Eight Days of Diapers – Part I: A Hanukah Wish

This story is written by WingZ

“So do you get presents every night?” That, along with “is there a Hanukah Bush?” was the extent of Andy’s friends’ interest in Hanukah, in the entirety of his faith, actually. And though Andy felt confident enough to answer – gifts were usually exchanged during the first two nights and there was no bush, just a menorah – there was plenty about his religion that mystified him. There was the Hebrew language with its harsh, guttural sounds and funky alphabet; the holidays whose names he mixed up and whose meanings were reduced to dietary prescriptions (dairy on Shavuot, hamantashen on Purim, nothing at all on Yom Kippur); the dozens of other things, large and small, which separated him from his friends, who were Episcopalian or Catholic and claimed Sunday as their day of worship and had no need for any tongue but plain old English. Andy was 12 now, his Bar Mitzvah less than a year away, and he could feel those differences creeping up on him, threatening to sever his tenuous grip on “normal.”

Deep down, however, he knew it was not his religion which risked turning him into a pariah, that he would feel the same anxiety if his last name were Smith instead of Greenbaum. It had to do with what he liked, which, he guessed, had to do with who he was. Take his bike, for instance. He had it since he was 7 and though he’d had to have the seat raised a few times, he liked it just fine when he was riding alone. It was familiar, comfortable, and reliable. When he rode with friends, however, it embarrassed him. It was clearly a kid’s bike, a blue single-speed Schwinn which once housed training wheels. His friends were all moving onto the mountain bikes and street cruisers which would carry them into their teens and Andy knew it would only be a matter of time before they grew tired of waiting for him to catch up.

It was the same thing with video games. Andy’s friends favored the Nintendo Wii and Andy thought it looked like fun…until he tried to play it. He was unable to master the Wii Remote’s motion sensitivity and his performance at Wii Sports was embarrassingly awful. In bowling, his balls spun right and struck gutter and in golf, he couldn’t stay out of the sand. “You just need more practice,” his friends told him. They encouraged him to ask his parents for a Wii of his own and Andy agreed, though privately he preferred the older, simpler gaming systems and did not look forward to sharing a Wii with his younger brother, Jake. So to fit in, Andy put down a new bike and a Wii on his Hanukah wish list, confident he could get one but not both, even though he really wanted neither.

What he really wanted was diapers. For the past few years, Andy longed to be put back in diapers, to be routinely checked and changed, to have no more concern for making it to the toilet than he did for having a job. The why of it eluded him. He did not struggle with continence growing up and he was not raised without love. All he knew was that no 12-year-old should want to wear diapers. If his Judaism made him different, that made him a full-blown freak. It shamed him deeply and he carried the weight of that shame alone.

But the shame did not deter him. Furtively, he browsed diaper sites on the computer he and Jake shared. He was desperate to find out more about his peculiar desire, to see if there were others like him. What he discovered blew his mind. There were pictures, stories, entire online communities dedicated to people who liked to wear diapers. It left Andy wondering how many “DLs” (diaper lovers) there were in the world. Hundreds? Thousands?

Visiting those sites had a strange effect on Andy. Initially, it made him feel even more ashamed. He knew some of the sites were meant for adults and he had no business looking at them. His face flushed with shame and some of the content he came across scared and confused him. At the same time, doing something he knew he shouldn’t be doing made him feel good. It was his own quiet way of standing up for himself and what he wanted.

On the teen forums, Andy found acceptance and a wealth of practical advice. He exaggerated slightly, claiming he was 14 instead of 12, but no one suspected otherwise. When he contemplated coming out to his parents about wanting diapers, a menagerie of posters advised against it. Some shared horror tales of awkwardness and familial dissension that lingered for weeks. Similarly, he learned that intentionally having “accidents” was foolhardy and that real diapers would be worth waiting years for.

Andy was always careful. He typed out everything he wanted to post in a Word document beforehand. That way, his progress would not be lost if he had to relinquish the computer to Jake or was called away unexpectedly. He cleared his browsing history regularly and never left browser windows open, not even when he stepped away to pee. It wasn’t foolproof, but Andy figured he could go on for quite awhile without getting caught. Jake was 7 and only cared about games, their mother didn’t know much more than word processing and their father always gave a heads up when he commandeered the computer to perform maintenance or install something.

