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Summer Punishment Chapter 11 And 12

Story is written by DLglasgow

It was Friday morning and I had just let out a stream of hot pee into my nappy and seeing as I was alone in the living room started rubbing the front of my nappy. I was slowly getting more and more turned on, when my mum walked silently in from the kitchen. There was nothing I could do, she had seem me in the act and I awaited the angry shouting. It however didn’t come and she just said “Meet me in your room”.

I crawled up the stairs behind her and into my room where she lifted me onto the changing table. The tapes were undone but it wasn’t thrown away, she just moved over to the dresser pulling out the strap on vibrator I had completely forgotten about. “No” I muffled through the dummy.

“Sorry Hannah, I have seen you rubbing a few times and it’s not healthy not being able have an orgasm.” I was embarrassed that my mum was having this conversation with but seeing as for the last week mum had being changing me out of wet and messy nappies, it didn’t rate that highly.

Along with the vibrator she brought a tub of Vaseline, which she used to lube up the hollow tips of each vibrator before dipping her fingers in again and applying lube to both my entrances, inside and out. Once complete, she lifted my legs and lay the vibrator pants between me and the nappy. Slowly lowering me down I felt the tip penetrate my anus before move right up and in. It wasn’t particularly comfortable but she took no notice and instead brought the front up and inserted the second vibrator deep into my vagina.

“There you go, I will turn them on at different points today. And remember when this is in you will lose control of pooping so don’t worry” she said as the nappy was then re-taped and I was left to crawl back downstairs.

Crawling alone caused each vibrator to move in and out which was both slightly painful and pleasurable. Once downstairs I returned to the sofa where Lucy was now watching the Disney channel. Although she was free to wear whatever she wanted, Lucy was wearing her one direction onesie which bulged at the crotch concealing the wet nappy within. Although I didn’t know it yet, Lucy also was starting to enjoy the feeling of wetting.

Ten minutes later unknown to me my mum set the dial on the remote to 1 and seconds later I felt the front vibrator start on a slow hum. Lucy thank god didn’t notice but as I watched TV I felt my pussy getting wetter and although enjoyable I never reached a full orgasm. It soon stopped and I got engrossed once more in the program. It was during an advert brake that the strange sensation came over my bum as what was clearly poop pushed its way through the hole in the rear dido and into my nappy, my efforts to stop if fruitless. Lucy could obviously smell it as her nose scrunched up but she was used to it now.

“Lucy, I know you will need to go, so you might as well now” referencing clearly to my messy state. The last few days we had spook very little and she seemed shocked.

“I can’t, no matter how hard I try it just won’t until I’m completely busting” she replied blushing.

I slid over to her and copying what I had seen mum do a few times and lifted her onto the padded front of my nappy

“What are you doing?”

“Shoosh” I said lifting up the dress she was wearing, exposing her stomach which I slow rubbed. Soon I felt movement and suddenly a messy load erupt from her bum, I didn’t stop and over the course of a minute three more waves of poop pushed its way into the now fully nappy.

“All better” I said smiling

“Thanks I guess” Lucy said and she wiggled free and in the process mushed the poop around her bum.

“Hannah, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, of course”

“Are you enjoying this?” she whispered

“No” I said honestly, “Some parts are ok, I guess.”

“Like wetting” Lucy replied quietly

“Yeah, you too?”


Our conversation was interrupted at that point my mum walking in and announcing it was lunch time. Lunch was a quiet affair and I ate the mushed baby food to which I was becoming accustom. Mum had got up to make a coffee but when she sat down, my vibrators suddenly started vibrating violently. She had obviously had set off the remote in her pocket to a higher setting, don’t wanting to tell Lucy about what was currently inside me I remained silent.

The both front and rear vibrators were now shaking around in my vagina and anus at least 10 times stronger than before. My face was becoming red, sweet had started and I could feel myself being turned on very quickly. I wanted to ask my mum to stop it but the pleasure was becoming too great and I didn’t want it to end. A minute later I could help but moaning out loud to the shock of both Lucy & my mum as I experienced one of the best orgasm’s of my life.

My mum realising what must have happened brought out the remote and turned it off, but the damage was done.

“What’s that?” Lucy enquired.

“Erm… well…. Seeing as your sister is older she has certain requirements which are hard when in nappies all the time”

“So what about me?” she replied rather boldly

“You’re too young” mum replied curtly.“No I’m not, Hannah told me about it when I was 13” I wanted to scream at her but from the look on Lucy’s face she had already realised saying this was a big mistake. Mum was you see rather old fashioned and still thought of Lucy as a child.

