Daddys (dirty) revenge

Daddys (dirty) revengei drew him wiff a pink pacifier hehes >////> soo as punishment/him getting revenge he got me to draw this I like knee bounces buh buh nawt like this!!! .////. -squeak squeals and flails-

Draw and everything by Charry


Yess i can understand that you dont like knee bouncies now when you are wearing a messy diaper. Every bounce you get on his knee make the mess you made in your diaper spread around inside your diaper. Hope he change you soon.

uh.. it wasnt me?

uh.. it wasnt me?uhh ohs…. I think im in twouble

Draw and everything by Charry


Yes it sure looks like you are in for some trouble now when you have spilled the orange juice all over the floor. Maybe we should go back that you only are allowed to use sippy cup or baby bottles. Then we dont need to worry about this kind of accidents.

Good sissy attitude adjustment

Good sissy attitude adjustmentDraw and everything by Charry


Poor boy it seems like he have ended up in some special sissy training here.

Nawt.. a stink butt…

Nawt.. a stink butt...

Honestly though, he’s a bit of a stinky butt right now, but I’m huggling him anyway and reassuring him that it’s all okies.

Furry s in this drawing Charry and Ursa-Mina

Text by Ursa-Mina

Draw by Charry


Yes it is always good whit a hug special if you have ended up whit a stinky diaper. Then a hug can feel very nice and special so you know that everything is okay even if you have ended up whit a messy stinky diaper.