Babystar birthday babying

Babystar birthday babyingbabystar was having a birthday and was treated to a little party with a few friends… with cake and balloons and everything!

yeah… shenanigans happened, and the cat is totally at fault here…^^

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes it really seems that they forgot to tell here about that very imported part that she is going to end up messing the diaper when she have starting to eat the cake.

This was no not that kind of birthday that babystar wont to have. Can not be so fun to mess the diaper in front of others when you eating a cake. But i bet they understand.

avarios veemon pamper power up

avarios veemon pamper power upwhere do all these different cursed/hexed/possessed pampers keep coming from?

he may wanna stop what he’s doing before he’s enthralled again…

Order: avarios

Text and draw by catmonkshiro


Yes where is all this cursed/hexed/possessed pampers coming from?

I think it is already to lathe for this Veemon. It seems that he already enjoy wearing his diaper and to hear all the crinkle sounds from it when he rub the front of his diaper.

Now is it only one thing left for him to do. He need to wetting his diaper to.

What a Good Baby Girl!

What a Good Baby Girl!Awww, looks like Cer has fallen under a mysterious stranger’s hypnotic suggestions. What’s more, it looks like she’s following his commands, happy (If not proud!) to show off for him and everyone else what a good baby she is. Filling her diaper up and being on display makes for a very happy bear cub!

Isn’t she being a very good baby girl? Definitely looks like it.

Bear and text by Cerulean_Aurion

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it really lock like she is a very good baby girl special now when she have show that she can use the diaper what it is meant for handle wet or messy accidents.

Acepup light-up shoe-nom

Acepup light-up shoe-nomIt looks like Acepup is absolutely facinated by those light up sneakers he got… entranced even… yeah we totally turned him into a toddler pup again :P but he’s still one of my more adorable subjects ^^

Husky: Acepup

Draw and text by: catmonkshiro


Aww it really looks like he loves his light up sneakers and i hope they taste good when he now have decide to put one in his mouth.

New undies dump

New undies dumpHere is a pic of my good friend Cody having an accident in his brand spanking new Space Dogs undies. Cody, Rolani and I all stopped at Taco Viva for lunch on our way to Jamfest. I had a couple of Tacos, Rolani had a burrito, and Cody had six tacos. Then at Jamfest halfway though Daylight Burning’s set, we all had to go use the restroom because Cody had to go poop very badly. The restroom was being constantly used, and Rolani and I were watching Cody panicking and holding his butt while waiting for a urnial. Then when a stall became vacant, Cody quickly ran into the stall, latched the door, pulled his shorts down, but could not pull his underwear down and sit down on the toilet in time, Cody had pooped in his new undies. Cody quickly took his undies completely off, walked out of the stall and threw his new pair of cartoon undies in the trash. Cody had to watch the rest of the concert with no undies on. Yep, six tacos are just too many.

Cody and text: Sultz_Z._Wolf

Draw by: catmonkshiro


Aww poor Cody it dont looking good that he have end up whit some messy underwear. Maybe next time he go out for some tacos he should decide to put some diapers on instead of big boys underwear.

Acepup forgotten function

Acepup forgotten functiona bi-product of an age regression… not knowing how clothes work…

oh well, he’s looked after anyways…

Dog: Acepup

Draw and text by: catmonkshiro


Yes its really look like a bi-product of an age regression for Acepup. Good thing that he is a baby now that dont understand this sort of thing. Because if he did i bet it should be something weary blushing for him.