “Don’t worry about the big scary potty baby. Just have a good sleep.” Susan kissed Jody on the forehead and walked out.  Turning the light out and closing the door behind her.

Story written by neverdry.

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016Happy new year you guys. ^_^ Hope you enjoy Hunter giving a new year dance to celebrate the new year.

Hunter the baby werelupe © Neopups
Lupe © Neopets

Draw by Coshi_Dragonite

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18672604/

Yes it sure looks like this cub knows how to dance on the New Year’s Eve.

Training pants wet – XTube

Training pants wet powered by XTube

Video uploaded by yellow_owl on XTube.

Looks like this diaper boy is not ready for some training pants yet. It seems like he had some big wet accident in his pants.

Wounder what it is for type of music in the background?

John’s Regression Part 11 to 12

The story is written by abdl5622

Chapter 11

We walked through the crowd of people. “It feels so nice to have a dry diaper on, it is not clammy or cold. Just a nice soft thick pair of underwear” I thought to myself as we approached the food court.

“What do you want from the hot dog place?”
“Cheese dog and cheese fries”

My mom the went to order the food and we then went to go find a table.

“How are you liking the mall?”

“It is alright. I am not a fan of crowds”

“Oh, whenever you are scared just remember that I am right by your side”

“Thanks mom” I said as I sat down with a crinkle and we began to eat but before we did my mom put a napkin in the neck of my shirt, similar to a bib.

“This is so you wont make such a mess of yourself”

“Seems fair” I said while grabbing my food as I began to eat. “Yum, I love cheese” I thought as I consumed the hot, dog and fries, getting it all over myself in the process.

“That was good thanks mom” I said as I licked my fingers.

“It looks like you got more on you then in you” she said as she began cleaning my face off.

We both laughed as she finished cleaning me up.

“Now to the pharmacy”

We pushed through the crowds of people until we reached the CVS. My mom grabbed a cart and we went straight for the diaper isle.

“See baby, lots of people have similar issues to you” she said while pointing at the adult diaper area.

We then arrived at the baby diaper area. “I still cannot believe I fit into these. I mean they were designed for babies” I thought as my mom looked through the different packages.

“Hmm… ah there are pampers size 6, hmm.. there are some little swimmers here to. I guess it couldn’t hurt to have both” she said as she put two large packages of pampers and a small pack of little swimmers in the cart. She also got some more baby powder, cream and wipes.

“I need a few more things while we are here” she said while heading over to the stomach issue isle. She soon came back with a couple small boxes of medication.

“All ready to go” she said as we went to pay and left the store.

We began walking to the exit, and as we did I felt a familiar warm stream hitting the front of my diaper and traveling down between my legs. “Well the dryness was nice while it lasted” I thought to myself as we arrived at the car and loaded it up and left for home.

When we arrived I was a little tired but I would be fine.

“Do you want a little snack baby?” she asked. I was a little hungry, so I said

“Sure” She then handed me a peeled banana which I happily ate.

“You want to go nap for a bit baby? You really enjoyed it yesterday”

“I am feeling more tired than before. Perhaps another nap would be good” I thought.

“Sounds like a plan” I said as I went upstairs and got into my sheets. I put my thumb in my mouth and closed my eyes.

I awoke to a strange feeling in my mouth. Instead of my thumb, I was sucking on a rubbery bulb. I popped it out of my mouth.

“Is this a…”

“Pacifier” my mom said from behind me.

“I noticed that you usually suck your dirty thumb when you sleep. Think of all the germs on it and where it has been. So, I thought that it might be nicer to suck on a clean pacifier”

I thought about it for a second, “A pacifier… really… well it is nicer than sucking on my thumb. But, still it is a pacifier. Wait why would a pacifier be the solution?” I thought.

“I don’t know”

“It would put my mind at ease if you used it instead of your dirty thumb”

“Only for you mom”

“Thanks baby. Now how about some cheesy rice?”

“Sounds good”

We sat down for dinner and ate.

“I really should put a bib on you” she said in a joking voice while noticing the mess I was making.

“Maybe you should feed me while you’re at it” I joked back.

“Maybe I should” she said with a grin on her face.

We finished up and as usual my diaper was soaked by the end of dinner.

“Lets get you changed and into your pajamas”

I followed her upstairs and got changed into a nice thick dry pair of diapers. The soft mass between my legs felt normal now. Like it belonged there. I then got into my sleeper and went up to my bedroom.

“Maybe you should go to be early tonight. You have been getting tired during the day a lot”

“Maybe I would not need a nap then” I thought.


