Pamper Packing!

Pamper Packing!

Seems the jaguar got caught in the act by his babysitter again… Guess she must have smelled something a little bit smelly in the air!

… Someone get the poor guy some more fiber, too!

Order and above text by RulerOfTheRainforest

Draw by JackGrowling


Yes a messy diaper sure do smell ;) But at least the diaper is manage to handle it and i bet his babysitter is use to changing smelly stinky diapers :) So i bet he is going to be bavk wearing something clean in no time :)

Soil to sign

Soil to sign

The text on the diaper reads,

“This document is considered signed when the wearer has soiled said document.

Once this document is successfully signed, a designated caretaker has the right to administer any rule he/she feels necessary for purposes of teaching a lesson or putting the subject in his/her place.

If unclear that this document is signed, scratch and sniff here.

Below is to be filled out by the caretaker determining the rule(s) the subject must adhere to.”

Belongs to Toyapup

Draw and text by OldSpice


Aww it sure seems like someone have seal his fate now for the coming months. Looks like toya needs to get use to be wearing diapers again.

Loonatics Regressed

Loonatics Regressed The Loonatics find themselves quite the problem as Mastermind has the group de-aged and under her mercy. The cunning villainess uses her robots to place and secure each member on changing tables while having their bottoms wiped by the mechanical caretakers. Some of the Loonatics start welling up tears, others begin to throw tantrums, and also signs of confusion show on their expressions too.

Order by YoshiokaidaMasayoshi

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas


Aww this poor things sure have ended up in one special spot here.

Babyfur Comic: Happy Campers Page 1

Babyfur Comic: Happy Campers Page 1Diaper change montages are the best montages

Draw by ChocolateKitsune

Flat colours kindly provided by Runt


Yes it sure is something special when it comes to diaper changing drawings. But it sure seems like we have a caretaker here that knows what she is doing :)

The Ropes

The RopesNew kid at the ‘daycare?’ Looks like someone’s going to have to show you around.

Don’t worry- I hear it’s more fun than you can imagine.

Draw by Jimmy_Rumshot

Dragon and caretaker Aaron8181

Wolf and text by toyapup


Aww it sure seems like Toya is so happy about the treatment that he is receiving from his new caretaker Aaron8181.

He sure seems to be blushing pretty much right now when he is receiving a diaper pat at the front of his diaper.


Puppy Spankings~!

Puppy Spankings~!At the age of four Sapphire was always quite a large doggy, she seems to grow a bit faster then normal and she always had issues house training so when her caretaker came home and saw a puddle on the floor with some mess she was instantly picked up and put over the caretakers knee, she was spanked about 10 times before a special size 9 puppy diaper due to her size was put on her and her caretaker saying “Your such a big puppy for this age! I guess its time we kept you in diapers since you can’t house train” as she was spanked again about another 5 times as she cried out “I’m not a puppy!!!” I guess its back to diapers for this big “Puppy”

Sapphire and text by bestsage

Draw by finn_dreemurrv


Poor Sapphire yes it sure looks like it is back to diapers again for this dog. And it seems like she is going to be force to wear them for quite some times now before she get allowed back to big girls underwear.