Chibi Shiny Umbreon

Chibi Shiny UmbreonAlso makes good company with who also doesn’t like his picture taken.

Draw and text by pichu90


pichu90 is really good when it comes to draw Pokemon and this Umbreon looks super cute even if he dont wear a diaper.

Fennekin’s Hangout

Fennekin's Hangout
Time for one of “those” pics again. This one being of my fennekinx3

Draw and text by: pichu90


This is some weary good work that pichu90 have done but i am not so sure over the name of this drawing “Fennekin’s Hangout”. Should it not be more right whit something like: Fennekin’s cute bottom or cute butt. I think that sort of name should fit this drawing more special when the butt is so close up. But there is a very cute butt.

Wounder how this butt should look like whit a diaper on maybe a poofy diaper.

Sparks loves candy

Sparks loves candy
Sparks loves candy.

Sparky: pichu90.

Draw by: pichu90.


Yes it is easy to see that Sparky love to eat candy but i hope that he dont eat to match so he ends up whit some bad stomach pain. That should not be so match fun for him if that happens. But it seems like he have forgot something. And that i thinking about is where he have his diaper? Have he tacking it of by himself? If that is the case i think his parents is going to be weary angry at him when he get home and they found out about this. But i must say that he have a weary cute butt whiteout his diaper. Butt a diaper butt it something special it make a baby look cute in a special way. Do you not agree whit me?

The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice

The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice
The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice.

After not eating his vegetables at dinner and not cleaning up his toys after he had been asked multiple times Caiden’s parents turned on the spanking  machine and it is  doing its job!Spanked again!Poor  little  cub!

Art by Nelson88.

Cub: tugscarebear.


It is maybe sad that this cub get a spanking. But if you dont do the thing your mommy and dad wont you to do. And you need to it your vegetables so you get all the vitamins that you need to grow up and stay all healthy.  If you dont do this things your parents ask you about you have earn to get a lot of spanking from the spanking machine. And i hope that you do the right thing the next time. It is dont so match fun or nice to walk around or sit down on a but that have receive that many spanking. It going to hurt allot and you going to feel that four many hours.

I really love the look that he have on his face it look so cute and it dont seems that he understand way he have earn to get this many spanking.

What do you think have the boy earn some time in the spanking machine for the bad thing he have done?

Oops sorry!

Oops sorry!
Oops sorry!.

This happened to me a few years ago with a good friend of mine, on his birthday! I will never forget that  day!The drawing is based on my story with  my  guest  character invited Charlie Otter!^.^

Me:”It’s Charlie’s birthday and I’m going to visit him at his home unannounced!I’ll take my camera with me ,connected to the internet and I will put  his  special  day on live format,that  way  my  friends can  celebrate his  day too!”

Upon arrival, I entered his house without making the slightest noise, and I went straight to his room … I took the door lock in my hand and opened…and  I shouted: “Happy birthday,Charlie Otter!”All our friends are watching  you now live!”

But as  you see, Charlie was in his room  nude and playing with his laptop….and gosh… with a face completely embarrassed!

All I could say was …”Oops sorry!”

I loved the way my friend Victor drawed my character Charlie Otter!

Lineart by Victor/colors and idea by: nelson88


Yes i agree this is a weary blushing and embarrassing situation to be in. I hope this newer going to happen to me. Wounder how they should react if he had wearing diapers? But that should be a weary embarrassing situation to.

Good morning, my big boy! Part Three

Good morning, my big boy! Part  Three
Good morning, my big boy! Part Three

Before they starting to work in their respective positions, the boss found Matt,as if he needed a good hug!

The  boss:”Come  on,my  boy!There,there…your  round  rump needs  some hugs from me too!After this, time to work! Understood?”

But the only thing Matt could say was…just  he nodded and  sighed!


Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and story  by nelson88


You can see the other parts in this story on nelson88 pages on

It look like Matt have found something that he like when the boss do that to him. He look so relax and clam right now and cute when he sucking on his thumb. Something that should be even more cute if he should be wearing diapers instead of his hart printed underwear. A diaper butt is even more cuter then a butt whiteout the diaper.