“I will be up in a second to tuck you in”

I got into bed and my mom followed. She carefully tucked me in and gave me my fuzzy friend. She then pulled out the pacifier and looked at me for approval. I thought about it for a second and eventually gave in. I nodded and opened my mouth to have it filled with the rubber of the pacifier. My mom smiled and gave me a loving kiss on the head.

“Goodnight baby” she said as she left the door cracked open. I began to suck on the pacifier. “I could get use to this. I wonder if anything else that babies do would be fun? I mean diapers are not so bad and the pacifier is nice. I could grow to enjoy being a baby” I thought to myself as I drifted off into a deep restful sleep while happily sucking on my new pacifier.

Chapter 12


I was jerked awake to the loud crackle of lightning. A pool of urine formed between my leg gatherers before slowly being absorbed. I looked at the clock, it was morning. “I hate rain.” I thought while happily sucking on my pacifier. “I am enjoying the pacifier though. Speaking of which, where did she get a pacifier? It does not matter I guess” I thought as I went downstairs to greet my mom.

“How is the pacifier?” she asked noticing it was still in my mouth.

Embarrassed I popped it out of my mouth and sheepishly said “It is nice”

She smiled and replied “You can suck on your pacifier all you want. It is not hurting anyone”


“Sure” I said as I sat down with a slosh and ate some eggs.

“Any plans for today baby?”

“Hmm… not really. Maybe watch some TV and play some games. How about you?”

“Probably just going to do some work in my office” she said as we both finished out plates.

I went upstairs and sat down with a slosh as she untaped my diaper.

“Shower first?”

“Yeah” I said as I got up to take a shower. First, I would attend to my usual business. However, I guess I did not have to go. I felt kinda full, but nothing would come out. “Odd, I usually always have to go at this time? Well I don’t feel like I did on Saturday so I guess I just don’t have to go today” I thought to myself as I got in the hot shower. “I love a nice hot shower. It is so relaxing” I thought as I dried off. I went to grab some of my new clothing that we had bought the other day. “I don’t know the last time I opened that drawer” I thought as I looked at my underwear drawer. I then went back to my mom’s room to get a fresh soft diaper.

“You forgot this downstairs” my mom said smiling while holding up the pacifier.

I blushed and got down on the mat.

“It would sure be easier to change you if I did not have to bend over like this”

“How did you manage it when I was younger?”

“You were raised up on a changing table. Come to think of it. It would make things a lot easier if we had one”

“You wouldn’t mind right?”

“Of course not. Where are we going to find one that can fit me?”

“I will look and see” my mom said while taping up the diapers and popping the pacifier in my mouth. I instinctively began to suck on it happily.

“Since it is such a rainy day, how about watching some TV with me?”

Excited, I nodded and we went downstairs.

“Let’s see what is on” my mom said flipping through the channels while I was happily sucking on my pacifier. I shook her arm gently when she flipped on Sesame Street.

“Alright. First I am going to get some drinks for us” she said as she went into the kitchen.

I lay on the couch happily in just a t-shirt and diaper, sucking on a pacifier. When my mom came back in and I looked to see what she brought in.

I spit out my pacifier and asked “Is that a bottle?”

“Oh well… Yes it is, so you do not spill while laying on the couch. Also, since you were enjoying your pacifier so much, I thought that you might enjoy this” she said nervously.

“I do enjoy my pacifier. But this is a baby bottle. Though I am pretty much a baby at this point so why not. I have enjoyed mostly everything being a baby has to offer. So, I might enjoy this” I thought to myself as I smiled and took the bottle from her hand.

“It is a great idea mom, thank you”

That made her very happy and she squeezed me between her arms and said “I love you”

“I love you too mommy”

With that she left the room to work in her office and I just lie their. I put the rubber nipple in my mouth

and began to suck. “This is nice” I thought as the warm milk entered my mouth. “This tastes kind of funny, maybe it is just the bottle” I thought as I happily sucked and watched Elmo’s face on the screen and a more yellow Elmo’s face on the front of my diaper.

I watched TV for about an hour before my stomach began feeling odd and making noises.

“What did I eat?” I said with a burp.

“It does not feel like anything other than gas though” I thought as I let out a fart.

After another hour and some more farts and burps, I could smell oatmeal and could feel that I would need to find a bathroom in a bit.

“Lunch is ready baby”

Popping out my pacifier, “Awesome”

I waddled in with my wet diaper between my legs when I saw it.

“Um… mom”

“Yes baby”

“Is that a…”

“Be careful what you wish for” she said with a chuckle.

In front of me stood a large wooden high chair.

“Dang I knew this would come back to bite me” I thought.

“A high chair” my mom finished.

“Remember last night when you said I should feed you”

“I thought you were kidding”

“Come on and play along. It would be fun. You have enjoyed the bottle and pacifier right?”

