Baby moos first Halloween

Baby moos first HalloweenEveryone’s favorite sissymoo, all dressed up for his first Halloween, is a bit dissappointed by the sudden pit-stop, having no idea why he had to stop getting free candy!

Bovines and text by Frozenpawpadz

Draw and Cow by tato


Poor little cub. Sometime it is hard to understand for a cub way the grownups always need to do the diaper change when it is so match fun that is going on. Can it not wait?

Candy Candy Candy

Candy Candy CandyAfter a long day of trick or treating with his fellow cub friend.Kiba’s caretaker Luna thought it good time head home.After getting out his costume and quick diaper change.Kiba went into his play room with his Halloween candy and play with some his blocks

Wolf and text by KibaSWolf

Draw by Apple pup


This is one happy cub and it seems like he have an amazing time playing whit his Halloween candy and the blocks after the diaper change. Looks like he is all ready for bedtime now special when he seems to be wearing a very thick and poofy diaper that is covering his cute butt.

Stealing Halloween

Stealing HalloweenIt didn’t take long for Caiden and Tato to get into trouble after Caiden got dropped off at Tato’s house for a playdate. The two toddlers managed to find and steal the candy that was meant for Halloween. This can’t end well for either of them.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw and Tato (human) by Tato


This two cub sure have found allot of Halloween candy to eat but they also going to be in big trouble for eating it.

Artie MP Tag

Artie MP TagThe diaper robber strikes again!!

Megaplex Tag for Artie

Draw and text by TaviMunk


Here we have a cub thats not have learn yet that you should note take things that dont belong to you. That is something very naughty and bad behavior.

Sugary Accident

Sugary AccidentEveryone knows I am a complete sugar fiend. I drink soda like it’s water and candy tends to be the first thing I eat before anything else. Honestly, I rarely don’t have a big bag of candy next to me when I’m home.

So as normal I consumed the sugary treats quit quickly and well a hours and tummy gurgle later this happened. Ummm…hehe sorry to the adult who gets this surprise.

Husky: island

Draw by: TakOttah


Yes when the tummy is making allot of strange noise you can be kind of sure something like this could happen. Maybe it was to match soda and candy for this little cub.

Halloween Hangover

Halloween HangoverHalloween is fun, but like with most fun things there is a hangover to follow it. Tons of candy plus a decent amount of booze equals becoming an actual zombie the next morning, coupled with a headache and a very wet nappy…

Draw, text and Fox by Fangthefox


Yes even cubs can end up whit some sort off hangover special if they have eat to match candy like Fang have done. Good thing he was wearing a diaper when he falls a sleep.