Baby carrots baby bunny 4

Baby carrots baby bunny 4KennKyubi might have his work cut out for him convincing anyone of that statement…

The poor bunny KennKyubi

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Awww poor bunny it seems like he think that he still is a big boy but the state of his body say something else. At least he is wearing a thick diaper that can absorb most of the hit from the floor. Some time it sure can be a good thing to have a thick diaper butt :) You are always sitting on something soft and cozy even if the chair or floor is hard.

Isyonir Hypno-paci babbehfications

Isyonir Hypno-paci babbehficationsafter being gifted a special pacifier, he finds it not only popped into his muzzle, but unable to remove it, as it reassures him that it is, in fact, FOR HIM and makes a few other “alterations” to seal him into his fate…

just another helpless baby pretending to be all grown up…

Wolf: Isyonir

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Poor Isyonir it sure seems like he have ended up in allot of trouble now. How should he manage to reverse the effect from the magic pacifier now when it have him in it care. I am pretty sure it going to force him to put the thick diaper that he is wearing to some good use pretty soon.


There’s an app for that 21

There's an app for that 21The rabbit belongs to centzon

Draw by Catmonkshiro

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Wow this sure was a pretty close call for this rabbit. That sure should have been pretty bad for him if that happen. But it sure seems like he have some good reflexes that save him from putting his thick diaper to some good use.

Two leaking dragons

TattletaleStarbuck froze, realizing he’d just made a huge mistake. He felt his tail lifting and an urgent pressure building in his gurgling stomach. Before he even knew he was doing it, he was grunting and pushing out a soft, warm load, completely filling the seat of his diaper. Worse still, he realized he’d started wetting himself again and his diaper was already soaked. He knew another flooding would be too much for it to handle and he desperately tried to hold it in, but it was already too late. He could only squirm and dance in his chair helplessly as his diaper gurgled and sloshed, finally overflowing into his shortalls where it spilled down his chair and pooled around his clawed feet.

Starbuck’s ears flattened as the other kids around him burst into giggles. His finger trembled in the air.

“Oh, really?” said his teacher, leaning against the wall. “Seems to me he’s not the only one, Starbuck…”

“Huh?” he said. “I… uh…”

Tattlers like Starbuck never prosper. Don’t be too harsh on him, though. He’s just remembering the last time Flynn hung out at his house, and his mom got upset when they both leaked onto the carpet.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to GibsonScratch and FlyingAnimeWolf

Text by GibsonScratch

Draw by CatMonkShiro

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It looks like someone forgot to check this two cubs diaper to see if they needed to be changed. And now it is to late to avoid leaking diapers. The diaper sure seems to be leaking allot now. Poor cubs looks like this two needs to have there diaper checked a little more frequently to avoid something like this to be happen again.

It seems like someone is going to have a bit of a clean up to do now.

Kelas Bathroom Nightmare

Kelas Bathroom NightmareKela does have many problems to deal with including finding a Goblin Artifact in her school backpack which when found shoots up into her muzzle as her attire starts to change from a school girl to a seat filling pup.

Order and text by chuckybb

Draw by Catmonkshiro

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Poor Kela she sure have ended up in a embarrassing moment here now in this public bathroom.

Lokai and Radix smile for the camera

Lokai and Radix smile for the cameraLokaihuskypup and Radix up to some babbeh shenanigans, when suddenly Radix notices the camera…
too late to turn back now :P

The Raccoon and Husky in this drawing belongs to Lokaihuskypup and Radix.

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Yes it sure is to late for Radix to change his mind now special when he already have start putting his diaper to some good use. Yes you can really see his diaper butt starting to expanding from the messy load it soon going to contain. Its is no way to back now the only thing he can be doing now is to keep pushing. At least that is what his body is going to be doing.