Cute baby – roster666

Cute baby - roster666The cute little baby Roster666

Draw by ZombiNeko


Aww looks like this cute little baby is back into some clean and dry diapers.

They look so cute together and the baby looks kind of relax to holding the fox plushyCute baby - roster666 very close to the chest and sucking on a pacifier the same time :) Could it be any better ?

Southern England ageplay preschool – Toddlerism

This event is in planing stats so far but it going to happen in summer in London. This can be a wonderful time for you and your caregiver to spend some nice ageplay time together. Diapers / Nappies is allow.

In the event is going to be follow activities for your little boys or girls: drawing and painting, story time, playing with toys, milk time and simple reading is some of the activities that can be.

You can read more about this on Toddlerism blog where you find information if you wont to join or maybe help out as: teacher, classroom assistant or general caregiver.

So i hope that you are going to have a nice and wonderful time if you decide to attend.

I hope the crater of this event is going to have a big success. :)

Dont forget to check out for more news and info about this event.