Clair’s Accusations

Clair's Accusations Something I doodled up featuring Claire and my Pokemon OC. An alternate idea to her not taking her defeat very well.

Joey, text and drawing belongs to liljdude
Clair belongs to Pokemon/GameFreak


Good thing Joey wearing one thick diaper. Otherwise i think this spanking would hurt allot more then it doing right now.

Blame Game

Blame GameDraw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Looks like this two have been age regression back to two cute diaper wearing cubs again. The hedgehog sure dont look so happy about the situation right now. But i sure he is going to get use to the situation.

Riolu reflex

 Riolu reflexSeems this riolu ain’t quite house broken and feels something coming!

Riolu and text Datahazard64

Draw by Silvrsterlng


Yes Riolu sure look worry about something here. He sure feels like something is going to be happen pretty soon here. I think he starting to feel the pressure building up inside his bladder and he know that he soon is going to be force to wet his diaper.

RobbyFoxKit is playing whit his diaper

Looks like someone is playing around whit his diaper here :) Yes i sure someone is going to be ending up whit a wet diaper soon. And probably even something that is excited inside his diaper ;) Special if he keeps doing stuff like that on his diaper front.

y0ung-n-rebellious wetting his thick Crinklz diaper

Strange you can dont see any change on color or a hint that he is wetting his Crinklz diaper. But the diaper sure looks super thick on him. And it sure will keep things dry even if he wet the diaper many more times :)

Close up diaper wetting video by kleinemaxxdl


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It looks like this diaper boy ended up whit a accident and it seems to be a big one. Look how match the wet spot on his diaper is growing from his bladder release. Good thing the diaper seems to keep up whit the flow.