The computer and the world of virtual diaperdom wasn’t as good as the real thing, but it was close as Andy thought he could get for now. In another few years, when he had a car and some money saved up and a lot more nerve, he would buy his own diapers and hide them and enjoy them when no one was around. In the meantime, however, he began clearing imaginary space in the garage or in front of the TV for the bike or the Wii and practiced his gracious smile for when he would undoubtedly receive them.


Hanukah started on a Friday that year. It would be over days before Christmas began, meaning Andy would not have off from school. Jake insisted this was a rip-off, but Andy knew better. All the important stuff happened at night anyway.

That Wednesday, Andy came home from school to find his father’s car in the driveway. This was not unusual – his father was a dentist and when his patients cancelled or no-showed their appointments, he headed home. Sure enough, he found his father seated at the kitchen table. His mother was there, too, and they both looked as if they’d been waiting for his arrival. They said they wanted to talk.

It could have been anything. It could have been more Bar Mitzvah planning or something about his brother, since they weren’t waiting until Jake got home in order to talk to him. Yet Andy couldn’t shake the feeling that his secret had been discovered. He felt his heart beat fast and hard in his chest and it took every ounce of self-control he could muster to not break down right there.

“What about?” he asked. He dropped his backpack by the door and pulled up a high-backed wooden chair.

“I needed to print up a list of odds and ends and last minute gifts,” his mother explained. “When I opened Word, what do you think I found?”

Andy felt like punching himself. He’d been in a hurry that morning and ended up hitting the off button on the computer instead of shutting it down like he was supposed to. That meant the next person to open Word would see a recovered document, his document. Normally, that next person was Andy himself – the middle school let out earlier than the elementary school and he always beat Jake home – but today it was his mother.

Of all the days to get caught, this was the worst. The post he’d started on that morning was in response to a Christmas wish list thread. Needless to say, he amended it to Hanukah. And needless to say, he put down diapers.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, staring down at the floor. His eyes focused on the gray swirls frozen in the white tile. The floor looked hard enough to crack a skull, but at that moment, he thought it would be softer than either of his parents’ faces.

“How long have you wanted this?” his mother asked. Slowly, Andy lifted his head. He was surprised to discover that his parents weren’t angry. They were concerned and a little bewildered, but not mad.

“A long time,” Andy replied. “I don’t know why. I kinda wish that I didn’t, but I do.”

His mother and father exchanged long glances, their eyes blank slates for Andy to project his anxiety. What if they try to have me sent away?, he thought. What if…

“Your mother and I talked this over,” his father said. “And I also discussed it with a doctor in my building, someone who works with children. We feel…” He paused, looking to his wife for confirmation, and Andy’s mother nodded with her lips pressed tightly together. “…that if this is something you want, something you really want, that we should let you have it.”

Andy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His mouth fell open to issue a response, but it was as if he temporarily forgot how to speak. He managed to blurt out an “I” and let shocked silence fill its wake.

“It’s OK,” his mother told him, smiling now while she patted his back. He looked at her, at both of them, and wanted a “why,” only he didn’t, not if it cost him or complicated this most unexpected of victories. “We still love you.”

Andy relaxed slightly after that. The pressure was gone, but a lot of uncertainty remained. They said they would give him what he wanted, but for how long? Was there a catch? There had to be.

“What, exactly, am I getting?” he asked.

“Diapers for Hanukah,” his mother told him. “And you’ll be wearing them all eight days or until the package runs out. That ought to get this out of your system.”

Andy picked up on her subtle disapproval, but he didn’t care. He felt like he’d struck jackpot.

“Before you get too excited, you’d better be sure this is what you want,” his father cautioned. “It may not be all it’s cracked up to be.”

He knew what they were doing. For his parents, the diapers were a lesson. They probably figured he would get sick of them after a day or two and would want nothing more to do with them once the eight days were up. But Andy knew differently. This was a golden opportunity and he’d be an idiot not to take it.

“Yes, I want it,” he told them, practically giddy with excitement. “I want it a lot.”

This story is written by WingZ

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diapercoon got caught sneaking diapers

Poor thing it sure seems like diapercoon is going to have some explaining to do now about way he is stealing some diapers.

But this sure is not something that you wont to end up whit. That others around you finding out that you like to wear and use diapers.

It sure would be nice to know what is going to happen to him now. I only hope they go easy on him and don’t making such big deal about this.

