om nom nom

om nom nomLittle Ryan chewing on his keys.

Ryan and text by Chains-the-fox

Draw by Lucca


Looks like this cute little fox cub have found some nom nom key to chewing on. Only hope he dont swallowing it. If he do that he cannot unlock the box or the door that the keys go to ;)

When You Play With Fire

When You Play With Fire
Looks like Caiden, Dex, and Kyle are in for a nasty surprise when they turn around.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Dex: paddedringtail

Kyle: ?

Draw by tato


Yes this three cubs look like to be in a very bad situation now when they have decide to play whit fire. The parents dont looks so happy about this situation and it is good that they find out about this naughty cubs beauvoir so they can put a end to it before something bad is happen.

But it is not going to end so well for the cubs butts. They are going to receive allot of spanking now on there bare bottoms.

Naughty Puppy

Naughty Puppy“Caiden Alexander Smith! What are you doing?” asked Cheryl to her toddler son as all mothers do when their pups are up to no good

“Im jus colorin’ mommy.” answered Caiden as he put the crayon behind his back and scooted in front of his art work that was on the wall.

“Caiden, you know better than to draw on the wall.” sighed Cheryl as she looked at the mess her son left “Young man, I’m going to get a bucket of soap and WE’RE going to clean it up. Then you’re going to spend a good FIVE minutes in time out.”

“But momma….” whined Caiden as he was cut off by Cheryl. Caiden was used to being in time out for no more than three minutes.

“No ‘buts’ Caiden. Now let’s go to the kitchen and get a sponge.” said Cheryl sternly

“No! I dun wanna!” said the stubborn pup.

“Excuse me, young man! You just earned yourself an early bedtime.” said Cheryl

“No! No! No!” cried Caiden as he plopped down on his butt and started to cry/

“I’m going to give you to the count of three and if you’re not in the kitchen, you’re not getting dessert for the rest of the weekend. I’m not dealing with your temper tantrums today ….1….” counted Cheryl as Caiden started to cry some more.

“…2…” Continued Cheryl as Caiden rolled over and started beating his hands on the floor and kicking his feet in protest.


“Uh oh…” shivered Caiden as he realized that he just knocked the table with the expensive vase on it with his paw.

“That’s it Caiden. I’ve had it!” said Cheryl as she didn’t even get to three.

Cheryl stood Caiden up, unsnapped his onesie, ripped off his diaper, and gave him six good swats on his bare behind. Cheryl then dragged him to the corner to serve his 5 minute time out while she cleaned up his mess.


Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by BlueRoses


Poor Caiden he only you st wont to draw some nice things. But Caiden it is not a good thing to draw on the wall if you wont to draw you should do that on a piece of paper instead if you wont to avoid spanking.

Cute Chu on a Swing

Cute Chu on a SwingChubby chu Ricky enjoying the swing all by himself :3

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90


Spending time on the swing is awesome special when you can do it bay yourself and dont need any one to push the swing.

Hey There

Hey ThereJust a picture of Caiden chillin’ in his diaper and holding a sippy cup.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Reva_the_scarf


Looks like Caiden have it very relax and happy in his thick diaper and his sippy cup.

But is Caiden dont to small to drink from a sippy cup? should not a bottle fit him better?

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