Stitch Leid Down For a Change

Stitch Leid Down For a Change
Stich has just been changed into a fresh diaper and dressed up in a pink sissy hula costume! x3
Maybe he’s gonna be performing an adorable dance number!

Draw and everything by ReXam-1


Yes maybe he is going to be in some sort dance number. Maybe that is the reason way he look so terrified right now?

Diaper Pat

Diaper PatDeruu and Mint’s OC, Frosz and Mint. I think they’ll look cute in diaper~
and diaper poofy pat is popular in here~

Drawed by Mint

Order by Deruu


Aww look like someone have earn a diaper pat here. This is one super cute drawing and they look so cute wearing there pull ups diapers.

Ooh! What’s Inside?

Ooh! What's Inside?it was Christmas morning, and little Crunch was so excited that he jumped out of his crib and ran to Mommy and Daddy’s room to wake them up so they could open presents! after a quick diaper change, they all gathered in the livingroom around the Christmas tree to open gifts. ^^

Mommy and Daddy pulled out a giant package from under the tree and presented it to their pup wishing him a Merry Christmas! Crunch thanked his parents and tore open the package! I wonder what’s inside? he sure seems excited about it! you can raw your own conclusions about what he got.

Crunch © to poochyena

Draw by conejoblanco


This is one happy baby we have here. Wounder what was inside that present that make him this match happy?

Darn Refs

Darn RefsAlways getting away with holding penalties, GAWD.

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Aww this is one super cute drawing that we have here and that boy cub looks so cute when he is sucking on that baby bottle.

It seems like he found it weary tasteful and yummy thing to eat.