“I’m disgusted in you Hannah!” she said glaring over at me.

“You’ve earned another punishment”

I was instructed to wait on the sofa while mum went upstairs to find a punishment card.

“Right you will be strapped in your already messy nappy, placed in your crib and then placed on level 4 for 30 minutes.” I was shocked and a bit scared.

I had to lie down in the crib before mum secured the restraints in place, locked the crib and left.

As the door to my room closed I felt both my vibrators come into action. Level 4 was outright painful. The stimulation was enormous and within a minute I was crying and moaning as I had my second orgasm of the day. Within 10 minutes hot sweat covered my body and as the stimulation continued I could feel myself both wetting and messing the nappy with no control. When it did stop 20 minutes later I fell limp panting for air.

Mum left me alone for another hour by which time my nappy was completely full before entering the room and unlocking me from the crib.

“I hope you have learned a lesson from this Hannah! I’m still very disappointed with you for telling your little sister about things she is too young for.”

Chapter 12

Another week had now passed and luckily we had both avoided any more punishments. My parents had started making more use of the furniture and now most of my days were spent between my crib, playpen and highchair. Lucy seemed to be getting along fine and was no longer making a fuss and freely messing her nappies around twice a day, she also spent time playing with me in the playpen. This ‘play time’ at first had been humiliating with only a selection of old toys my dad had dug out of the attic. However soon we had both made the most of it and I couldn’t help but admit that I was enjoying myself.

Most days I was now being dressed in the yellow summer dress which did nothing to hide my thick nappies. Lucy was allowed to wear her normal clothes but because of her thick nappy her options were also limited. She opted mostly to wear dresses or even stay in her pj’s all day, both didn’t exactly hide her nappy but why would she care, it was only family around.

My times to talk were very limited as the majority of the time my dummy was firmly strapped in place, in the few exceptions we both talked about how we were finding it. We both agreed that wearing and wetting the nappies was fine and actually quite enjoyable, not having to pause the TV to visit the bathroom, the warm tingling feeling and the squidgy padding which followed. We didn’t however agree about messing Lucy said she was actually now ok with it, I however wasn’t and reminded her that she got to choose when to go, which she did often just before being changed.

For me however the worst part was the babying, not eating a solid meal in nearly two week, the early bedtimes, being force-fed and not being able to talk to anyone 99% of the time. However I did have one enjoyment Lucy didn’t and that was the 2 times a week when mum would insert the vibrators after my morning change. Putting it on auto caused it to randomly select a start time, duration and power setting.

Lucy was in the room a few of times I orgasmed but the most memorable was yesterday when while playing on in the playpen it went to level 4. The vibrations could be felt through the floor and soon I had dropped the doll and was moaning through my dummy. The next 5-10 minutes I completely lost track Lucy was right there as I twisted, moaned and exploded into an orgasm.

But anyway let’s get back to the present in which I’m sitting in a highchair being fed what is supposed to be lunch my by mother, knowing full well that my currently only wet nappy won’t last long.

“So Lucy, how are you feeling about wearing nappies?” my mum asked while stuffing another spoon into my mouth.

“Ok, I guess” Lucy replied, obviously somewhat surprised by the question.

“I thought so, we might have to change punishment seeing as your enjoying it” my mum replied

Lucy, realising her mistake quickly tried to backtrack. “No mum, I’m not, it’s horrible”

The reply was hardly convincing and mum obviously agreed.

“No, I’ve talked to the helpline and they have suggested we move you up a level, at least for a few weeks”

“What, No” Lucy said, tears welling up in her eyes for the first time in days.

“Sorry Lucy, it’s too late and your new stuff has already arrived. Starting tomorrow you will go to Level 3 and like Hannah here will be treated more like a baby.”

Gaining some composure Lucy asked “What’s the difference between 3 & 4?”

“Well… you will be forced to wet & mess, wear baby clothes and sleep in the crib with Hannah. You won’t however have to eat baby food or have a dummy in your mouth all the time.” Mum reeled off as if ticking off a list in her head.

Lucy was quite the rest of the day and when my now messy nappy was changed just before my bedtime I realised that this would be the last time I slept in my crib alone.

Story is written by DLglasgow

John’s Regression Chapter 24

Story is written by abdl5622

Maybe it was all a dream. I thought as I opened my eyes to see the bars that kept me from falling out of bed. Or not. It’s hard to believe that this is real. Though it was hard to accept not seeing…

“John, it’s time to get up” my mother said as she came in and interrupted my thoughts.

I suppose it is. I thought as she lowered the bars and brought me to the changing table.

“So, I’m leaving at noon and wont be back until around six”

Six whole hours.