“Yeah, but this is another level”


Letting out a deep sigh I gave in and said “Only for you” with a defeated tone and then hearing a rumble in my stomach.

“Before we eat, can I go to the bathroom?”

“You are wearing it, and from the looks of it you already did go” she replied noticing the moderately wet state of my diaper.

“I do not have to pee” I said sheepishly.

“You know you can use your diapers for that if you want. Diapers were designed for that. If you want to fully use them, I do not mind, go right ahead”

“Thanks for the offer. But I would rather use the toilet”

“Are you sure? It would make things easier. You would not have to stop what you are doing to use the bathroom. You could play all day to your hearts content”

“Tempting as that sounds, I think I will still use a toilet for this”

“Okay, first how about we eat so that the food does not get cold. You can hold it until then right?”

“I suppose” I said being unsure of my answer as my stomach rumbled again.

She then gently picked me up and sat me with a slight squish onto the dark oak wood high chair.

“That’s a good baby” she said while putting the tray down and then securing the high chair with a click.

“What was that sound?” I thought as my mom put a bowl of oatmeal in front of me. I could not see my crotch or what clicked due to the tray.

“Now who is a hungry baby” she said while putting a bib on me.

“Where did she get a bib? Or the high chair for that matter?” I thought. I began to say something when my said “Here comes the plane” as she put a slab of oatmeal in my mouth.

“This is not that bad” I thought as she put another spoonful into my mouth. Though now I could feel the pressure building in my bowels becoming almost painful. “Maybe mom is right, it would be nice to not have to worry or deal with the pain” I thought as I swallowed another spoonful of oatmeal. Blarrrt, I let out a long fart that was muted by my thick pampers.

“I hope she did not hear that” I worryingly thought to myself as my mom just smiled. “At the same time, I would prefer to not sit in a pile of my own filth. Though, it was not so bad. Traumatizing, but sort of nice. But, completely disgusting. I will not mess my diapers” I thought as I made up my mind and took the last bite of oatmeal.

“Since you were so nice for humoring me, you can have some ice cream for desert” my mom said.

“Awesome, but first can you let me down and take off this diaper so I can go use the bathroom. It is becoming very urgent” I said in a certain degree of distress.

“Okay, baby” she said as she went down to release the latch.

“Hmm… it is stuck. I will have to get a screwdriver or something to get that open. I will be right back” she said as she left the room.

“Please hurry” I said, now becoming more desperate.

I could feel my bowels begin to move.

“I don’t know how much longer I can wait”

“You can always just relax and use your diapers” my mom said from the other room.

“Think of how much less stressful this would be for the both of us”

“Found the screwdriver”

“Please hurry. I am about the explode” I said in desperation

She soon came back in holding a flat head screwdriver. I was kicking my legs around at this point in desperation.

“It’s alright, everything is fine. I am here now just relax” my mother soothed.

I calmed down a bit and felt safe as she got down at my crotch and began to fiddle with the latch. I became relaxed, perhaps too relaxed because then all of the sudden, Blarrrrt. I was cutoff by a loud wet fart. “I cannot believe this is happening again” I thought as a tear began to form in my eye while I struggle to hold it. My mother noticing this stood up after being unsuccessful in trying to fix the latch.

“It’s okay baby, just relax and let it all out” she said while wiping the tear from my eye.

She wrapped her arms gently around me and I buried my head into her chest. Then I just let it happen. “Maybe I am a baby, mommy” I thought as I lifted my bum up as high as I could, which was only about half an inch, and began to grunt. I could feel the very solid mass begin to exit my rear. Pushing my butt cheeks wide apart, the log encountered the seat of the diaper and pushed against it causing it to tent out. Crackle, crackle, crackle, my diaper continued to expand until the log encountered the hard wood of the high chair.

Now it was stuck having no where else to go. I pushed and pushed tightening my grip on my mother as she gently stroked my head, my face was red from the grunting until the sticky warm log began to mushroom slightly and slid past to my crotch. Crinnkkle… Thump, the first log came to its resting place. I let out a nice sigh of relief but more was coming. I took in another deep breath and pushed. Plop, plop, plop, small firm little balls of mush started exiting my rear into the waiting confines of my diaper. Crinkle, my diaper continued to expand and pushed the warm load back into my rear and down into my crotch. Crinkle, plop, crinkle, plop. It felt like large, warm, squishy marbles were going between my legs the being caught by the leg guards. The entire time my mom was stroking my head and saying “There there, just let it all out baby”

Then I could feel a warm wet squishy log coming out. It felt like a soft serve ice cream was being made in my rear as the steaming log coiled in the seat of my diaper, squishing into my butt crack and pressing against the rest of my load and the high chair. Blaaarrrrttttt, I began expelling a slimy liquid mess and as it poured out my rear and through the cracks of the mess before flowing to my crotch, I began to wet my diaper to add to the mix. But finally I was done and the fowl stench of my deed began to spread throughout the room.

