StufferCharacter © Cen_Aeonis

Art © Chandrafusky


Maybe this was a good stuffer before but it look used and even the diaper that she is wearing look pretty well used and should be changed. Before she develop a diaper rash or the diaper start leaking.

Look What I’ve Got!

Look What I've Got!Fox: Cen_Aeonis

Draw by carnival-tricks


This fox seems to have end up in a bad situation where he is forced to be bondage and wearing a diaper there he at the same time is forced to be looking on a well used messy diaper that someone is holding in front of him. Wounder way the person is doing that? Maybe it is to show him how the diaper is going to look like when he finely get a diaper change.


CollapseBound in chains to this cruel mockery of life, even the bravest would crack and crumble. How would he stand where the strong fell – no more than a child amongst giants, a tiny, cowering mote in a vast swell of shadows? This guilt, this burden, was his alone to bear – this hell, his alone to suffer. And all he could do was cry and beg, curled up in the comfort only his lonely arms could give, and wait as his world collapsed around him.

Character and writing © Cen_Aeonis
Art © Reva_the_Scarf


This is so sad and i can understand way he is feeling and react this way. I can feel something like this some time to and it can easy make you cry like a little child.

Hope things is working out in a good way soon before it get to far.