Not a swim Diaper

Not a swim Diaper

Enjoy Little Kela not very happy with Melissa for putting on a non-swimming diaper on her making all the sea water go and fill up her diaper. tut tut Melissa.

Draw and everything by chuckybb


Poor Kela looks like someone used the wrong type of diaper here or did they? Maybe Melissa wont to find out how Kela would react.

Picking on Someone your own size

Picking on Someone your own size
Kela had to deal with a naughty pup at work. She dealt with him by regressing him, Stinky pupper now

Order by Nightwolf1

Draw by chuckybb


Sure think he regret all the bad thing thing he have done now. But i sure think that is to late for that thing now. Looks like he have get a new mommy to that like to dress him in pink cloths and diapers.

He sure has one terrified look on his face right now. But Kela sure seems to be pretty happy about his regressing into a sissy baby.

Couldn’t hold it in

Couldn't hold it in

Aww cuteness couldn’t hold it in, Poor Baby

Order by Adellindens

Draw and text by chuckybb


Aww poor thing looks like he is messy his diaper in the middle of the park. But way is he only wearing a diaper and no cloths?

But it sure seems like it was a good thing that he was wearing that diaper. Now when he ended up whit a messy accident and it seems like he is receiving some teasing from the furry around him.

But he sure is wearing one cute diaper :)

Bathroom Surprise

Bathroom Surprise

Kaa hiding in the female Bathroom at school only to pounce on an unsuspecting Kela as she decides to use her Pampers

wow Kela, either she is a good girl or a bad girl. I guess she couldn’t help it with a snake round her

Order by ?

Draw by ? chuckybb ?


Poor Kaa you can sure dont decide match if you should use your diaper or not when the snake has your in his bound. But in other hand good is was there now.

Poor thing but i sure wounder what is going to happen whit here now?

Kelas Bathroom Nightmare

Kelas Bathroom NightmareKela does have many problems to deal with including finding a Goblin Artifact in her school backpack which when found shoots up into her muzzle as her attire starts to change from a school girl to a seat filling pup.

Order and text by chuckybb

Draw by Catmonkshiro


Poor Kela she sure have ended up in a embarrassing moment here now in this public bathroom.

ChuckyBB bathroom Paci

ChuckyBB bathroom PaciThe Goblin paci is back… this time picking on ChuckyBB‘s Character, Kela… after finding it mysteriously in her bag. she examines it only to have it leap from her hand directly up into her mouth. as she involuntarily suckles her new binky, it exerts it’s will over her systems… she has her big girl panties turned into an infantile diaper, but not before having a few accidents darkening her jean shorts so everyone will see what she’d done when she leaves the stall…

with a few changing supplies manifesting inside her school bag, I don’t think the pacifier will be relinquishing it’s control over her or her faculties any time soon…

Kela ChuckyBB

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor Kela it sure seems like she have ended up in allot of trouble now when this magic pacifier have found here. And force here to lose all control over here bowel and bladder.