Baby boss

Baby boss
Remember when grandpa Richard and the boss turned Matt into a baby? Then Matt decided to use his well-known youth formula and he threw a few drops into his boss’s coffee before going to bed.The result?The next morning, a beautiful little pup was lying on the bed!

Matt!:Oh!My baby boss is already awake!You and I will have a day filled with lots of fun,but first your little blue bottom needs a good bath and later ,a good and fresh diaper too!Look what I got for you! A good bottle with hot milk!You’ll be in my arms all day! I will kissing you and cuddle you too!Until tomorrow…you will be my big boss again!”

Then Matt took the boss in his arms and gave him several soft pats on his little ass and headed to the bathroom …while Richard snuggled into his chest!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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Hope he dont end up having a accident now when he is laying on the bed completely naked whiteout a diaper.

Baby Matt

Baby MattMatt is a baby now?Definitely this work was done by the twins!Matt honed his own youth formula ,to stay transformed into a baby a little more longer!But the twins before going to the summer school, threw some drops of that formula in Matt’s coffee!

Then, Richard and the boss decided to put a diaper on Matt and besides, he was enrolled with a certificate that explains everything!
Which means that Matt will be a baby pup in a entire week!
(This advance youth formula lasts a week!)Lol!

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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Awww poor Matt seems that he is going to be a baby now for some time and that is nothing he can do about it. Wounder if the twins is going to give Matt some more youth formula by the end off the week?

I think that is something that is going to be easy if they decide to do it special now when he drinks from a cute little baby bottle.

Crinkle butt and caught!

Crinkle butt and caught!The boss had received in his company, a large shipment of diapers with new designs!

“Matt, the cargo is in the warehouse, go and oversees that everything is in order!”the boss said over the phone!

Arriving at the warehouse, Matt thought it would be nice if he tried some of those new diapers!And believing to being alone, Matt began modeling and started shaking his crinkle diapered butt!

Suddenly ,a voice was heard:”Nice diaper butt!”

Matt turned around and saw that everyone was watching him…especially Abel the bear!
And began lots of comments there, such as “cute butt”, “adorable”,” fluffy bottom”,” the boss have a jackpot” and” lovely”!

Then Abel the bear said:”Ok , the show’s over, now everyone go to work!NOW!”

And when everyone had gone, Abel closed the warehouse door and staring at Matt, said:
“The boss is right now on a business trip, I’m the supervisor now, which means that I will try all these diapers on you!Your adorable bottom is all mine all day!*giggling*”

Abel the bear is always taking advantage of every opportunity!He is definitely a naughty bear!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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Aww poor Matt is seems that someone have found out that he likes to wear diapers. It even look like Matt is up for even more blushing moments special now when Abel have decide to try all the diapers on him.

Comic: Little grandpa Richard! Part 1 & 2

Little grandpa Richard! Part 1Matt, the boss and Richard, love to go play bowling!But one thing that bother most grandpa Richard is… waiting in the car!Richard decided to get off the car and see why Matt and Richard were taking so long!
Upon entering the house, Richard saw a delicious cup of coffee and a small sign that read:”For Richard”!

One of the weaknesses of Richard is the aroma of a good cup of coffee!
Without thinking twice, Richard took the cup of coffee on his paws and started to drinking!


But as you can see,grandpa Richard began to change …in height and size!
Matt and the boss had put some drops of the “youth formula” in Richard’s coffee!

Little grandpa Richard! Part 2Matt”And now we’re all going to the bowling game, and dad,you will be our official game mascot ,tonight!”
The boss:”And if you misbehave, mr. Spanky Paddle, will be waiting for you!The good thing about all of this is that when you return to your normal size, you will not gonna remember what happened to you!”

The boss & Matt:”Sweet revenge!”

Matt and Richard got a sweet revenge for all the things that Richard did to them!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors bynelson88

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Yes it really look now that Richard bottom is in the danger zone now and soon going to recive allot of spanking from The boss & Matt. Bet his bottom is going to look weary red and toasted after that.

Crime and punishment! Part 1 & 2

Crime and punishment! Part 1Sales for the new diapers called “Pawpers” have been wonderful!And to celebrate, the boss decided that Matt gave the good news to all employees gathered there!

