It´s just one more

It´s just one moreSeem like Gumball is a bit reclutant of getting some extra protection for the night… x3

Order by FillyScoots42

Draw and text by CuddleHooves


Yes it sure looks like Gumball is going to be wearing a very thick diaper this night. I can understand that he dont like it he is not going to be able to walk whit this thick diaper or even close his legs.

Poor Gumball.

This Took Way Too Long

This Took Way Too Longo this was a little doodle sitting on my computer. I had been drawing a follow up pic to the one of Coffeekat Smiley made like years ago, that me and Nelson had talked about, but I also had this sketch on my computer. It was drawn in such a similar style as the others I was working on that I just automatically started designing it as Coffeekat, only to realize after, whoops! It wasn’t supposed to be! But Coffeekat is cute, so I left it as is. I have no idea whatsoever as to what is spanking it, haha. Silly hacker kitty, always getting itself into situations.

Coffeekat belongs to Smiley

Draw and text by Cry


Poor Coffeekat his butt really look toasted right now. He is not going to be able to sit down on this butt for a couple off day whiteout it going to hurt like hell.

Comic: The Laziest Worker

The Laziest Worker1: This job requires a lot of professional expertise, and as the new guy, you need to study. Danny, you will study “Introduction of Computer Science” today, and afterwards I’ll show you your work first-hand.

2: Hehe… my annoying boss finally left. I’ll take a nap and study later. If she asks, I’ll say I m still studying.

3: I’m back. How’s your study going, Danny?

4: He fell asleep!

1: You fell asleep on the job during your first day here, and in front of everyone at our office. You are so bad.

2: Darn, I got caught. Why do I urge to sleep like a cat here? Anyway, I have a guaranteed year here, and already got paid. The worst thing they can do is scold me, hehe…

3. Danny
Danny slept
If Danny Bad?

What the hell?

4. I will fix it!!
You deserve it.
Wow. It is first time someone got punished by ECC…

Draw and everything by Spanking649


Yes it is newer something good to be lazy on the job you may end up whit a big spanking.

Kitteh Paddling

Kitteh PaddlingSource:

Poor cat he sure do have a very toasted butt right now and it seems like it is very well spanked now. Special now when your butt looks so red and hurt allot from the paddle it have received multiply time.

Shopping till it drops

Shopping till it drops“The mall, a wonderful place to spend a day of course Gamer is not one to agree. Unlike most people he has found himself being lead around by his caretaker in his usual attire he was forced to wear, already having soaked his diaper more than once he can now no longer hold off his need to mess as his tail starts to raise up and he feels his diapers start to fill…”

Cat and text by Gamerkitty

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor little cat it looks like he is going to waddle around the mall now in a messy and wet diaper before his caretaker decide to change him.