Marine got caught

Marine got caught

She is just in trouble using Cream’s diaper.

Marine:c-cream, i just wanted test if your diapers are very absorbent, just for you dont have leaks in your bed.
Cream: yeah, sure.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26328576/

Poor Marine it is newer fun to be caught when you decide to try out diaper for the first time.

Wounder what is going to be happen now whit Marine decision to test out diapers? Is it going to be force to wear diapers all the time now?

But she sure looks cute in here diaper :)


CaughtGuess he’s gonna hafta get used to his new role.

Fox ace_fox84

Draw and text by BabyStar

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26106240/

Poor ace_fox84 it seems like he have to get use to some new things now when his girlfriend have found out his big secret.

Trouble at the Farm Part One

Trouble at the Farm Part One

Nya! Nya! Can’t catch me copper! *POP!*POP!*” teased Caiden as he took his toy six-shooter out of his holster and fired two shots as his friend.

“Agh! You’ll nevah get away wit dis you bad robber!” yelled Robby as he took off after his friend.

The two toddlers were playing playing cops and robbers old west style on Evan Stewart’s farm. Evan Stewart and his wife, Charlotte, were close family friends of Caiden and Robby’s family. They’ve known both families since before both of the pups were born and babysat them quite a bit. Caiden’s and Robby’s folks had to go out of town for a few days this Summer so the Stewarts happily agreed to watch them. They were like an extra pair of grandparents to the little troublemakers and spoiled the two boys rotten. The boys were so excited to find out that they were going to stay with the Stewarts on their farm that they even wanted to dress the part. Caiden wore his cowboy hat and boots while Robby wore his overalls and cowboy boots.

The pups chased and chased each other around the farm. They hopped over creeks and rolled down hills. Eventually they made it back to the backyard area where Evan was working.

“I’ve got you twapped now bad guy!” huffed Robby.

“You’ll nevah catch me awive!” said the diaper clad wolf cub as he picked up a nearby metal garden trowel.

“Oh yeah?!” replied Robby as he grabbed a nearby metal garden cultivator.

“Ungarde!” shouted Caiden as he lunged in and swung at his friend.


“AHA! I got you now!” jeered Robby as he blocked and counter-attacked.


This went on for a few moments. They went swung at each other going back and forward and narrowly missing each others body a few times.


“Boys! Stop this right now!” shouted Evan as he came around the corner to find Caiden and Robby ‘sword fighting’ with some garden tools.

The started toddlers dropped the garden tools at their feet at the sound of a loud, but concerned Evan.

“What are you two doin’?” asked Evan with a Southern’ draw as he quickly picked up the tools.

“W-we was jus pwayin Mr. Evan…” stuttered Robby.

“Yeah, we was havin a sword fight…” echoed Caiden.

“These ain’t toys, they’re tools. You two could have hurt yourselves.” explained Evan calmly as he took a blade of grass and cut it in half as he ran it across the edge of the trowel, “See?”

“Oh, we sowwy….We wont do its again…” apologized Caiden.

“Yeah. We won’t pway wit dos…” said Robby.

“Good, ’cause your parents, Charlotte, or myself don’t want you to get hurt with these. Now give me yer paws.” instructed Evan as the boys gave them their paws, “You. Will. Not. Play. With sharp tools. Understand?”


Evan gave one firm swat to the top of each boy’s paws.

Caiden and Robby both yipped at their paws getting swatted. The swats didn’t hurt as much as they were a surprise. The teary eyed pups rubbed their paws and nodded that they understood.

“Good. I’m sorry that had to happen, but y’all need to understand how dangerous these things are.” explained Evan as he gave them a big hug, “Now, if I catch you two playing with these tools again our next meeting won’t be so friendly ’cause I’ll take y’all to the woodshed and tan your hides so you don’t sit right for a week. Even with those diapers y’all are wearin’. Got it?”

Caiden and Robby nodded in agreement again.

“Good boys. Now speakin’ of diapers it smells like one or both of y’all could use a clean one.” observed Evan as he stood up and ruffled their headfur.

“It’s Caiden!” tattled Robby as he pointed to his friend.

“Nah uh! You’re da ‘tinky butt!” shot back Caiden.

“*giggles* Well I’m sure both of ya could use one. Why don’t yall go inside and ask Charlotte to change ya? I’m sure that she’ll give ya some milk an’ cookies if you ask real nice…” suggested Evan as he was hoping to get out of diaper duty.

