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Time for Foxy to start potty training

	Time for Foxy to start potty training
Foxy was sitting on the floor in the living room watching some television and playing whit his toys car. When his mother walk in to the room and notes that Foxy seems to have a weary wet butt. She ask Foxy if he could go to the nursery and get a new clean diaper from the shelf below the changing table. She also mention that he maybe is going to notes something new that she have place in the nursery when he was playing.

Foxy wondering what that new thing could be when he slowly walking to his room. Maybe it could be some new toy for him to play whit. He did dent notes any thing new when he first entry the room but when he was ready to go back to the living room whit the clean diaper he had in his paws he notes some strange new chair whit a hole in the middle. What could this strange thing be he ask himself?

He was so occupied thinking about what this new thing could be that he did dent notes that his mother have entry the room. What did you think of you new potty char Foxy she ask? Potty chair what sort of thing is that? he ask his mother. This is the chair that you should use instead of your poofy thick diapers. You are soon 3 years old and it is time that you learn how to go potty like the big boys do it.

Foxy did dent like this weary match. He love to wear and use his diaper it always make him feel safe and relax.

What is Foxy going to do? Is his mother going to be able to potty train him?

Draw by: wen

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Back In Her Bosom By Croc – Chapter 6


So there I was; crawling on all fours bare naked, peeking up my crazy girlfriend Sarah’s vintage dress; eyeing her French panties drooling at her curvy bottom.

I followed her from the Queen Suite of this bizarre fetish hotel into the next room, Sarah opened the door:

“Welcome to your room Muffin.” – Sarah giggled as she held her tiny hands over her tasteful lips.

I looked beyond Sarah’s beauty and behind her presence was a large furnished Nursery; the Nursery is decorated with baby blue paint, with an adult changing table, which was laid before a large window: with no curtains or blinds!

To my right is a massive prison cell looking adult baby crib; filled with soft teddies, and next to it was a unit of draws, filled with clothes.

“Tony this is your life for the next two days, and I’m not going to take any of your shit.” – Sarah calmly warned me.

I sat on the thick soft carpet at looked up to my smiling girlfriend:

“Please Sarah…please I don’t…” – I hesitated in my voice wanting to change my mind.

Sarah knew what I wanted to say:

“Look this weekend is for my pleasure and for my pleasure only, now Tony, make your Mummy proud…tell me what I want to hear from you eh?” – Sarah softly told me with a smirk manipulating my situation.

“Mummy…I-I…want to…” – I started to emotionally confess my submission.

“That’s it baby; tell Mummy that this is what you want: to be Mummy’s sweet baby boy this weekend.” – Sarah softly encouraged me as she licked her lips with her fine tongue getting turned on with my pathetic and naked position.

“No! This is wrong!” – I snapped in rage.

Sarah’s face turned to anger; she was pissed. Sarah walked passed me and opened the top draw of the unit and pulled out a thick wooden paddle. Sarah held it in her hand turned her head looking at me and gave me a silent smirk:

“Mummy: no!” – I announced as I started to make a run from her…but it was no use.

Sarah rushed over to me, grabbed my hair and pulled me back from the Nursery door:

“Tony, Mummy is very disappointed in her widdle boy; I tried to do this the easy way, but you’re too dumb to do this the easy way, so muffin the hard way it is.” – Sarah sighed as she dragged me over to a large wooden chair.

“Mummy, please don’t I’ll be a good baby boy for you!” – I cried knowing what’s going to happen.

Sarah then froze in her tracks; she bent forward and looked me deeply in each other’s eyes:

“You want to be a good baby boy for your Mummy?” – Sarah asked me.

“Yes Mummy.” – I replied.

“And you really want to make me proud of you?” – Sarah calmly asked me.

“Yes Mummy I really want to please you and make you proud of me: I love you!” – I screamed in tears and I held her hands in fear.

Sarah stood with self-satisfaction and delight; she knew that she is so near to become my Mummy…

“So are you going to listen to your Mummy and not question her commands?” – Sarah softly asked me as she looked down upon my snotty and teary face.

“I sure will Mummy; I don’t want to lose you.” – I softly told Sarah as I sniffed my nose.

“Then, Mummy is happy…but you still need a good spanked bottom.” – Sarah bluntly told me.

“But you said…” – I tried to think of what she just said.

“I said what? That Mummy is happy? Yes I am! But no little boy of mine is going to run riot under my care: being my baby boy means that you’re going to be under my small thumb: your soon-to-be nappied ass is mine and I can’t take liberties. This is for your own good.” – Sarah sternly told me.

I cried a little bit more; Sarah withdrew a hanky from her front dress pocket and wiped my nose:

“Tony, I personally believe little boys – men – need a firm and nurturing hand from their wives and girlfriends; Mummy loves you and be a big boy and take your spanking, come on muffin.” – Sarah softly told me as she kissed my forehead.

I nodded what else could I do?

Sarah grabbed my hand and placed me over her fine thighs, positioning me into the spanking position:

“Tony you’re a broken naked and weak man; some man you are; maybe babyhood is the only life you can lead where you’ll get pity and respect from? I shall find out soon enough. Now, l be a good boy and remember pain is caused because you have displeased your Mummy: I want you to intake this mentality inside your puny mind.” – Sarah told me as she rubbed my bum cheeks with her hand.

“I will Mummy.” – I mumbled.

“Good boy now…” – Sarah smiled as she began to spank my bottom:

“Will you be a good baby boy this weekend for your Mummy?” – Sarah shouted as she spanked my bottom with the paddle.

“Ow!” – I screamed in pain as I kicked my legs.

“Answer your Mummy!!” – Sarah shouted as she spanked away fast and firmly on my pale bottom.

“I’ll be your baby boy Mummy!!” – I cried.

Sarah then grabbed my hair and pulled it back:

“Good, now will you wear and use the nappies Mummy puts you in?” – Sarah asked me hinting my future after my spanking.

“Yes Mummy I’ll wear the nappies that my Mummy puts on me.” – I cried.

“And?” – Sarah asked me as she spanked away.

“And I so want to be your baby Mummy, I want to crawl, drool and by the best little boy for you.” – I cried.

