Star Belting

Star BeltingStar can be such a brat sometimes….well…maybe not a brat she just likes pushing her luck to see how far it’ll go. She always thinks she’ll get away with things, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes though she goes over that limit and here’s Matt showing her what happens when that limit is overstepped. I’m sure she’ll learn….until next time.

Blue tiger belongs to FireKit

Draw, text and Star by BabyStar


Yes the poor Star is going to have a very toasted and red butt before the tiger is finish whit it.

Thank you, Poofy-Shark

Thank you, Poofy-SharkShark: poofy-shark

Draw by Yookey


What a cute diaper drawing and it seems like we have found out something about this shark that he like donus. :)

Taking Care of Baby!

Taking Care of Baby!Fox ace_fox84

Draw by Fen


Poor Fox it seems like he have ended up in a force feeding high chair that really force him to eat some baby food and drink from a bottle. Wounder how long he going to e force to be in this chair.

Girl and boy lover

Girl and boy lover
David likes male and female stuff…

David, text and draw by ConejoBlanco


I think it is good that David like to play and use both male and female stuff. Nothing wrong about that :)

Sissy Duffy

Sissy Duffyduffy! Padded and ready for Christmas :3 Hope Santa doesn’t catch him like this though!

The cute baby duffy

Draw by poofy-shark


Cute little baby wearing his cute, clean and dry diaper. I dont think Santa would car if he catch him like this. I bet he have seen allot of older boys wearing thick diapers on Christmas.