acepup really a roo

acepup really a rooAce pretending he’s a roo. and is adamant that his stylized denim diaper cover is really a storage pouch that all roos have.

and like all kids. when told different than you want to hear… pout :P

Rabbit: Acepup

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Aww this is so cute. Yes diaper cover can be a good place to store the plush if you need to have your paws free for a second. Only hope it dont get wet from his diaper if it starting to leak a little.

Ellie Does it again

Ellie Does it again
And mom is tired of changing her
Ellie dont wants her mom do the Diaper duty anymore :P

Everything by ConejoBlanco


I think Ellies mother think that she is a big girl now and can change here own diapers now.

Kat´s Private time

Kat´s Private timeDraw and everything by ConejoBlanco


It looks like this girl rabbit decided to have some nice masturbation time in here wet diaper.

Please don’t look at me!

Please don't look at me!Yikes!!!
Gosh dad, don’t sneak up on me like that!
Don’t you know how to knock?

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Poor rabbit it really seems like he ended up kind of scared that he starting to wetting his diaper. Poor little rabbit.

Wearing diapers in public

Wearing diapers in publicCream kept wetting herself constantly, so now her mom has put her back in diapers, just like a little baby. <3

Draw and everything by Unistar


Yes i think Creams mother did the right thing here. If you keep wetting yourself allot you should be wearing some thick diaper that can handle your big wet accidents.