The latter was music to Sarah’s ears, her faced beamed with joy and with that she stopped spanking my bottom. Sarah placed the paddle onto the nursery floor along with weak body.

I placed my two hands onto my red and spanked bottom, Sarah stood from her chair:

“Oh no little boy, hands go on top of your head now!” – Sarah warned me.

I did just that.

Sarah walked over to the changing table; underneath she grabbed a large disposable teddy looking nappy unfolded it and gave me a glimpse of it:

“Cuddlz nappies are the best…the best nappies in England.” – Sarah giggled.

Sarah grabbed a bag from underneath the changing table:

“Tony, this is your new nappy changing bag; Mummy will have it with her at all times for this weekend.” – Sarah smiled over to me.

I didn’t bother to reply, I was in fear for another spanking.

“Crawl over to your Mummy muffin.” – Sarah smiled as she pointed her right index finger to the changing table.

I turned round and began to crawl on all fours, ignoring the pain on my bum.

At her tiny size-5 feet I looked up to my beautiful girlfriend – now Mummy:

“Don’t just look up at Mummy, move your cute bottom onto the changing table, so Mummy can nappy you.” – Sarah announced.

I stood up from the carpet as I was commanded; Sarah lightly slapped my bottom and gave herself a giggle. I placed myself onto this changing table – which looked common for disabled adults.

Sarah grabbed something from my new nappy changing bag:

“Now suck on this! I want you to get use to sucking on your new dummy, for soon you’ll be sucking the fresh milk from my large and natural pumped breasts.” – Sarah rejoiced in proudness as she shoved this dark green NUK6 dummy into my drooling mouth.

I sucked on the dummy; I must admit it calmed me down from my spanked bottom, but not for the next part.

I was laying on my back on this changing table preparing to have a babyish nappy across my bottom, I turned to my left to look out of the large window to see two ladies in their early 20s’ dressed as schoolgirls looking up laughing and pointing to my naked and hairless position. Sweet began to form across my forehead.

Sarah opened the window:

“Hi ladies, as you can see I have a baby of a boyfriend, what is a girl to do? I see you downstairs at the bar later for a drink and a catch up while my little one is asleep in his crib.” – Sarah laughed down to the ladies.

The ladies gave a thumb’s up to Sarah and walked away from my view. Sarah shut the window then looked down to me:

“It’s okay muffin, there’s no secrets at this hotel baby, trust Mummy, what goes on at the hotel stays at the hotel…only with a few couples hehe.” – Sarah giggled telling me.

Sarah began to wipe me down with Pampers baby wipes: it felt good…then she supplied nappy rash cream over my balls, bum crack and bum cheeks. She then rubbed in a large amount of Johnston’s baby powder over my body. She placed down the bottle and with her tiny hands she rubbed the powder in and out, deep and all over my body. My skin was smooth and soft.

Unknown to me, Sarah undressed her French panties, and climbed onto the changing table, she looked down to me:

“You become my baby in every way and Mummy will reward you like now.” – Sarah cooed to me with affection.

Sarah then placed her thighs over my crotch, I looked up to her:

“We haven’t fucked for a good few months, until now…oh you worried about making me pregnant? Ha-ha! Aw don’t worry baby Mummy is on the pill: you can cum inside me as much as you please and I want that now!” – Sarah cooed with a dirty facial manner.

Sarah grabbed my now cummed-ready erected cock and placed it into her smooth and hairless petite pussy:

“Ahh…” – I began to moan through my dummy.

Sarah in the best cow-girl position got to down to it:

“I’m a Mummy and you’re my baby Tony!” – Sarah moaned. Sarah then grabbed my dummy and through it on the floor:

“Say my name muffin!” – Sarah aggressively commanded as she rode my cock.

“Oh Sarah!” – I gasped in orgasm, on the edge of Cumming in her pussy for the first time in months.

“I said say my name bitch!” – Sarah in a more aggressive tone, this time slapping my face hard.

“Mummy! Agh Mummy!” – I replied in mix emotions of pain and sexual pleasure.

“Yes…yes I’m the Mummy, I’m your Mummy and you can’t escape babyhood, you can’t escape a life under your Mummy!” – Sarah gasped with pleasure.

“I’m going to fucking explode Mummy!” – I declared.

“Do it! Cum for your Mummy!” – Sarah commanded.

“Ah…oh Jesus…god yes! YES!” – I screamed in orgasm: Cumming inside my girlfriend, who then likewise did the same on my crotch.

We both calmed down, breathing deeply…I was fucked: too weak to move.

“Still breathing baby?” – Sarah giggled as she licked her lips.

“Oh my.” – I commented to myself.

Sarah climbed of the changing table; she placed back on her panties underneath her dress. She picked up my new dummy and shoved it into my mouth.

I was speechless and now weak, I sucked away on my dummy as Sarah cleaned my crotch again, wiping off our semen. I was thinking that this is an erotic nightmare cross over with a sexual fantasy…that’s true it was my girlfriends.

Sarah giggled as she placed this Cuddlz nappy underneath my bottom. She tapped me up and patted my bottom. I got up from the changing table holding onto my new Mummy’s hand.

“Now muffin it’s nap time, Mummy has things to do…by the way; did you just like that?” – Sarah asked me with a tease.

I nodded.

“Do you believe Mummy when she keeps her word?” – Sarah asked me.

I nodded fast in agreement.

“Good boy, now get into the crib.” – Sarah softly ordered me.

I got into this large crib; Sarah tucked me in for a nap which I loved.

“Mummy will wake you up later, go to sleep little one: Mummy loves you.” – Sarah cooed down to me as she kissed my forehead.

Sarah locked me inside the crib, walked over to the door left and locked the door behind her leaving me to my nap and thoughts of the best – and weirdest – shag I’ve ever had with Sarah…only guess could it get better or worse?…

Written by Croc.

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You Want To Be A Baby? By Croc Chapter 13 and 14


The Guest’s Arrival…

There I was in my playpen looking over to the large baby blue potty chair fit for only one bottom: me.

Mummy came back into the living room and walked over to my playpen:

“Is my widdle boy ready for his breakfast?” – Mummy cooed.

