Did you forget mommy?

Did you forget mommy?
Did you forget mommy?

“One day, Foxy was grumpy and sad, he didn’t want to talk to anyone!His mother had noticed and went to him and asked:
“Something  wrong,sweetheart?”

Foxy just looked at her with sad eyes and asked:
“Did  you  forget,mommy?”

His mother replied:
“About  what, honey?”

Foxy:”The most important day for me and for you!”

Foxy’s  mom:”I’ll never forget the day when  you were born, the  most  important  day  in  my  life,my little  star came to this earth and I celebrate twice … your birthday and Christmas Eve season!Do you know who’s that little star that always shine in my heart?”

Foxy:”Who is the  little  star,mommy?”
Foxy’s  mom:”You!My  adorable  little  fox!Happy  birthday!”

Fix by nelson88 and his friend Victor.

This was a weary cute and nice gift that nelson88 and his friend Victor fix for me. And a good thank to nelson88 for the cute story to.

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Surprise time for Foxy


Ronald decided that he wont to surprise his best friend whit a weary nice present this year. So he ask his mom if she could fix something nice that he could give to Foxy.

Ronaldo thought that he would like to make a big entry and really surprise Foxy whit this gift becours he know that Foxy like nice surprises. Se he run into the room where he know that Foxy spend the time at the moment but what he did dent know was that Foxy in that secound decided to run and look for Ronald and ask if he wont to play whit him.

They ran into each other in the doorway but before Foxy started to cry he look up at Ronald and notes his happy face and the present that he had in his paws.

That make Foxy weary happy so he forgot all about that he was sad.

Foxy: abdl86 .

Ronald: ronaldmccoon.

Draw by: tato.

I would like to thank Ronald for this nice gift.

Pichuboy giving his plushies a ride

Pichuboy giving his plushies a ride
Pichuboy giving his plushies a ride.

Giving my plushies a ride on my back while sucking my pacifier.

Pichu: Pichuboy.

Artwork by: Amiko.

Source for the text and image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12257227/

Aww this is so cute and sweet of Pichuboy that he give his favorite plushy a ride on his back when he crawler around and sucking on his pacifier. It look they have a wonderful and fun time together and i can understand that it is always nice to spend time together whit some nice and cozy friends. I only hope that Pikachu and Raichu dont fell off Pichuboy head or back now. If that happens i bet we have 3 weary sad friends instead of 3 happy ones and that is not something good or fun.

Link to Pikachu-, Pichu- and Raichu Plushs on Amazon.


Yummy candy fills my tummy

Yummy candy fills my tummy
Yummy candy fills my tummy.

My chu polished off his Halloween candy and is very satisfyed and happy about it. Patting his chubby little tummy :).

Pichu: Pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12010234/

Yes it look like this Pichu have eat allot of his Halloween candy and maybe it is all of the candy that he recive during his trick or threat walk. But i think that he have eat to match candy and that is going to leave him whit a big stomachache lather and maybe a messy diaper to. I hope he have a good rest now after all this candy and i hope that he dont ends up whit to match stomachache. That should be something weary sad and bad if that happens whit this cute pichu. But sadly that is something that i bet is going to happen now when he have eat this match candy. And one other thing he is dont going to have any room left in his tummy now for the baby bottle now when it is loaded whit all this candy that he have eating instead.

Foxy inside a baby bottle

Foxy inside a baby bottle
Foxy inside a baby bottle.

When Foxy woke up this morning he notes that something was weary strange and it dont take him many min to figurer out what was wrong. He have some how woke up inside a baby bottle. But how have he end up inside his own baby bottle? is he still dreaming or have he drink something strange before naptime? at least he still have his pacifier that he can suck on during the time he come up whit a plane to get out of his baby bottle. Then it hit him he could use the pacifier to break the bottle so he could get out. So he tack out his pacifier and try to smash one side of the bottle. But like you maybe understand that dont work so Foxy need to come up whit a new plane to get out of his bottle.

At least he is wearing a thick diaper if he is going to be stuck inside the bottle for some time.

Draw by: aspentree

The Foxy brand

The Foxy brand
The Foxy brand.

A new sort of diaper brand that shows Foxys face on the diaper front blushing and sucking on a pacifier thats he loves to do thats way he is blushing that match. That he dont need to do that because it is normal for a baby like he is to love sucking on a pacifier. That makes a baby relax and calm like you wont a baby to be special when it is sleep time. You dont wont to have a crying baby in the middle of the night when you need to sleep and the baby need his sleep to so he can play the next day and the diaper and the pacifier help him get the sleep that he needs to have.

Draw by: aspentree