Fabine Megabuster 7 Lieter

Received this nice and good newsletter from the Buntewindel company:

Dear customers,

Today we would like to inform you that the new Fabine Mega Booster 7 liters is finished and the production is running on high speed.

It is expected to arrive in our warehouse at the end of September. The Fabine Mega Booster 7 liters it is currently only

Exclusively in our sales.

The Fabine Exclusive Mega Booster 7 liters is produced with the latest technology, with a new wet distributor and moisture absorption system.

Since numerous requests reach us, if it is possible to sell our Fabine exclusive Mega Booster,

we would like to say – yes, that is possible. To do this, you only need to be an authorized reseller.

So if you are interested in reselling our diapers and would like to become our sales partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Under: Info@Buntewindel.de

Then we have good news.

We are celebrating the completion of the Fabine Exkulsiv Mega Booster 7 liters,

Therefore we lower the price of the Fabine Exkulsiv dreamlike for 14 days at 11.50 Euros per package, as a thank you for our loyal customers.

Attention, this is not a permanent price cut, but only an action, as a thank you for our loyal customers.

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Fabine Exklusiv Mega Booster

Fabine Exklusiv Mega Booster

Dear customers,

Today we proudly would like to inform you that we have increased the absorption power of Fabine Exklusiv again, at many different customer requests.

Thanks to an absolutely new, patented absorption technology, as of 2017, we were able to increase the absorption power of Fabine Exklusiv to 6.75 l

on the whole diaper surface. That’s why the whole diaper was reworked and redesigned.

The new Fabine Exclusive Mega Booster with 6.75 l will be delivered to our warehouse at the end of August. Currently it is only a limited edition

in the sizes M and L in white

Sounds like this can be one crazy absorbent diaper :)

They even going to invest in there own diaper machine and the machine is going to be operation around the end of year 2019 :(

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More news about Fabine Dreamlike

Buntewindel recently send out a newsletter whit more information and photos about there new product Fabine Dreamlike. This information below is copy from that newsletter.

Today it is now so far that we show you the orignale Fabine Dreamlike.

Please pay attention to the details in the print of the Fabine Dreamlike. Such as:

1 – the jeans fabric, but it is not a fabric, it is a PE film we have printed in fabric optics

2 – the seam of the jeans

3- the button with the skull

4- the 4 transparent glue sticks to close the Fabine Dreamlike

All in all, we have created a completely new diaper system with the Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike, which is not only for AB`s and DL’s, but also for those who need a diaper,

Which does not look like a diaper when it flashes under the pants, skirt or dress ;-). We believe that in the meantime very much printed diapers are in the market.

and it is time again to create a new way in the look of the diaper and we think with the new Fabine Dreamlike we are on a good way

to create an alternative to the printed diaper.

Furthermore we have improved the absorbance and the the carrying comfort of the Fabine Exklusiv Dreamlike.

We wish you a good and dry day with the new Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike, no matter where you have to go with her, to the theater, cinema and so on, you can trust the Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike.

Fabine Exclusive is the diaper, which gives you back the quality of life, you had to give up for so long.

The Fabine Dreamlike will arrive in our warehouse at the end of December and we will then proceed with shipping the orders as the orders have been received by us. So who

ordered it late, will gets it later. An important note, since very, very many customers have already bought in advance, the quantity of Fabine Dreamlike is

not very high any more. So if you want to have a Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike before they are sold out, you should order now quickly.

If you do not get any more from the present delivery, because you ordered too late, you will get the opportunity at the end of March again than we will get the new delivery of the Fabine Dreamlike.

And now, stop the talk, here are the pictures.

The entire Buntewindel team wishes all our customers a nice Christmas time and many, many gifts ;-)

Your’s Buntewindel team

Fabine Exklusiv Dreamlike
5 4
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Some nice news from Buntewindel

I recently received this newsletter in my mailbox from Buntewindel.

Dear customers,

We would like to say thank you for the very, very many pre – sales orders.

And since Christmas is at our doorstep, we have come up with something for our loyal customers.

Among all customers who buy the new Fabine Dreamlike in advance until the Nikolaus day, 06 December 2016 to midnight, we will give 2 economy flight tickets to Spain

And of course this is also for our oversea customers, for example from USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia ……

We are going to notify the winner by email, and also on our SHOP page, after Nikolaus, on the 9th of December 2016. In order to meet the data protection, we will show just the first name and the country.