I looked up at Mummy then over to the potty; Mummy looked over to the potty chair then back down at me:

“Yes John, that potty chair is yours and its part of your situation.” – Mummy giggled with a smile.

“Situation Mummy?” – I asked in fear.

“Why do little boys have short memories?” – Mummy sighed to herself in disappointment.

Mummy leaned forward to look down deep into my blue eyes:

“Like Mummy told you on your birthday: I will purposely try to potty train you in front of schoolgirls, knowing full well you can’t make the toilet like a big boy. I meant every word. Mummy is going out for the day, and she needs experienced and mature young ladies to care for her baby boy.” – Mummy told me.

**Ding-Dong** the doorbell rang

“God these girls are so professional.” – Mummy said in praise.

Mummy stood at the front-door, she looked over to me and gave me a wink and blew me a kiss:

“You’re going to enjoy this.” – Mummy whispered.

Mummy then opened the front-door and in came three schoolgirls: dressed in their school-uniforms, pantyhose, black blazers, white shirts, red stripped ties and grey mini-skirts: all 18-years-old of course.

“Girls, here is my baby boy!” – Mummy announced proudly.

The girls stood at the door in a fit of giggles as they looked over to me.

“Go on, he won’t bite.” – Mummy informed the girls.

I sucked hard and fast on my dummy, sweat began to form across my forehead and my facial cheeks started to blush in red.

The girls walked over to me, I could smell there perfume: I wanted to have an erect cock but I couldn’t get it up: the lustful emotions were urging around my body of these three girls.

“Aww, what a cute baby boy you have Karen.” – Leanne commented.

Leanne: 18-years-old, long straight black hair, medium height, natural figure.

“He’s so adorable. You’re so adorable Johnny yes you are!” – Sophie cooed stroking my hair.

Sophie: 18-years-old, short cropped ginger hair, medium height, and busty chest.

“Just like my baby brother, nappied and ready to be loved and cared for.” – Jodie cooed as she tickled my chin.

Jodie: 18-years-old, long brunette hair in a ponytail, tall heighted with curvy figure.

Mummy walked over to the girls:

“Girls, I’ve read your CV’s and you are without any doubt the elite caregivers that my little boy needs. I understand that being the eldest in your school year, with A-Level exams coming up and boys on your minds, that the last thing you need to care for my baby boy.” – Mummy informed the girls.

“It’s not a problem Mrs. Mitchell, we are honoured to looked after little Johnny, since it’ll go on record for our exams.” – Leanne told Mummy.

“Thank you all for this. There’s food in the cupboards and fridge, go and help yourselves, remember to feed Johnny at mid-day, check his nappy for changes, put him down for his nap…” – Mummy explained to the girls but was cut off.

“Karen, he’s in safe hands, we’ve babysat lots of times, and we know our profession.” – Jodie giggled.

“That’s right, I’m sorry, I forget sometimes on how girls are so mature than boys, oh well…can you give us a minute?” – Mummy asked the girls, who smiled and walked away to the far side of the living room.

Mummy walked up to me, I was on the edge of tears:

“Now you’ll be a good boy for these young ladies, they have my permission not to take any of your shit. Somewhere deep inside that little mind of yours, you might believe that you’re still 19-years-old, but you’re not: you’re two-years-old. Be a good boy and make me proud: I will have them give me a report on your behaviour. I love you so much Johnny.” – Mummy lightly told me as she kissed my forehead and walked away from me.

I looked over to the girls who were winking at me and giggling.

“Mummy!” – I cried out in tears with my arms hanging out of the playpen.

Mummy with her handbag over her shoulder turned round looking at me:

“Mummy has left you in great care, right girls?” – Mummy said out loud looking over to the three schoolgirls.

“That’s right Mrs. Mitchell, we’ll take care of your little boy.” – Sophie seriously replied.

Mummy walked over to the front-door.

“Girls, a word please.” – Mummy announced.

The schoolgirls rushed over to Mummy:

“Take this, if he’s a good boy unlock his chastity and reward him. Remember to take pictures of my baby boy on his potty chair: and I want a full detailed report later on, have a nice day.” – Mummy lightly told the girls as she gave Leanne the key to unlock my chastity device.

Mummy left the house, leaving me alone with these three beautiful and ‘innocent’ schoolgirls.

“Let the babysitting begin.” – Jodie announced as she, Leanne and Sophie licked their lips with their tasteful tongues eyeing up my nappied bottom…


I was in the playpen looking from a far distance at these schoolgirl babysitters: Leanne, Jodie and Sophie. My Mummy has just left them in charge of me.

“Let the babysitting begin indeed.” – Sophie commented as she slowly licked her soft lips.

Leanne pulled both girls back towards her and they were whispering and giggling: I could only overhear part of it:

“So…that’s the plan…we have the house to ourselves for the day…I know hehe…this will be good oral training for you Sophie…you’re still a virgin unlike us two…trust me…I’ve got it all planned out…let’s start by feeding the baby.” – The girls spoke to each-other.

I continued to suck my dummy hard and fast pretending it was my Kimmy’s breasts.

The three girls walked up to my playpen and stared down at me, I was scared, for I don’t know what this girls are up to, I was later, going to find out…

“Johnny, we’re going to feed you your Ready Break in your highchair, and then we’re going to have some fun.” – Leanne cooed down at me as she lightly pitched my facial cheek.

I grabbed my dummy then pulled it from my drooling mouth:

“What are you up to? I want answers! This is my house!” – I shouted to the three girls, who remained calm, looked at each-other and nodded.

Jodie grabbed my Crocodile onesie and pulled me into her bosom: I was forced to look up at her small and beautiful face, with the other two girls at her side:

“We are your babysitters, and we deserve respect! How dare you shout at us little boy? You’re the one in a nappy not us!” – Jodie firmly told me.

“Fuck you, I’m older than you and I want you to leave my house!” – I shouted back to Jodie.

“Older than us? Come on John, you’re the one who wants to live a toddler lifestyle, you’re the one who wants to be babied.” – Sophie commented with a sniggered look.

“This is your Mummy’s house, and she has left us in charge of you, now, are you going to play ball and let us care for you, or are you going to be a brat and force us three into enforcing some humiliating situations upon you: just like the big boy potty chair over there hmm?” – Leanne calmly asked me.