“When’s Jessica showing up”

“At around 11:30”

“Okay” I sighed. I was really not looking forward to having yet another person having knowledge of my diapers.

“Wait how will she think I’m four?”

“It’ll be fine, you look young for a four year old” she said with a giggle. Somehow I felt as though she was lying. Soon, she finished changing me and put me into a yellow shirt with overalls.

“Would you like a bottle of milk before I leave?”

“Sure” I replied as we went down to the kitchen.

I began to gulp down the milk when I heard the doorbell ring. Damn she is here… well lets get this over with.

“Hi Amanda”

“Come in, I have a couple things to discuss with you first”

“So, what we discussed over the phone”

“Mostly, with a few things you should know first”

She whispered a few things that seemed to amuse Jessica.

“Is that alright?”

“Of course, it’s nothing. This will probably be the oldest child I have babysat but first time for everything”

“Excellent, I will leave you a little extra for the extra work”

“Thanks, now where is this John” she said looking my general direction. Crap, she saw me.

“He is a bit shy. It’s alright John, come say hi to Jessica” No choice now… my heart was racing and I just wanted to hide. I slowly walked over.

“It’s fine. I promise I don’t bite”

“Well I should get going, be good for Jessica, John”

“See you at six”

I waved goodbye. Still a bit to scared to speak.

“I know you can speak, do you want to play a game or something?”

I took a deep breath and decided to give her a chance. “Maybe”

“It is nearly lunch, maybe I should cook something up real fast first. How does that sound?”

I was rather hungry. “That sounds good, I’ma go play in my room for a bit”

“That’s fine, I will let you know when lunch is ready. It shouldn’t be too long”

“Okay” I replied as I creeped back upstairs.

I closed my door and collapsed to the ground with a wet squish. Great, already wet. I grabbed my pacifier and began sucking on it. This seemed to put my nerves at ease as I played with some blocks. She seems nice. Plus, she either is completely okay with the baby thing or she thinks I’m four. Either way she is fine with it. Maybe I can give her the benefit of the doubt and trust her.

“John, lunch is ready” she said as I put my pacifier in my pocket and walked downstairs. Hot dogs, it is easy and fast so I guess that makes sense. I thought as we ate quietly.

“So, what do you do for fun?” Jessica asked.

“I enjoy playing outside”

“Oh, I have just the thing for that” she replied with a giggle. What does she mean by that?

“What kinda thing?”

“You’ll see” She said. Now I was really curious and quite full at this point as a cleared my plate.

“Wait here for a second” she said as she quickly got a bag from her car.

“Okay, one more thing” Snap. I could feel cool air rush past my bum.

“A little wet but otherwise fine” My face must have turned many shades of red right then.

“You are not the first person to wear diapers that I have babysat and you are probably not the last. It’s no big deal. Let me worry about it. You can just focus on play”

“Alright. Can I go play outside?”

“Sure let me just get you set up” she replied. What does she mean by that? I thought as we both walked outside. She had a bag with her.

“Stand still for a moment and raise your arms” she said as she put a light blue strap between my legs and around my shoulders. Click. She then began tightening the straps. Is this a… oof. She tightened the crotch strap causing the diaper to squish up against my skin. Toddler harness… of course it is… She then tied the other end to a chair near the sandbox, sat in it, and began to read a book. I thought about complaining about the harness, but that would probably do no good. So, I confided to my fate and began to play in the sandbox. Well at least it can’t get anymore embarrassing. I thought when I heard a grumble from my tummy.

Story is written by abdl5622

ACR – Automated Changing Room

ACR - Automated Changing Roomthis is Sola and Gilly having to be processed in the automated changing room, and it looks like they needed that change pretty badly.

Order and text by Neko_Neko_Diamata

Draw by Vitriolink

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19593894/

Yes this two horses sure needs to have some clean diapers now. The one there are wearing right now seems to be pretty well used and look like they could start leaking at any moment now. I hope the machine understand that this two horses needs to have some new diapers.

Extended flight protective-wear

Extended flight protective-wearDraw and everything by Sylph_Space

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19542368/

Yes this little pony really need to have a new diaper. The diaper that the pony is wearing now really look pretty wet and well used.

A family affair

A family affairOrder by Coshi_Dragonite

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19416553/

Looks like someone is force to handle the storage of this very stinky and smelly diaper so it ends up inside the diaper pail where it belongs.

I really love the expression that this Fox have in his face when he is about to drop the stinky smelly diaper into the open diaper pail. This is something that you need to count on to handle when you looking after a cub.

Changing there diaper can be a very smelly and stinky work.