“Cookies!” shouted Robby

“Yay!” cheered Caiden as both boys ran off to the house.

The toddlers busted open the screen door and ran into the kitchen.

“Why hello young ones. What brings ya inside?” asked Charlotte sweetly.

“Caiden’s ‘tinky and needs a new diaper.”

“Can we has some cookies?- Hey! Ima not ‘tinky, you are!”

Answered the boys simultaneously.

“Hehehe. Well I’m sure that I can wrangle up some cookies for you two.” giggled Charlotte as both boys cheered, “I just pulled some out of the oven, so they’re a bit too hot. Why don’t we change your diapers first?”

“Awww…” groaned the toddlers.

“There’s no whining in our house silly boys.” said Charlotte playfully as she lightly popped their diapered butts, “Now go get your diaper bags and wait on the bed.”

Caiden and Robby giggled as they were playfully spanked and ran off to the guestroom that they were staying in. They grabbed their respective diaper bags and threw them on the bed. They climbed up on the bed and patiently waited for Charlotte.

“OK, let’s get you stinky boys cleaned up.” announced Charlotte as she entered the room.

“But ima not ‘tinky Mrs. Charlotte….Robby is…” whined Caiden.

“Nah uh! You are!” shouted Robby.

“Okie Dokie. I’ll settle this…” interrupted Charlotte as she turned Caiden around and pulled the back of his diaper back to check him, “Hmmm…Caiden’s not poopy, so that leaves…”

Charlotte unbuttoned Robby’s overalls and checked his diaper.

“Ding Ding! We have a winner! Little Robby is the culprit.” said Charlotte as she grabbed the changing supplies out of the diaper bags.

“See! Told ya you was ‘tinky!” teased Caiden.

“Ah, don’t be too cocky Caiden. You’re diaper still needs to be changed. You’ve nearly soaked through yours.” warned Charlotte, “OK Robby, step out of your overalls so it’s easier to change you. Caiden take off your holster.”

Both boys obeyed and laid down. Charlotte went to Robby first and untapped his messy diaper.

“EEeeewwww….” commented Caiden as he plugged his nose, “You’re WEALLY ‘tinky…”

“That’s enough boys.” declared Charlotte as she caught Robby sticking his tongue out at Caiden in retaliation. Charlotte continued to wipe and asked, “So are you boys having a fun time playing outside?”

“Yeah! We was playin’ cops and wobbers and we ran everywheres!” explained Caiden excitedly.

“Oh, that sounds like fun.” commented Charlotte as she removed the messy diaper and wipes from under Robby and slid the clean one under him.

“It was! I almost catcheded him, but Mr. Evan stopped da game…” continued Robby.

“Aw, now why would he do that? Was it ’cause two little monsters needed a quick diaper change and grumpy Mr. Evan didn’t wanna haveta change some diapers?” guessed Charlotte as she tickled both of the boys bellies and shortly after she powdered and taped the new diaper on Robby, “There. One pup down and one to go.”

“*Giggles* No, we was playin’ swords wit some toy- I mean tools and Mr. Evan didn’t wike dat.” explained Caiden as Charlotte moved over to him and untaped his soaked diaper.

“Yeah, he even spankeded our paws.” added the diaper-clad Robby as he rolled over to where Caiden and Charlotte were.

“Oh, that is a problem. Well what did you both learn from that incident?” asked Charlotte as she wiped Caiden’s diaper area.

“Um, ta not pway with sharp tools…” answered Caiden.

“Yeah, or ‘He’ll tan our hidies’.” said Robby as he did his best Evan impression.

“*giggles* Why does Mr. Evan not want us pwayin’ wit da tools?” asked Caiden as Charlotte giggled at Robby’s impression, slid the wet diaper out, rolled it up, tossed it, and put a clean one under Caiden, “We was bein’ WEALLY careful….”

“Yeah…” agreed Robby.

“Well, do you two remember meeting my son Jim?” asked Charlotte as she powdered Caiden’s butt.

“Um…I tink so. Was he da one wit da big scratch on his face?” asked Robby.

“Yes, that was him. Except it wasn’t a scratch, it was a scar.” answered Charlotte as she taped the clean diaper on Caiden.

“Oh…How did he gets da scar…?” asked Caiden.