I had to think carefully…I knew that any bad boy antics from me, and I’d be spanked and humiliatingly filmed again…

“I’m sworry.” – I mumbled as I fell on my sword of dignity.

“We can’t hear you little boy.” – Sophie teased.

“I’m sworry!” – I shouted.

“Good boy Johnny, now let us feed you like a sweet and handsome widdle baby boy you are.” – Leanne cooed.

I nodded in agreement. The three girls then within minutes fed me as I sat strapped into my high chair in the kitchen.

After my late breakfast at 10am, the girls placed me back into the living room…then soon enough fate happened.

“What’s that god awful stench?” – Jodie asked as she placed her fingers on her nose.

“Well, who the fuck else would it be huh?” – Leanne bluntly asked out loud.

The three schoolgirls looked at me, sweat was pouring from my forehead in panic:

“Tell me John; did you make poopy?” – Sophie cooed in a teasing tone.

I nodded in agreement

“Jesus, so you like to shit yourself as well as wear a nappy?” – Leanne asked me as she rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Come. Off to the Nursery we go, so we can change your stinky bottom.” – Jodie cooed softly as she and Sophie took hold of each of my hands and helped me up the stairs, Leanne followed behind eyeing up my large nappied bottom.

Inside my Nursery

We all entered the Nursery…

“Oh wow! This is well lovely much better seeing it in the flesh than seeing the pictures on Facebook.” – Sophie praised to her delight.

“I concur with Sophie.” – Jodie commented as she impressively observed my Nursery.

“Let’s get down to it girls.” – Leanne snapped.

The girls had lifted me onto my changing table. They undressed me of my Crocodile onesie, then shoved my Croc dummy back into my mouth:

“Little boys should be seen and not heard. And we don’t want to hear you, unless we want to hear you: understand baby boy?” – Jodie cooed.

I nodded in agreement.

“I’ll turn on the air vent.” – Leanne told the girls as she turned on the air vent in the nursery that sucks out the bad and disgusting scent of one’s shit.

Jodie and Sophie unstrapped my large shitty disposable nappy:

“Fucking hell!” – Jodie commented nearly gagging.

“Aww this is so natural for widdle boys, I’m used to this.” – Sophie softly commented as she took my shitty nappy in her experienced babysitting stride.

Leanne passed Jodie and Sophie a fresh pack of Pampers baby wipes so they all can wipe my cute bottom with their small hands.

“Just be careful that you don’t get any of the baby’s shit on our school uniforms alright.” – Sophie carefully informed her two peers.

Sophie rolled the dirty nappy into a square then placed it deep into a few plastic bags then gave it to Leanne:

“Here, throw this into the recycle bin in the front garden; John’s Mummy would do the same.” – Sophie advised Leanne.

“I’m more than happy to.” – Leanne said as she held my dirty nappy at arm’s length as she left the Nursery.

“Maybe the naughty boys from school should be given this treatment by their mummies and sisters; that way they’d think twice in not messing around in school and sexually use us.” – Jodie commented to Sophie as both girls baby wiped down my tummy, crotch and bottom.

“Good boys should also get this treatment: in my opinion most boys are like toddlers, they need a fair and firm women/girlfriend in their lives to maternal them, care for them and love them…even change their poopy bottoms, isn’t that right Johnny?” – Sophie cooed down at me.

Leanne returned from disposing of my dirty nappy.

“Here release Johnny from that awful object.” – Leanne ordered Jodie as she held out the key to my chastity device.

“You think that’s wise Leanne? His Mummy wouldn’t approve.” – Jodie replied in a worry.

“We need to clean his cock with baby wipes…and – well you know?” – Leanne hinted to Jodie and Sophie.

Jodie nodded and grabbed the key, she soon release my cock from the chastity device; I was liberated!

Sophie and Jodie giggled as they deeply and carefully cleaned my shrivelled cock with baby wipes…which was now beginning to erect…

“Baby powder him, then lay him onto his changing mat on the floor here.” – Leanne commanded to her school friends.

Jodie and Sophie did just that: they powdered me down – like Mummy done earlier – with a huge amount of Johnston’s baby powder: It felt great!

Sophie threw the dirty baby wipes into the Nursery bin. Jodie and Sophie then grabbed my arms and placed me down onto my large soft changing mat.

“I need my nappy!” – I pleaded in a whine.

“You don’t need a nappy for this Johnny.” – Leanne told me with a wide smirk.

All three girls sat beside me; in view I can smell their perfumes, their detailed and beautiful faces and smiles, not forgetting their school-uniforms.

“What’s going on?” – I asked in fear.

“You know what Johnny, I’ve always wanted to please you…maybe on the outside I’m just a bitch, but on the inside, deep down: I am submissive and so are Jodie and Sophie…” – Leanne softly informed me as she grabbed hold of my now erect dick.

“Leanne this is wrong…I’m with Kim; I love her.” – I pleaded as I’m on the edge of tears.

“Aww her? Ha! Forget about her Johnny, you have us three here now: this is lust not love…what you think I am a ‘sweet innocent and naïve schoolgirl?’” – Leanne firmly asked me as she placed her face close to mine.

“I…I…” – I tried to find the words, but my lips were now connected to those of Leanne’s.

She was kissing me slow and softly: lots of tongue action…then she pulled back:

“Go on Jodie.” – Leanne commanded.

Jodie smiled and she then grew closer to me, placing her fine pink lipstick lips onto mine, we were French kissing passionately…until she pulled away.

I looked to Sophie and without command she sat on top of me and started to French kiss me just the same as Leanne and Jodie. (Truth be told: I preferred Sophie’s French kissing to the other two girls).

Sophie like clockwork backed off me and she moved away from on top of my body, Leanne with her small hands grabbed my erected cock and started to stoke it slowly:

“Does the widdle baby like getting the attention of the three sexy schoolgirls?” – Leanne cooed wickedly.

I nodded…my orgasm was slowly building up.

“This is what good widdle boys get if they behave well for their babysitters…am I right Jodie?” – Leanne smiled to Jodie, giving her a wink.

Jodie’s face was inches from my erect cock and with that she smiled at me then placed my erect cock deep into her small mouth…things were only going to faster.

