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My Adorable Little Baby Bear

My Adorable Little Baby Bear
My Adorable Little Baby Bear.

“What blows me away so much about this piece is Michelle, and how perfectly you drew her, especially her face. You made her look so hot, but at the same time sweet. You made her look in control, but also loving. You made her look cool, but also comforting. And you made her look just devious enough without looking evil or malicious.

And that’s the thing…it’s always a fantasy of mine to be babied by a really sweet, good looking girl fox…and IRL, it seems like girls (or anyone) would never want to baby an adult, especially in an outfit like this. So the idea that someone like Michelle would want to dress a boy character up in an outfit like this…just makes me feel so super happy inside. And that all comes from you drawing her so perfectly.

The rest of it just falls into place. The diaper looks so thick and cuddly. The booties and bonnet make him look so innocent and harmless. And just like before, the bib is just perfect.

And his face is really nice too. He looks so innocent, like he’s completely at her mercy, despite himself.

It’s really the perfect balance of control that I wanted….it’s like she’s totally in control, but it doesn’t feel forced or evil. It’s more like he wants to resist, but just can’t for some reason. Like he wants to make her happy by letting her take care of him.”

So man…I can’t express how totally happy this one makes me.

Order by: Digitz.

Draw by: diapered-buns.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11942441/

Awww so cute and what a nice cloth diaper that he is wearing look weary cute on him. But what a scary face the girl give to Digitz i can understand way he is blushing but it look kind of special and cute when he do that.

The cutest and littlest Vampire

The cutest and littlest Vampire
The cutest and littlest Vampire.

Vampire Pichu: Pichuboy.

Draw by: tato.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11901529/

This was a very cute little vampire i have every seen and i should have no problem to meat this kind of cute thing in a dark alley. But i dont think that is going to happen i bet he is home sleeping at that time or play whit some toys he is to little to be out at that hour. But now when this only is a cute costume for the Halloween i hope it help him to get allot of candy from the home that he is visiting and from the look of his little bag it seems like he have receive allot of candy that he can eat when his parents let him eat sweet things.

I hope that he is going to have a great Halloween and that he is going to receive allot more candy that he can eat lather :) I only hope that he remember to brush his teeth before bedtime so he dont ends up whit some holes. If that happen he need to visit the dentist and that is not a place where a cute baby pichu like to be.

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Foxy plays whit leaf

Foxy plays whit leaf
Foxy plays whit leaf.

Foxy was out playing whit some leaf that he have found in the yard when he come up whit a great ide. That he should take some leaf whit him inside so he can show his mom what he have found. But it was one problem how should he bring them inside when he dont have any thing he can put them in. Then he come up whit a great ide he have his diaper that he can put them in. He have seen that in a TV show that you can put things inside the diaper (Foxy was thinking about Rugrats). so Foxy starting to put the leaf inside his diaper so he can bring them inside and show his mom what beautiful leaf he have found when he was out playing.

But one thing that Foxy not thought about if he have the leaf inside his diaper should they still be that beautiful when he take them out? And what should Foxys mom say when she found out about this?

Draw by: rogeykun

Ready for Halloween?

Ready for Halloween?
Ready for Halloween?

Cubs: abdl86 and RonaldMcCoon.

Lineart by Victor/colors by: nelson88.

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=492804.

When Foxy was playing on the top of the pumping when he bay mistake dropped his plushy and when he trying to get it back the buttons on the onesies open so his diaper butt get visible for Ronald to see it. And he starting to giggle because he find Foxys diaper butt so cute and the is something that he wont to cuddling whit. Foxy dont notes so match of this the only thing he think about or wont right now is to get his Pikachu back that he love so match and he soon going to understand if he wont to have it back he need to get down from the top of the pumpkin to grab it. But Foxy dont wont to leave the place he have right now but he is to short to be able to grab the Pikachu from the spot he is now. And i bet that Ronald dont wont me to get down if i do so he is not going to be able to have a clean view of the cute diaper butt that he think that i have.

So what should Foxy do to fix this problem he wont to have his plushy back so he can cuddling whit it?

blushy diaper check

blushy diaper check
blushy diaper check.

a YCH done by fangthefox of my otty Lil-Spicy doing a surprise diaper check X//3.

Cubs: Lil-Spicy and Chrisdavee.

Draw by: fangthefox.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11815014/.

Awww you dont need to blushing little Chrisdavee i am only going to check your diaper and see if you need a change it is nothing to worry about. All parents and babysitter do this type of check many times in a day whit cubs around the world so you have nothing to be embarrassed about. We dont wont you to walk around in a messy or weary wet diaper that can leads to some bad diaper rash and i dont think you dont wont to end up whit something like that. It going to hurt allot and you going to cry allot and wish this should go away soon. But it take a couple of days before you going to be good again so i think you should let Lil-Spicy do the diaper check or maybe go and tell him when you are wet or messy so he can check you to see if you need a diaper change right now or if it can wait to later. But that only happens when you are wet a messy diaper need to be change so fast as possible.

I think you have a weary cute prints on your diaper. It is nice to see that they have made some diaper whit pokeballs print it look so sweet on you.

Baby Ashchu climbing stairs

Baby Ashchu climbing stairs
Baby Ashchu climbing stairs.

Climbing the stairs with a big diaper kinda weighs on you don’t think? ^_^;

Order: I dont know who have order this.

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11813276/.

Yes Baby Ashchu maybe have to thick diaper to learn how to climbing the stairs but at least if he fall down and landing on his butt he is going to have a soft landing whit this poofy diaper butt.

It is a weary cute view and he look so cute when he is trying to climb up for the stairs. Maybe he should sit down and rest or maybe cry so someone can come and help him up. I think that should be the best for Baby Ashchu if he decide to do that. I think he is to little and young to climb in the stairs. do you dont think so to?