Nawt.. a stink butt…

Nawt.. a stink butt...

Honestly though, he’s a bit of a stinky butt right now, but I’m huggling him anyway and reassuring him that it’s all okies.

Furry s in this drawing Charry and Ursa-Mina

Text by Ursa-Mina

Draw by Charry


Yes it is always good whit a hug special if you have ended up whit a stinky diaper. Then a hug can feel very nice and special so you know that everything is okay even if you have ended up whit a messy stinky diaper.

Snuggely mood

Snuggely moodDraw and everything by Charry


This is one cute diaper butt wee have found here. It look to be a very thick diaper butt to that can keep this boy dry for many hours even if he have multiply wetting.

He look to have a very relaxing time right now.

One very sad cub

One very sad cubThe sad cub Charry

Draw by Charry


I know how it can be when the depression and anxiety is very strong it can really mess you up and make you cry big tears and it can take a couple of hours to calm down.

This drawing really show in a good way how bad and sad you can feel when you in that mode.

Restless nights

Restless nightsDraw and everything by Charry


Poor little babyfur. Yes darkness is a very scary thing. Good thing you have your glowing pacifier and your Stitch plush that is there to protect you from all the bad monsters that live in the darkness.

Mess this big

Mess this big-squirms and slams my heads over in my food and all over the highchair when your back is turned but for a second-

Draw and everything by Charry


This is one cute messy eating cub that we have here in the high chair. He really need to have someone that help him to eat so he dont get all the food over his cloths instead of in his mouth.

Cubs love to play whit there food :)