“When Jim was 5 years old, he was playing outside with his friend like you and Robby were.” started Charlotte as she helped Robby back into his overalls, “They too found some of the tools and played swords with them. Unfortunately, me or Mr. Evan weren’t there to stop them and Jim’s friend accidentally caught his shovel across Jim’s face. Jim had to go to the hospital and they did the best that they could to fix it. Luckily there was no major damage, but it did leave a big scar on his face. Jim’s friend felt terrible about it too. We don’t want any of that to happen to either of you, so when Evan is bein’ ‘Mean’ or ‘scary’ about it, it’s because he doesn’t want you to get hurt. Understand?”

“Uh huh…” answered both boys in awe and unison.

“…And trust me. Mr. Evan isn’t kidding around about taking you to the woodshed over it. Jim’s little brother Alex tried the same thing a few years later and Mr. Evan painted his backside red. So you both stay away from the tools cause I won’t stop him from whoopin’ yer butts, ya hear?” warned Charlotte as she made eye contact with each pup. They nodded in agreement, “Good boys. Now that’s enough doom and gloom. Who’s ready for some cookies?”

“MeMeMe!” shouted the toddlers as the raised their paws high.

“OK then, go into the kitchen and I’ll get you some after I clean up here.” said Charlotte as she put the diaper changing supplies away and tossed the soiled diapers in the trash.

Caiden and Robby hopped down from the bed and rushed to the kitchen to find Evan sneaking some cookies from the tray that Charlotte pulled from the oven.

“Hey! Dos are our cookies!” shouted Robby.

“Yeah! You can’t eat dos!” echoed Caiden.

“Oop! I’ve been caught.” said Evan as he popped one into his mouth, “Guess I’ll just haveta tickle ya until you let me have them!”

Both boys squealed as Evan picked them up and started tickling them.

“HEHEhaha- We’ll nevah- tee hee- wet you have some!….” laughed Caiden as he struggled to get away from the tickle machine that was Evan.

“Oh really…? I guess that I’ll have to see if your friend will be more kind.” said Evan maniacally.

“AHahHAhahhteeheehahahah…..NO!….ahhaah….” laughed Robby as he denied Evan some cookies too.

“Evan Michael Stewart! Just what do you think you are doing?!” asked Charlotte sternly as she walked into the kitchen.

“Oh, hey darlin’….I was just tryin’ to persuade the boys to let me have some of those delicious cookies.” answered Evan as he put the toddlers down.

“Well you best not be ‘persuading’ them anymore unless you want to change their freshly cleaned butts.” said Charlotte as she picked Caiden and Robby up and sat them in their seats at the table, “Those cookies aren’t for you Evan, they’re for these little angels….but maybe if you ask nice they’ll let you have one.”

“But hes alweady ated one Mrs. Charlotte!” said Caiden as he ratted out Evan.

“Quiet you, or you’ll get a knuckle sandwich instead.” playfully threatened Evan.

“No YOU gets a knuckle sammich!” shouted Robby in Caiden’s defense.

“There will be no knuckle sandwiches at the table boys…” said Charlotte sternly yet playfully as she grabbed a wooden spatula and tapped it in her paw.

“Yes ma’am…” answered all the boys simultaneously.

“Good boys.” replied Charlotte cheerfully as she scooped up four cookies for Caiden and Robby and served it to them with their sippy cups.

“Thank you!” said the toddlers as the dug into their snack.

“You’re very welcome.” singed Charlotte as she noticed her husband sitting at the table with a playful pout, “Caiden, Robby. Do you think you could spare a few cookies for Mr. Evan…Look how sad he is…”

Caiden and Robby looked at each other with a mouthful of cookie and nodded yes to Charlotte.

“What nice boys we have staying with us…” complimented Charlotte as she served Evan some cookies, “What do you say to the boys honey…?”

“Thank you for sharing.” thanked Evan as he playfully stuck his tongue out at them with Charlotte turned her back.

The pups giggled and they all enjoyed their snack.

“Well that was delicious and refreshing hun’.” complemented Evan as he brought his plate to the sink and rinsed it off.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it sugar bear.” replied Charlotte as she was cleaning up the kitchen counter from when she made the cookies.

“AAgghhh….Whelp. It’s time for me to get back to it. Those crops aren’t gonna plant themselves.” stretched Evan as he went over to his wife and gave her a smooch.