“All done?” my mother asked in a soothing voice.

I lifted my head from her breasts and nodded.

“It’s okay baby, no harm was done. Now how about some ice cream does that sound nice?”

I nodded again, still sniffling.

I moved my hand to the seat of my diaper to feel the damage. I placed it on the tented out softball size lump in the back of my diaper and could feel the bumpy steamy load that was resting there. I slowly began to sit back down onto the hard wood of the high chair and into my mess as it oozed into my crotch and scrotum. Squashing it against the leak guards and all over. I could smell the foul stench of the explosion that had gone off it my rear. It did not seem to phase my mom as she went to the freezer to get some ice cream. I moved my legs around a little, continuing to squash around the mess in order to get comfortable. “You know, maybe mom was right, this is not so bad. Other than the smell, the warm ooze felt sort of nice. Childish, but nice. However, I still cannot believe that this happened. It is the second time, it just happened all of the sudden I had to go. Maybe I am loosing control of that too…Also, since when does a high chair require a key to…” I thought to myself as I continued to squashed around in my mess before my mom interrupted my train of thought.

“Doing better baby?” my mom asked noticing the lack of tears.

I shrugged as my mom placed a bowl of ice cream in front of me and began to feed the cold tasty slush to me. “Well I guess I could get use to the poopy diaper situation. Mom did say it was okay to mess my diaper. She actually encouraged it and said that it was better than using the toilet. It does not really feel better. Though mom did bring up a good point in that I would not have to stop play… I don’t know what is the right thing I should be doing and will just enjoy the ice cream for now” I thought as I continued to be fed ice cream.

“I am proud of you for being so good about this baby. Isn’t it nice to have that out of you now?”

“Was it really? I mean it was now covering my diapered area. But I guess I was not in pain anymore. So, I suppose that is nice” I thought as I swallowed another cold bite of ice cream.

“I suppose it is nice to not have to stress about it” I said unsure of my words. As my mom put the empty bowl in the sink and grabbed the screwdriver.

“Let’s have another try at this” she said and within around 15 seconds she had it unlocked.

“Got it”

“That was rather fast” I thought.

“Now let’s get you changed into a nice clean diaper” she said as she picked me up by the seat of my diaper forcing the mess further up into my crotch and put me on the ground.

“Wow this thing is heavy” I thought to myself as I noticed the extreme amount of sag in my diaper in addition to the added weight. Elmo’s face was a dark shade of brown and stretched. I then waddled upstairs, with every step I took the diaper sagged slightly before the elastic pulled it back up, causing the mess to squash. Finally, we reached my mom’s room. I slowly got down on the mat with a squash, as my mother went to get the supplies. She soon returned.

“Okay here we go” she said as she popped the tapes.

“I thought you might want this” she said while putting my pacifier in my mouth. She then popped the inner diapers tapes and the stench was released. It was horrid. Though afraid I began to glance down at my crotch. It was covered in the slimy ooze. The diaper was completely filled from top to bottom with a thick paste of poo. It was all very overwhelming, so I decided to just lay back, relax, and suck on my pacifier while my mom began, little by little cleaning me up.

“So, what did you think of the high chair experience?” she said while continuing to remove bits of poo from my rear.

Pulling out my pacifier I said, “Though it was an umm… interesting experience, I am not sure that I am the biggest fan”

“Oh, I am sorry that you had such a bad first experience but maybe give it another shot. I thought it was fun for the most part. Until having to scramble for a screwdriver. Besides was having a full diaper so bad? It is a normal thing, accidents happen, and not one bit got onto anything”

“Other than my diaper, ahhh that feels good” I thought as my mom finished getting all of the mess off and applying the cream.

“It was very unpleasant at first, but I suppose it was not so bad after a while. Other than the smell”

“I did not find the smell to bad. Anyway are you enjoying the bottle at least?”

“It reminds me of my pacifier, so yes I am. It is also nice that I can leave it in any position and not have to worry about spilling it”

“That is great baby. It is one less thing I have to worry about” she said while taping up the diapers.

“Man it feels better to have a nice clean diaper on” I thought as I got up.

“Mom, what was wrong with the high chair?”

“Oh… the latch was stuck” she said nervously.

“Do you want me to make you another bottle? I will fill it with chocolate milk” my mother said in a loving tone.

“Oh, that sounds good, thank you mom” I said as we walked downstairs.

The story is written by abdl5622