Apart of that,the boss left in charge of the construction of the mini platform to Abel … but Abel made ​​some changes to his own advantage…and to his own pleasure too!

Some days later, everything was set and began the celebration!

Matt:”Good morning everyone!The new diapers called “Pawpers” has been a smash hit!Here I bring two of the most popular and sold worldwide:
Pawpers-musical :
For daddies and mommies without the ability to discern colors, or just added humiliation, these new plastic pants have a special musical cue whenever they are wet or messed in. They play your choice of lullabies or nursury rhymes. Special waterproof casing prevents components from being damaged by wetness. Pawpers, because no one lacks of ideas for our cubs !

Spank’Easy diaper tapes :
“Taking care of my young ones is a full time job. Especially so when it comes to administering a quick spanking or much needed enema. But not anymore thanks to Pawpers new Spank’Easy diaper tapes. Spank’Easy diaper tapes come with “Velcro” brand closures so diapers can be removed quickly and put back on snug and secure.
With Pawper’s new Spank’Easy tapes there’s no more waste because the adhesive tapes have torn the plastic outer lining upon removal. Spank’Easy are just as tight fitting as any normal tapes, even after being opened a few times. As you come have to expect from the people at Pawpers it will soon be available for all their product lines from Pet to Princess.
Encase your naughty cub’s hot, pink, spanked bottom in a pair of new Pawper’s Spank’Easy taped diaper today and see better behavior tomorrow.”

But something strange happened while Matt was talking!His voice began to pause several times, as if he was receiving a great pleasure!

Matt began to say:”Ooohhh…aaaah!”

One employee who was sitting there, said to the boss:
“It seems that Matt is having a good feeling inside his diaper!”

Meanwhile, Matt couldn’t contain himself and said:
“Excuse me …I’m feeling right now good vibrations inside my diaper and don’t know why!Ohhh…uuuugh!”

The boss didn’t like the joke at all and said to himself:
“Something strange is going on here and I’m going to investigate … I’m sure that Abel is behind all this!

But the real reason that Matt was acting that way, was because of Abel the bear!
He altered the platform to have access to Matt and give him some some diaper rubs!

Crime and punishment! Part 2

After a rather extensive research,the boss discovered the real culprit and along with Matt,Abel the bear, received his comeuppance…with a bare bottom spanking and some butt fingering,courtesy from Matt and the boss!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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Revisions and tests! Part 1,2 &3

Revisions and tests! Part 1
Revisions and tests! Part 1

The boss had left in charge that both Matt and Abel, will review the new diapers that had come to the company!

The boss:”Ok boys,check and review the merchandise and both will have to wear some of those diapers to see if they are comfortable!Now go to the warehouse and later brought me the results!”

Abel the bear:”No problem, boss! At your service, boss!Come with me to the warehouse Matt, let’s get undressed there!”

Revisions and tests! Part 2
Revisions and tests! Part 2

And as ordered, they did!

But between diaper changes and revisions … anything can happen …

Suddenly,Matt felt like a paw was rubbing his diaper between his legs!

Abel:”Do you know that your crinkle butt sounds so cute,Matt?”

Matt:”E-e-e-rrr…thanx…oh gee!”

Abel:”Love this sound…I think I will play some more…!As I continue playing very naughty with you, you write the notes if those diapers feel nice or not!”

Revisions and tests! Part 3
Revisions and tests! Part 3

A little later…

Abel:”I think we’re about to end … I’ve tried all these diapers on you, now I see you’re a little sweat between your legs!Ok lie down on the floor,Matt and spread your legs, I’ll clean all that sweat from you!There…there…a little baby powder and voila!Now you have your private parts clean and fresh!”

And Matt was totally embarrassed and said:”T-t-thanx…I think!”

Poor Matt … once again his ass is in the danger zone!
But I’m quite sure that if the boss finds what he is doing(Abel) , he will not sit for a very,very long while!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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It should be nice and fun to join this type of diaper company. To spend allot of time around all the diaper and in the same time wearing one to. That Should be something awesome and nice thing to do.