Awww what’s the matter, hubby?

Awww what’s the matter, hubby?

“Awww what’s the matter, hubby?? Isn’t this what you wanted? To have to wear diapers and be treated like a wittle baby? What? Do you realize now that you enjoyed the fantasy aspect of it more than the reality? Do you not like having to go pee pee and poo poo in your diapers and squish around in your wittle messies all day? Do you not like it when I bring my friends over to laugh at you? Or do you not like having your little tee tee locked up in a chastity device? All of the above? Well…too bad!”

Jett Coon Daytime

Jett Coon DaytimeA wonderful pic done by Saucy of my fursona, Jett, in the daytime. He is great to hangout during that time and he will be friendly to all cubs but at night, it’s a different story.

Jett and text by Ronald_Mc_Coon

Draw by Saucy


This is  very cute drawing off Jett he look very friendly and a good cub to be friend whit. I wont to give him allot of hugs :)

Diapered by a fairy bunny

Diapered by a fairy bunnyhere is my Fairy bunny, trying to help a needy bunny :)

Draw, bunny and text by ConejoBlanco


But a diaper is a portable bathroom. You are going to get use to this soon and understand how good it is to wear diaper. How cozy and relax they going to make you when you accept them.


StretchingAfter some nice nap time it is always nice to do a little stretching when you wake up to feel little extra relax and to make sure that you have the energy that you need so you can play whit your toys all afternoon.

Draw by Diapered-buns