Anixen How they’ve grown

Anixen How they've grownAnixen is featured on a sort of talk show how people have grown from their infantile selves and what they become from being a bouncing baby…

i think people were sorta surprised to find she’d grown into a bigger bouncing baby :P

Rodent by Anixen

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


I hope that someone in the talk show studio find the courage to change this rodent diaper because if they dont do that the studio is going to be filled whit some stinky smell from this messy diaper that the rodent is having.

Scentus Job hypnosis therapy

Scentus Job hypnosis therapyScentus was recommended to a therapist to help deal with some of the stresses at her work environment…

too bad this one has a thing for hypnotherapy… and an agenda of their own…

the poor pink floof doesn’t stand a chance…

Skunk: Scentus

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor girl it seems like someone decide to turn this adult mind back to a baby mind. At least she is going to get rid of the stress now but i dont think this was the way she had expected it.

Back to diapers for PKMotors

Back to diapers for PKMotorsPeople should think twice before being mean spirited about someone’s interests… you never know what the other person is capable of…

Cub: PKMotors

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor PKMotors its look like it is back to diapers for him now and its dont seems like he can do anything about it. I only hope that he learn to accept his new situation.

What are those?!

What are those?!oh whops, Thernol being caught wearing pampers in the armory while gearing up for his duties. What would you do now Thernol?

Thernol and text by Thernol

Draw by Catmonkshiro


Yes what would Thernol do about it when he seems to end up whit a embarrassing situation?

Kiburi-Lion sleeping lions

Kiburi-Lion sleeping lionslet sleeping lions…. well… let them sleep and be cute.

Lion: Kiburi-lion

Draw by catmonkshiro


What a cute lion. It seems like he have regress back to babyhood and he seems pretty happy about it to. I hope he have some nice sleep together whit his plushy and pacifier.

Radix the messy cub

Radix the messy cubit looks like radix is not as squeaky clean a cub as he lets everyone on to believe… but shhh… we won’t tell, right? :P

Raccoon: radix

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


So cute. You dont need to blushing about the big accident that you had in your diaper radix. Good thing you was padded when it happen.