Life’s A Chibi: Friends

Life's A Chibi: FriendsGood friends talk to each other.
Good friends listen to each other.
Good friends look out for each other.
Good friends support each other.
Good friends take care of each other.
Good friends aid one another.
Good friends comfort one another.
Good friends put up with one another.
Good friends joke with one another.
Good friends hang out with one another.
Good friends fight with one another.
Good friends heal one another.
Good friends forgive one another.

artwork © 2016 Alex Cockburn o-kemono


This is some very good point on what good friends use.

Life’s A Chibi: Feeling Uncomfortable

Life's A Chibi: Feeling Uncomfortable” My goat friend asked me if I have ever Fire Walked before. I have never heard of it. He told me that its a great feeling and a wonderful rush. Catching my interest, I decided to go with him and see what he was talking about. He invited me to this small pit filled with hot coals. He walked onto them and danced around on the still burning rocks. He motioned for me to join him in the pit, but I remained on the side, curling my toes in the thought of my pads touching hot rock. Even the sudden change in heat around me sent a shiver up my spine and arms. He kept on inviting me to join him and even reached out to grab my hand. As much as I would like to venture onto that pit, I didn’t really want to feel pain and have my paws blistering in the after math… “

Everyone does something they believe is fantastic and comfortable while others think of the same activity in the opposite way. What may seem fun to someone doesn’t mean it would be fun to another. Everyone has their own unique taste in venturous activities. They feel comfortable preforming them and showcasing them. If they try to bring someone over to the activity they enjoy, that person needs to feel comfortable with the idea. There is nothing wrong to saying NO to something you don’t feel comfortable with. You don’t need to say WHY or go into detail why you don’t like it, but just simply and politely recline the offer. If you continued to be pressured into the activity you feel uncomfortable with, then you can explain why you can’t and why you won’t. You know your body and your limits more than anyone else and it is up to you to decide if this is something you can mentally and/or physically take without having you feel destroyed or regret your actions.

artwork © 2016 Alex Cockburn o-kemono


Yes i agree everyone like different things but sometime it can be hard for others to understand that.

Life’s A Chibi: Late to the Game

Life's A Chibi: Late to the GameI’m sure everyone can see that this is related to Pokemon GO, the new mobile app game from Niantic and Nintendo where you can catch Pokemon near where you live via location and GPS.

About the game ( skip if you already know what it is ):
The game allows you to track Pokemon in real time, outside in your own backyard, neighborhood, and city. Depending on your location and environment, you get different Pokemon you catch via phone. The sole purpose of the game is to go outside, explore and capture Pokemon. The game also allows you to increase the Combat Power ( CP ) of your Pokemon for taking over gyms and defending your own gym. The higher the CP, the harder it is to beat the Pokemon. The game was in the works for years and Nintendo decided to send out the beta version for a handful of countries around the world. However, on the first week of release, people hacked their phones so that they could get the game that wasn’t released in their country yet. Those who hacked their phones to get the game gave them a huge head start on collecting, evolving and claiming gyms. You can do this by picking one of three teams to follow, go to a rival team and try to beat their Pokemon and steal the gym away from them. OR you can go to a friendly gym, train your Pokemon with friendly team mates to increase the strength and protection of that gym. The higher the protection, the harder it is to take down the gym. You can also insert your own high level Pokemon to help protect the gym. The longer your Pokemon remains in the gym, the more experience points you gain as well as in game currency you use to buy bigger bags and Pokeballs. You can also use real money for that as well.

The game officially recently came out in Canada where those who waited finally got their game. I downloaded the game and decided to go out and hunt Pokemon with Soryane, Lorree and PussyCat. There are about 2 dozen PokeStops near our place along with 7 Gyms ( we live in the suburbs so not many different kinds of Pokemons we can catch ). When we went to the gyms, we found that they were taken by those who already had the game before it released in Canada, having Pokemons with CPs higher than 1500, their trainer levels 25 and up. After power leveling for a week, my CP and level is still no where close to those who started the game way before it was released here, which kind of sucks.

So think of it as a race: Everyone starts at the starting line, but there are those who run way before the gun goes off, and they are farther into the race than those who waited for the starting shot. You feel left behind and have to try harder to catch up.

There are some hardcore players out there who power play throughout the game and even go through lengths to cheat the game, downloading it before its release date and/or hacking it via coding and GPS location. They even go out for several hours on end to get Pokemon, level them and increase their CP, making it their full time job. For those who wish to be great at the game, but doesn’t know anything about hacking or is honest and wait for the game to come out to their country, or have a full time job so they can’t go out and power train, it does kind of suck because you feel very left out and too “low level” to fully enjoy the game to its full potential with everyone else.

Sometimes those who take the game and the gyms too seriously will start to push off those who are either lower level then them, pick a fight if you don’t support their own team, or are very territorial to their gym and local area. I encountered some of those players. As much as the game encourages you to be social, join other people to hunt Pokemon, and explore outside ( hopefully to learn the marked historical monuments of interest ), sometimes people can take it a bit too far where those who wish to enjoy the friendly game start to feel bullied and left out because of the level or team you are on.

The game is great and a unique idea and fun to play if you wish to go out and collect digital creatures, but lacked the security and even the location mechanics for everyone to fully enjoy the game. Example: those who live in the city or can easily get to the city ( work or money wise ) have a higher chance of gathering Pokemon than those who live in the suburbs or in the middle of no where. A new battling system will be released for the game and I know that wont be fun for those who didn’t get the game early, because 9 out of 10 players they come across will be too high powered to challenge – another feature that would be unfair for those who waited for the game’s release ( or not as hardcore as others ) rather than downloaded it early.

Draw and everything by o-kemono


This is one cute drawing that is attache to this text it really show in a vary sad way how lonely it can be if you dont join the game from the beginning.

Of course dear!

Of course dear!Voilet: The_Char_Char

Draw by Uhlric


Here we have a cute and very happy cub and he seems to be very relax when she is sitting down on her thick and cozy diaper butt.