As Jodie slowly sucked my dick:

“Being the only daughter of the school headmistress one can get away with anything Johnny: you think I give a shit about your relationship with Kim? Look around you…you’re better off as a toddler boy…” – Leanne calmly told me.

Jodie spat on the top of my cock and with her tougne she licked it all around:

“Ah!” – I gasped in satisfaction.

Jodie smiled and then looked to Leanne who nodded. It was Sophie’s turn!

Sophie – sweet Sophie was inches from my sucked and erected cock…

“Leanne…I can’t…I don’t know if I…” – Sophie pleaded in hesitation.

Leanne and Jodie grabbed Sophie’s hair and forceful my erected cock into her sweet mouth:

“That’s right you virgin slut! You suck this sweet widdle boys pee-pee, you suck it hard and fast – just like when we practiced on the banana!” – Leanne firmly told Sophie, who was doing a great job.

“Come on Sophie, do it for the team!” – Jodie cheered as she clapped her hands getting turned on by this whole scene.

“I’m…I’m…going to explode!” – I gasped in orgasm.

“You hear that bitch? Baby boy is soon going to squirt and you’re going to suck and swallow him dry like the good little girl you are!” – Leanne commanded as she still held on tightly to Sophie’s hair.

“Ahhhh!” – I screamed in joy as I orgasmed into the schoolgirl’s mouth.

Sophie nearly gagged, but she learned fast enough: she swallowed my semen.

Leanne then held up Sophie’s hair and looked at her cummed mouth:

“What do you think?” – Leanne asked her friend.

“I loved it…I want some more.” – Sophie giggled in shyness.

Jodie gave Sophie a baby wipe so she could wipe her mouth.

Like with most boys; my cock went limp.

“Nappy time baby boy!” – Leanne rejoiced and Jodie grabbed a Cuddlz nappy and placed it around my waist.

Once nappied Leanne grabbed my wrists and tied me up to my crib bars:

“What the fuck?” – I asked in horror.

“Trust me Johnny.” – Leanne softly told me as she left me.

I looked up and I saw the three girls walking to the far end of my Nursery talking to each-other:

“I really want to do this, to experience this…Sophie?” – Jodie whispered.

“Sod it, what’s the worst that can happen?” – Sophie submissively commented.

“A big part of us have craved this since our early teens…let’s do it.” – Leanne smiled to the girls who placed their hands in the middle together with happiness.

The girls walked back over to me, Sophie locked the Nursery door then followed suit.

“What is this about Leanne?” – I asked her for I am confused.

“Johnny, why the three are here is because of us and not you. What schoolgirl in their right minds would want to baby a teenage boy? Well, maybe there are a few, but that’s not the point. We are here to experience what you’re experiencing: babyhood.” – Leanne giggled innocently.

Jodie grabbed three large nappies from my large pile:

“Mrs. Mitchell won’t notice if a few of her baby boy’s nappies disappeared would she? Especially when her little man shits for England.” – Leanne commented.

“Leanne, er…there’s something…” – I tried to explain something to Leanne but she furiously grabbed my baby blue dummy gag and strapped it around my mouth:

“Little boys should be seen and not heard.” – Leanne told me in a pissed mood.

Jodie gave Sophie a nappy. Sophie giggled innocently. Leanne took hold of her nappy and all three girls placed it in front of them.

“Let’s do this girls.” – Leanne rejoiced.

All three schoolgirls where now taking off their school uniforms. First they undressed their school blazers, then untying their red-stripped school ties, throwing them onto my Nursery floor. I watched like a pervert as these striking looking young ladies, now undressing their white shirts, next came off their grey mini-skirts – dumping them onto the pile of school clothes, next came there black pantyhose, leaving them in there French panties and matching bras.

“This feels so good.” – Leanne commented with a giggle.

“Bloody does.” – Jodie replied.

The girls were now naked in my Nursery; they grabbed their nappies – my nappies – and tried to place on their nappy around their waists. It wasn’t any good; so the girls helped each-other out.

The girls stood in my Nursery wearing nothing but a nappy.

“Mmhph!” – I cried out through my dummy gag tilting my head up.

“Okay, we’ll give you an early nap baby boy.” – Sophie commented ignoring my signs as she unstrapped me from my crib bars.

Leanne and Jodie helped Sophie to restraint me in my crib; wrists and ankles. Once trapped in my crib, the girls took a moment to choose an option:

“It’s 10:30am; we are all tired…why don’t we take a nap with the baby boy? Johnny’s Mummy won’t be back till at least 7pm. The Nursery door is locked so we can’t get caught.” – Leanne calmly spoke to Jodie and Sophie.

“We’ve come this far; why not?” – Jodie smiled.

“Yeah, everything is foolproof, what can happen?” – Sophie told the girls with a smile.

Leanne nodded and soon enough the girl invited themselves into my large Adult Baby crib. Jodie locked the top of the crib, not knowing that it has to be unlocked from the outside!

The girls lay beside me, holding onto my hairless chest with one hand, and with the other they each took hold of one of my soft toys. Soon enough we all drifted off to sleep…

Mummy comes home…

Mummy came home – unplanned – at lunch time, she walked through the door:

“Girls, I’m back!” – Mummy rejoiced with a smile.

No answer or reply.

“Hmm…I wonder if they took my little Johnny to the park?” – Mummy asked herself.

Mummy walked over to the back of the kitchen to find my stroller still in place.

“Okay…” – Mummy was getting worried and angry now.

Mummy walked upstairs, she tried to open the Nursery door but couldn’t open it.

“Oh, the damn key is downstairs, stupid woman!” – Mummy told herself.

Mummy came downstairs, but she froze for a second, for she stared at one of the schoolgirls handbags.

“No girl or woman leaves without her handbag…” – Mummy commented.

Mummy then stared over to her computer; she had worries, so she used the computer:

“I have to be sure…” – Mummy assured herself.

As Mummy logged into the Nursery Video camera, the one that is secretly hidden within my Nursery and the one I tried to warn Leanne was now playing in front of my Mummy’s eyes.

