Sparks loves candy

Sparks loves candy
Sparks loves candy.

Sparky: pichu90.

Draw by: pichu90.


Yes it is easy to see that Sparky love to eat candy but i hope that he dont eat to match so he ends up whit some bad stomach pain. That should not be so match fun for him if that happens. But it seems like he have forgot something. And that i thinking about is where he have his diaper? Have he tacking it of by himself? If that is the case i think his parents is going to be weary angry at him when he get home and they found out about this. But i must say that he have a weary cute butt whiteout his diaper. Butt a diaper butt it something special it make a baby look cute in a special way. Do you not agree whit me?

Where’s my candy? Part 1 and 2

Where's  my  candy? Part 1
Where’s my candy? Part 1.

As usual, Remi and Sammy  gets lots of candy from their neighbors  on Halloween night!
But also as usual, Remi has been with more candy and leaving his brother Sammy with less!


Where's my candy? Part 2.
Where’s my candy? Part 2.

And as you see, Remi definitely will  going to get  his  painful reward!
There is no escape, Remi!You’re surrounded!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story  by nelson88.


Yes i agree whit what Sammy have plane to do whit Remi for this. I only hope that he give Rami allot of spanking for this and maybe send out him for some trick or threat when he only wearing a diaper or maybe nothing at all so every one can see what a bad husky he have bean. That is something easy to discover special if you see his toasted but that he is going to have weary soon when Sammy is finish whit it.

naughty baby get a spanking so they learn to behave and that is no exception just because it’s Halloween.

Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art)

Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art)
Bad and sad Halloween for Foxy (Gift art).

Foxy is so sad because he don’t have too much halloween candy…and is in front of a house and with little tears on his eyes he said:”Can you give me some candies,please?

Draw and above story by nelson88.

This was Foxys worst Halloween in his whole life. He have bean to allot of house in his cute Pikachu costume but no one have any candy left for him. The only thing he have receive is little a little money and allot of fruits. Now is he visiting the last house on his trick and threat walk and they dont have any candy either. Then Foxy could not hold back the tears any more so he starting to cry big tears so his Pikachu costumes end up wet. The people in the house did dent know what to do about this the only thing they could think of was to call his parents and one minute lather Foxys dad come to the house and pick up his crying son and starting to walk home whit him in his arms.

The cutest and littlest Vampire

The cutest and littlest Vampire
The cutest and littlest Vampire.

Vampire Pichu: Pichuboy.

Draw by: tato.


This was a very cute little vampire i have every seen and i should have no problem to meat this kind of cute thing in a dark alley. But i dont think that is going to happen i bet he is home sleeping at that time or play whit some toys he is to little to be out at that hour. But now when this only is a cute costume for the Halloween i hope it help him to get allot of candy from the home that he is visiting and from the look of his little bag it seems like he have receive allot of candy that he can eat when his parents let him eat sweet things.

I hope that he is going to have a great Halloween and that he is going to receive allot more candy that he can eat lather :) I only hope that he remember to brush his teeth before bedtime so he dont ends up whit some holes. If that happen he need to visit the dentist and that is not a place where a cute baby pichu like to be.

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Where is the Candy?

Where is the Candy?

Wounder what she think that he hiding for sort of Candy? Wounder what she is going to say when she dont find any Candy in his diaper? Wounder of i should react if someone did this to me. But like we all know it is hard for a baby to understand how all things is working. And way should he hiding Candy in his diaper? Should not be any good if he wet his diaper or something. And i can understand way he blush that match. Not so match fun when someone have there hand inside your diaper like that.