Still a baby

Still a babyRebel Blaze, she prefers her diapers than the potty.

Requested by Catty

Draw by ConejoBlanco


I sure hope that your parents understand and put you back into some real diapers instead of the pull ups that you are wearing now.

Gumball and messy diaper – xephy_buns

Gumball and messy diaper - xephy_buns

Draw and everything by

He really needs to be back into a clean diaper before he ends up whit a bad diaper rash.

Gumball showing off his messy diaper – xephy_buns

Gumball showing off his messy diaper - xephy_bunsDraw and everything by

Looks like Gumball is showing of his messy diaper. And it seems like he enjoy his messy diaper showoff to :)

In the park

In the parkDj is messing while Ellie is wetting.

The drawing is order by dashie_love

Draw and above text by ConejoBlanco


Yes it seems like them both decided to put there diaper to some good use here in the middle of the parks playground :)

But after all that is what a diaper is there for to handle.

Soggy Swimmers

Soggy SwimmersI love swimming! Splash splash! I feel like im forgetting something though… uh oh, these werent swim diapers!

The cat and above text belongs to poofykitteh

Draw by Kay


Aww poor cat looks like someone has mad a mistake here when it comes to his diapers :(

But It’s so Beautiful Page 1

But It's so Beautiful Page 1Dan was not supposed to do this in the middle of a wind and rain:But It's so Beautiful! by lavilovi

And Sam was absolutely mad at him!

And because of his disobedience, Dan was punished with a good hand  bare bottom spanking!^^

For lavilovi

Linearts by Victor/colors by nelson88


Yes this cat sure have been very naughty :( It is not so clever to run out in the middle of a storm.