Diaper checking time – ChubblesBear

Looks like someone is still wearing a clean and dry diaper. But i am sure the diaper is not going to be that dry anymore when they get back inside :)

Some soggy diapers video clip – ChubblesBear



wow this sure is some short videos showing some very soggy well used diapers. But a diaper should be well used before you change it :) It is nice to feel that one big squishy soggy mess between you legs :) You kind of miss that feeling when you take off the diaper :( Speciel when it comes to your night diapers that most of the mornings is kind of squishy and heavy from all you night time wetting during sleep.

Very leaking and soggy diaper butt

It sure looks like someone have ended up whit a well used Bambino Magnifico diaper. Look how match it starting to leak now.

Have some crinkle triggers

Aww looks like this diaper boy is receiving some special diaper treatment. Even his teddy bear get a little diaper pat on his padded butt :)