Baby Pikachu’s diaper change – Part 3

Baby Pikachu's diaper change - Part 3Story continues from part 2

Pikachu decide to waddle away from the changing blanked that he have been lying down on some cute baby powder cloud get out from the back on his diaper. So now during the waddling he end up whit some cute powder clouds thats his diaper is making :)

whits make him look so cute when he notes and blushing a little about it. Now he really smells like a little baby.

Draw by Veemonsito

I would like to thank Veemonsito for the wonderful work this is really a person that can draw some nice and super cute Pikachu drawings.

Diaper Machine

Diaper MachineMe and Dash being triple diapered on the machine while being fed milk

Ricky: Pichuboy

Draw by tato

Source: //

Poor Ricky and Dash it seems like they have end up in some strange machine that forced feeding and put them in some thick triple diaper. Poor cubs they dont seems to like this at all.

Baby Pikachu’s diaper change – Part 2

Baby Pikachu's diaper change - Part 2Story continues from part 1

Diaper butts that make you wont to pats it allot. Pikachu is so happy that he is all clean and dry now. The diaper is so soft and cozy to wear and he feels completely safe right now. He is so happy that he have a mother that understand his problem and dont are mad at him because that he still needs diaper.

The scent from the baby powder is also something that Pikachu like it make him feel so relax and happy. But sometime it can be to match baby powder in the diaper and then….

Read more in Part 3

Draw by Veemonsito

Baby Pikachu’s diaper change – Part 1

Baby Pikachu's diaper change - Part 1You maybe wounder way Pikachu still needs to where diapers?

Pikachu evolve from Pichu for a couple of weeks ago but his bladder is the same size and function like a newborn new hatched baby. So his kind mother Raichu have decided that he still needs to where his diaper. Because after all he is match more cuter wearing his diapers then some wet underwear. After all many babys have also some cute…….

Se part two for the rest.

Draw by Veemonsito

New diaper from China that i am trying

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Some new diaper that i have receive from China that i am trying and thought it should be nice to make a video.

Awww what’s the matter, hubby?

Awww what’s the matter, hubby?

“Awww what’s the matter, hubby?? Isn’t this what you wanted? To have to wear diapers and be treated like a wittle baby? What? Do you realize now that you enjoyed the fantasy aspect of it more than the reality? Do you not like having to go pee pee and poo poo in your diapers and squish around in your wittle messies all day? Do you not like it when I bring my friends over to laugh at you? Or do you not like having your little tee tee locked up in a chastity device? All of the above? Well…too bad!”