Mummy was lost for words: which is rare for her. She was gobsmacked, she couldn’t believe that she was taken for a fool, by these schoolgirls, and for they were taking liberties with her baby boy’s sexual drive and nappies…

“What to do…” – Mummy commented.

Mummy knew we were all fast to sleep in my crib…

“But, why should these girls have all the fun and not myself?” – Mummy wickedly asked herself.

Mummy grabbed her mobile to inform all of the girl’s mothers, starting with Leanne’s mother – the school headmistress – my old headmistress:

“Hello Geena, it’s Karen, sorry to bother you but you need to come round mine this instant…it’s Leanne, her behaviour is not that of a young lady, only one of a younger age, likewise with Jodie and Sophie…it’s best for you to see for yourself…okay no problem see you in ten minutes…yes I’ll be calling up Jodie’s and Sophie’s mothers as well…Goodbye.” – Mummy calmly spoke on the mobile.

“One down, two to go…this is going to be fun.” – Mummy told herself with a wide smirk as she observed the live camera feed in my Nursery observing the three girls sleeping in her widdle boy’s crib…

Written by: Croc

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You Want To Be A Baby? By Croc Chapter 12


The Next Morning…

I woken up in my new crib, it’s been a day of my new found babyhood and it felt odd. Years of being used to big boy boxer shorts and using the toilet, I am now forced to have a life wearing nappies…and to use them.

Apart from that I had a nice sleep in my new soft crib, along with my new friends: my soft toys. I grabbed hold of one large teddy and cuddled him for comfort like I used to do with my pillows in my large double-bed: which is now down the dump yard.

I lay on my back in my crib holding my teddy tightly, I looked up at the ceiling and thought for a while…I could even smell the fresh paint that Mummy has used to decorate my Nursery.

Then I needed to wee, I let go and wet my nappy on purpose, sod it, I’m screwed anyhow, so I might as well become the best baby boy I can be for my Mummy.

The wee flowed down the back of my thighs in my nappy and into my bum crack: which felt really good, I also felt helpless and boyish.

And right on time Mummy entered my Nursery:

“Rise and shine Johnny.” – Mummy rejoiced as she opened the blinds in the Nursery, causing the bright sun to hit my eyes.

“Mummy.” – I commented as I rubbed my eyes.

“Sorry baby.” – Mummy replied as she moved the blinds.

Mummy then walked up to my crib and unlocked the top of it:

“Let me see.” – Mummy told herself as she placed her right index finger into my nappied crotch.

I looked up to her.

“Well, it looks like my widdle boy is getting use to his new lifestyle, is Mummy right?” – Mummy cooed down at me with a loving smile.

I nodded and giggled.

“Then it’s nappy changing time; yes it is!” – Mummy proudly announced clapping her hands.

I got out of my crib with a new friend: Teddy in my left hand. Mummy then stopped me in my tracks:

“I’m waiting.” – Mummy sternly told me.

I grew closer to my Mummy’s beautiful face and gave her a loving kiss on her right cheek.

“Good boy, who’s a good boy wishing his Mummy a wonderful morning hmm?” – Mummy smiled in happiness as she gave me a kiss back, marking her lipstick on my facial cheeks.

“I am Mummy.” – I said in a babyish tone with a now blushing face.

“Damn right you are Johnny. Now take my hand and let Mummy lead you to your changing table.” – Mummy told me as she placed out her hand.

I took her hand and Mummy held it tightly as she pulled me from one end of the Nursery to the other.

Mummy strapped me down onto my new changing table and she got on with her Mummy duty: which she confessed to me:

“You know John…” – Mummy lightly spoke as she unstrapped my wet nappy.

“…I miss this…I miss changing your nappies, sorry if I was a mean bitch yesterday at the Toddler Centre, I’m only doing what I think is best for my baby boy, as what any Mummy would do.” – Mummy sadly informed me as she wiped my crotch and bum crack down with Pampers baby wipes.

“I know Mummy.” – I told her as I looked at her deep into her perfect green eyes as she cleaned me down.

“I love you, you know that right?” – Mummy asked me as she rubbed in nappy rash cream into my bottom and crotch.

“I know you do Mummy, I love you to and I’m sorry if I rebelled yesterday with the mums at Mothercare and at the Toddler Centre.” – I told Mummy lightly crying and sniffing my nose.

Mummy grabbed a tissue and wiped my nose:

“Aww John, little boys do rebel now and again, and it’s for their mummies to keep them in line, at least you know now, that if you’ll be a naughty boy again, which I know you will be: at least you know why you are being punished.” – Mummy cooed at me kissing my forehead then getting back to her nappy duty.

Mummy sprinkled the Johnston’s baby powder over my bottom, crotch, tummy and chest. She got her two hands and rubbed it into my pale and hairless skin.

I took in the scent and by God I found it nice; along with the baby wipes and nappy rash cream…I’m getting to like this scent, more so that my old male aftershaves.

After the baby powder, Mummy grabbed a new Cuddlz nappy and placed it underneath my bottom.

But then like yesterday:

“Oh my, looks like Mummy will have to do something about her little boy’s erections…hmm…let’s see…where I put it?” – Mummy paused away from changing my nappy and placed her right hand underneath her chin: thinking.

Mummy looked round the Nursery, at all my new units:

“Ah yes!” – Mummy announced.

Mummy walked over to the right side of the Nursery and opened a small draw of one of the units, she grabbed something: I couldn’t see what it was. I was strapped down and could only move my eyes and tilt my head.

Mummy walked back and looked down at me with a smirk, holding up this thing in my full viewing:

“You know what this is?” – Mummy asked me in a serious tone.

“No Mummy.” – I fearfully replied.

“It’s a male cock chastity device. Since you’re really a young man of nineteen and had a cock of a teenage boy…I knew I had to get something to make sure for most of the time, your dick functions of that of an infant. Yesterday’s shag with Kimmy and me wanking you off, was a one off, for you were the ‘Birthday Boy’. But that day has past.” – Mummy informed me.

Mummy then grabbed an ice pack underneath the changing table and held it up into my viewing:

“I’m going to cool down your erection baby, and then I’m going to place on this device so you won’t be able to function like a teenage boy. Though, later on, if you’re a good boy for your guests; I’ll release you from your chastity…only if you’re a good boy that it.” – Mummy wickedly smiled at me as she then placed the ice cold ice pack onto my cock and balls.

