Watching the stars

Watching the starsDavid is trying to show Ellie the stars. But looks she has another interests.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco

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Yes it sure seems like Ellie have something else in mind then the stars. Wounder what that can be ;)

Wants some inspiration?

Wants some inspiration?Here is Kat Giving some inspiration to his drawings.

Everything belongs to ConejoBlanco

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This sure is one kind of inspiration that Kat is giving here friend David. But it seems like David need something more then only inspiration. His diaper sure seems to starting to get pretty wet. Look how wet his diaper butt starting to be. His diaper front sure most be pretty soggy and squishy right now. Someone sure needs to come and change it before it starting to leak on his bed.

Kat sure seems to be in need of a new clean diaper to :)


PunishmentsUsually mean being tied up in a crib and force fed, right?

The bunny and the text belongs to Domzybun

Draw by myoti

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This sure make you wounder what sort of bad thing this bunny have been up to deserve a punishment like this?

Wounder how long time he is going to be forced to spend it that crib? Hours, days months? We can guess at this point but i sure think its going to be a weal before they let him out.

Baby carrots baby bunny 4

Baby carrots baby bunny 4KennKyubi might have his work cut out for him convincing anyone of that statement…

The poor bunny KennKyubi

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Awww poor bunny it seems like he think that he still is a big boy but the state of his body say something else. At least he is wearing a thick diaper that can absorb most of the hit from the floor. Some time it sure can be a good thing to have a thick diaper butt :) You are always sitting on something soft and cozy even if the chair or floor is hard.


“Don’t mind me bunny just keep doing what you are doing
I wouldn’t interrupt you for the world.“

Draw and everything by Skelbely

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Giggle it sure seems like this fox like the view he have on his friend wet and messy diaper butt :)

And yes it sure is kind of nice view to have.