Dis is not proper!

Dis is not proper!How many mercenaries do you know that would spontaneously pick up a lieutenant and spank for no particular reason?

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I dont know but it sounds kind of bad if this happen and it dont sounds right.

Shopping till it drops

Shopping till it drops“The mall, a wonderful place to spend a day of course Gamer is not one to agree. Unlike most people he has found himself being lead around by his caretaker in his usual attire he was forced to wear, already having soaked his diaper more than once he can now no longer hold off his need to mess as his tail starts to raise up and he feels his diapers start to fill…”

Cat and text by Gamerkitty

Draw by catmonkshiro

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19138815/

Poor little cat it looks like he is going to waddle around the mall now in a messy and wet diaper before his caretaker decide to change him.

Ooops Rosalia

Ooops RosaliaLooks like Rosalia´s daddy bought the wrong diapers. Those were a bit too big. :3

Rosalia and text by mobkiller

Draw by zombineko

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19114995/

Yes it sure looks like this new diapers is kind of big and don’t fit around this cute little kittens butt that is now fully exposed.

Tigerino Canada Cat Litter – Baby powder Scented

tigerino_canada_babypuderduft_1000x1000px_0Continuation of Product Description:
Continuation of Product Description:
It binds odours gently and efficiently and has a gentle baby-powder scent – which makes it a pleasant experience for both you and your pet.

Tigerino Canada Clumping Litter at a glance:

Especially fine, natural clay granules with Highly absorbent, very economical
4 x more efficient than conventional litter, very high absorbency
Clumps immediately and very effectively (350% absorbency)
99 % dust-free very low in dust
Gentle baby-powder scent from natural oils (no powder) binds odours, long-lasting
100% natural: made with pure, high quality clay – free from any kind of chemical additives

The dirty litter forms rapidly into small clumps. This helps to keep the rest of the litter fresh and dry. Regular removal of clumps with a litter scoop will keep it hygienically fresh.


I have never heard of cat litter that has this type of scent. It is going to be awesome to try it out.

You can order the product here: http://www.zooplus.com/

Still Sick Part 3


I am still home and sick. If you remember from my last blog post i was talking about that i had some sort of asthma problem. The doctors think that i have some sort of allergy reaction to may cats that is making me cough. They push pretty hard on this so when i was back the other day to give some blod sample i had some sort of nervous breakdown which meant I did not respond when spoken to. So the health center had to call an ambulance. But they dont found anything wrong more then that i had some sort of strong reaction to all that have happen the last months and when they talk about that i maybe was cat allergic that was to match for me to handle.

So right now i am going to be home to 31 October and maybe longer then that.