“EEwwWWww….” commented Robby and Caiden.

“Oh hush you.” giggled Evan as he went outside to continue working.

“You two sure seemed like you enjoyed my cookies.” laughed Charlotte as the toddlers faces and hands were littered with cookie crumbs and chocolate smears.

“We sure did! Dey were super yummy.” squeaked Caiden.

“Uh huh! Dey weally were! Can we has some more?” asked Robby.

“Yeah! Can we!?” repeated Caiden.

“*giggles* Not right now sweety pies. Otherwise we wouldn’t have any for dessert tonight.” answered Charlotte as she dampened a clean dishrag with warm water.

“Aww…” moaned both boys as Charlotte came over.

“Now now, none of that…” singed Charlotte as she wiped the rugrats paws and face down with the rag, “There all clean.”

“Yay! All done!” cheered Caiden.

“Yay!” followed Robby, “Can we goes pway outside now?”

“Why of course.” replied Charlotte as she picked each pup up and stood them on the ground, “Here’s your holster cowboy.”

“Tanks Mrs. Charlotte…” said Caiden as Charlotte put the holster, that she grabbed from the bedroom, around the diaper-clad toddler’s waist, “Now you two go have fun.”

“Otay Mrs. Charlotte!”

“Tanks for da cookies!”

Shouted both boys as they bolted outside.

“Whatcha wanna do now buddy?” asked Caiden as they arrived outside.

“Hmm…Wanna continue our game fwom earlier?” suggested Robby.

“Otay!….Wook over dere!” pointed Caiden as Robby looked and Caiden sprinted off, “You’ll nevah catch da meanest bank wobber evah!”

“Hey!” shouted Robby as he turned and chased after him, “I’ll get yous for dat!”

Caiden and Robby chased each other around the yard for while with Caiden shooting his toy gun and Robby occasionally tackling and releasing Caiden. Meanwhile, Evan was getting ready to tend to the fields so he laid out some of the tools in the backyard that he planned on using. He stopped for a moment as he realized that he was missing one of his tools. He looked around outside but couldn’t find it. Evan then went inside the woodshed to look for it.

“Whheee….!” shouted Caiden as he ran into the backyard, “Na na na na….You can’t catch me!”

“Oh yeah!? Here I come!” replied Robby as he chased Caiden to where the tools were.

Caiden stood on one side of the blanket that the tools were set on and Robby the other.

“*huff**huff** Now whatcha gonna do?” huffed Caiden as he took a moment to catch his breath.

“Ima gonna *pant**pant*….Ima gonna get you wit dis sword…” panted Robby as he reached for one of the shovels.

“NO! Wait!” shouted Caiden as Robby stopped pulled back.

Meanwhile in the shed, Evan was still looking for that tool. He eventually found it on the workbench and went over to grab it. He grabbed it and happened to look out the window just as Caiden and Robby ran up to the tools.

‘You better not grab it…’ thought Evan to himself as he grabbed a brush that he used to brush the horses hair with and slid it in the back of his overalls.

Luckily, he heard Caiden say ‘NO! Wait!’ and decided to stay and watch to see if they would do the right thing.

‘Good boy.’ thought Evan.

“Oh yeah…We would has got in twouble…” thought Robby as he looked around.

Caiden looked around too.

“Hmmm….I dun sees anyone….” observed Caiden.

“Yeah. Mr Evan and Mrs. Charlotte aren’t here….” said Robby.

“What if we…” started Caiden as he looked at the tools.

“Besuperextracareful?!” finished Robby quickly.

“Yes. We’re big boys right?” asked Caiden.

“Yeah! I tink we can pway wit da tools if we’re superdy duper careful.” replied Robby as he reached for the shovel.

“Yeah. An’ when Mr. Evan and Mrs. Charlotte see us bein’ careful they’ll be SO happy…” said Caiden as he grabbed the smaller shovel.

“I got you now bad guy robber!!” shouted Robby as he lifted the shovel but was suddenly stopped by Evan’s paw.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by ?

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24248253/



NO! WAIT! DON'T COME IN!!!Wolf ChaseTheBlueWolf

Draw by Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22984929/

Poor wolf it looks like we enter the room in the middle of his diaper change :(

But dont worry we are dont going to tell anyone about your diapers. In the same moment we drop our own pants and expose the diaper that we are wearing :)