The legal process is excluded.

I would like to comment on an often asked question. The current selling price of the Fabine Dreamlike of 10 Euro per pack, is only a pre – sale price. As soon as the goods arrive in the warehouse, the price is no longer available and the Fabine Dreamlike is then available for 14.99 euros in our shop.

So who would like to have the Fabine Dreamlike still at the bargain price of only 10 Euros per pack, should quickly access.

All passengers must be minimum 18 years and have a valid identity card or passport, if the winner comes from overseas.

We hope to make you happy and wish our customers all over the world a happy and dry ;-) Christmas.


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Fabine Dreamlike

I recently received this newsletter in my mailbox from Buntewindel.

today we would like proudly to inform you that our new Fabine dreamlike is ready and will arrive soon in our warehouse in Buchholz. We are now publishing the design of the new Fabine dreamlike. The picture shows the new Fabine

dreamlike, on the film is of course not written copyright and the white sign is of cours also not there, this is only here for the protection against the copiers.

Very, very many customers have expressed the desire for a pre-sale of the new Fabine dreamlike. 97% of our customers want a presale to ensure that they will get a new Fabine dreamlike.

Therefore, we would like to meet the wishes of our customers and have opened today the presale for the Fabine dreamlike in size M. The Fabine dreamlike will be delivered from the end of December.

Presales run until the end of December. Then the sale is stopped temporarily, to deliver the pre-orders first.

All customers who do not want to order in advance, will have the possibility to order the Fabine deamlike from middle / end of January.

But that’s not all:

The first 50 customers ordering a carton of the new Fabine Exclusively dreamlike, 8 packages of 8 pieces, so 64 diapers, will get a sample diaper of the upcoming Fabine Exkluisv dreamlike (S line) as a sample for testing.

The new Fabine dreamlike (S line) is a completely new Fabine with a patented locking system, which other manufacturers can not copy so quickly.

The new Fabine dreamilke (S line) is specially made for the people who like to put inserts in the diaper. With the new locking system you can make the diaper 100 + times on and to

Without which the closure cap follows.

The Fabine Exclusive (S line) has a PE outer foil, which is covered with a fabric to get a more comfortable wearing feel and you can use the new closure system the diaper

Optimally close, which was not possible with the conventional locking systems so far.

Of course, the Fabine Exklusiv dreamlike (S line) will also be available in our new jeans design. Through the outer fabric cover, the diaper looks even more real after a pair of jeans pants. Let them surprise you and be one of the first customers,

who can test them first,  receive the new sample of our Fabine dreamlike (S line) free of charge. Only the first 50 carton orders get one. A retail sale of the new Fabine Exclusive dreamlike (S line) is

locked out.

So dear customers, who would like to have a sample of the new Fabine Exclusive dreamlike (S line) for testing, should order quickly, only the first 50 carton orders received a Fabine Exclusive dreamlike (S line in white) for free

For testing.

You will be thrilled by the new Fabine dremlike (S line).

Description Fabine dreamlike:

Our Fabine Exclusive dreamlike has the following features:

1. highly absorbent with new pearl absorber

(According to Praxistest on the whole surface approx. 4.5 l, in carrying 2.7 – 2.9 l)

2. additional wet storage

3. beautiful outer film in jeans design

4. clear adhesive locking system

Of course it has, like other diapers, great fit, leakage locks, nice thick, etc.

The advantage with our diaper is, they do not need additional inserts, which saves time and money. Frequent winding is omitted.

They’ll just love them! A diaper as the world has not seen it yet!



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Fabine Exklusiv Gold

Today Buntewindel send out a newsletter information us costumers that they going to release a new product that going to be available 07. July 2016 and 08. July 2016 in the warehouse. This new product is going to go under the name Fabine Exklusiv Gold.


We use a new pearl absorber, this absorbs even faster than the conventional SAP and converts it faster in gel. So the Fabine is even drier

and swells even a little more if it is wet. Furthermore, we use now an even softer inner sheet, what makes the wearing more comfortable, even during long wearing.

All in all, we have the Fabine Exklusiv completely revised. Let the Fabine Exklusiv Gold surprise yourself and test it, while stocks last.

Because of many customer requests – the Fabine Exkulsiv Gold is in the Teddy design.


Sounds from the product description that this going to be a special product. Maybe i try it i have not wear a Fabine Exklusiv product for a long time.

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