It felt odd and soon enough my cock had shrunk and my lustful urges had gone. Mummy placed the ice pack back into the small freezer underneath my changing table.

Mummy then placed hold of this cock chastity device and placed it over my shrivelled dick.

“I know boys your age get ‘morning glory’ but take my word for it: you will be going to sleep in your crib with this on. How do you think I feel as a woman, knowing that every time I change my little boy’s nappies that I’ll have his erected cock in my face? It’s disrespectful to women and to your Mummy. But, if you behave, you’ll get treats.” – Mummy told me giving me a cheeky wink.

I was speechless, I thought my babyhood was going to be sexual like that with Kim yesterday…all I could do now is obey Mummy, and I was more thinking on who will be my guests later on?

Mummy fitted the cock device – that also had a padded lock. Mummy had the key! She placed it in her apron pocket.

Mummy grabbed the Cuddlz nappy and placed it over my chained crotch.

“I want my widdle boy to be a comfortable widdle boy.” – Mummy teased me with a loving smile as she finally nappied me.

Mummy unstrapped me and ordered me to stand up straight and wait for her.

Mummy walked over to my new wardrobe and took out a perfectly fitted Crocodile onesie. Mummy walked over to me.

“Lay down I want to dress you in this: it’s going to be a cold day today, and I don’t want my little boy to catch a cold, Mummy is only protecting you sweetheart.” – Mummy pouted her lips with a grin.

I lay down onto the Nursery floor; Mummy knelt down and then began to dress me in my new long onesie. Once zipped up at the back and dressed, Mummy grabbed a matching dark green Croc dummy and shoved it into my mouth:

“Aww, you look so cute! Your guests are going to adore you; yes they are!” – Mummy cooed down at me.

This onesie had built in mittens, I couldn’t use my hands.

“You’ll be able to play with your blocks in your playpen downstairs, so baby, lead Mummy the way. Don’t worry about Teddy, he’s in Mummy’s safe hands.” – Mummy cooed softly.

The Nursery door was open and I began to crawl out of the Nursery, this onesie had protection for my kneecaps so I don’t graze them.

Mummy watched my nappied bottom crawl out of my Nursery. She placed my old nappy into my nappy bin in the Nursery, along with the dirty baby wipes.

Mummy slowly followed behind me, taking pleasure in watching her new baby boy crawling before her eyes.

It took me a long while to crawl downstairs and into the living room. Mummy placed me into my playpen and gave me Teddy for comfort while she cooked the breakfast…while I sat in the playpen I looked over to the living room table and my eyes glazed in fear, on the table was a large baby blue potty chair…fit for only one purpose: me…to entertain my so-called ‘guests’…

Written by: Croc

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She’s Got The Look Chapter 7


I’d awoken several hours later…God only knows what time it is; since there is no clock within this padded room. Still naked and weak with my legs, arms and muscles, things were now about to hit my motion of reality…

The large thick metal door opened, its screeching was awful…the main light was switched on, which made me blink my eyes for a good few times, I managed to look up and it was Gillian and Kerri. Both women stood over me…the problem is, is that they were wearing tight matching blouses and mini-skirts; exposing their pale thighs. Their lips had matching lipstick and both scented of the perfume…

“It’s time.” – Kerri cooed down upon me.

“Time for what?” – I snapped back at Kerri

“Time for your baby training.” – Gillian sternly told me.

I tried – and miserably failed – to crawl away on my small tummy to escape, but it was no use. Gillian and Kerri took hold each of my arms and dragged me out of this soft chamber into the cold and damp basement…

“Please give me something to wear…I’m cold.” – I pleaded to Gillian.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, Mummy will dress you shortly…but not before this.” – Gillian softly told me as she and Kerri stood me up straight observing the cold and damp basement.

“Do you like seeing this view Natalie?” – Gillian asked me.

I just shook my head in reply.

“Good girl, because any bullshit from you…and you see that closed door over there to the far right?” – Gillian asked me.

I looked over and it was pitched black, the abyss of humankind; it was totally opposite to the nice soft chamber these bitches had placed me in.

“What about it!” – I snapped at her.

“Well, that is where you’ll be kept if you piss off your Mummy or Nanny; do I make myself clear?” – Gillian told me softly.

I turned my head to my left not looking at her. Then she grabbed my chin with her finger tips:

“Do you understand?” – Gillian shouted at me holding tightly onto my small chin.

“Yes!” – I shouted back in pain for her grabbing my chin.

“Good girl.” – Gillian told me patting my naked and exposed bottom (which pissed me off).

I was dragged up from the basement, up passing another flight of stairs; I was trying hard to remember my journey; but my mind was in bits at the present.

“Ah, here we are!” – Kerri announced in a light moan.

I was dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes…I looked up at the door that read “Natalie’s Nursery” – My jaw dropped.

Gillian opened the Nursery door – my new bedroom – and Kerri took hold of my left hand and dragged me inside…I must admit the room smelt fresh and babyish…what am I saying?

“Natalie this is your new room…fit for a baby girl. It’s decorated in pink and all furniture – along with your new clothes – was privately made to your size.” – Gillian beamed in joy like a proud mummy.

I just sat there naked as I tried to take all of this inside my small body and mind.

“Over here is your new wardrobe, inside is what to be expected of my adult baby girl…onesies, pink dresses, rompers and lots more cute babyish clothing…and for myself personally; here have a good look: this is a full range of different styles of Schoolgirl uniforms…it’ll make sense when we’re out in public; that you’ll look like a teenage schoolgirl; given your looks and height etc. We will get away with it; its show all the strangers walking pass that you’re a no-good disabled teenage girl who needs to wear her nappies with having her mummy or nanny to care for her by her side.” – Gillian giggled with pleasure.

I looked up to Kerri – my new Nanny – who just gave me a cheeky wink at me.

“In time you’re going to love this: it’s your new crib: filled with many soft toys and on the sides here…is just for added measure: restraints – only to remind my baby girl that if you dare misbehave and not act like the young lady I want you to be…then there’s going to be punishments.” – Gillian told me as she waved out her arms and hands presenting me to my new bed.

