Halloween Hangover

Halloween HangoverHalloween is fun, but like with most fun things there is a hangover to follow it. Tons of candy plus a decent amount of booze equals becoming an actual zombie the next morning, coupled with a headache and a very wet nappy…

Draw, text and Fox by Fangthefox

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14904495/

Yes even cubs can end up whit some sort off hangover special if they have eat to match candy like Fang have done. Good thing he was wearing a diaper when he falls a sleep.

Tony the bear & the pups

Tony the bear & the pups part 1
Tony the bear & the pups part 1.

One night, Tony the  bear was hired by Matt to take care of his pups!Which,  a  very gladly Tony accepted!
“One thing I ask you to do!” Matt recommended!

Tony:”You tell me and I obey!”

Matt:”Never let them  eat sweets at night, and if they do, you have my permission to punish them on their white rear  ends!”

Tony:”Don’t worry, everything will be under my control!”

A  little  later…
And as predicted by Matt, Tony caught them  with their paws  on  the  candy… infraganti!

Tony:”Look what we have here!”
Remi:”Just pretend you have not seen us and everything will be fine!Besides, Christmas is very close and we’re celebrating in advance!So don’t bother us and get lost, bear!”.

Tony the bear & the pups part 2
Tony the bear & the pups part 2.

Tony:”Well, I’ll do what I’m used to do!Your father completely gave me his permission to do this!”

Then, Tony  grabbed the twins, he removed their clothes and diapers first , then took them by the waist and carried them  to the room!But first, Tony  placed the  candy canes between their rear  ends, as part of humiliation and punishment!
Tony:”And  now the  best  part,both  of you will gonna have your asses red and sore!I love my job!”

Tony the bear & the pups part 3
Tony the bear & the pups part 3.

On this part there is not much to talk about … the pic says it all!

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source for this drawing: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=516823&page=1

Tummy Ache For Pichuboy

Tummy Ache For Pichuboy
Tummy Ache For Pichuboy.

I guess eating too much candy really did a number on my tummy. I probably won’t eat as much next year :).

Pichu: Pichuboy.

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12103145/

If you remember this picture: http://www.myabdllife.com/2013/11/09/yummy-candy-fills-my-tummy/.

He receive allot of candy during the Halloween and i write that i think that he should end up whit a bad tummy ache from all this candy that he have eating. And from the look on this picture it seems that i was right about this but still it is not so fun to see him have this big pain and i hope that its going way soon but it is not easy to think about that when you have this pain right now. Good thing that he have a thick and poofy diaper because i think he is going to fill it up soon and when he have done that i think that tummy ache maybe dont is this bad any more. And that he finely can have some relief and maybe have a nap so he can rest his poor tummy.

I only hope that he learn something from this to next year so he dont end up whit the same thing again.

I only wish that i could do any thing to help him whit the bad tummy ache.

Yummy candy fills my tummy

Yummy candy fills my tummy
Yummy candy fills my tummy.

My chu polished off his Halloween candy and is very satisfyed and happy about it. Patting his chubby little tummy :).

Pichu: Pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12010234/

Yes it look like this Pichu have eat allot of his Halloween candy and maybe it is all of the candy that he recive during his trick or threat walk. But i think that he have eat to match candy and that is going to leave him whit a big stomachache lather and maybe a messy diaper to. I hope he have a good rest now after all this candy and i hope that he dont ends up whit to match stomachache. That should be something weary sad and bad if that happens whit this cute pichu. But sadly that is something that i bet is going to happen now when he have eat this match candy. And one other thing he is dont going to have any room left in his tummy now for the baby bottle now when it is loaded whit all this candy that he have eating instead.

Sparks loves candy

Sparks loves candy
Sparks loves candy.

Sparky: pichu90.

Draw by: pichu90.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11957372/

Yes it is easy to see that Sparky love to eat candy but i hope that he dont eat to match so he ends up whit some bad stomach pain. That should not be so match fun for him if that happens. But it seems like he have forgot something. And that i thinking about is where he have his diaper? Have he tacking it of by himself? If that is the case i think his parents is going to be weary angry at him when he get home and they found out about this. But i must say that he have a weary cute butt whiteout his diaper. Butt a diaper butt it something special it make a baby look cute in a special way. Do you not agree whit me?