“Best to last Natalie: over here is your new changing table: here mummy, nanny or someone else will take pleasure in changing your wet and messy nappies…all the time. Above is a built-in cupboard that I had designed for your nursery: in it – here have a look…” – Gillian explained as she opened the cupboard door:

“…Nappies! Adult baby ones: Cuddlz, Bambino, Abena, Cloth and Dry 24/7 – You see it baby girl: it’s all yours and ready to use. Also as you can see, there’s a year’s worth of nappy changing products; powder, wipes, cream and lotion etc.” – Gillian cooed softly as she told me my baby fate.

I stare down to the floor in self-pity.

Kerri then pulled the ponytail of my hair:

“Ouch! That hurt you bitch!” – I shouted up at Kerri.

“Manners missy!” – Gillian shouted at me.

“It’s not fair, she pulled my hair.” – I whined at Gillian.

Gillian walked over to me and leaned forward:

“Sweetheart…I and Kerri own you now…I think you’ll need to learn your place before we nappy you.” – Gillian calmly told me in a disappointingly sigh.

Gillian stood back up and looked to Kerri, and nodded her head; Kerri smiled wickedly and pinned me down:

“What the fuck?” – I shouted as I was pinned down.

“I think it’s time that your Mummy and Nanny get a present from their new baby girl.” – Gillian cooed walked over to me holding a set of ankle and wrist shackles.

“Noooo!” – I screamed in my high pitched voice; but I was weak and trapped.

Tears were now pouring down my soft facial cheeks…

In the space of a minute Kerri and Gillian had locked me tightly into the shackles; all I could do was crawl (if I had any strength).

“Now your training will begin Natalie.” – Gillian told me as I was on all fours looking up at Kerri who then placed a pink collar and lead around my neck.

“So you don’t get lost.” – Kerri giggled. Kerri then pulled me along the nursery floor making me crawl on all fours like a toddler: or like a dog for that matter.

Gillian returned with two chairs and she placed them into the centre of my new nursery, Kerri pulled me along the nursery…then both women sat down and I was there: naked, on a lead and shackled in tight chains…

“I know you haven’t had much oral sex with boys Natalie…or sex with them in that manner…so that gives me the edge in your training…you’re going to learn how to sexually satisfy women…starting right now!” – Gillian declared as she lifted up her mini-skirt exposing her fine looking pussy for me to clean out…

“Kerri, our baby girl is nervous; you know what to do.” – Gillian quickly told Kerri; who got up in a pissed mood and once again grabbed onto my ponytail and forced it into the direction of Gillian’s awaiting pussy.

“I fancy boys…Noooo!” – I screamed as Kerri pushed my small head into Gillian’s thighs…I began sucking away, for Kerri was pushing my head in place…I just pretended that I was sucking a boy’s cock (which I didn’t enjoy that much).

“Ah…yeah…keep going…more baby girl…more…you’re doing mummy proud…more!…yes!…oh my God: yes! YES!!” – Gillian moaned lightly in pleasure as her cum shot right into my face…

Kerri pulled me back and didn’t both to wipe my face…

“I’ll have what she’s having…I’ve been waiting a long while for this!” – Kerri told me as she pulled the collar lead; making me inches to her. Kerri sat down onto one of the chairs next to Gillian and as I refused to please Kerri, Gillian grabbed my hair and pushed me into Kerri’s young and fresh pussy:

“You’re our baby girl and you’ll suck on what-ever we give you!” – Gillian shouted down at me in mix emotions as I worked my tongue magic onto Kerri; who took it in her stride…after pleasing them both they grabbed onto me and placed me onto my new adult changing table:

Gillian unstrapped the wrist and ankle shackles from me and that awful collar and lead leaving me naked and helpless on my new changing table.

Kerri – who was now in a good mood thanks to my talents – grabbed a packet of Pampers baby wipes and wiped of my cummed face and then strapped me down tightly onto the changing table; on my back. Gillian also grabbed some Pampers baby wipes and began to wipe me down on my clitoris and ass-hole. They both spend – on purpose – a good ten minutes wiping me down. Gillian then rubbed in lots of nappy rash cream onto my crotch and bottom. Kerri, ready with the large Johnston baby powder in her hand sprinkled the powder all over me; including my over my breasts.

Gillian and Kerri unstrapped me and powdered my bottom; patting it afterwards. Gillian then grabbed a huge thick disposable Abena M4 nappy and placed it underneath my bottom.

Being so weak, helpless and tired – I just wanted to go to sleep for the night. Again, I must admit; I’m wearing my first nappy in 20 years. It felt odd having a pampered bottom – It feels like having my pads for my periods; but much better.

“Here you’ll need to suck on this for practice.” – Gillian told me as she strapped a huge pink dummy gag around my head.

Both women dragged me over to my new crib and placed me into it.

“This is the first night of your new life…you’ll get used to it. But Mummy wants her baby girl a pro; so this is in order; Hypnosis training for my pretty baby girl.” – Gillian told me as she placed a pair of large headphones over my head.

“Auntie, it’s been wild tonight, come let’s talk about it over a cold bottle of wine.” – Kerri comforted her Auntie Gillian.

“Indeed. Sweet dreams baby girl.” – Gillian told me as she kisses my forehead then locked the crib from the top. The two women left my nursery for me to go to sleep.

All I could hear is a female voice of age-regression and sexual slave commands in my ears…for I was now and truly getting use to a new life as an Adult Baby Girl…

Written by: Croc

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Tantrums!Being a babysitter is not easy stuff!And  more when the cub gets tough on the changing table and before going to bed!

It seems that is the case here, little Jim is putting things a little difficult for his babysitter!
Even with all the tantrum that Jim can create, the babysitter always has the solution for such problems …a good bare bottom spanking!^.^

Jim: Jimfox1985

Line art by Victor/colors by  nelson88


Yes a good bare bottom spanking is watch happen if you give your  babysitter a hard time and when she is finish whit Jim i think he is going to have a hard time sleeping now whit this spanking butt. But he have get what he deserve for being a naughty boy on the changing table.

I only hope he dont decide to do it again. But i have to admit that he look weary cute in this pose and he seems to handle the spanking weary good to.

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